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  1. Personally, I believe he returns for one last season, but I think it's time to start taking the possibility of him retiring pretty seriously.
  2. Oh, I’m second guessing it all I want, Bruce. Mindless call.
  3. Cover 0 blitz with 25 seconds left leaving a 1900 yard receiver 1v1 with a safety. That is fireable.
  4. Definitely worried if Wirfs can’t go, because Wells is awful. Other than that, not really much to complain about.
  5. Bye bye. Wonder which team he's going to con next.
  6. Now, can we get video of Suh and Vea going full Road Warriors on AB in the locker room?
  7. Pulled that one out of our ******* ***.
  8. Brady with the one-handed catch on the sideline. GOAT things.
  9. Right? The way this defense was going, allowing them in FG range was very likely.
  10. The ultimate "**** you" to AB. Good stuff, Grayson.
  11. Need a chunk play, but IDK if you want to do it to Tyler Johnson.
  12. Those 3 points we gifted before HT loom large atm.
  13. The **** was that call? Uh, thanks Jets.
  14. Someone send out a missing person's report on Devin White.
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