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  1. When VJ gets fired

    Firing VJ mid-season would be more about throwing a bone to a fanbase that is sick of everything. We've reached the transition from anger to apathy now. A lot of no-shows for the Rams game, really tough look for one of the better home field advantages in the league.
  2. Looking Ahead - Keep/Cut

    Really feel for Ron. He was a difference maker early last year, and then they decided they didn't need to commit to the run game (familiar?) and it's been a series of injuries since. Not sure he plays again. It feels like we've taken one step forward and two steps back in building an offensive line. We hope Bolles continues to improve but the mistakes are excruciating. We're right back to needing an RT again next year. We're counting on McGovern to emerge as a stud and he's mostly played well although that Jets game was eye opening. Really nothing at the other guard spot with Garcia a free agent (finally) and Leary done. Man, they really need to re-sign Paradis. This team needs SOMETHING dependable along the offensive line going forward.
  3. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    I've been in "please lose" mood since after the KC game, and I stopped feeling guilty about it in the second half last week. This season is just a waste of time.
  4. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    I mean the run game is the easy part to plan for against McVay, they were mostly just completely outmanned up front. This was actually a good showing for Vance as a defensive guy in my mind. Shouldn't give pause to any long term thinking, but I was impressed just as I was with Woods against KC.
  5. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Kubiak, who left coaching for health reasons, does not need to become a bad team's babysitter for 9 games. I don't know why people keep bringing this up.
  6. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Williams in the 1st with one of the leftover stud DLs in early Round 2 would be awesome.
  7. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Granted the QB sucks but 3 points at home against a struggling defense is horrible. I want a young, forward-thinking offensive mind as our next head coach. This offense looks prehistoric at times.
  8. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Time for some mock offseasons. I'll start working on one soon.
  9. When VJ gets fired

    Really don't care who takes over, it will be someone who isn't here next year.
  10. 2019 draft/QB position league wide

    I personally have no concerns about the offenses these guys come from anymore and believe NFL teams are feeling the same way. It won't be long before football at all levels looks roughly the same. I never thought I'd see Mike Leach's imprint on the NFL but it's there and it's probably only going to be more present going forward. The cerebral traits still shine through. With Mayfield, the accuracy, ball placement and overall feel for the game were apparent. With Lynch, the lack of accuracy and touch was always apparent. All of these guys are going to be productive with how much space there is to take advantage of on college fields, but it's not like there's no way to see NFL qualities. I think the next coach needs to be a forward-thinking offensive mind to pair with a young QB. The QBs who have been paired with those kinds of coaches recently have developed well.
  11. Random Thoughts

    If there were two serious QB prospects, that would put Denver in good position. Just not sure beyond Herbert who I really like. Curious to see more of Haskins and Lock.
  12. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Man. That's a tough one. So many of the wins were too frustrating to really enjoy. That Cowboys game is the only unforgettable one for me. Regardless of context, it's always nice to kick the crap out of that team.
  13. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    11 more games is too much
  14. I totally get it. Both of our teams were able to convince themselves they could win now, and it just didn't work out. The Barkley/Darnold thing with you guys is kind of the same deal as the Chubb/Rosen thing with the Broncos and those decisions are going to be evaluated for the next decade. Good luck in the upcoming tank-off, nobody needs a young QB like our teams.
  15. Easy to forget that component amidst the wave of crying from pundits about how "disrespectful" it was to bench a terrible player.