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  1. Draft day we give SEA 3 1sts for Wilson?
  2. I like how even after years on this forum, people still give responses that surprise the hell out of me. Lmao
  3. Same. For me that list goes: Trask Mills and Mond Not drafting a QB in the first 4 rounds Book.
  4. om/ty3tEa6.mp4 #2 https://i.imgur.com/I5vlmK8.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/v9TOpzV.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/TxtGQGx.mp4 Andell Dalbisky? Is that you?
  5. I actually like this way more than I feel like I should. Lance and Ehlinger gives a clear athletic profile for the next HC, OT gets to hopefully have a Daniels 2020 offseason to get stronger and bigger, Powell had some really good games flashes without Lawrence, a 3T fit for nickel, Tuf is just the perfect name for a Bears MLB.
  6. I think Trask is slept on because he isn't mobile. But mobility is outside the pocket in this, he can maneuver in the pocket and slide around as well as any QB in this draft. He threw under pressure a LOT this season and did a good job of it. That being said he does not fit several systems due to his lack of mobility so that hurts him. I'd actually like to see him go to TB to learn under Brady in Arian's offense. There you really need to be able to be accurate, make reads under pressure, and own the pocket rather than get creative outside of it. That's what fits Trask.
  7. I mean age has to be a factor. Carr was only 28 two years ago (that when I think the trade rumors started?) so he was still relatively young as far as QBs go. Dalton is going to be 34 this season. People are looking for a potential long-term option, which many thought Carr could have been, and no one should believe Dalton is at this point. As far as franchise QBs, you always hope to hit higher than these two, but Chicago hasn't been able to. Well Mitch, you didn't do a very good job of self promotion when you mentioned how you and Foles made so many of the same poor plays as Dalto
  8. Multiple firsts for Carr? Bleh... Maybe with a 3rd coming back or something but straight up? Hell to the nooo...
  9. I dont think desperate is the right word but still seems like crap contracts. They aren't making starter money but idk if their teams can get an even value for those contracts. I'd rather have put that kind of money on talented players rather than poor starters/decent back ups. I'd have rather rolled with Foles and 1 or 2 rookies than pay any of them 8 digits. I dont feel like the value is there unless you're TB, KC, etc that has a ton of weapons and you just need a good back up to ensure a level of production if the starter goes down for a period. Hell Tru for $5 mil would have b
  10. My wife (new GF at the time) and I rescued our dog in March of 2006. Shes still kicking, though she has become the grumpy old doggo now. She only likes my wife and youngest kid (she sneaks her food daily).
  11. 3. Got a 10, 9, and 3 year old. They're awesome as long as you can be a bit patient. I'd be happy to have had another 1 or 2 but pregnancies are especially rough on the wife so we're done. Coached my older two's basketball, baseball, softball and football teams but the new job wont let that happen. I've been really lucky, literally the most challenging thing we deal with is my son's ADHD. But even with that hes a huge fan of sports and strongman comps ( Brian Shaw fan) so I can get him wore down easy enough without having to be strict or harsh.
  12. I can't wait to hold that record for 17 game seasons too.
  13. Stone. Got a thing for crazy redheads.
  14. My second favorite Emma!
  15. Coward. And thank you ... lol
  16. To me part off his aggressiveness was the fact our offense was completely incompetent. We needed him to try to get us good field position. It felt like if we'd started behind the 30 that we were just hoping to fight for field position before we're would punt.
  17. Agreed. I just think Jones was in a massively more advantageous position and Trask stil performed at the same level.
  18. I've argued against him and still prefer Trask to him. I went over one game and posted it here where his "pinpoint accuracy" seemed really in question - especially for some of the advantages he has compared to about any other QB last year. That being said a gamble is the best we can do with Nagy trying to run an offense and develop a QB. I'd like to take 2 swings and hope one pops for us. Plus the next HC might be able to do something with one of them. Lol
  19. I might be foggy but I thought he was below average there. I'm all for it since he is paid if he can do it well though. Maybe I'm just remembering him having a few bad returns from being too aggressive?
  20. Pitts at 20 would be amazing. He could literally be our #2 WR right off the bat or the move TE instantly. Kid is freakishly talented. I'm not opposed to doubling down on QBs in the draft early either, just makes having both Dalton and Foles that much more of a stupid move IMO - so I like it.
  21. Patterson likely won't be re-signed and Cohen wasn't getting much use last year before he got hurt. Only like 5 touches a game anyway. That's why the extension seemed so odd to me. Over $5 mil per year for a guy who gets the ball only sporadically and doesn't really do kickoffs even.
  22. Maybe he's going to be the Cole Beasely 2.0 - CB is 30+ and needs an heir to groom. He won't make the roster but it would be very Bears-ian to prove the whole "Chicago is where WRs to go to die" thing somewhat valid. Jeffery falling apart in PHI helped our case at least. lol
  23. Bears? QB of the future? Not being ruined in Chicago? Clearly having a young talent to learn from Dalton and Foles is a major plus to me, and Newsome that late would be sweet. All in all I love the attack on the OL and getting Slaton that late would make me ridiculously happy. I've wanted a rotational 2-gapper for Hicks and Goldman to stay fresh, and with Smith and DT they are athletes who thrive when clean and struggle when OL get their hands on them. Levi and him would switch and let Levi run a 3T role. IDK some of the others so no input, just like the attention to some of o
  24. I really like this signing. Hopefully he gets used appropriately and makes a solid 1-2 punch with Monty. Or we have Cohen becoming a full-time WR. Nagy might feel the experiment didn't work because he was too busy with his PR and HB duties. I'm joking but now I'm concerned that it might happen. lol
  25. Johnson isn't consistent enough to be a 1. He can develop it but he is at a hell of a hard spot to do it. Sometimes 2 years isnt enough. Fuller took longer to develop onto a 1 and he was hands down a better prospect. I'd argue crowning him as anything more than an aged prospect is what is silly. I hope he owns the spot and locks it down but there is a reason he is paid less this year than 30 punters in the league...
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