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  1. Good thing we stopped recruiting Arnold to save a counter for Gilbert. Of course, our brilliant recruiting staff didn't even bother to see that Gilbert had less than zero chance of qualifying so now we ended up with neither.
  2. Build the statue right ******* now. What a god.
  3. Stuff like this is why Arians and Brady tried so hard to get Evans that 1000 yards this year for the record.
  4. It gets me when the talking heads say we "mortgaged the future" for this season. To get Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Tristan Wirfs, Antoine Winfield and Leonard Fournette, it cost us two 4th round picks.
  5. I'm still kinda in disbelief. 13 months ago we were watching Jameis throwing his 30th pick to lose in OT to Atlanta, now we're Super Bowl Champions with Tom friggin' Brady.
  6. Quick shoutout to the FFMD crew. We gotta win this for Ron Brace.
  7. Replacing Brian Johnson with Garrick McGee seems to give credence to this. He wants out, I'm 100% convinced right now.
  8. Most importantly, two weeks for Vea, AB, Whitehead and Winfield to get healthy.
  9. So CRob is back and we hired some no-name to replace Gray. Mullen really doesn't want to be here anymore, does he?
  10. Game ball to Bowles. Great job all night calling the defense. HMs: White, Fournette and Rojo. 45 had the game of his career and the two RBs were fantastic all night.
  11. CRob going to Michigan. Not really all that big of a loss tbh, LB play was atrocious.
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