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  1. it wasn't the wonderlic - it was a different test that covers 6500+ athletes from ALL sports https://bearswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/03/bears-nfl-draft-justin-fields-highest-aptitude-test-score/
  2. lightfoot talks out her ***. as i said above, while there is a lease for 13, that doesn't prevent the team from buying the land and then spending that time fully developing it, and if it finishes early, then renting or leasing the stadium out themselves until 2033 comes.
  3. Fields transferring is two fold. first, i believe that fields thought he was a superior qb to fromm, but with fromm "entrenched" as the starter for another year, fields didn't want to play second fiddle to a guy he believed (and proved) to be better. the 2019 seasons for both qbs proves that. second, the transfer rule of not having to sit out a year just started this year. fields was granted a hardship waiver that allowed him to transfer without sitting out because a member of the georgia baseball team was found to be overtly racist and directing racial epithets against him
  4. that was, a good video. i've never seen one of his things before, so i was wondering if he was a bears fan that evaluated dudes or just hit on the top prospects. that being said, when he ended the video saying "we'll find out more at his pro day coming up" i knew he wasn't some homer fan trying to hype up their new rookie
  5. Most interesting tidbit i got out of this - justin fields is the same size as eddie george was when he was coming out of OSU
  6. we did sign cheese - so now its Quan, Danny, Cheese, and a fight between Woods/Iggy to be #4 - do we carry 5 ILB again? (did we carry 5 last season? i don't recall) plus cheese/iggy/woods are all FA after this year, and we have an out in danny's contract after this season as well
  7. I mean, Bars has played LT and RT in preseason and didn't he play a little RT during the season? i think hambright would be easier to get to the PS than Bars if it came down to it. Plus didn't Bars play C in one game? versitility to play 5 positions if called upon is huge for a back up guy
  8. yes, that's exactly what i'm saying. just because you're big and punch someone doesn't mean you're tough. anybody anywhere can punch someone, that doesn't make them tough. punching someone on a football field (again, doesn't make it tough) is also extremely stupid because a) CGJ was wearing a helmet, b) he was playing a game and the punch hurt his team, and c) he honestly looked like an idiot doing it - he like, jumped up, but also kinda missed...?
  9. i have no doubt thats one of the top two reasons they cut leno ($ being the other) - let jenkins spend the next 3-4 months before the season starts practicing specifically at LT, instead of flipping back and forth between the two sides
  10. he's likely a 1st next year. would have been at worst a 2nd this year
  11. Mooney in the Chris Olave role of this offense would be beautiful
  12. by nasty streak, do you mean he punched a guy? because if so, then yeah, i guess he has a nasty streak. he is also 8000% replaceable
  13. i'm fairly confident that that article has already been written somewhere
  14. i went over to the philly board on draft night and thanked them if we really want to get deep, we need to thank rodgers and the jets. Jets eventually pull the trigger on trading darnold, leaving CAR to adjust their plans and pivot around putting a full team around darnold and seeing what they have for a year or two. then with the stunt that rodgers pulled on draft day, i believe that DEN thinks they ~may~ have a legitimate shot at getting rodgers, so they go the CB route as well. with the top 2 CBs off the board, dallas loses their top two targets - making them willing to pick up an extra
  15. i'm most excited for snowden. obviously he's the highest ranked guy we brought in, as it appears most services had him rated as a late day 2, early day 3 pick. but this dude just screams leonard floyd, and with desai coming in to run the vic defense, i could see this snowden coming in to play that role. if he does well in the offseason, could see him pushing a guy like vaughters off the team, with our depth looking like Mack, Gipson, Snowden Quinn, Attachou
  16. not to mention he signed a 5-year contract extension...
  17. i think it was the year prior, 2019, after our boi arlington moved onto colorado, that teven was preparing for LT. he still has over 400 snaps and a full offseason at LT - i think it's pretty clear the bears think he can be a player there. hopefully what gundy was saying isn't just coach speak and teven finally figured it out last year and should be continuing to ascend
  18. Fisher has a visit lined up with the colts
  19. most teams will do this to make sure they get guys they want in the draft. i agree with you cutting him as soon as possible is best for him. if we kept him through training camp to battle jenkins, then cut him, he would likely make significantly less than he would now. teams that missed out on guys in the draft are now available for him - really expect the colts to come calling
  20. does anyone remember how many guys had a PR for us last year after cohen went down? ginn, miller, carter, harris, maybe mooney once or twice? guy has return ability. will/should play special teams. YAC!, once he gets the ball in his hands, runs like a RB. wouldn't surprise if he won the slot competition, with mooney and arob on the outside. wims a cut candidate over ridley (wims is dumber). miller a potential candidate to be training camp injury trade bait. goodwin i believe should be our 4th.
  21. agreed. take the more ~surefire~ pick in the first/second, then start betting on traits in the lower rounds - whether it's a small school kid with big traits (cohen, nichols), or a big school kid being over looked for one reason or the other (eddie - injury, wims - inexperience)
  22. he wasn't a part of the draft - he signed with wash 1-2 weeks ago
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