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  1. Damn. Leno was owned there. Glennon needs to step up and help him though.
  2. They just intro'ed Glennon as the best blocking Quarterback in the NFL.
  3. Lets look at it this way. I adopt Hicks, he gets paid, and is beasting this game. You're welcome guys
  4. As long as Jay Ratliff mentors him over alcoholism, I'm good with it.
  5. I still see no upside to Glennon that Hoyer could not have provided.
  6. Great play by RRH. No penetration by him at all but solid awareness.
  7. Great kick by Barth, followed by a touchback. Nice surprise, well done sir.
  8. He has good vision too. Burtonmade the kickout block and he was able to adjust and pick up a solid gain. Of course it is really early, but Pace looks like he killed that pick.
  9. Miller should have had that. What TE can't get 14 feet in the air? Bring back Kellen Davis.
  10. I'm not worried about them being retreads as long as it is promising. Carroll and Belichick were, but Payton would be a very interesting option. Now would you trade any picks to acquire him?
  11. Especially true when the running narrative is the Bears are cheap, and that Jeffrey was only out because of it. This certainly discredits that.
  12. Sugashane


    Gators game was cancelled this week. On a positive note we still threw for the same number of touchdowns as last week.
  13. Sugashane


    Only $40 mil per year??? Peasant...
  14. I'm in for the SF and NO games.
  15. I think the loss of Shanahan hurts the offense and we get a solid attack from the defense, especially a defensive backfield with competent professionals (though nothing high end of course). Glennon sucks. 17-14 Falcons
  16. Check one off my "bold predictions" since this is before the first game. Love this news.
  17. Of course you can't have incompetent special teams coverage, but they are out there for far fewer plays than offense or defense. You can ride a dominant offense to the playoffs, you can ride a dominant defense to the playoffs. You can't ride a special teams to the playoffs. If you can choose one elite, one good, and one average rating for those three facets, 32 out of 32 GMs/Head coach duos will put special teams as the least important facet.
  18. I think one reason we are putting Trubisky on the backburner is Loggains' experience. He was an assistant in DAL when Romo was coming up. They saw Romo had talent but was raw, so they had him run the scout team vs the starting defense. So he was not running their system per se, but was getting a lot of reps and getting them away from the scrutiny of the fans and media. He was able to be aggressive, make throws without costing the team a game, and was forced to become a smarter player due to his team constantly being inferior to the opposition. Windows were minuscule, timing had to be fast
  19. Fire Fox in the offseason and get an offensive mind to develop Trubisky. The Bears traded the farm for Jay then surrounded him with a cast lead by the likes of Hester, and rotated OCs repeatedly. By the time we had a good skill position group, Jay was a ruined product. While the cost for Trubisky was minimal (regardless of people overreacting to trading up one spot) but I'd rather not see another talent squandered. This year I'd like to see Trubisky get experience, some of the young players step up to solidify their position as starters. Bullard, Jackson, Callahan.LeBlanc, etc. If W
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