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  1. "Social Distancing" 8 GM Mock!- Full

    Ooof, I forgot about this. Really sorry about that, probably shouldn't have joined in the first place. Best of luck to my replacement!
  2. "Social Distancing" 8 GM Mock!- Full

    I'll take the 49ers
  3. Now that you've made me curious, here is the most recent Super Bowl winner from each division: AFC West: Chiefs(2019-20) AFC East: Patriots(2018-19) NFC East: Eagles(2017-18) NFC West: Seahawks(2013-14) AFC North: Ravens(2012-13) NFC North: Packers(2010-11) NFC South: Saints(2009-10) AFC South: Colts(2006-07)
  4. For the next season at least they should be fine. Sherman is under contract for one more year, and Staley is under contract for two, not to mention the fact that he likely wants a ring before he retires and doesn’t want that to be his last game. Sanders definitely is a tossup as to whether or not he stays, although if he does it’s likely on a smaller contract. The rest of the core, however, is quite young, and the only major pieces in free agency besides Sanders are Armstead and Ward, as well as a few depth players. However, you’re certainly right about it being hard to go back to the SB in the first place, even if you can keep your team intact, and the same applies to the Chiefs.
  5. Solomon Thomas; why is he so bad?

    With retrospect where would you all draft him?
  6. How are they gonna play three edge rushers at once?
  7. Speaking of RBs, what do you all think the market for David Johnson will be? (Not sure how he'd fit in Shanny's scheme so not suggesting either way whether they should target him or not)
  8. Jimmy G is a bum and over rated

    Wasn’t Mahomes himself largely throwing checkdowns and/or incomplete passes/interceptions until that 3rd and 15 to Hill? I suppose you could make the argument that that only proves Clark’s point since the Chiefs were losing when he was doing that though.
  9. Replacing Garoppolo with Cousins doesn't really make sense to me, IMO they're pretty similar, and Jimmy might actually be a little better.
  10. Is it possible to trade Solomon Thomas without eating much dead cap, assuming Armstead stays?
  11. So I’m guessing the plays were Pat scrambling around for a few seconds before kneeling/throwing away the ball
  12. He was acting pre game like it was going to be a blowout and the OL would shut down the SF D line(reality: Mahomes was sacked 4 times, fumbled twice, was picked off twice, and had just 181 passing yards before the 3rd and 15 bomb to Hill. Notice he was nowhere to be found while the Chiefs were down 10
  13. Minor curiosity since I stopped to do something else for a few minutes after that final Jimmy G pick: Why did Mahomes end up kneeling down from 5-7 yards, and what was up with that play marked an incomplete pass on 4th down?
  14. Wasn’t Mahomes seen as a project QB who had to be developed by good coaching in order to correct some of the things in his play style that wouldn’t work in the NFL? It’s impossible to tell how much having Reid, Smith, and a full year to sit and learn helped him. On another team I’m sure he’d still be pretty good, but maybe not the transcendent talent he is if he gets thrown into the fire on the first week of his rookie season with a terrible coach and supporting cast. Him dropping back 10 yards behind that Texans O-line would have often ended up very badly
  15. Jimmy G is a bum and over rated

    Let’s also not forget that this was his first game back from a torn ACL. We’ll see how he does in 2020 with a full offseason of being able to focus on learning the playbook and not in rehab