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  1. I could be wrong, but I think a minority gm beings 2 3rds, but if they’re hired for an AGM it nets a single 3rd
  2. I mean…the Texans defense didn’t suck nearly as much as people thought it was going to. I would also be cool with Reid following him to play SS
  3. Can we stop changing the names of these threads every day? Or now that we have our GM/HC, can we make two separate threads to discuss these - especially now that this is 150+ pages and is seemingly going back and forth between topics every few pages
  4. There is literally a Netflix movie coming out about this with Kevin James playing Payton
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Matt lafleur leave an OC position to be an OC in Tennessee so he could get experience calling plays himself before getting hired as HC the following year?
  6. I’ve said Jensen is my #1 FA target before. Would love to fully raid TB and get Godwin too to play slot, then grab another outside WR in the second
  7. The Frazier stuff still seems weird to me. We still haven’t interviewed him since we pushed him back a full week, but we are allegedly gushing over him? the only reason I can maybe understand one is they zeroed in on him from the beginning and we’re hoping to get a gm on board first who could then conduct that interview- Ala Pace and Bowles in 2015. Have any other teams interviewed him? I’m not saying we need to follow the hive mind, but if all the rats are avoiding a specific piece of cheese, maybe there is something funky going on there
  8. This might be one of the funnier parts of this old thread
  9. Oh, probably not. And they probably don’t want him. I really just want the draft picks
  10. Who is on the Indy offensive staff that eberflus might pitch if he’s hired?
  11. Champ Kelly is interviewing with LV for their GM job. super hope he gets it for two reasons: 1) it would prevent us from hiring him, we gotta completely clear house, and 2) we get 2 3rd round picks due to the diversity hire
  12. Specifically with the giants job, as a coach, you have to ask yourself, “which would I rather have, fields or Jones/rookie 1st round this year”
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