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  1. NFC Playoff Contenders

    Carolina is dead, put the done-chain on them. The NFC playoffs are essentially set, its just a matter of order between 4-5 and 5-6(dependent on outcome of tonight)
  2. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    Yeah, after watching the coliseum be like 70% packer fans during the LA/GB game, you knew they couldn't claim being a great fan base, regardless if GB fans travel well or not
  3. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    At one point in the fourth quarter the camera angle changed to behind the offense, and Goff was trying to audible, and the mics were clearly picking up players saying "I can't hear you." And that was with all 11 players inside the numbers in LA's typical tight formations
  4. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    Is this going to be a gold statute? or maybe something like bronze or marble?
  5. Bears Probowlers

    It's because on the voting Hicks is listed as a DE, and when compared to other DE's he doesn't have the pure sack numbers, so common fans don't know his impact on the game
  6. 3rd Quarter Mock

    i know, i'm just busting your balls
  7. NFC Playoff Contenders

    or 9-7, because the chiefs and vikings are going to be really tough games
  8. 3rd Quarter Mock

    I feel like there is a lot of copy and paste from your last one. I remember your bellamy-nuclear war comment plus Marcus Cooper plays for the lions now haha
  9. This is our Moment

    That was good, but I think the Browns' one from the preseason is better
  10. Prop bets: What do you think?

    look at the time stamps for those predictions. all made BM (before Mack). the dude changes the defense, and I bet if you asked those guys the same question after the trade they might have different answers. context. always. matters.
  11. Checking in with Trubisky

    Assuming that mitch isn't good to start, of course. Still would rather have mitch than chase
  12. Checking in with Trubisky

    I'm much more confident in CD4 than any other backup we've had, except that weird McNown stretch of games in '13. If it comes down to it, I'd rather MT10 sit this game and the NYG game and be good to go for the Rams in week 14. The ol' KM52 heal 'em up plan
  13. NFC North 2018 Thread

    you have to stop thinking about this so specifically, and start looking at it in the bigger picture of the entire league. YES - playing 85 hours after we previously played sucks, BUT guess what, every team that plays on thursday also plays the previous sunday. the lions played on sunday against CAR, WAS played HOU, DAL played ATL, ATL played DAL, NO played PHI. every single one of those teams play on thursday and played sunday. SO this does come down to moving the game from 12 to 7. Could it have been handled differently? the only answers i can think of is to not flex the game into sunday night or change the game from the early thxgiving game to the later thxgiving game (never going to happen), but really, does anyone really think that one team has a DISTINCT advantage of playing 92 hours after their previous game (DET) vs. playing 85 hours after their previous game) To your other point, field conditions in PIT, CHI, and HOU, while maybe not the greatest compared to the rest of the league, are NOT NEARLY as poor of the condition of the field in MEX. have you ever heard of players saying they would refuse to play if they had to play in a specific stadium before? no, because it's never been an issue. League stadiums are held to a high standard, and the MEX game was not in a league stadium, which is why the standard wasn't maintained and met, and the game was moved. To your last point, yes, having another 3 days to rest would be helpful, i agree, but regardless, the league isn't going to get rid of thursday night games, there's to much money. and the injury thing is never going to change their mind because statistically, injuries aren't more likely to happen on thursday than saturday. the injury sucks, but the league can't change games just because a team has an injured player. the only thing you'll see come from this is Smith is gonna get a fat fine for a clearly late hit on a sliding (star?) QB, on national TV, that very well could knock that QB out of another nationally televised primetime game that would have been big the league. don't expect him to win his appeal on the fine either.
  14. NFC North 2018 Thread

    yeah he got hit in the left shoulder, but that drove his right shoulder hard into the ground. When he gets up from the smith hit, you can see he reaches out to be helped up with his left arm and keeps his right close to his body. either way, it's all speculation about when he got banged up.