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  1. hicks also refused to speak to media during all of training camp and PS, and only just now met with media when he made that statement. if he really wants to stay, actions speak louder than words, but right now, the only thing he has done is talk
  2. don't worry, nagy said that goldman's arrow was point up
  3. if he would take a deal like danny trevathan - 3/21 with ~14 guaranteed i would do it
  4. probably 0 - dalton had it last year when he played for the cowboys. i did laugh earlier this week when i saw a beat writer tweet something along the lines of "dalton has 122 career passer rating against the bengals" - but he has just played the one game against them #smallsamplesize
  5. he didn't, he said so on the podcast. even made a disclaimer by stating "there's only so much you can see on the tv copy" i think if you're looking at it from his point of view, he's right. he's thinking, and maybe that is how the play call is drawn up, that mustipher and peters pull and get outside leverage of their defenders, making the lane open down the left sideline. and that's maybe why goodwin isn't thinking about turning it upfield, because he's expecting the defenders to be on the inside and that cutting upfield would be bad. he might be thinking "if i turn up, the whole defense
  6. i'm not trying to sell low. i'm seeing a guy that has been great in his career, but has been pretty meh the last couple of years, and has a cap hit of 25+. we traded 2 picks next year for fields, and while i think he could be great, we need to build around him, and i'm not sure a 31 year old mack does it. IF we can get cap savings and good picks back, i would consider it. i would also consider letting hicks walk after this year and grabbing a potential comp pick. if the season begins to tank, i would consider trading robinson during the season for at least a 2nd as well. this isn't
  7. Thu Sep 16 8:20 PM New York Giants Washington Football Team Sun Sep 19 1:00 PM Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Chicago Bears 1:00 PM Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM Houston Texans Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM Las Vegas Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00
  8. Mack held off the stat sheet again. i know he gets additional attention, but so do tj watt, chandler jones, the bosas, and a number of other players. those guys still make plays. yannick looks like he got hurt on monday. if vegas calls about mack again, i absolutely listen. recoup some picks and clear cap space
  9. pace is playing with the cap like he doesn't have a future here, and that's what is screwing us over
  10. i was somewhat ok with keeping graham. but the fact that pace just restructured his deal to create room, which pushes $4.5M to next year is ******* annoying
  11. i agree with this. overall, when he was building the team organically from the bottom up, he was doing good. reasonable contracts that had outs after a year if they were multi-year deals. FA contracts on guys that were potentially up and coming with second contracts or guys that might have been overlooked. draft classes that focused on incredible athletes at the top and overlooked guys in the back end. we had one of the youngest rosters in the league then 2018 he went in. brought in mack, which i still don't think was a bad deal, especially with the thought process that mitch was our futu
  12. first team to run an out route 3 yards short of the first down wins, duh
  13. Glazer reported that the Bears don't want Fields to play before week 4. I think next week against Cincy became far less winnable based on yesterday. Don't think we beat the browns in week 3. We gonna go into week 4 against the lions 0-3 and still playing Dalton? I think that's likely the best time to throw fields in there, especially since Okudah is out for the season now.
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