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  1. I think Quinn is going to want an athletic upgrade at the MIKE.
  2. Allbright dropped a couple juicy tidbits last night. Just to add some fuel to a couple fires: 1. Everyone in Dallas (scouts, coaches, front office, players) believes Quinn will be the Broncos HC, and it’s the job Quinn wants. This feels like a mortal lock. 2. The Dallas front office believes the Broncos have Aaron Rodgers in the bag.
  3. The Raiders under Gruden/Mayock struck out on 1st round picks about as badly as you can. The one “hit” is a RB who is solid, not a difference maker.
  4. So is Dan Quinn announced as the Broncos HC next Monday or Tuesday?
  5. Need to run more screens to Daniels who looks like he runs about a 5.2
  6. You’re not a serious football team if your coaches are Kliff Kinsgbury and Vance Joseph. But Kyler is going full Lindley tonight
  7. Aguayo wasn’t even a very good college kicker if you look at his numbers from 40+. That was a bad pick because the evaluation of the player was bad. Araiza is such a weapon as a punter, it’s like the equivalent of picking a kicker who’s deadly accurate from 55-60 yards.
  8. I’d do it in the late 3rd, especially if we’re holding on to all our other picks (which would mean we didn’t land the big fish at QB and will have a greater need for a punting advantage). It’s not a guarantee of NFL success but he’s the best punter I’ve ever seen in CFB. That cannon of a leg at altitude…oh man.
  9. If that’s true, that sure says a lot about the teams stupid enough to get caught.
  10. They were maybe the worst team in the league in 2010 while cheating. McDaniels is one of the most embarrassing head coaches of all time.
  11. Oh yeah. But he’s going early Day 3 imo. Best punter in CFB history.
  12. As I recall they’d just bring the house when they needed a stop and it usually worked.
  13. I think DJ did coast off his raw talent to a degree, but if he could have just stuck as a 4-3 WILL his entire career I do think he would have had an amazing career. Was still one of the few bright spots of some really bad defenses.
  14. Middle of the pack offensive production with a terrible starting QB is exactly the kind of thing that makes an impression on GMs.
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