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  1. i'd do that trade. surtain, slater, top WR, pitts, lance or fields MAYBE darrisaw. idk if it would for jones
  2. id take marshall. it's only 20 and is underrated in this class because of waddle/smith/chase
  3. yeah, he's absolutely terrible at throwing the ball and reading defenses and running an offense and
  4. i could care less what mcmahon said. moose muhammed also said this is where WR go to die, and we've had some pretty good wr the last decade. there's a difference between having QBs that have not been good enough and not developing guys. idk, but have we really had anyone outside of mitch that has had some baseline skill that never developed?
  5. interesting scenario i came across doing a mock draft today bears trade 20 to the arizona cardinals for 49 and a 2022 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th. this obviously takes us away from top talent, but allows us to grab an extra 2nd for the cloud of OT/CB/WR that should be there. it also loads us up for next year, in case we either need a full overhaul again or want to use our ammo to trade up for a top qb. thoughts?
  6. quick question - would y'all be interested in anthony miller? miller and our highest 6th for your 2nd or third 4th?
  7. this is becoming my thoughts as well. i feel like our first pick with either be one of the top 4 cbs or a wr like toney/bateman/marshall. there are a cloud of OT that should be available with our second pick. i'm starting to think we should just take a qb with a lower pick, like book or ehlinger, to play qb3 for the year. i played around with a mock this morning that had us trading our 1 for TB's 1 and 2, then trading their two for a 3 and 4, then trading one of the 3s for another 4 - giving us a 1st, original 2nd, extra 3rd, two new 4ths. that allowed me to target some of the cloud of OT
  8. i think most people are from all over the place. i'm originally from illinois, but currently live in denver. i know there are a handful of people here that are in the denver area as well
  9. in addition, you can exercise the 5th year as part of an extension to help reduce cap hits/play with the AAV of the overall contract
  10. we got a 6th from miami by trading shaheen, a guy most of us wanted to straight cut. we have 2 6ths as comp picks, which we finally started getting after years of not having any. we have our original 6th. we traded our 7th 2 years ago for eddy p. your statement reads like pace is smaug and is hording gold in a mountain
  11. pace realized his mistake in letting mitch go and traded foles to get him back. duh
  12. it seemed to me more of "we leaked to schefter that he was on the trade block, but didn't get much from it, so lets 'leak' it to rappoport that there are multiple teams looking to trade for him to try and get someone to actually trade for him"
  13. how quickly the rickets have completely lost all the good will they got for winning the world series is almost more impressive than not winning a world series in 108 years
  14. the chargers are MASTERS at drafting guys with injury historys in college, signing older vets in FA (guys more prone to injury or are available because of injuries) then they lead the league in games missed due to injuries and are completely surprised by the outcome
  15. OLB - drafted out of georgia tech in the 2nd round by the chargers, spent 3-4 years there, then a forgotten year with the jets(?) then the last 2 with vic where he put up 5.5 sacks as a 3rd lb last year
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