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  1. Marshall and Collier out of Palmetto commit. Two huge gets in the secondary.
  2. Not really expecting much, but he honestly can't be a worse 3rd down back than Dare.
  3. Recruiting has kinda hit a wall, but we're still killing it in the portal. Stewart Reese is finally on board.
  4. Even if he isn't, a 3rd is probably what we'd get for OJ anyways, and we've still got Brate.
  5. I would have to think we get the pick in that scenario. Right?
  6. Born and raised in Rhode Island. Lets just say I've said my fair share of less than stellar thing about the man over the past ~17 years lol. Shoutout to all those kids in school who were Pats fans who'd always go "haha why are you a Bucs fan, just root for the Pats, they win" to me when I was growing up. Now I'm Eric Cartman and y'all Scott Tenorman.
  7. I mean, at that point, why not take Ruggs? If all 4 tackles and Kinlaw are gone, we don't have much of a choice, might as well just go full bonkers at WR and give Brady another weapon. Regardless, seeing as how well they've nailed the draft over the past few years, anything that PR speculates as possible should probably be taken a bit more seriously. If they "think" Ruggs is in play should a scenario play out, then he almost certainly is.
  8. Unless the Dolphins come out of nowhere, seems like this might actually be happening ... which, uh, what.
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