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  1. Thankfully, Fangio and our entire staff are vaccinated. The expectations have been understood for months now. Rick Dennison has other priorities, that’s fine as well.
  2. The torn labrum he suffered in 2015 and played through is as responsible for the declining production as the bad QBs. It’s a testament to how much his route running improved (as well as an understanding of how to use his size to box out defenders) that he was still able to be a productive receiver at that point even with a lot of the athleticism stripped away.
  3. Amazing player to watch. And so under-appreciated by this fanbase.
  4. Unless they think the value depreciates a ton if they wait until next offseason, I'm not sure I'd be in a rush to move him. Will get a better 2022 pick if they move him in the offseason, so the team they trade him to is more likely to pick in the teens than high 20s.
  5. I’m talking about what we should probably refer to as the Holmgren tree rather than the Shanahan tree. It would not be a problem for Rodgers at all. All the concepts and terminology will be familiar to him. Yes, every coach will run things a little differently, emphasize certain concepts and add some wrinkles but Rodgers will know all of it. This is a pretty silly thing to worry about. He’d be ahead of Lock and Bridgewater in understanding the offense within two weeks
  6. It's all classic WCO. He knows more about that offense than any other QB in the league, and there isn't anyone close. 11 years as a starter, 14 years total. It would be a really easy adjustment. Of all the reasons to not want Rodgers, this one is probably the silliest.
  7. Rodgers played in this system for more than a decade. It wouldn’t be a problem.
  8. "Nothing matters unless you have a QB" and "these meaningless games in a lost season matter" are absolutely incongruent ideas. Either live with the swing of every result or zero in on the big picture. It doesn't make sense to do both. I think Fields is going to be great, but the OTA progress report is probably not worth much.
  9. Porter + Murray would be the starting point IMO. And I'm still not sure there would be any point for Portland unless he wants to force his way out. They may not have a chance to win anything with Dame but at least they're relevant every year. and have a star to market around.
  10. I know it doesn't apply in this case because he was available with our pick, but if your stance is "nothing matters until we get a QB", why were you also adamantly against tanking in the past? If it's true that nothing matters without a QB, why did you care about losing regular season games in lost seasons? Or did you change your stance on that.
  11. Doesn’t sound like Lock is progressing as hoped. I think he’s his own head as far as dialing back the aggression goes.
  12. This could be an interesting exercise to get this thread back on track: On a scale ranging from great (5), good (4), average (3), below average (2), glaring hole (1) and unknown (?), where would you rank the Broncos in the following categories relative to the rest of the league: QB play Skill position talent Pass protection Run blocking Run defense Pass rush Pass coverage Special teams Coaching
  13. I agree with many of the sentiments about the QB situation and the cap it could put on a potentially great team, that said I also agree with AKRNA that not every thread needs to be centered around complaining about what we don't have or the moves we didn't make.
  14. I've worked with a lot of people with a lot of personality types in my life and I've really come to appreciate guys like Paton and think people with his traits tend to do very well in positions in leadership. Quiet, focused and consistent. Empowers others to make their voices heard, doesn't need to be at the center of things all the time. Makes the people around him feel valued. Is so diligent in his approach, you never question the process even if you don't always agree with the answers. Elway casts such a large shadow over everything around him. I think people in the organization are j
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