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  1. 2017 Adopt-A-Texan

    I'm in
  2. 2017 Houston Texans Training Camp

    This all showed up last night. Savage did nothing to shut the door and Foreman looked really good (against the 2s and 3s admittedly) in his touches.
  3. Texans @ Panthers

    Thanks ET. I've been poking around here for a couple of weeks but didn't really have anything to say yet.
  4. Texans @ Panthers

    I was able to go to the game last night. A few things I noticed: Clemson fans are flocking to the bandwagon big time. I saw a bunch of Watson jerseys with a Clemson hat, or people in orange with some sort of Texans gear. When Carlos Watkins got a tackle early and his name was called, there was a decent cheer, but when Watson came to the sideline prior to his first drive, it started as a murmur that ended with a huge cheer when it was announced he was the new QB. They love this kid. I got there early enough to watch the team drills during warm ups and I was high and behind them. I got a good look at Savage and didn't like what I saw. He was holding the ball way too long, and the pressure would have gotten there several times. His play during the game didn't do anything to make me feel a lot better. The Panthers 1st team D was only out 2 or 3 drives, and he didn't start moving the ball until after they were done. He was saved on a few throws by his receivers, including a big one he threw to Hopkins that was behind him and somehow Hop pulled it in. That catch led to Blue's TD. Like others said, there's a LOT of competition at RB. If I had to call it now, I think it's Miller, Foreman and Ervin/Hunt with Blue as a 4th back/ST. Foreman might work his way into a split with Miller if he continues that performance against 1st team D's. I haven't seen the injury report, but Braxton Miller grabbed at his Achilles area and came up limping. He went to the trainer's table and was there for a long time getting looked at. I never saw him again. Not sure if he went to the locker room or I just didn't see him. That's not good for an already short WR group, and some of the WRs not named Hopkins, Miller or Strong weren't hitting on much. Dylan Cole and Riley McCarron brought a lot of energy...it's hard not to pull for these two. You guys already hit on pretty much everything on Watson so there's not much to add, but it was fun watching him and seeing him make some plays. He made some rookie mistakes, but his movement in and around the pocket and the way he was still looking to pass as he escaped was great to see.