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  1. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    2-1, lost to the Vikings in his first start
  2. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Future HOFer MT10 with a 101.8 QB rating today, nbd
  3. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Seemed sustainable today haha (but i do agree, they need to let MT10 open it up)
  4. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Also, i know people are going to hate MT10 only throwing 7 passes, and how we won regardless of his play, but this seems like a game that MG8 would have had at least 1 turnover. We've won the last two games because we have won the turnover battle. IMO that's why we made the switch from MG8 to MT10
  5. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    After last week's game, leading up to today, "The Bears won't/can't win with MT10 throwing only 16 passes again" MT10 threw 7 passes and we are going to win by 14. (yes, i'm aware of the circumstances)
  6. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Fun Fact: 1 year ago today, Eddie Jackson broke his leg returning a punt against A&M. That broken leg caused him to drop to the 4th round of the draft, allowing us to pick him. Heck of an anniversary for the kid.
  7. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    DT59 playing out of his mind today
  8. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    this isn't even glennon level incompetence. it's just not letting him do anything. constant hand-offs netting only 3 yards then punting. i want to see him in shotgun throwing some quick slants and out routes to get the ball out of his hand quickly.
  9. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    terrible play calling
  10. Alshon

    You mean that a WR with literally no injury history in college suddenly can't stay healthy in the pros? That darn Pace, he really should have seen that coming! Tell me top, which completely healthy college player do you see being stricken with the injury bug in the pros?
  11. I legitimately can't tell if you are being serious or not
  12. Week 6 GDT: Bears @ Ravens

    i think i would love it. i also think it would never happen in 18 billion years
  13. Bears release WR Deonte Thompson

    I wouldn't. Both offer about the same at WR, so we need to look at ST. Thompson on ST was primarily a returner, and we have BC30 and TC29 that can do that. JB15 was primarily better at punt/kick coverage, and thus was more valuable on ST
  14. Week 5 GDT: Bears vs. Vikings

    This is exactly what happened in the 4th quarter
  15. Week 5 GDT: Bears vs. Vikings

    BC30 was open out of the backfield and not covered on that 3rd down play