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  1. Off Season Poll #1

    legitimately thought "offseason poll #1" in the chicago bears forum had something to do with the chicago bears. should have known better
  2. Favorite Rocky Opponent

  3. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    My problem with all the new threads is i dont want to have to search through 18 different threads going back and forth to find the conversation that i am looking for because they are spread out. we literally have a thread for "this ain't bears talk," which would have been perfect for the "let me talk about what i think about other teams" that started this whole thing off. keep a subject in a thread and talk about it in that thread, don't start multiple threads over the same subject. if one of the threads starts getting off topic, for instance a thread about trubisky that turns into a page or two talking about shaheen, then by all means, create a new thread. additionally, by creating so many new threads about the same topic, it pushes existing threads that have already had a conversation started about them further down the board, making the whole thing far more cluttered. it kills conversations because people then have to move to a new thread to continue it, and we lose the continuance, like what happened in our random bear thoughts thread. you talk about people seeing the same threads day after day then wanting to leave, but if it's the same thread but it is adding pages, then its a conversation, who is going to wander off from that. I've been on this board for over a decade, and honestly this is turning me off. cool that this aint your first rodeo and you've seen it on other threads. the problem, again, is that people do want to respond, and so they do, and the conversation moves from one thread to another with no continuance. that is my issue, that is why i am sensitive about new threads. it clutters things, kills conversations, and makes things less organized.
  4. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    We don't need a new thread. As I already pointed out in this exact same thread, we already had a random bears thoughts started, it's just whoever created this thread either didn't see it or didn't understand the title (shout out Ty for the spelling of thoughts/thots) The last post in this thread ^^ was May 8th. the first post in this thread was less than a week later, so the above thread should have been on the front page If you want to talk about random non-bear thoughts, we have the above thread already opened for that. it is also on the front page. we don't need to rename this thread, we just need to use the ones that are already open to consolidate and not have so many open threads about the same things
  5. Do you remember we literally had Santos on our team 2 years ago? or as Fox called him, Carlos Santos. If Pace saw him as a long term viability, then he likely would have resigned him instead of signing Parkey
  6. 2019 Darling of Camp

    Listening to Hoge and Jahns podcast today with Kevin Fishbain on it, all three of them were in agreement that Monty, Ridley, and Shelley looked really good out there in OTAs, but they didn't mention Whyte or Denmark. It could just be because the first three guys are working with the 1st and 2nd team guys, while the other two are working with the 3s, but i found it interesting that the two guys out of our draft class that are seemingly "build a player" guys, whyte with his speed and denmark with his size, didn't really stand out when only in shorts
  7. Bears sign David Montgomery to 4 year deal

    Jahns compared him to Cohen in the sense that even though they were in shorts and you can't really see how a guy is a "football player," there is a "wow" factor when the guy is on the field and that you can tell that the bears got a really good one
  8. if we're going with the "our 2019 kicker isn't on the roster yet" i would look towards the 2nd kicker on the ravens rn. (WAY too lazy to look up his name) dude has a boot, and there was talk that the ravens might consider carrying 2 kickers just to keep this guy. things changed when he was jumped before the season started and was badly beaten, but word is he is recovered and with tucker's new extention, the young guy might get dropped. not sure if anyone else read it, but there was an article about how the ravens discovered tucker on The Athletic (highly recommend), and there is a mention by someone in the article about how if you want a kicker, take whoever the ravens cut at the end of preseason. 2 spoilers from the article, Robbie was one of those kickers the ravens cut at one point, and that the bears showed the 2nd most interest in tucker, but wanted him as a punter rather than a kicker (tucker was both at Texas)
  9. pretty strong limb you're going out on thinking that these 2nd and 3rd year players that saw significant reps in their first year or two on the team are going to see a big jump
  10. I didn't actually read any of the full length stories soulman posted because i've already read 1-2 plus all the beat writers tweets, so if i'm just repeating things, oh well. that being said, Pineiro was the one of the three that hit the uprights, so he was technically the closest
  11. Bears 100 throwback jersey leaked?

    The original '36 jersey's didn't have it on them, so these jerseys wont either. Team is going to have a GSH sticker on their helmet for these 2 games instead
  12. Bears 100 throwback jersey leaked?

    It's interesting that they announced these would be worn against the vikings and cowboys, but not opening week against the pack. maybe because opening week already has enough excitement and they don't need the alternate uniforms to help build the hype?
  13. nobody mention that 2 of the players above him on that list were drafted after him (Leonard and LVE)
  14. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    for future use so we don't start one of these threads every month
  15. Bear Looking To Determine Roll For Kevin Tolliver

    He's not battling DENMARK either. It's most likely Joseph