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  1. Yes, but that Broncos team was terrible. This Broncos team looked like a playoff contender through 4 weeks. Playing an 0-5 team. At home in primetime. Coming off a bye.
  2. The 2010 team was the worst Broncos team I've ever seen. This is much worse.
  3. Vacationing in Prague but stayed up for a 2:30 AM kickoff to watch a comfortable win. This stands out as the worst performance from this team I can remember considering the opponent, situation etc.
  4. Interesting tidbit from PFF: Ron Leary is the only guard in the league with more than 40 pass blocking snaps to not allow a single pressure. Remember that was the question many had about him playing between Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick, he was a known commodity in the run game. His matchups with Snacks Harrison this week will be fun. Elway continues to add the right pieces at the right time year after year. Gave us defensive playmakers in Talib and Ware few years ago, now giving us sorely needed toughness in the trenches in Peko and Leary.
  5. 23-10 Broncos. Nothing special, just cruise and take care of business before a huge three game road trip.
  6. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    They match up well against our passing offense with their edge rushers and corners. But they cannot stop the run. Just run the ball and get turnovers and Denver should cruise to a two-score win.
  7. I'm excited to see how much Shelby Harris' growth and Ray's return can narrow those gaps though. Von is getting worn down by chips and doubles and playing 85% of the snaps, Barrett is getting worn down from having to play 90% of the snaps coming off no offseason. Hopefully Ray has improved vs. the run so they can really cut into Barrett's snaps.
  8. No question those three were significantly better. Ultimately, I think only Ware and Jackson's losses really affect us going forward because we just don't expose Davis to coverage as often as we did Trevathan. And Davis has done a great job playing the run, although a lot of that is just scheme. But that's fine, if it works it works.
  9. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    I'm pretty confident run D will hold up. It isn't just that Peko and Gotsis are a dramatic upgrade from Sly and Crick (and Barrett an upgrade from Ray too; keep Barrett in the starting lineup going forward), it's also how aggressively the LBs are playing the run. The front 7 is filling every gap and leaving nowhere for running backs to go, plus we have the speed to kill anything that bounces outside. You CAN scheme a run game away, the problem is 31 other teams aren't close to having the necessary personnel to do that and not get killed in the passing game. Makes last year all the more frustrating. Again, Sly and Crick were terrible, but the coaches really did nothing all year to help them. And this secondary was just as potent.
  10. The 2015 defense definitely had slightly more talent. The biggest difference for me is the offensive line. Paradis showed flashes and improved week to week in 2015 then but now he's a proven stud. Vasquez at that point was a physical shell of himself, Leary is a big upgrade there. And we just didn't have a physical talent like Bolles at OT. It's close, but I think great coaching/game management, leadership, and an all-time pass rush is the difference. The talent on this team has a higher ceiling though. A lot more youth.
  11. Random Thoughts

    I get you but my point still applies. Without helmets, you would get a significant reduction in those incidental collisions too. Helmets aren't protective resources, they're WMDs. Part of this is physical, most of it psychological.
  12. Random Thoughts

    Helmets make the game more dangerous. Rugby is infinitely safer without pads or helmets in part because they aren't actually protective, they're just additional weapons at players' disposal. Guys are less apt to fly into contact head first without the feeling of invincibiliy that comes with helmets and pads.
  13. KC is in their own tier right now IMO. That team is good at everything. Stars in almost every position group. GREAT coaching staff and huge home field advantage.
  14. Who's the strongest power RB of all time?

    That Pats blowout was as stunned as I've been watching a regular season game. Man Hillis was fun. And it never happens if Hillis doesn't try to bang Josh McDaniels' wife in Denver. Legend.