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  1. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    No Maliks in the group but Wolfe, Harris and Peko are all damn good players and Gotsis looks like at least a plus run stopper. I’m projecting a bit that Walker can give us something as a 3T pass rusher. And Kerr is JAG but for depth he’s fine. This is all on paper of course. In reality, Wolfe and Gotsis are huge question marks. And Walker might just end up busting.
  2. Jaguars cut Mercedes Lewis

    It was sad to see his potential wasted but he still carved out a nice 12 year career just doing what was asked of him.
  3. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    Oh and I guess they signed a kicker and long snapper? Hopefully the kicker can push McManus out, post June 1 cut saves us 2.25 million.
  4. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    Having said that, the implications of this are scary, whether it's Wolfe's health, Gotsis' legal issues or a lack of faith in Walker's second year development. On paper, the defensive line was already deep, so one or more of the three things I outlined gave the front office pause which is concerning.
  5. Lions sign Sylvester Williams

    As a warm body getting 20 or so snaps a game he shouldn't be too much of a liability. He was horrendous for Denver in 2016 and the number one reason our run defense was so terrible. Actually has more upside as a pass rusher than the typical 3-4 NT, nothing special there, but it's actually a stronger area of his game than defending the run. Got a pretty fluid spin move for a man his size, can surprise with that one sometimes.
  6. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    Good signing. Between Harris, Walker (hopefully) and McDonald there's a pretty solid stable of interior rushers.
  7. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    Will Parks is JAG. good depth but a weak link on a good defense when starting. Su'a is a much better player.
  8. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I just wouldn’t give up any Day 2 picks but I have confidence he’s going to be an awesome player so any Day 3 pick I’d be willing to part with. If I’m not mistaken, missing 2017 means we could hold onto him for cheap for three years with a 2nd round RFA tender in 2020. He’d be such a weapon for the defense. Yes please.
  9. And beyond Saquon as a nightmare matchup in the passing game, it’s the perfect time to get back to a power run game as an offensive focal point featuring a workhorse. The defenses are so fast and there are so many talented defensive backs and pass rushers, the spread advantage for offenses just isn’t what it was a decade ago. I’d love to see an interior of Leary, Paradis and Hernandez beat up on smaller, quicker fronts in the run game while Barkley comes downhill repeatedly.
  10. I’m not sure those guys, or any of the other RBs, can dictate what a defense does the way Barkley can. I see a lot of good, productive starters but we had that with CJ. If there are any who can immediately become a centerpiece for our offense, someone a defense has to zero in on all the time, available past the first round, I’m all for it.
  11. He has the profile to be a powerful runner with his frame. I just think he often played to the level of competition and tried to make a big play on every run. He will have to adapt that style to the 3-4 yard realities of the NFL but I don't see why he can't.
  12. I think there are a lot of good running backs in this draft who could adequately replace CJ. I'm not convinced there are any special ones outside of Barkley though.
  13. I love Penny but he definitely enjoyed a better situation as a pure runner than Barkley. Penny is the best SDSU back to come out in a long time, but the Aztecs churn out a dominant running game every year. They are a lot like Stanford. Penn State's line is pretty bad, plus they run out of shotgun all the time and 4-5 guys are zeroing in on Barkley before every snap.
  14. Also, I am making the case for Barkley but could just as easily for both Nelson and Chubb. To me all three will be future studs and all would greatly improve one of the weakest areas on the team. Trading up for Rosen or Donald is the most tempting option, but it may not be worth it to give up the haul of draft picks considering we have a pool of young talent as shallow as any team in the league. We are not in position to help franchise QBs succeed, and tbh as a fan I am pretty invested in Rosen’s success and wouldn’t want that for him.
  15. Post Keenum Reality - IMO / Round 1 Propects

    The First Take-ization of sports talk dictates that Monday headlines after games like that are “What’s wrong with the QB?” and not “What a great defense” anyway. The discussion post-epic Cowboys blowout last year focused on what was wrong with Dak and Dez.