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  1. If he’s so raw you don’t want him stepping on the field at all in 2021, it would create the need for a buffer like Bridgewater or Minshew. Because this is still a team that needs to be competitive and there’s a chance Lock just doesn’t figure it out. And that will create other weird dynamics. Is the veteran going to be tasked with helping along a rookie while Lock is just focused on starting and playing well? That almost makes sense on paper but seems kind of awkward. Maybe none of that is necessary and we overstate how raw Lance is. On the other hand I’m not sure Fields will be ready to
  2. I like Rypien...as a practice squad guy who is essentially an extension of the coaching staff. 4 interceptions in 5 quarters of play does not inspire confidence.
  3. But they didn’t view him that way, or they would have taken him at 10. Now it’s a new regime and they’ve been looking at QBs all offseason. But I can’t say this enough, drafting a QB doesn’t mean dumping Lock. In all likelihood, the rookie would not be ready to start from Day 1. If Lock can’t win a competition against a rookie as a third year player with experience in the offense, we know without a doubt he wasn’t the guy. And if he does win the job, he’ll keep it as long as he plays well. Nothing changes except you have another plan in place, at a position where it’s pretty important to h
  4. Definitely like getting the QB at a minimal cost. One thing that stands out to me looking at your depth chart is the QB scenario probably means Denver looks to fill a few holes depth-wise through veteran signings after the draft. In a non-QB scenario, you can really fill out the depth chart through the draft, especially if you trade down.
  5. They may not end up taking a QB, but it’s not just smoke. I don’t think they’re going to pull the trigger on a trade up but if Fields/Lance is there at 9, I’d be floored if they don’t take one of them. My impression with Paton is you’re not going to catch him in a desperate move. He may miss out on some opportunities by not being overly aggressive, but he’s also going to be rewarded for his patience a lot of the time and get players he wants without giving up value. We saw this with the Kyle Fuller and Kareem Jackson signings. I would have traded a Day 3 pick for Fuller. Paton didn’t hav
  6. Even if they take a QB, if Drew isn't traded, he's still very much in control of his fate. If he's progressed since last year, he'd win a competition vs. a rookie, and if he plays well, he keeps the job in 2021. At that point, he forces the front office into a decision, which I would consider a good problem. What does change is you now have the next plan in place if Drew flops and you're not totally desperate next year for a QB in a weaker class while picking somewhere in the teens.
  7. ...did Elway leak the Broncos’ plans to Woody Paige and force the front office into damage control via other media guys? The way this played out today is quite curious to me. ...and then... Notice the time stamps.
  8. You make a great point. I think Fields would probably be a better prospect if defenders breathing on him resulted in sacks ala Eli. That’s why those guys won all those rings — they couldn’t run away from their problems.
  9. Well the potential blank check would be great but man, **** that guy.
  10. Biggest positive is he’s extremely accurate, by almost any metric you look at he’s the most accurate passer in the class. And he’s an elite athlete, legit 4.4 speed at 230 pounds.
  11. It feels like for a few years now the Raiders have been in this weird holding pattern of simultaneously making moves to both rebuild and to compete, and not in a compatible way. Usually you can sort of identify where a team sees itself. I don't get any feel for that with the Raiders.
  12. The character stuff with Rattler is definitely concerning. Yeah I’m on high alert for Zach Wilson in NY having disaster potential. If they get everything around him right, he’s got a shot. But right now I don’t love the fit of a one year wonder small school (in terms of competition) guy in an environment that can break young QBs.
  13. I can see it with another year of development from Rattler, he’s got special arm talent. I’m also probably higher on Fields than you and most people are, I can’t remember seeing that combo of elite athleticism + pinpoint accuracy in a QB prospect. It reminds me a little of Watson but I think Fields is in a pretty rare tier as an athlete and most of the previous guys in that tier struggled as pocket passers. The one thing I can say about next year’s crop is that it looks deep with guys who have intriguing tools. There are a lot of candidates who could emerge and make a leap.
  14. Hey, maybe he makes a leap in a more conventional offense this year. Not gonna say he has no chance and eat my words but what I saw last year made me think he’d have trouble making an NFL roster as a QB. Just wildly inaccurate and really poor pocket awareness.
  15. I also think Slovis is just a guy. I like Howell, reminds me of Baker. Pretty solid prospect. Rattler is the one with star potential for me. At this point I don’t think any compare to Lawrence or Fields but Rattler is the one who could maybe approach them. The rest don’t excite me at all.
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