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  1. I couldn’t believe his vertical speed on that play. Looked more like Martavis Bryant than a former TE.
  2. Well, hopefully the next time this happens he’ll live up to that and finish the play like he is supposed to. The refs are going to make calls and miss calls. You can’t stop doing your job.
  3. What I expect OJ to do is to not worry about selling the push, that extra bit of separation could have been the difference between making the tackle and giving up the touchdown. The play wasn’t over.
  4. Those are definitely not called 95% of the time. Not even close. You shouldn’t even expect to see it called half the time. Regardless, play football. Don’t quit on a play when you get got.
  5. You’re not going to get that call consistently. Need to fight through it, stay balanced and finish the play. He tried to sell it and had no chance to prevent the TD from there.
  6. Ben really went after him. Started out great with a perfect click-and-close to stop a 3rd down, then has an INT go through his hands in the end zone later in the quarter (drive ended on a TD). After that it was pretty ugly. 6-10, 148 yards and 2 TDs.
  7. It will be interesting to see which rookie CB stays in the lineup when Bouye comes back. I don’t think I heard Essang Bassey’s name called one time and he played nickel all game. Thought Callahan had a terrific game too.
  8. So a realistic best case scenario is probably Week 6 at home vs. Miami. I’m fine with that. At some point this injury bug has to slow down. No matter what your two best players are done but we have so many 2-6 week injuries right now it’s insane.
  9. I think I started this thread after Week 3 last year, so we beat that record! Until we find out the extent of the latest injuries, hard to know whether QB is something they need to think about. I prefer to live in a world where this team is staying the course through next year. Clearly we need at least one tackle. All we know about next year is that the perpetually absent Ja’Wuan James will be on the team. Even if you re-sign Bolles or sign Villanueva, this is probably still the biggest need on the roster. Penei Sewell is the dream but is this team top 5 bad to give them a realistic shot?I still see them closer to 10. If you’re closer to 10, you might be in range for Fangio to finally get his LB, whether it’s Parsons or Moses. Really you should have great options picking any defensive BPA if you aren’t forced to go tackle in this range.
  10. I’m interested in seeing all three rookie WRs on the field. At this point Hamilton and Patrick are just in the way in my opinion. They’ve had plenty of opportunities in these first two games and they look like the same very limited players with specific traits. Hamler looked pretty damn good and surprisingly polished as a WR yesterday. A guy with that size who’s also so young it’s hard not to worry about having an Isaiah McKenzie situation but I saw a legit WR who can create separation from DBs yesterday, not just a gadget guy. The amount of cushion teams will have to give him should make everything underneath easy with Hamler and we haven’t seen him really open up in space yet. That was the most exciting thing to come out of yesterday.
  11. This is just incredible. It feels like we’re now in Year 3 of “just focus on the development of young players”, and now the young players are drooping like flies! And jeez what awful timing for Sutton. He had improved so much in such a short time and now his trajectory, like Chubb’s, has been altered in a way that could affect his next deal. We have had a lot of “sad loser” stuff happen to us in the past 5 years that this franchise has mostly avoided for four decades. Injuries (and one opt-out) killed this team and your best hope at this point is to play great football in December when you’re more than likely already eliminated. We’re still going to have a lot unanswered going into next year. Terrible few weeks to be a fan of this team.
  12. Are we just hoping for 1-3 with Lock back in Week 5? Man what a depressing way to start a season. Driskel showed something today but it’s going to be much harder when Bowles has a week to prep for him. Even the Jets game will be tough. I’ll try to focus on a couple positive things. -Callahan and the safeties are very good players and it’s been a tough matchup for the secondary without consistent pressure. In general this defense is a pretty good unit that is well-coached and smart but unfortunately unable to cope with the losses of Von and Bouye. -Another rookie shining with an opportunity. KJ looked like he can be a player. Patrick and Hamilton just don’t give this offense enough so I hope it’s mostly the rookies with Sutton going forward. There’s reason to be optimistic that this passing game has four matchup problems for defenses to try to cover, which is a testament to great drafting.
  13. Hasn’t been a worse start to a season since 1999.
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