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  1. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    I wasn't actually as suprised by Langford. He's been out for a while, they probably want to get him in game shape. Kyle Fuller and Dorian Johnson were the one's that bother me. As terrible as Su'a-Filo has been, I would think that either one of them SHOULD be able to beat him for one of the guard spots. I'm seriously starting to think that Smith and O'Brien are trying to avoid the conversations about him being a bust by continuing to trot him out there. Egos not wanting to take the hit.
  2. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    I'm cautiously optimistic here. At first glance, you automatically think that Houston will win easily. The Browns look terrible on paper. That said, this is the type of game that catches you by surprise and make the fan base call for everyone's head. Cleveland is better in the trenches than people give them credit for, and that can spell trouble. Give MOST QBs lots of time, and they'll find the open receiver. Against this secondary, as Apollo says, Kareem Jackson will make sure someone goes off that shouldn't. My money's on Kenny Britt, because, well why not? On the other side, they can create some pressure. To now, Watson has handled it superbly, but you can't expect him to be Superman EVERY week. That said, my cautious optimism comes from the work that ol' Ricky has been putting in. Lamarr Houston and Langford aren't splash signings, but I think they can make the front 7 better than before through depth. Without Merc and Watt staying on the field for most plays, there can be a better rotation, keeping players fresher, longer. Fresh players in the front 7 makes for better pressure later in the game. Assuming that he plays and isn't awful, Dorian Johnson could make Sua-Filo a bad memory sooner than later, at least that's what I'm telling myself. I'm still saying that Houston wins pretty convincingly, with Lamar Miller over 100 with a TD, Foreman with 60 and a TD, Watson throws for 2 and Fairbarin adds 2 FGs. 34-9 Texans.
  3. 53 Man Roster plus more (Updated 10/7)

    I saw a report that the Texans were trying to get Jimmy Graham as part of a Duane Brown trade. He's been ineffective in Seattle, but the possibilities, especially in the red zone of Hopkins, Graham, Giffen, Fido (when back) and Anderson would be insane. Fades and jump balls for days.
  4. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread

    Yeah, I have Vue also and I'm pretty happy. I tried Sling... hated it. I haven't tried Hulu's live tv service or DirecTv Now yet, but they have 7 day trials, so at some point I'll probably try them out. AT&T and DirecTVNow are seriously missing the boat by not offering Sunday ticket as an upgrade, because I'd probably use that during the season and PSV the rest of the year. Or even better, just sell it to anyone that wants it, they'd make so much more than being bullheaded about it because they'd rather you be a full customer.
  5. Week 2 Houston @ Cincinnati GTD

    Surely Ricky doesn't survive another fired coaching staff? I know he's a made man and all to the McNair's, but they'd HAVE to move him out of the GM slot after he failed again...right?
  6. Fido on the IR

    The "lucky" thing about these injuries, changing over to Deshaun and all of the issues with the line/WR/TE depth is that there's a mini bye after this game and even with all the problems this is a game they can win. It's possible to come out of this at 1-1, get Duane Brown and some of the injured player back and have 10 days to get find some way to fix the huge holes that we all saw and Rick Smith ignored. This is a very fixable situation and they could actually come out the other side of this in a pretty good position if they play it right.
  7. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread

    I'm going to the Baylor at Duke game this weekend. Nothing personal, but I hope your bad luck streak skips Thursday and then extends to Saturday. Go Blue Devils!
  8. Week 1 Jacksonville @ Houston GDT

    2nd half thoughts. * Putting Watson in gave a spark. It was an immediate shift in how they moved and it showed in the blocking for Miller on the 1st play of the half. * On his first drive, he hit a couple of passes and then they called a read option. At first, the defense ignored him, and played the handoff, but as soon as he started moving like he kept it, the entire front 7 paused. That's what he brings right there. Yes, he was saved by a couple of flags and the INT was a terrible read, but he's still a rookie. Savage was making the same mistakes and is a 4 year pro. The rest of Watson's drives were a mixture of good and bad. He had several nice throws and scrambles, the fumble where it was kicked out of his hand was kind of fluky, but ultimately, you have to protect the ball. * The run D didn't get any better. Fournette and Ivory did what they wanted on pretty much all day. The pass rush didn't get to Bortles, but it got better as the day went on, creating pressure several times that disrupted the play. Dylan Cole has a chance to develop into a really good player for the Texans, and Zach Cunningham looked better than he did in preseason and reduces any worry about Cushing missing time. * Getting Jalen Strong back will help, and being able to use Tyler Ervin in the slot does too, but the team needs to sign some WR depth NOW. * The O line repeatedly killed the second to last drive with hold after hold. This thing could have been 26-14 with an onside kick possibility, rather than Watson trying to press the issue with a bad throw on 2nd and goal from the 20. That doesn't take any of the fault off of Watson for the INT, but if the line hadn't put them in that position, he wouldn't have felt pressure to make a play. Add to that the hold on the next kickoff by Eddie Pleasant, while it wouldn't have changed much, the score could have looked better than it did. * I'll say it again, AJ Bouye didn't show that he should have been paid like he was, but his presence is missed in the Texans secondary. * Just give up on being a 3-4 defense. This team is built more like a hybrid 4-3 than a 3-4. Get Clowney closer to the line. For that matter, just go with 4-2-5 with Clowney, Reader, Watt, Mercilus up front, Cunningham and McKinney at LB and KJax as the LB/S hybrid. That masks the lack of depth at LB and limits the amount of time that Jackson has to play with his back to the QB which is where he sucks. * I'm with Apollo, cut Prosch already. He doesn't bring enough to the team to warrant the spot he holds up. Get a TE that can block and catch and put him in when you need a FB. I don't care that they just signed Prosch, it's ridiculous already. Gerald Christian, Jacob Tamme, Larry Donnell and Gary Barnidge are currently FAs. Overall, I still don't think it was as world ending as everyone acts, but there's a LOT that needs help. Rick Smith needs to fix the Duane Brown situation right now, get some WR and TEs on the roster. Cut Jordan Todman to do it. Miller, Foreman, Blue (if healthy) and Ervin are plenty with Ervin helping in the slot. If they can find a big WR/TE hybrid like Stephen Anderson, they can line that guy up in either spot. Dorial Green Beckham? ( I know he's an idiot, but he'd fit the profile) There were bright spots in a game with a lot of bad. Part of me says to give Savage the game plan and the start Thursday night, but give Watson a 95/5 split on the reps to prepare for being the starter week 3 and on. Hope that the Bengals are bad enough that Savage can pull out a win like last year knowing that you might have to yank him again, but the team needs to be told that DW4 is the starter now but he can't be expected to take over on a short week. The other part of me doesn't want to see Tom Savage take another snap as a Texan unless it's to seal a blowout.
  9. Week 1 Jacksonville @ Houston GDT

    Seriously? Brown is a top 10 LT when healthy. I'd have to dig it up, but I'm pretty sure he was 12th overall last year, even with missing games. He's older, but his contract isn't too much to handle, and I'm sure any OTHER team in need of a LT would be glad to guarantee his 2 years. I don't think he'd bring a 1st and a 4th, but if you think you'd only get a 6th for him, you're just letting your emotions creep into it.
  10. Week 1 Jacksonville @ Houston GDT

    I had to work yesterday so I'm just now getting to see the game, and I'm up to halftime. Thoughts so far: * It's not quite "sky is falling" bad as many have made it out to be. Maybe it gets worse in the 2nd, but I'm not as discouraged as I thought I'd be. * The o line is bad, but we knew that already. Duane Brown coming back would help a lot with a Brown, Mancz, Martin left side. Play with Allen, Giacomini, Lamm and Fuller on the right to see what works best. If I remember, all of them have experience at RG and RT, so find the combo that works. On the plus side, the run blocking was pretty good most of the 1st half. Getting better on the line starts and ends with calling Duane Brown and making him happy with both years guaranteed. For that matter, extend him for 3 years, with a full guarantee on all 3 with a small bump in salary. * We all agreed that Savage did nothing to lose the job preseason, but he is exactly what we said he is. He holds the ball too long, which is a cardinal sin behind a terrible line. He locks in on Hopkins, (not that there's anyone else out there due to poor roster composition as Apollo said.) Overall, he wasn't a complete mess in the 1st half, with some decent throws, but he was a big reason why nothing was working. * AJ Boyue was NOT worth what he got from Jax, but losing him was huge for this team. The only reason Hopkins couldn't catch against him was that AJ wasn't being called for the mugging he was doing to receivers. He's a good player, and cost the Texans D not having him, but he's going to cost the Jags with some DPIs in critical moments. He knew he couldn't hang with Hop and the film's going to show it. (I wrote most of this prior to the back to back DPIs from him, so I guess I was right on with my assesment) * The Texans run D was bad, and the pass rush was MIA. However, the TD drive before the 2 minute warning was a direct result of highly questionable flags. The had that drive shut down until Reader was called for a phantom holding. It went down hill from there. * I'm not in the fire O'Brien camp, but playing it safe on the end of half drive with :49 seconds left is one of the worst coaching decisions he's made. RAC's whole purpose on this team right now is to help him with these exact moments. That was a major mistake as you're telling your team that you have no faith in them to do anything positive and kills any momentum they have. This falls on O'Brien as HC, but it's on RAC too since that's his job. * Aside from the fumble 6 and the TD drive that was helped by questionable flags, it was a 6-0 game at the half. That's not something that makes me want to give up on the season and blow up the team.
  11. 2017 Adopt-A-Texan

    Had trouble deciding between DW4 and D'onta Foreman....but I'm going with
  12. Fantasy Football Thread

    I like how we pay 3. 3rd basically gets their buy in back, so it's worth it.
  13. Fantasy Football Thread

    My big money league is $100. Starting this season, we'll play 17 weeks, the 3 division winners and the next 3 best records go to the playoffs. You can keep up to 5 on your roster and then we redraft. In the playoffs, you have to fill the starting lineup, but you have 10 players, all points cumulative count. We pay the top 3 and the winner gets a championship belt. We've been doing the playoff format for almost 20 years, but playing all 17 weeks is new. I'm the commish in that one and a $20 league we do also for people that want to play but not at the high stakes. Fantasy time is awesome for me, but busy.
  14. Fantasy Football Thread

    By the way....20 teams? WOW!
  15. Fantasy Football Thread

    Had my first of 3 drafts today in a free league, pick 10 of 10. QB, RB, WR, W/R, W/T, R/W/T, K QB Aaron Rodgers RB Demarco Murray, Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, CJ Prosise, Jamal Williams WR Jordy Nelson, Keenan Allen, Jamison Crowder, Stefan Diggs, Brandon Marshall, Adam Thielen TE Jimmy Graham K Fairbairn