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  1. I'm probably going to like this draft more than Pace's honestly. I desperately want a QB but with Nagy I feel like it's a wasted pick. It's almost like having Tru with Loggains and Fox again.
  2. Sums up Chicago pretty well actually. Lol
  3. Dalton hasnt had "three years to master the system" so how could it be better? I dont see how Roberson makes a difference. He has played as many NFL snaps as you and I have at 28 years old. Johnson isnt a #1 CB, Skrine is gone so that leave Lucas, Shelly, and Vildor to compete with Roberson for 2 and 3. That's a weak group. Pussushers are better as a group than Mack. Hell I'd argue OL is better with out interior guys and Ifedi going to RT even.
  4. I'd be trying to get away from a GM that cant even remotely figure out the QB position and playcalling HC who cant run an offense too. That being said I'd have tried to go somewhere other than DEN but he knows he is likely going to be put in the best position to earn one more big deal there.
  5. Sounds like Pace may trade Foles for him. Saves LVR a few mil for a back up and we can pay 3 back up QBs too much since we will be paying Foles still too. Almost gives us the cost of a franchise QB to remember what that is like. DO IT!!!
  6. It was more tongue in cheek than anything. You quit your have to give back money that was going to be earned that season. We've seen a bunch of players that had to give back money when they retired early into their big deals, and Pace and Nagy aren't getting QB money so that's a significant drop.
  7. I'm starting to wonder if Pace and Nagy are trying to get out of Chicago. Overall Pace is just throwing me for a loop. You can't tell me there was zero trade interest. That's total bs.
  8. Kyle Long going to KC. Wish him the best, he gets to see what a real franchise QB is like.
  9. At least me made the playoffs though, right?
  10. Repeatedly look into the wind and look majestic AF
  11. That's completely fair. Honestly if we didnt already have Foles or if it was heavily incentive laden (like Newton's) I'd have much less of an issue with this. But we are now spending $16ish mil for QBs to still be a glaring weakness. I'd have liked to put that $10 mil on an OT to protect our already immobile QB, or a weapon to replace Miller if he can be traded. Both deals are fine for back ups with experience but having two mediocre QBs still means we have zero starter quality guys.
  12. No, Pace and Nagy wil have to get a rookie to try and generate hype. I think they will draft a rookie who eventually starts because these two don't have it anymore. Either Foles or Dalton is the best QB3 in the league.
  13. We had one back up QB, now we have two. We may be on our way to having the best QB3 in the NFL for what its worth though. lol
  14. At least there's one decent move for the day.
  15. He's already basically said his legal team will be swinging back. Maybe character concerns allow him to be traded? Who wants a second pipe-dream?
  16. He's going to be overpaid to suck. It could be much worse. Lol I'm indifferent. Pace has not shown an eye for QB talent and Nagy failed colossally in developing his franchise QB, so it was elite QB or bust to me, and it's rare to see an elite QB moved. We likely will still be in the running for a QB in the draft but we're paying two back ups way too much. I'm still kinda hoping the season falls apart to get new people in. 6 years in and we're looking at Foles and Dalton fighting to be our QB1 is embarrassing for Pace.
  17. But we retained POD. Not often I call subtraction by addition. Lol
  18. Hopefully he can expand his role and keep similar impact. Honestly he might be take the starting spot from Quinn if Quinn cant bounce back.
  19. NE made a horrendous deal there, though it is not going to escalate for any of those incentives. I'd take Tru over Newton and neither of them nor Foles is worth $5mil.
  20. I'm trying not to. Lol. That would be one that would REALLY take time to dig in with.
  21. Agreed. I'm comfortable with the risk to this deal. Pace made a great move imo. Maybe Eddy can put that leg to use punting.
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