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  1. Dead cap of $99 mil, let's go KC! You can overcome that!!! Lol
  2. We trade for that Wilson guy... the one in SEA. Won't happen but still gotta try. Realistically I say CB - Caleb Farley. Our OL is more talented and healthy than our CBs IMO.
  3. This sucks. I was a big fan of his pre-draft. Injuries completely derailed a high potential career. When asked what he would change about himself, he wanted to be "bigger." Thats the PG version for here of course.
  4. Barely. 'Haha! Ball go whoosh!!'
  5. I'm far from sold on Mond too, but having a young backup with a 5th year option fighting against a high pick in 2022 sounds a lot better to me than paying Foles and Dalton their money for mediocre results. At that spot Mond would const around $2.5 mil on average so we'd have a lot of capital to surround the two young guys. I'll take the gamble.
  6. My issue is that Mills will fit this offense better but unless we're spending a 3rd or lower that is a wasted pick to me. I dont expect the Bears to do well this season and Nagy is cannon fodder. He may fit the offense better this year but this is a sorry excuse of a system to fit. He doesnt wow with any traits, and has mediocre athleticism. I want a QB to have at least one trait to really hang their hat on and Mills seems like hes just ok at a number of things but great at nothing. He lacks experience, any great tools, and has an injury history iirc (his film didn't do much for me so I'm admi
  7. If you're going to want a QB in the 2nd, then you take him at the end of the 1st. Get that 5th year option. I'm not huge on Mond but if you're going to take him this is the place to do so. Good work.
  8. I agree. I'm just torn atm because I want the Bears to get a franchise QB and this is the class with the talent to have a few options potentially, but understand it is highly unlikely since Nagy and Pace should be in a win now mode. It's like Tru's class. I was huge on them and not impressed with Darnold and Rosen's class at all. Same situation here. I'd rather have fired Nagy and let a coach pick his guy this year but now we're stuck with the caffeinated version of Fox patrolling the sidelines for another year. He's going to roll with a vet and hope to squeak into the playoffs again, the
  9. True, but I'm looking past Nagy, which we should already be doing imo. Backing into the playoffs was just bad luck. Lower draft stock just to be embarrassed and to be the bottom of the barrel in a group of real teams. Maybe I'm overly pessimistic of Nagy, but I feel his ego makes him think he was never the problem for our offense. So he may think he is the one who makes Fields into a franchise QB.
  10. Definitely, I'm saying he isn't a pro-ready passer. Arm talent is there, but he's going to have a steep learning curve to run a complicated NFL offense. Play to his strengths and develop him over time. Don't throw him into the water like Nagy did Tru in early 2018. He'll be drowning just like Tru was.
  11. With his speed (athletic, not processing) you immediately run thr BAL offense and try to develop him as a passer as you go. 2 man reads, levels concepts, RPOs, etc. I actually like Fields more than I expected to after seeing Lamar's success. You'll never get that precision passer like with Wilson but there's a lot of talent there. I'd like to pair him with Daboll.
  12. Agree. The mobility is a huge asset and can be a crutch while the QB is developed. Changing launch points is hell for DBs in man. But if the QBs passing cant be developed you're looking at an exciting player with average potential at best. Precision passers are what are killing it. Some like Wilson, Mahomes, Rodgers have varying levels of mobility that compliment their passing. But any of them can kill it from the pocket alone. The issue is, can we develop a QB with this staff? I wont hold my breath on that.
  13. Again, I want Nagy gone, so this isn't a bad thing to me. lol
  14. It has been bad, but if it leads to the final nail in the coffin for Nagy I support it. Meh. We backed into the playoffs because there were teams that blew it worse than us, not because we were legitimate enough to warrant being there. Hence the 2nd embarrassing performance in 3 years there. Goff would crumble behind our OL, Darnold would at least have ARob. Garappolo is a more expensive disappointment, etc. Dalton is underwhelming, but at least we didn't grossly overpay for mediocrity. Thats the silver lining at least.
  15. He has also completely stayed away from winning in the playoffs and competent QB play. lol
  16. Wife was one feisty streak and had a field day at my expense. So in retaliation I drank tequila earlier and just finished a 14 oz. Container of spicy kimchi with sriracha added to it. The way my stomach is going already she may have PTSD from the nasal abuse she's getting tonight.
  17. Calendar at work has my birthday as "Meth Awareness Day" so I'm done with the awareness crap.
  18. Remember I want Rick Smith to be the head of the franchise, a real President/ CEO who is a football guy. He'd have been the one pulling the trigger. Riddick would be his assistant and I think he brings a good bit to the table at othwe positions. While idk exactly how direct Riddick's influence was there was a lot of talent acquired by WAS and PHI (primarily PHI) while he was there. Plus I like Campbell way more than Nagy and trust him to get the QB to develop. Between the two I imagine we'd have pretty good drafts and direction in FA. I trust Smith's eye for a QB more than Riddick's.
  19. I know. Not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Though that is the better end to be at when standing near a horse... for whatever reason.
  20. I finally had to do one. Planned on a Jones/Trask competition, didn't work out. Got the prototypical pocket passer and hopefully he learns whatever he can from Dalton and Foles. Toney is Percy Harvin lite. Great athlete, explosive, will get YAC. Liam is Leno's replacement. No more flopping like a fish at DE's feet. Brady is going to eventually be the RT. May be the swing this year but he will take over soon enough. Williams is going to be battling for the 2 spot at CB. We need more talent there. AO is going to be Mack's shadow. Powerful kid who needs to learn tech
  21. What makes that worse is that Tayo played zero snaps at OT and Simmons likely has to kick inside if he ever gets on the field. I'm not counting pre-season either.
  22. Maybe he is a fan of a Bears' rival? It would have been a good point then...
  23. A year late, but he can thank Fangio and Pagano for his winning record when he gets his next job.
  24. I thought he filled in well. Being a draft bust will haunt him as much as the gf hoax though. Not saying anything about people here specifically, but people still crack jokes about it when he comes up.
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