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  1. This is a good example of some fans being too entrenched in their positions to look at something with nuance and objectivity. The throw was bad. Overall he played a very good game, it’s fine. He’ll hopefully put it in a better spot next time.
  2. Yes, really. It was absolutely terrible ball placement. That’s a pitch-and-catch touchdown that became a difficult play. I don’t care what our past QBs would have done, the throw in question was a bad one. It’s weird that something so obvious even has to be acknowledged. Bad throw, bad drop.
  3. Both things are true. It was a terrible throw and KJ still needs to catch it.
  4. KJ should be able to bring a lot more to the table than just a vertical threat. He’s a really solid route runner with great quickness in and out of breaks, so he can replicate some of what Jeudy does.
  5. I don’t think any of our recent teams, even the VJ teams, would lose this game tbh. It would be one of the most embarrassing losses ever.
  6. The Jags are a dumpster fire. Unlike the Giants game where I just wanted a win by any means, I’d be disappointed if we don’t win with some style points here.
  7. Too bad, he was great on Sunday. Injuries have been the problem for him.
  8. That’s scary. But it will be a good opportunity to see Muti this week and pop some runs behind him. It’s noticeable that we now have several spots where a starter going down just puts another good player on the field. They’ve had a solid run of drafts and coaching continuity is probably helping player development. That 2020 draft looks like it’s going to produce somewhere between 4-6 hits so shout out to Elway for going out strong.
  9. They’ve got tough decisions to make with the edge rushers. What is the ceiling for your offer to Bradley Chubb, a very good and Pro Bowl caliber but not elite edge defender? And Von to me looks like he could play at a high level into his mid 30s like a lot of elite HOF pass rushers have in the past. I actually have more faith in Von to produce and stay healthy over the next couple years than Chubb. He’s one of the greatest ever.
  10. The negativity after a dominant win really sucks tbh. It’s okay to enjoy a win even if you predicted a loss. The Broncos winning is more important than being right.
  11. The Giants are really stout up front, there will be a lot of easier matchups for our interior OL. And even when it was still just 2-3 yard runs the PA was very effective. This upcoming game is one where the offense should be able to do virtually whatever it wants. It should be 30+ points with more big plays and a better ground attack.
  12. Good game! Hope you can at least help ruin the Cowboys/Washington seasons, two loathsome franchises.
  13. Ronald Darby is a steal if he can continue to play at this level and stay healthy.
  14. If you’re negative today, what’s wrong with you? This could be 34-7.
  15. We have ourselves a pretty competent team. This game was at best a coin flip the last few years. They’ve played a really good game of football.
  16. You know you don’t have to care about this stuff, right? It’s not like you’re on the team being personally disrespected. People don’t believe in the Giants because your OL sucks, your QB sucks and the franchise hasn’t been relevant since the Obama administration (just like us). It’s what it is.
  17. This can be an ugly win, it just needs to be a win. Hopefully we avoid issues with that stadium’s god awful turf. 23-17 Broncos
  18. Yup, things have turned around quickly. Apparel deal with Nike has helped but we have two serious program builder head coaches now. UCLA is getting the 5 stars in basketball now, and they’ll start getting the 4 stars more consistently in football going forward. I’m all in on Chip and Mick.
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