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  1. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    And Mike would have blown that pick on a defensive player who'd be out of the league in 2004. It all worked out!
  2. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    Kiss the rings.
  3. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    I've always thought taking away cap space would be a more effective punishment than draft picks, especially for a perpetually great team. Belichick will run circles around the league and get 25 picks anyway. Harder to get around having less cap to work with.
  4. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    The "everyone does it" stuff going back more than a decade is great. So the Patriots are just the most incompetent team as far as keeping all of this stuff quiet and everyone else is great at it? Or is this part of the "everyone vs. the Patriots" narrative where only they get snitched on because everyone else is jealous? Either way Pats fans, why go through the back-and-forths with everyone every time? Just embrace your inner villains. It's better and easier that way. I personally don't care about this stuff that much, more power to you for what you can get away with.
  5. 2020 College Prospects

    I like Cushenberry (what a name) from LSU a lot. On the Draft Network simulator, I always end up picking him with our early 3rd.
  6. 2020 College Prospects

    Don't know if I agree with the premise there. Some first round DL taken outside the top 10 from 2011-2016: Sheldon Rankins, Kenny Clark, Aaron Donald (obviously should have gone higher), Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei, Dontari Poe, Fletcher Cox, Michael Brockers, JJ Watt, Muhammad Wilkerson, Cameron Heyward Actually, the hit rate on iDL outside the top 10 is pretty high relative to most other positions in the back 2/3 of the first round. We didn't help that hit rate by picking Sly Williams.
  7. 2020 College Prospects

    Trey Adams is a total red flag guy for me. Wouldn't touch him until the 5th or later, and really just rather avoid the player altogether.
  8. 2020 College Prospects

    Add DL to that mid-R1 cluster. Even after Brown undoubtedly goes top 10, you have Javon Kinlaw and Marvin Wilson who I really like. Another thing to keep in mind: there's so little depth at DL in this draft. You can find WRs, CBs and OL on Day 2. Should be plenty. You're probably reaching for a DL if you can pick one in that range.
  9. 2020 College Prospects

    Duvernay is super intriguing. Big-framed slot guy with elite speed. That's not a skillset you often see.
  10. 2020 College Prospects

    My thing with Viska is there are so many awesome WR talents in this draft, why be the team to take a shot on the one who is constantly injured? Let someone else take that risk, we need to keep hitting on our top 50 picks.
  11. When should Drew Lock start games this year?

    It's interesting because "kicking the can" on veteran contracts has always been viewed as irresponsible management. But with cap rollover + year-to-year inflation you actually save more and more money the further down the road you kick it. I have a feeling Joe will be designated a June 1 cut. They make it so easy for teams to responsibly manage the cap now, it's kind of embarrassing when teams can't.
  12. When should Drew Lock start games this year?

    Dead money would only matter if it cost more to cut him than keep him. Denver saves 10 million by cutting Flacco.
  13. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    I don’t get why Pats fans don’t just lean into being the villains instead of playing the victim all the time. It’s neither fun for you guys nor endearing to anyone else. You’re the wrestling heels. You distract the refs and pull out the steel chairs. That’s a lot more fun.
  14. Random Thoughts

    Going back to college, Jackson had an incredible ability to avoid contact and finish plays on his feet. Just hard to get a clean shot on the guy. And yeah, Watson scares me. He takes no precautions when he scrambles and takes some brutal hits. That end zone dive TD against us was such a stupid play in the context of that blowout.
  15. Didn't know where else to ask, but is Jameis far-sighted? Somehow never sees the underneath coverage. Looks like a drunk guy stumbling out of a bar when things get crowded around him. The squinting. I dunno...