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  1. I want no part of whatever Matt Ryan is in 2022. Already on the downslide.
  2. I never thought at any point that Smith would go ahead of Chase. I think Chase is WR1 by a country mile.
  3. The team's decision makers being Paton and Fangio, two guys who competed against Stafford for years in the NFC North, does add a level of intrigue. I just can't see them giving up #9 and I don't think a Stafford deal gets done for less than a 1st.
  4. Would also imagine they’ll be in on Kyle Fuller and possibly Akiem Hicks should they come available.
  5. I think there’s a chance the Vikings cut ties with Anthony Barr this year. I would expect they want to re-sign Eric Wilson and get out from Barr’s big deal, which he hasn’t lived up to. If that happens, I’d expect us to sign him and he probably wouldn’t be too costly either That’s George Paton’s guy, both Loyola High and UCLA alums raised in Los Angeles. Barr has his flaws but he’s also about the most versatile LB in the league and can be a situational playmaker. He could have been a really good full-time edge rusher in the league.
  6. The idea of just solidifying this OL and getting the future RT at 9 is very tempting. But does it make more sense than taking a high ceiling defensive talent when you’re going to need to restock almost every position on that side of the ball?
  7. You keep Gordon imo because his solid play raises the offense’s floor in a very important way. If the passing game is again subpar, you can still probably run an excellent power run game with Gordon and this Munchak OL. They were starting to really roll at the end of the year.
  8. Great post and I fully agree with the game manager point. Looking across the league, I believe only three defensive head coaches actually called plays this year (Fangio, Zimmer, Vrabel), while a little less than half the head coaches in the league are offensive play callers. I find this fascinating and it’s made me wonder about the dynamics of game management for a defensive coach. That late game clock management is most critical on defense, and if you have a coach who is so occupied with the next call from play to play, it’s not hard to see how that could present an issue most HCs don’t have
  9. He’s Robert Woods to me. And Woods has been an extremely productive player so that’s no knock.
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if the better Alabama WR is the second off the board again this year. Waddle is the biggest freak of that entire group.
  11. Rodgers is the best QB to play in that offense since Elway too. And like the Broncos’ 90s OL, Packers have an elite group.
  12. Fangio largely has been what he was sold as: genius defensive coach, great attention to detail leading to strong game day preparation, disciplined play, solid player development program, consistent effort from players The next step is 99% on the offense/QB to make the jump so the things Fangio does bring to the table can lead to wins
  13. What gets me is how much **** the Broncos put up with when Von was a young player. We’ll probably never know the extent of what they had to cover up with him those first four years. They gave him everything. He had the world in the palm of hands. Media personality as long as he wanted. And he’s going to lose it all.
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