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  1. 4th Quarter Mock 2018

    Kush played center for KC and STL. Pretty sure he was slotted into the starting C position during LA's Hard Knocks season, then they cut him and we picked him up.
  2. 8th pick in the draft

    I saw a mock that had us taking Minkah at 8, then Kirk in the 2nd round, and i came immediately
  3. Bears Hire Matt Nagy

    That would be better if his name wasn't pronounced Negg-ee
  4. 4th Quarter Mock 2018

    If we tag him and don't sign him to a long term deal by the deadline, july 15th, then he plays the year on the tag and can't be signed long term until after the season
  5. Permission requested for both Shurmur and McDaniels https://twitter.com/patrickfinley/status/948017676781318144
  6. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Lane Johnson is an All Pro RT and is a difference maker on that offense, and he went 4
  7. Bears fire HC John Fox

    Bye week teams can be interviewed this week. WC guys have to wait until next week
  8. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Jeffery finished the season 57/789/9. Is that worth 4/52? He's played in the league for 6 seasons, finished 2 of them over 1,000 yards, and didn't crack 850 in any of the other 4 seasons. He clearly didn't want to be back, and Pace didn't feel comfortable paying him that money when he clearly wasn't motivated. Obviously our WR situation this year plays a big part in us looking back and saying we should have done something about AJ, but I'm ok with Pace's decision, as long as he is proactive about it this offseason.
  9. TABT

    There are no mods since they switched to the new site
  10. Week 17: The End of the Fox??

    Sam Acho has been a near perfect backup the last 3 years. Good ST, solid in both run and pass defense. Consumate pro. And cheap contract
  11. Week 17: The End of the Fox??

    but....he didn't have a defender immediately in his face. every nfl qb can make that throw...
  12. Week 17: The End of the Fox??

    lets burn this ship to the ground, viking style
  13. Week 17: The End of the Fox??

    well, Sowell is an absolute idiot
  14. Week 17: The End of the Fox??

    perfect throw from 10 to 17
  15. Week 17: The End of the Fox??

    Pretty sure he wanted to punt there