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  1. They perform a tuck pre-race called the Buffalo Bill.
  2. Agreed. Switching Gibson and Banners deals should work though. I'm done with Pat, why not just let a pair of UFA fight for the spot or even sign a vet to compete with them? Aim for better than mediocre at least. Dislike Brissett but like the aggressive move for Jones.
  3. ^^^ The first time I see you, this will be what happens. Cbears, it is premeditated. Ah... I see you didnt say you didnt want to watch us watch you... Kinda creepy, guy.
  4. Well for anyone to win the SB most of those things need to happen. Not many teams have the Bucs' talent outside or win with the back up like PHI did. Those are abnormalities. GB lost their LT and it completely derailed them, and their offense is way more talented than anything the Bears have. We would essentially be running a team much like the Seahawks did in their deep runs and win and what NYG did when they made their wins. Realistically we're looking at competing with anyone in the playoffs, but we aren't remotely going to be favorites even with Wilson. Still a massive upg
  5. I wouldnt even be opposed to moving Ifedi to RT and delegating another OL to a blocking TE to help Leno or a cheap replacement. Hell put Bars in that role, hes a fairly athletic OL and better than Coward. Kmet clearly would be the starter but if we need to play bully ball then he can kick out wide while the big guy helps the OT. Could help a lot when we face a great EDGE too. Dont even play around, move the big boy in motion to whatever side that EDGE is on. We had Leno and Massie one on one with the best EDGE too much the last 2 years.
  6. Pssht. I'll cuck-block you and delete your comments. I've been trusted with a minor iota of power and will use it!!!
  7. I'll take the 40% chance. That's 40% higher than I would have guessed at the end of the season. Agree 100%. Cutler has a boatload of physical talent but was still a mystery for his ceiling. Wilson is an elite QB and anyone who questions that should be subject to a not-so-random drug test. To be honest I think it would offer Pace more time potentially if the offense was mediocre but the team won well enough due to defense. Nagy could still be cut and I would want Wilson heavily involved in that decision (and the new HC search too). Ramifications means an unmanly squeal
  8. Well McMahon was terrible in his 87 playoff game and then in 88 he put up a 3 point performance. Injuries derailed him but he was never that good, he was on an all-time great team and was the weak link. I stand by my statement that Kyle Orton was a better QB than McMahon overall - and I've never been an Orton fan. As the GM he has the final say, I can't absolve him of Foles. As far as Nagy being wrong on Mitch, Mitch was here before Nagy, so are you talking about Nagy not trying to force a bigger move prior to the 2020 season because he misjudged Tru? There are a lo
  9. I was nervous he would make a major move at someone who wasn't worth it. Wentz in particular so Nagy can have "his" guy. There has just been no real positive moves at QB under Pace. That being said Nagy might be feeling the heat too so he might have been on board with making a move that was poor. The biggest issue has been QB for the Bears. It was the weak link that prevented a potential dynasty in the 80s, it killed us in the Super Bowl vs the Colts, it has been a weak point for us the entire time Pace and Nagy has been here minus one year where the QB play was still poor for half the ye
  10. This is why you're locked into the top 2 slots of all the CBears I know.
  11. Exactly. That's why I said they should have been 100% open about saying they wanted to extend him and that they would use the franchise tag as another option to give them more time to finish the deal to both party's satisfaction. Puts you as the nice guy and puts the pressure on ARob and his camp to get a deal done or play the villain role. If they refuse to play ball you can still trade him.
  12. Yep. He gave us his best years and as long as he is out of the NFC North I'll be rooting for him.
  13. I'll get Taysom Hill and we will run the Navy triple option.
  14. Good points. With Wilson agreeing to restructure like Foles did we could open up some more space in 2021 while adding more to his guaranteed cash too. We could likely take on more of the signing bonus from SEA too to lighten the demand, might make it more attractive for them than a 3rd round topping off the trade offer and push the trade our way. Do that and then restructure and we could put ourselves in quite a spot to make a run at the NFC North and a deep playoff run. The situation is still very fluid. Still skeptical but I won't say it WON'T happen.
  15. That's my bet as well. Exactly what I have said. If you're not a legit franchise QB you're not getting the big deal from me I'll draft a QB in the first every other year until someone proves they're that guy first. You can stack and reload the roster with good moves that dont break the bank.
  16. Used a DO when I was in college. Had no issues whatsoever. Actually he was my 3rd favorite Dr, behind the orthopedic surgeon that actually fixed my knee and dermatologist I went to in high school. He did adjustments on me and showed me my imbalances, rather than just telling me to rest like the MD I had. They're more alike now than ever, a lot of MDs are trying to get away from pushing pills and meds like they used to, likely due to lawsuits and legal repercussions.
  17. Just more incentive to trade day 1 and 2 picks for a franchise QB.
  18. Holy s**t I'm adorable!
  19. That job pays more but is often far less interesting. Lol I'm trying to get a work-release program started but that would be WAY better. Lol.
  20. I'm lonely dammit! Lol
  21. *Shea McClellin has entered the chat Rodgers - "Hey, long time no see. " Shea- (heavy breathing) Rodgers - "Um... you ok? You're looking a little... insane. " Shea - ( heavy breathing intensifies) Rodgers - Nope. "Hey Love! You're starting this week."
  22. Ya boy works for a sanitation company... we got bleach, acids, caustics and best of all... I can make other people clean it.
  23. And today I found out what 'darty' means.
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