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  1. Eagles in London?

    Yeah, it is sold out on ticketmaster. Can't believe that. I managed to get a ticket but the area I wanted was sold out.
  2. Eagles in London?

    Ticket bought
  3. Eagles in London?

    Will have the page bookmarked and ready to go
  4. Eagles select TE Dallas Goedert w/ the 49th pick

    Just saw David Akers' speech - that has made my day!
  5. Eagles select TE Dallas Goedert w/ the 49th pick

    Return of the YAC?
  6. I always remembered that in the early Reid years he tried to draft 3 years in advance
  7. Doesn't take an NFL exec to state that
  8. So we've just had the crappiest weather over Easter - then its going to be unseasonally warm in a couple of days. Global warming SMH
  9. They knew we were up against it - we had no leverage.
  10. NFL News & General Info Thread

    When we need to renew his contract, a lot of the high earners on the roster will be gone. We're also just going to have to draft well.
  11. Turned on the TV and saw the NFL films highlights of the game. Forgot how many times we went for it on fourth down.