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  1. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    Leno and Massie's deals look like freaking STEALS right now compared to what other guys at those positions are getting paid.
  2. 2019 Draft: Targets

    i love using another person's words against them when they contradict themselves. probably why i'm in law school right now haha
  3. I really like the Hoge and Jahns podcast that they put out
  4. I think the best debate overall is: Would you rather have Pace or Ballard? IIRC, we interviewed Ballard before we hired Pace. Ballard has done a pretty incredible job in Indy IMO, and would have had insight into a hire such as Nagy or even Dave Toub. Ballard has done a great job in drafting the last 2 years, seemed to have picked a good coach in Reich, and has the cap managed pretty well for the future, even with Luck's big cap number.
  5. Free Agent Rumors

    My hope with Lynch is his little tour drives his price up, helping with the comp pick formula. Then Pace swoops in on someone, such as Marsh or Houston, guys that were cut and don't affect it.
  6. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Devine Ozigbo, Bryce Love, or Trayveon Williams are who I'm liking for us in rounds 3-5, outside of some of the more top tier guys montgomery/henderson/singletary
  7. Bears sign Mike Davis

    @soulman posted this entire concept last month
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    Watching Indy has been interesting to me. They had the top 3 amount of cap space this offseason, but haven't done much with it. I understand not spending it just to have it, but would have thought they would have used it to grab a WR, CB, OLB, or SS
  9. Free Agent Rumors

  10. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    I definitely think callahan's injury history played a big part in this. yes, he was balling last year until he got hurt, and an above average player at that player is necessary in the playoffs. One of the defining characteristics of our two biggest signings, Buster and Ha-Ha, is availability. We had one of our best seasons in recent history last year because our overall injury list was one of the smaller ones in the entire league.
  11. Snapshot Free Agent Grades

    @dll2000 why is there always an excessive amount of white space at the bottom of all your posts?
  12. Free Agent Rumors

    Verrett is a baller. He's also only played in 5 of the last 48 games. I'd rather have a starting safety that hasn't missed a single game for that money
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    Houston really would be the best pipe dream, and would fit in the LA mold - go big while you can w/ a cheap QB. We have about 19M in cap space, let's say we throw 10M towards Houston, leaving 3M for the draft, and 6M to fill out the rest of the roster. Houston won't affect our comp pick formula this year because he was cut, and like MM90 suggested he can rebuild his brand and compete for a super bowl, and if he leaves next year and gets a bigger contract, he would give us a good comp pick the following year. Win-Win
  14. HaHa Clinton-Dix

    You started this thread after Windy already made the thread about signing HaHa, and you're the only one that has posted in it haha
  15. Amos to Green Bay

    The only reason Bush looked out of place filling in was because he's a better fit for the Amos role than the Jackson role in this defense. Losing Amos sucks, but as AZ said previously, you can't keep everyone every single time (look at BAL) and if there was a player on this defense i was willing to lose, it would have been 38