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  1. Broncos QB Battle

    Paxton completed 15 passes for 81 yards in the preseason. For a QB whose aggressive downfield nature was supposed to help him in this competition relative to the conservative Siemian, this stat made the decision pretty easy.
  2. 53 Man Roster Projection

    Too bad about that, would've liked to see Barbre win it this week and get a full week of first team reps next to Paradis. He looked really good against the 49ers. VJ also confirmed only 2 QBs will be carried on the 53 man roster, LT competition officially over, and Jamaal Charles will play "a lot" against Green Bay.
  3. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    You were savaged for continuing to bounce all over the spectrum with Bolles. "This is what happens when you reach for need for a meat head with 1 year of D1 experience. " Next week if he plays a clean game we'll have to put him in Canton.
  4. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    The Broncos played primarily a matchup zone scheme against the Patriots in the 2015 AFC title game. It isn't about the scheme, it's the talent. I'll trade more easy completions for more turnovers without a doubt. Talib and Harris' greatest strength is their intelligence, allowing them to follow the QB more often actually caters to that.
  5. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    I don't think it's deferring from strengths to add some zone looks to the defense. All man coverage is nice but you'll never produce enough turnovers and you can design plenty of plays to beat it without testing Talib or Harris. Now they will be reading the QB and jumping routes. Trust in talent.
  6. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    Chris Harris said last week it is more of a zone-man mix scheme than it was under Phillips FWIW.
  7. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    Not a single person here thinks Bolles played well though?
  8. John Elway's Approach to Protests

    I was pleasantly surprised by the nuance and understanding in Elway's approach and even moreso his acknowledgment of the motivations behind the protest, which people everywhere seem content to ignore or misrepresent. Was a great message that covered all the bases, John definitely got this one right.
  9. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    Lorenzo Doss has really struggled in both preseason games. That has been a big surprise for me.
  10. Broncos QB Battle

    I feel like Lynch's trade value drops a round every time evaluators see him play. He looks terrible and everyone around the league knows he looks terrible. My eyes lit up a couple times seeing him get a clean pocket off a PA and then almost every time he'd inevitably scramble. I actually see quite a bit of Tebow in him, with significantly more arm talent obviously.
  11. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    Some notes from memory: -Siemian is just so much more comfortable than Lynch at this point. I hope he's named the starter Monday. -Henderson has flashed about 7 or 8 times now. Charles seems like a pointless luxury. -The offense will be hamstrung until Bolles proves he can play on an island because right now both he and Watson need help and that means less routes for our RBs and TEs. -McGovern had a rough game at center, Earl Mitchell dominated that matchup. -Down to Peko, Gotsis, Kerr and Shelby Harris, the first team run defense was again solid. If it can just meet our 2015 and 2016 run defenses in the middle in both YPC and YPG, that would be a big win. -Special teams coverage has been abysmal. There's a wild card factor for crushing our season with everything else we're worried about.
  12. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    No. Did I ever imply the situations were, or even had to be, directly equivalent for my case to stand?
  13. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    You're sincerely welcome.
  14. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    Nothing even close? Mario Williams and DeMarcus Ware absolutely took him to school. That did happen.
  15. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    Bolles is a rookie. Pretty clear he's going to have his inconsistencies, I think almost all of us were prepared for that. He's an incredible athlete, the caliber of athlete that succeeds at an incredibly high rate, that's not going away. Overreacting on a per game basis for a rookie lineman is insane. Clady got lit up in his first preseason.