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  1. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Not sure how Drew will be able to PR his way out of this mess considering his opinion hasn’t wavered at all since 2016. What a stupid thing to say.
  2. 2020 Surprise

    Yeah it seems pretty clear that Matt Russell will be the GM and likely takes over in 2022.
  3. Random Thoughts

    I remember that defense being extremely reliant on blitzes. When they couldn’t get home every DB not named Champ was severely overmatched.
  4. Last Years FA Studs and Duds

    Broncos: Stud - Kareem Jackson. You could make a case he was our best player last year. Undersized but hits the crap out of people, his presence on the back end in tandem with Simmons gave us our best pair of safeties since Atwater and Smith decades ago. Love his game. Duds - Bryce Callahan & Ja'Wuan James. Not performance based. Ja'Wuan James played two halves of football all year and Callahan never played. And RT and CB were problem spots all year without them.
  5. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    Flacco’s raw passing numbers do no justice to how absolutely terrible he was last year, never mind the soul-sucking presence he was on the team. If Darnold flops hard enough that you’d bench him and completely give up on his future, I guess Gase (who they should have fired) might try to scrape out a few wins to save his job but that would really be the worst case scenario for the organization as a whole.
  6. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    Good lord no. Flacco is beyond done. Putting him in would be miserable experience for everyone and accomplishes nothing.
  7. Raiders Sign Prince Amukamara:

    Yiadom actually looked more comfortable late in the season but I think he’s a bubble guy going into this year. He’s the only corner on the roster who predates Fangio and Donatell which isn’t a good sign. I would guess Ojemudia or De’Vante Bausby. Wouldn’t totally rule out Duke Dawson either.
  8. The Bengals helped the Broncos win a Super Bowl with their classless move to block Vance Joseph from interviewing to be our DC. Hired Wade Phillips instead.
  9. Raiders Sign Prince Amukamara:

    Really cheap. Fangio and Donatell must have not been interested at all because Prince really wanted to be a Bronco and made no secret about it throughout the offseason. Not much experience in our CB room after Bouye and Callahan so it will be interesting to track Prince vs. whoever our CB3 is this year.
  10. Redskins WR Cody Latimer arrested

    He couldn’t handle an NFL playbook and got in Peyton’s dog house early. Very good athlete but he had three years to beat out Bennie Fowler in Denver and wasn’t able to. Bad draft to whiff at WR.
  11. ESPN going with new MNF crew

    I want Louis Riddick in the booth.
  12. ESPN going with new MNF crew

    Even the TNF slate has been better in recent years. Just feels wrong.
  13. The Claypool Quandary

    He should be wearing a number in the 80s. The 11 just looks wrong.
  14. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    They don’t have to be on KC’s level, they just need to consistently score in the 20s. Fangio is going to get the most out of his defenses.
  15. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    From an athletic perspective, this is probably the most talented I’ve seen. 1998 and 2013 offenses were just efficient machines and full of really skilled guys.