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  1. Mini-Camp Notes

    I bet they've been trying to trade Ron but haven't found takers. Leary may not seem like a natural scheme fit but most of the stuff they ran in Dallas was zone-based. He also seems to prefer RG and played well for us in that spot.
  2. Broncos nearing deal w/ CB Chris Harris Jr. (One-year deal)

    It's possible that Amos is a better player, though Jackson easily had the better season last year. What can't be argued is you can do more to confuse offenses with Kareem because he can play anywhere in the secondary. Splitting hairs between two good football players there.
  3. Broncos nearing deal w/ CB Chris Harris Jr. (One-year deal)

    If I had to guess I think he will play well the next few years too. He's such a savvy, smart player who's never been reliant on long speed. I even think a zone scheme would help extend his prime so he could make a late Hall of Fame push (as unlikely as that is). But I wouldn't blame Denver for not being willing to make that bet, though it sucks because he's really been the perfect Bronco.
  4. Broncos nearing deal w/ CB Chris Harris Jr. (One-year deal)

    It gets worse when you start to see your heroes mentally and physically deteriorating as they get older. I think that's made it harder to stick around than anything for me but I just love the sport and team too much. It's such a year-round thing it's hard to get off the train if I even wanted to.
  5. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    Everything's lining up for Justin Simmons to have a big year in Fangio's defense.
  6. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    Bill's puppeteer.
  7. Day Three Picks Or UDFAs Who Will Play in 2019

    Justin Hollins' development will be interesting, he definitely has the upside to see a lot of playing time if he picks up the defense quickly. Right now, they are working him as an edge rusher in base, but as an off ball LB in nickel. They think he could potentially be a solution for covering tight ends.
  8. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    I don't really think winning and losing is as black-and-white a thing for players as it is for fans, coaches and front offices. It is their job, winning is great but they also want to have fun and enjoy their work environment. Not dogging NE, but it's a culture of 100% negative reinforcement and that's not for everyone.
  9. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    I'm not in the business of saying who deserves to play or not, but Gordon is not just a pothead. He is a drug addict with severe mental health issues. Obviously failing a test for weed is something legitimate for teams to worry about, but more worrisome is whether he's going to show up to work on any given day, and if not, where he ends up.
  10. Ravens to sign LB Shane Ray (One-year deal)

    Even in his second season, it was a lot of clean up sacks where he benefitted from peak Von. Most of his clean wins as a pass rusher came lining up inside in our NASCAR package. Liability against the run and really just an effort rusher. There were some vague reports that they didn't really like him as a locker room presence either, though I wonder how much of that was just frustration with injuries and knowing he wouldn't be re-signed.
  11. Mini-Camp Notes

    It kinda sounds like they're looking for the first opportunity to bail on Leary's guaranteed money and dump him for a late round pick. Sam Jones/Elijah Wilkinson battle for the RG spot I'm guessing. Good player but just can't stay healthy.
  12. Let the Offseason Begin

    Anthony Davis hasn't played in 5 years. Give me Ryan Schraeder, great scheme fit who worked with Scangarello.
  13. They were just picking his brain for a couple days.
  14. Linebacker Derrick Johnson signs one-day contract to retire a Chief

    One of the best college football players I've ever seen.
  15. 3.71 Dreā€™Mont Jones DL Ohio State

    I think the Walker pick was the worst because he was 100% projection. Even worse, projection as just a role player. That's fine in the 5th round.