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  1. They knew we were up against it - we had no leverage.
  2. NFL News & General Info Thread

    When we need to renew his contract, a lot of the high earners on the roster will be gone. We're also just going to have to draft well.
  3. Turned on the TV and saw the NFL films highlights of the game. Forgot how many times we went for it on fourth down.
  4. Someone give Jason Kelce a medal And a lozenge
  5. It didn't help that he didn't release anything over the last few years. It was either songs that were out like 6 or 7 years ago (or longer), or his new stuff.
  6. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I wonder if the Colts will sue McDaniels.
  7. I think that might be @ianlewis16
  8. At least you guys are in the right timezone
  9. No, tat is just a slang word we use over here - just means a load of stuff (sometimes of low quality). Though Super Bowl tattoos Ordered a beanie hat, a t shirt and a mug
  10. One of my jobs for this evening - order Super Bowl tat
  11. The Offensive Line

    Vaitai had a really good game given he was up against the wily old fox that is James Harrison. Still think we need to draft a LT, but at least we have a fallback option in case we can't get one.