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  1. Alterraun Verner signs 1-day contract to retire with Titans

    One of my favorite Bruins ever. I thought he was really slept on as a prospect and he carved out a nice career. Really smart guy who will be fine without football.
  2. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    Physically it's been a really steep decline. He has really taken a beating over the years and played through it all. So many games over the years I'd see him limp off after taking a big shot and be back in the huddle a couple plays later. DT is one of the biggest physical marvels I've ever seen at the position. The DT screen may have been the most unstoppable passing play in football for a time. Still, there's always been a "what could have been" element with him because he was never very physical despite his size and could be limited by CBs roughing him up. He was able to stave off some of the loss of athleticism post-Peyton by being a truly great route runner but I'm not sure his body can work through the grind anymore.
  3. I come in peace...

    Unless I'm misremembering, David Bruton used to replace Trevathan on 3rd downs, and Trevathan was more downhill while Marshall was kept clean and allowed to roam. Denver hardly ran any nickel until the AFC Championship game where Brady kept missing James White when Trevathan covered him.
  4. I come in peace...

    I actually think Marshall showed last year he can still cover, did look faster with the weight loss. The physical side of his game has really deteriorated though and he was missing a ton of tackles.
  5. Trading the 10th Pick

    A lot of mocks I'm seeing suggest trading down might be the move to make. #10 is a spot where it's likely you JUST miss on the Tier 1 elite prospects. Trade down a few picks and take a guy like Devin Bush and pick up an extra Day 2 pick in the process.
  6. Broncos Sign CB Bryce Callahan

    This has to be one of the more uniquely built secondaries ever with KJax, CHJ and Callahan all having tons of experience playing in the slot. Both of our starting safeties played a lot of slot in college as well, with Simmons' experiences extending to some NFL games in the past two years. Will be fun to see how Vic puts the pieces together.
  7. Broncos Sign CB Bryce Callahan

    He does and like most teams Denver has lined up in nickel/dime on most snaps, but in base looks with only two corners he's only matched up outside unless a TE or RB is split wide. And he's excellent when he does play outside. He's just so unbelievably good in the slot (maybe the best I've ever seen) that rightly becomes the focus when talking about him.
  8. Let the Offseason Begin

    Will open up more favorable matchups for Kareem too. If I were scheming as a DC, Harris would line up on the best receiver regardless of where they are on the field, Callahan would take care of the slot the majority of the time, and Kareem would get the "easier" outside matchups and have freedom to roam around and be a chess piece. Love the versatility and it's a great value. Just needs to stay healthy.
  9. Broncos Sign CB Bryce Callahan

    Harris has played outside in base for the past five years. We'll see if they are able to iron out an extension, but the injury is a non-factor, he was back to 100% by January. And he's been the best bargain at the position for several years, so he's due a hefty raise.
  10. Let the Offseason Begin

    If you gave Will Parks the athleticism of Justin Simmons you might have an All-Pro safety. That's the best way I can describe the two. Simmons should be much further along, Parks is pretty solid but seems like he may be maxed out already.
  11. Let the Offseason Begin

    Everything I read and hear about Kareem makes me think he profiles really well as a zone corner but is a liability in man coverage. I think they'll make it work.
  12. Matt paradis C signs with Panthers

    Jeez, 3/27? Might be the best value in free agency so far.
  13. Texans signing CB Bradley Roby

    Frustrating but very talented player. High highs and low lows. I'm concerned that it didn't click for him in his contract year.
  14. Teddy bridgewater re-signs with saints

    A decently paid backup gig is a pretty sweet deal. He gets it.
  15. Green Bay expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    Yeah I'm really curious to see what Shaq gets. I think he's a solid starter and if the league values him as such you can expect to be paying at least 10-12.