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  1. TABT

    I think i saw they had the most hurries too
  2. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Lot of emotion in this thread. Yes, I was on a roller coaster yesterday, but here is how i am choosing to look at the season. Did anyone here expect us to make the playoffs this year, or were you in the "we'll show promise this year, but next year is the year we take a big step forward." Personally, I fell into the second. I was expecting at least 7-9/8-8. After the make trade, 9-7 seemed reasonable, with the slight possibility we snuck into the playoffs, but if we didn't do great and still finished 7-9, I wouldn't necessarily be upset. Take this season as a learning experience, spend an entire year, 2nd offseason working with the same coaches/schemes/playmakers around you, and come back next year much better prepared. I'm choosing to compare this season to the 2015 Cubs. Scrappy, possibly overplaying our own level, but definitely not a pushover. Guys, we're 2-1 and in sole possession of first place in the division for the first time in like, 5 years. We just came back from a 14 point deficit, on the road, against a pretty good defense w/ 2 HOF talents on it (PP21 and CJ55), would anyone have expected that to happen last year? Enjoy the ride. There are gonna be bumps, but things could be worse.
  3. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Being in TX, I'm not always able to watch the game, so I'll follow along on twitter and the GD thread. a chat room would be too much going on haha
  4. Why I have faith in Nagy

    I'm fairly confident that we are all making the exact same point, but our replies to each other are worded in different ways/with different metaphors, and so people are reading them the opposite way. This whole thread is essentially, "yes, they both did some things differently, but Trestman was a weirdo with hot daughters (we can all agree with that) and Nagy is trying to create a culture"
  5. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    I'm going to be really curious about our week 7 game. Not because it's the patriots, but rather because our bye week is week 5, so Nagy will have the first quarter of the season to look at what's working, what's not, and the strengths of the team, and use the bye week to tighten things up. Week 6 against MIA will be game-planned during the bye week, so that following week of getting back into the schedule/habit of the regular season preparation
  6. Random Bears THOTs

    With Ty starting it, I was expecting it to be something else
  7. Adopt a Bear - 2018

    I just did this, and i feel like my world was opened up. Why was the default setting the opposite of the old site, makes no sense.
  8. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Let's not forget that Jay Ratliff went nuts on at practice and destroyed a play clock, and then was SUBSEQUENTLY made a team captain for the next game. Both Trestman and Nagy have done similar things, but Nagy is definitely a different guy
  9. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Trestman also rotated team captains every week, but so did Andy Reid, which is why Nagy does it
  10. Every Trubisky play vs Sea

    you can't say he only had two poor snaps/throws, then continue to say he had misses and overthrows, because those are poor as well. Completely overthrowing TG18 when he was WIDE open is a HUGE miss. If MT10 steps up into the pocket and hits that, nobody is catching Gabriel and its 6 for the good guys. This is where MT10's happy feet is really affecting him, he doesn't step into his throws, and they then either sail on him (that throw) or he doesn't get enough zip on them (AR12 int). When Mitch steps up and has good footwork, he's the accurate QB we've all seen, when he doesn't is when he looks poor. we need far more of the former and less of the latter.
  11. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    i mean, they did have one last week, so its not like the wait was THAT long for a second one
  12. Adopt a Bear - 2018

    The new site not having sigs or putting info like stats and quotes really changed things. plus last year it really died out
  13. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    nothing fuller can do there, besides maybe turn his head, but it's hard to fault him there
  14. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    it has a feeling that with 4 minutes left wilson is gonna somehow take the lead
  15. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    i mean, i know that. I'm just ranting because he's been all over the field and is stupid. plus he is talking a lot of **** and being a general punk (see him trying to rip ball from ARob after he's already down) and its annoying the crap out of me. but the league should suspend him at least. i know they normally wait until there's actually a trial, but the dude as literally already plead guilty. this is like the league saying you can admit to committing a FELONY, but if you haven't been sentenced yet, its totally ok to play in the league. dudes smoking weed getting 4 games immediately