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  1. Im pretty sure Kaep is 3-1 vs Green Bay
  2. If we could avoid trading future assets that would be ideal. Say 20, a 3rd for 2021, plus a franchise tagged ARob would be great. That being said if it takes a 2022 pick to go get Fields, Wilson or whoever in the top 10 then fine. But dammit don't let a mediocre offense be given a pass because they have a rookie QB. Pace will have had 7 offseasons to build it up and Nagy will have had 5 to run his "system" by the end of 2021. Either put up or GTFO.
  3. I was right on in 2017 and will happily eat crow if I'm wrong this time. ^^ That is EXACTLY what I am scared of. This is why I have been a broken record of going for strong class talents and double dipping. Last year I was going Claypool and Mims, I've tried to go OL other times, etc. But when the class is weak like I feel like 2022's QB class is, it only further elevates the need for us to go get a guy this year. Pace's opinion will likely vary but that is my own. The 4th or 5th can be a stud. Mahomes was rated as the 4th through 6th by a number of professionals and by a ton of writers n
  4. I think there are a few factors that make more sense for IND than CHI. - Wentz has the same system to go to that he already has success in, Chicago has no system. - Much better OL in IND, Wentz's OL was bad last year and look at what happened. - Much more cap space, we have to lose talent to pay him while they pay him and can still retain talent in the near future. (I'm excited to see what Nelson's deal is though lol) I think they can be true for both while not being true at all times. Nagy has some good playcalls, some games that he puts together goo
  5. Right, plus if it was me I have been clear that Nagy would have been out of here after the 2020 season anyway. We'd be looking at the new prospects at QB WITH the new coach. We lack the sack-o-matic at the top of Halas Hall. We had to settle for a Sweaty Teddy. lol I'd prefer to go up no more than 12th with your layout, it seems like the most reasonable deal. But I like Wilson and Fields enough I'd feel confident they could appeal to the next HC. The 2022 draft class hasn't appealed to me. I was one of the few who was way higher on the 2017 draft class than the 2018 and I am much higher o
  6. I absolutely can. I'm saying he has done nothing to warrant the big deal yet. His cap hit is under $10 mil so I am fine with that. But part of the rookie benefit is that after Nagy fails we get a swing with someone who MAY be able to call an offense. Darnold isn't going to succeed here under him. Nagy as a playcaller is not better than Gase IMO. As a HC he is better but that's it. It took them all four years to see that Tru isn't the answer, Nagy got "his guy" and the offense was atrocious, and now we are hoping Darnold comes in and lights it up? I'll take the under. Mo
  7. As the resident sack-o-matic here I am willing to go up to 5 since that's the highest you can go on your list. Nagy is a major negative factor for me but for a franchise QB I'm willing to go big. If the offense craps the bed then fire them and bring in another guy to coach.
  8. A lot of the time it is, but it seems a lot of the standouts come from teams where they have to shoulder the load more than most. Rodgers had mediocre talent, Mahomes had little around him, Allen had a bad crew to work with, Wilson didn't have much from either program he had around him, etc. That being said it of course isn't a major indicator, several high profile talents have come from powerhouse programs too. And obviously I'm not turning my nose up at Lawrence because of talent around him. lol I just like the idea of the guy being able to elevate average talent to more than it
  9. If it is either it is going to be a dramatic drop in talent next year. Bears - Monty.........Miller/Mooney/Ridley..........Kmet..............Leno/Massie Bama - Harris.........Smith/Waddle/Metchie.......Billingsley......Leatherwood/Neal Gators - Pierce........Toney/Grimes/Copeland.....Pitts...............Forsythe/Delance Mac is used to a dominating run game opening up elite WR talent, we have neither even though Monty has talent. The OL isn't even comparable. Trask has no run game (should translate to Chicago easily lol) and has high end talent w
  10. Your apology pleased me and thus you have been spared. Thanks. Lol
  11. I could have handled the Wentz trade but the 2022 pick would be a total deal breaker for me. If/when Nagy fails to fix Wentz with the limited talent we have around and protecting him we then have limited resources in the 2022 draft to either get another QB or the talented player we need on offense.
  12. Already has this noted in the QB discussion thread. Locked.
  13. I was saying that's the only way to keep Tru, by holding him against his will. There's exactly 0% chance Tru gets the franchise tag. Santos would get franchised before Tru too. Hell I'd franchise Scales before wasting it on Tru. What would a LS get for being franchised? 1.2 mil? Lol.
  14. Unless they franchise him I dont see any way Tru agrees to stay another year under Nagy. If I was a QB who was trying to make a career Chicago would be one of the last places I'd want to go. Then add being held back and your development stunted for 4 years and there is really no upside to it for him.
  15. Who else wants to feel the wrath?!?!
  16. I pinned it out of spite.
  17. Per AZ- https://overthecap.com/contract-constructor/ This can be a solid tool for mock drafts and such.
  18. If we sign Winston it needs to be a cheap deal. A 1 year, $3 mil deal is about the highest he should warrant. He couldn't even definitively beat out Hill.
  19. AZ dont go gambling, AZ go winning!!
  20. Brandon Marshall had a stretch where he was indisputably a top 10 WR.
  21. That's a good note. I think of him has a poor man's Percy Harvin. He could be the receiving back/WR hybrid Nagy tried to make Cohen out to be.
  22. We dont have a shot at Pitts. Unless he has a bongmask he'll be a top 12 pick imo. Toney is someone I would love to snag, he's athletic and explosive. We need that badly. I'm still going for QB and OT in the first 2 rounds and another OT in the 3rd. Maybe we get 2 starters as bookends or get a starting OT and OG out of it. We can get some depth at WR cheaper if ARob leaves and while we wont have a number one it will force the QB to spread the ball around rather than forcing the ball to someone.
  23. I'm a Gators fanatic JAF... dont you dare tease me. Pitts could be our #2 WR behind ARob next year, he's that damn athletic. I was really high on Claypool last year as a TE/WR hybrid and Pitts can be better at either spot imo.
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