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  1. this has generally been my thought as well. My belief is if the bears don't believe they can keep Arob here long term, or if they can't make the FT work with the cap - a trade centered around Darnold and Arob would be beneficial for both teams. NYJ get a #1 WR and can use the #2 pick to grab a QB1. Chicago gets a young QB and see how he does out of NY for a year or two, while using their first couple draft picks on OL and a new WR
  2. Rex Grossman and Aaron Rodgers have the same amount of NFC championships
  3. Fishbain did a really good piece on the athletic going over the cap and this offseason. It involved extending hicks and fuller to lower their cap numbers, signing Arob, the usual cuts - skrine, graham, massie. he brought in a cap guy to help figure out some of the numbers. i would recommend taking a look if you have a subscription
  4. other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?
  5. Have we won enough games? No. Have we gotten the QB position right? No. but we have great collaberation.
  6. if there was a play that encapsulated floyd's tenure with the bears, I have yet to see it
  7. I haven't heard of the Eagles interest in Daboll at all, and I don't believe i read anything about Houston interviewing him
  8. Have you not watched any Buffalo games this year? Yes, Allen has a rocket arm and looks great in shorts, but the work Daboll has done with him is impressive. Additionally, what the plays, scheme, and mismatches that are created by Daboll's playcalling - it's far more condusive to success than whatever Nagy tries to run. As far as Riddick goes, I think he's an exceptionally well spoken, thoughtful, and experienced individual. He played in the league, then became a scout after his playing days were over. He then transitioned to TV and has done an excellent job of understanding the league an
  9. one good thing about this coaching hire/firing season is that even though we kept pace/nagy, my top options at GM and HC didn't get hired this rotation - Rick Smith/Louis Riddick and Brian Daboll. We can get them after next season!
  10. i'm seeing/reading a lot out there about how this class is going to be elevated even more because of the lack of talent coming out in the 2022 class
  11. he's definitely on my short list. I agree with his scheme and blitzing - i feel like Pagano didn't do the best at putting our guys in the best position to succeed and really just tried to rely on them straight up winning.
  12. dude had to resign from his high school coaching job because he went 1-21 in 2 years lmao
  13. Desai or Bettcher are still my top 2
  14. If we promote from within, which with the job security this entire organization has (or should have), Sean Desai is my pick. He's been through it with the team and is a VERY smart individual. leave rodgers at DL coach and let him continue to do his thing - maybe make him associate DC with a pay raise to keep him happy.
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