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  1. AP - Bears 2nd year player uses off-season to get stronger. That's it. That's the news. This down time between the draft and training camp is rough.
  2. I said this as soon as we brought Hall aboard as a UDFA. IF Hall shows any kind of potential, Pace isn't going to risk losing him on waivers to get to the PS if he thinks he can replace Gabriel next year.
  3. Debating the ‘Value’ Of David Montgomery

    you have to go into your settings and enable them. when they moved everyone to the new site, the sig setting was disabled by default for everyone
  4. Bear sign OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis

    HaHa Clinton-Dix and Roy Robertson-Harris would like a word with you
  5. League 2019 off season

    he is a serviceable 4-5 WR and was a top 3 ST on our team. he's exactly what you want out of the roster spot that he's taking up. 2.75 might be a little bit more than he's worth, but that price doesn't seem unreasonable
  6. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    they announced it yesterday
  7. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    it honestly doesn't matter. Bray isn't going to make the team and he doesn't have PS eligibility left. I could also care less what number Eddie wears, i was just making a joke
  8. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    He wore #9 in Oakland, think he wears that here too? People have been asking Pace to trade for a #9 kicker from the Bay Area...
  9. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

  10. Rookie Camp Kicking Competition Seemingly Sour

    Correct. Cut 2 K and 4 other guys, signed 2 tryout guys
  11. Kind Of A Damning Review Of Emanuel Hall

    This is the exact point I made. If they don't want to carry a FB, then they can use Braunecker as a lead back if they choose, then keep the roster spot for an "athlete." Especially if Monty is a better back than JH at missing guys miss in the holes, then a FB might not be as necessary in the offense. On the opposite side of things, Andy Reid has always had a FB on his roster, and teams like NE often use FBs to create additional mismatches, especially against teams that might have defenses that focus on speed over physicality
  12. Rookie Camp Kicking Competition Seemingly Sour

    actually, there are 6 down. All 4 tryout players weren't signed, and 2 were cut. Down to Blewitt and Fry. Additionally, Lynch has absolutely no reason to trade Robbie, and doesn't need to be active about it. They have his rights, and if Gould doesn't want to get paid 5M this year, then he won't.
  13. Bears Current Cap Situation

    only guaranteed for injury. lets say he plays all 16 games next year, is v disappointing, and comes out uninjured. we could still cut him and be out nothing
  14. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    I'm, sorry, but this is just a terrible take. PS squad players can be in team meetings, partake in practice, are in the team workouts, and are at the games. Additionally, a 3rd string QB does not get a significant enough amount of reps in practice that would make a difference, in reality they are probably only doing scout work or throwing to WRs in drills - exactly what a QB on the PS would do. You have yet to show a single shred of evidence or proof that there are statistical reasons why having a 3rd QB on the roster is any different than having 2 roster QBs and 1 on the PS. The ONLY reason for this to be the case is if one of the two QBs are already banged up going into a game, then having a 3rd QB makes sense. But if both QB 1 and 2 are healthy going into gameday, there is no reason to have a 3rd QB on the roster. The only time I can even think of a 3rd QB coming into a game is the 2010 NFC championship game. If you can point out other situations, then I'm willing to listen, but until you give me a reason other than "it's bad for the league" or "other teams just do it because Belicheck does it"
  15. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    A third QB can be on the inactive list, but unlike other positions, can actually dress and play in the game. If the starter gets hurt, then the backup gets hurt, the 3rd string can come into the game. If he comes into the game prior to the 4th quarter, then the starting QB is ineligible to come back into the game. If he comes in during the 4th, the starter is allowed to come back into the game. The 2010 title game is an example of this. Hanie was "inactive" during the game, but came in for a hurt/ineffective Todd Collins. Once Hanie came in during the 3rd Q, Jay immediately became disqualified from reentering the game, even if his knee allowed him too.