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  1. I doubt he would speak with them and hear Darnold as a selling point then signs there. But while the rookies could bust, there have been enough solid prospects thrive that could easily interest him. Allen, Jackson, Mahomes, Herbert, etc. If he believes in the offensive mind and gets confirmation that they will get a QB (maybe they share their targets with him, being 2nd in the draft they will have anyone but Lawrence) he could definitely find some attraction. That being said I don't see him going to NYJ at all.
  2. There will have to be a few restructures and cuts for us to be able to make any significant moves. What I wonder is if there are any issues players have with this. From the little I understand a lot of these basically increase guaranteed cash for the players and pay some of these forward while making it pretty easy to see that later (inflated) cap hits mean they will simply have to re-negotiate sooner. Seems like a win-win in most cases.
  3. I'd actually buy the legit NFL jersey of his. Normally I just do chinese knockoffs. lol
  4. I don't disagree at all. Mobility helps compensate for their potential lack of development as well. Being able to move around and change launch points was why some of these guys get so much success. Allen, Watson, Prescott and Mahomes in particular hare young guys who developed while having that as a damn useful tool in their toolbelt. Rodgers did as well and now he is as precise a passer as you can find in the league. It absolutely supported his game. That is one reason Lance hasn't scared me away yet, and why Fields is someone I think can become a star if he is really worked with and su
  5. Both Waddle and Smith were reported to say they preferred Jones over Tua.
  6. You almost maxed out my attention span there, so I concur. Lol
  7. And with Rex Grossman as the one they were betting on out-dueling Peyton Manning. I'm not much of a gambling man but I think they were a little more stacked on offense than us. We should have tried to play bully ball.
  8. So guys I just got my job offer. I'm going to be moving to Louisville, KY!
  9. So he knows he would get to come here, fire Nagy himself, and hire his own HC. Do it. lol
  10. I think tagging him and being open to the media that it is with the intention of extending him is something that puts the pressure back on his camp. If they decide to trade him then you can easily go the route saying "We couldn't come to an agreement and he seemed like he wanted out." It's just the same media speak and will be forgotten after a few weeks like almost all these stories.
  11. Third person talk is a slippery slope. It's like saying 'bro' sarcastically then nope being able to stop. Sugashane had an issue with this too. Sugashane had to stop and smell what Sugashane was cooking when he realized he needed help. Weird that you congratulate me... My wife is happy but I'm the man in the marriage. It's like telling me congrats on making it through 11 years of a life sentence - with possibility of parole at the cost of 50% of my assets. lol If not he gets really upset. He'll fill your PM box with 'Y U no love me no more?" messages. I can't see the p
  12. Yep. Unless he fetches an overpayment from another team as compensation I dont see why they trade him. Hes a solid back up and cheap.
  13. I'm still high on him and prefer him to Jones. But lack of experience, no crazy tools to repeat on about (like Fields and Lance's athleticism) and poor final showing. The draft community is ridiculously knee-jerk so if Trask balled out in that last game he'd be getting top-20 talk probably.
  14. I dont blame you. One positive note would be if the QB blows then they can use that for their first season and put the new QB and GM in position for a high pick. Worked for Pace, though missing the pick still sucked.
  15. Watson rumors again? It's not going to happen and I still gets my hopes up. lol
  16. I think most see the talent in this class and hope Pace just hits for once. I feel like the Oregon kid Shough would be the QB 4 here at best (and Jones, Lance, and Trask are all damn close if not ahead by a number of people). And he is probably the number one pick in 2022. The odds imo are just way better in this class than next year's, so maybe he gets a hit by default? Pace made the worst choice when he had 3 options that stood out, with Lawrence going number one he should have the ability to look at the 5 QBs (Fields, Wilson, Jones, Trask, Lance) and find 1 or 2 to really targe
  17. Idk. I think he'd be a great back up for Lawrence and then there is a chance of a team overpaying for him when he does hit FA. It might be cheaper to replace him with a draft pick when he leaves and maybe even nets a comp pick if they're not big spenders in FA when he leaves. Unless someone wants to part with an early 4th I wouldn't even consider it. I'd probably aim for a 3rd or bust though.
  18. Yep. I'm a huge fan of de-load weeks. You're not going to lose gains from a week of light work, but you can lose a lot of time from injuries due to overuse.
  19. Nagy should be able to fix that like he did with Tru... Hello top 5 pick and new HC!
  20. Damn that sucks man. Hope they get that resolved quickly for you.
  21. While my physique, skin color, and apparent allowance of body hair changed due to the pandemic I'm just happy my moustache survived. For reference, that chain cost tens of dollars. Dolla dolla bills y'all.
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