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  1. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Devontae Jackson is the least athletic small back I think I've ever seen.
  2. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Yeah, he's been a big disappointment. Schlottman looks like he's recently made a move to jump the rest of the slop we have at OG/C. I think it's Wilkinson, Barclay, Schlottman and a tackle who may or may not be on the roster yet. Hopefully not Chaz Green.
  3. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Hope Denver is keeping an eye on Richie James, who may be a bubble guy for SF.
  4. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    I can see us occasionally getting gashed in the run game, but making the stops when we need to. This defense is one you have to beat by slowly picking it apart. They won't let you beat them over the top and they tend to be stout up front.
  5. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Really too bad Joseph Jones is going to be out for so long because after AJ Johnson, none of the backup LBs on this team can play. Want to see more of Carter just because he's new. Not unexpected but too bad they haven't found anybody. Not including Hollins, who has impressed me in his nickel role.
  6. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Keishawn Bierria was a puzzling draft pick and he's clearly not an NFL player.
  7. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    On a play that shouldn't have existed. Bolles is going to drive Mike Munchak ape****.
  8. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Bolles still a mess of a player in his third year at 27.
  9. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    How absolutely insane is it that Emmanuel Sanders is about to play tonight? I've tried to be cautiously optimistic but never counted on him making an impact this year. What a comeback. Looking forward to seeing Drew, the O-line, LBs and special teams tonight. Need improvement from all of them.
  10. A few thoughts. -Drew is a talented thrower in over his head right now, and nothing should be expected of him until this time next year. Good for his confidence to get that first TD drive and get a lot of reps, but still leaves you a little nervous. -I think this team will be able to run the ball at a high level. Should be the strength of the offense. -I like the way Yiadom competes with better athletes, if he can consistently play the ball he will be a solid player. -Gotsis might quietly be our best DL. Looks like a more explosive Wolfe and has gotten better and better every year. -Justin Simmons still looking like a small corner when he has to make a tackle in space. Those are the tackles he needs to make every time. I hope Vic can turn him into the playmaker his athleticism suggests he can be, but he continues to frustrate. -A.J. did take a big step back, he is still the best healthy LB right now and a near 53 lock but the screen play was a really bad rep. I think it's time to give Dineen serious reps behind Jewell, Bierria is adding nothing. Joe has at least flashed once or twice in each game. There isn't much to feel good about in this group, time to mix it up. -Justin Hollins is a ridiculous athlete. No idea what to expect but you can see why coaches would want to take a chance on developing him. -Big step back for the entire 2nd unit on defense. Depth is a concern on the entire team at most positions. -Special teams and 2nd unit OL performances were both solid F's. Glad we avoided a muffed punt, I guess. There were problems on nearly every special teams rep. As far as the OL goes, not convinced there is a single OL off the bench this team can trust. Not sure we can trust Bolles to follow his coaching, not sure we can trust McGovern to make clean snaps, not sure we can trust Leary to stay healthy. There's potential with this unit, but there's also potential to completely bottom out. -Malik Reed is going to earn a roster spot, and may earn playing time at some point. Broncos just keep finding good edge rushers (Ray aside). -If this is all DeMarcus Walker ever is, that's a decent rotational DL for a couple more years. Maybe he'll have more to offer as a nickel DT this season, but he's a lot more stout and well-rounded, has taken advantage of a fresh start and earned another chance.
  11. So, it was great to see Lock get so many opportunities, make a few decent throws and get his first TD drive. But it's a mess right now. He's at a stage where any NFL blitz will ruin a play. That tells me adjusting to the game speed will be a long process, if it ever happens. He doesn't feel the rush and takes a long time to get through his reads. This is going to be a serious project, closer to Paxton than we'd hoped.
  12. Couple nice throws aside, another pretty brutal "deer in headlights" night for Lock (with a drive or two to go). He should be playing better against third stringers.
  13. Hall of Fame Game and other Preseason Matchups

    2015 has to exist in its own bubble. It's not just the talent and coaching, it's having the right combo of talent at the right time, the perfect chemistry. Everyone but Ware was in their prime and his playoff run was as good as he ever was. What still amazes me about that defense was how it was always on them to make the big play late in the game. However great they played, they would inevitably need to make one more play to seal the win and they almost always did it. Just an unbelievable run.
  14. Hall of Fame Game and other Preseason Matchups

    I'm betting Vic will figure it out with Su'a as long as he sticks with the team. It's the biggest mismatch teams will exploit, they will need a plus-athlete in the middle of the field.
  15. Hall of Fame Game and other Preseason Matchups

    Their bottom 30-35 guys (3rd-4th string) never played against our starters, and the first quarter offense would have been able to move the ball efficiently if not for the drops. Risner looked good. They ran the ball well. Massive overreaction.