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  1. ESPN speculates Le'Veon Bell to Texans

    I don't remember Connor as being an unheralded guy. As ET said, he dropped due to the cancer fight and uncertainty at what exactly that meant for his future as an NFL player. As an ACC football fan, I can tell you that I was well aware of what he was capable of...I got to see him in person and it was pretty impressive. As far as Bell, I'm with most everyone else on here. I'm a hard pass on him. He wants entirely too much money for a guy on the downhill swing to the dreaded 30 year old RB plateau with at the very least "character questions" and the worst he has full blown character defects. I like Ingram and Coleman as possibilities, but more so Ingram because he's the between the tackles guy to Miller's outside run and catch out of the backfield type, though both are able to fill both roles somewhat successfully.
  2. Week 12 GDT: Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans

    90% of Mariota's passes were within 5 yards of the LOS. I hardly think of that game as a precursor to what anyone else would/can do. They were clearly trying to take advantage of the cushion our DB's always give to keep him from throwing interception after interception. Doesn't he still have more INTs than TDs?
  3. Texans off-season thread

    In all honesty, this wasn't the offseason to find top notch replacements on the o line and being handcuffed by a lack of a 1st and 2nd round pick didn't help. At this point, I feel cautiously optimistic about the chances of the line improving from last season. (Because it would be hard to be worse) I like what Gaine attempted to do in a bad market, and at the very least he did what Rick Smith never would and admitted that there was a huge problem. That said, I also get the feeling that Gaine is hoping that a couple of vets with a couple of decent seasons left get beat out in TCs around the league and cut. It happens every year, players that you wouldn't expect to come available and get picked up, only to have good seasons with their new team. I haven't looked at any other rosters to be able to point to any potential for this, but I can hope right?
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    While I like the players mentioned already, for us to have had #4, wouldn't we have to assume that we don't have Watson? If that's the case, they either trade out of #4 or take whoever they thought the best QB was left.
  5. Let's be honest here...that "#1 defense" thing was an illusion. The reason teams didn't put up a lot of yards is because they weren't available to be had. The not-so-special teams and Osweiller leading the offense gave opposing teams lots of short fields to play with. In reality, that defense was middle of the pack.
  6. 2017 All Not Texan's Anymore Team

    In fairness: Keenum didn't show much in Houston, though I always thought that was because Kubiack tried to force him to play his way as opposed to letting him loose, which is what got him to the NCAA leader status. Being forced to be something you're not has to screw up your development. We ALL hated Swearinger and Bullock in Houston. DJ had the worst tackling technique as he thought lowering a shoulder and delivering the "hit stick" was the way to properly tackle rather than wrapping up. Bullock was called "Fat Kicker" and was so bad in crunch time that we laughed when he missed a HUGE kick against us to seal a L for the Bengals. They may be playing well elsewhere, but if they had been kept in Houston, everyone on here would have lost their minds. As far as the rest of this list goes, it's a pretty bad look and is a testament to why we all have been screaming for Rick Smith to get canned for the last 5 or so seasons.
  7. Texans GM Search Thread

    I think the best course of action is a two step process: interview who you can now and have a ranking, then wait out the other teams that denied access and interview the second set. Rushing into this for the sake of getting someone hired is plain dumb, so that's probably what the McNair's will do.
  8. 2018 Playoff Thread - No Dog In The Hunt Edition

    My fantasy league does the playoffs too, but it's not going real well for me right now. The guy that drafted Mariota is looking like a genius right nowalso had Derrick Henry and Drew Brees, so he's pretty much running away with it. Oh well. Outside of my fantasy players that I'm pulling for, I wish the AFC side of the bracket would all somehow lose and the NFC get 2 teams in the Super Bowl. On the NFC side, it would be kind of nice to see the Falcons get redemption or interesting to see the Vikings be the first team to play at home in the big game. Wouldn't be opposed to seeing the Saints take it either.
  9. Texans GM Search Thread

    I hope you're right. I don't really want to jump to the Panthers "bandwagon", because the Texans are far and away one of my passions, but I "refuse" to spend years of watching Ricky screw up basic roster building, drafting and free agent signing so badly and never having to deal with the consequences for being such an incompetent doof. Moving on to the Panthers would be a marriage of convenience for me...I MIGHT learn to love them, but I'm always going to be stuck on "that other girl".
  10. 2018 Opponents

    The Jags are essentially the Texans from a couple years ago. Real good defense, good running game....ALMOST competent QB known for giving games away. IF Bortles doesn't figure out a way to give the game to the Bills, and IF they even see the Patriots, they'll have the same result as Houston. Tom Brady and Belichik figuring out how to pick them apart.
  11. Texans GM Search Thread

    I've seen this about RS coming back to the GM spot. I was under the impression that he's coming back to his VP position and that the GM position was if needed. Maybe I read it wrong. At the risk of sounding like a whiny fan that pouts when the team doesn't fire someone they don't like, threatening to be "done with this team" but not really following through... If Rick Smith comes back as GM, I will be at the very least be investing more time and money in the Panthers if not dropping the Texans altogether.
  12. We saw the future and the possibilities this year. The 2-14 seasons didn't have much redeemable value, so while they sucked and were hard to watch, we didn't have potential pulled out from under us on a random practice day. Plus, those years, we were pulling for the tank for the draft picks, so we didn't mind watching them lose...now, we watch them suck, knowing the Browns are going to somehow screw this up. (They'll probably trade both their 1st rounder and our 1st and 2nd for AJ McCarron and the Bengals 7th this year and next.)
  13. I just saw that they've already said Savage is starting next game. :'-( I have a work thing on Sunday, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to put a lot of effort into watching/keeping up with it. I just can't do this Tom Savage thing anymore.
  14. 53 Man Roster plus more (There's always next year)

    Any chance he'll clear waivers and be signed to the PS or are they just done with him?
  15. Trade Duane Brown?

    I was just pointing it out. A lot of people had been missing that point in the trade. I saw a lot of people saying that Houston was getting 3 picks for Brown. I didn't really think anyone in here was missing that, but thought it worth mentioning.