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  1. You've raised him well @EaglesPeteC
  2. Coaches

    I wonder if winning a game has ironically put teams off our coaches, as in they won't be able to appoint them or interview them until Monday/Tuesday at the earliest. With other teams appointing coaches now, they could miss out on their assistant coaches (I realise that the Giants and the Colts are both appointing coaches who are still in the playoffs).
  3. Lurie's dad dancing is both cringe worthy and epic at the same time
  4. Like a 4.5 point lead, it won't last for long
  5. The playoffs!

    Don't we pressurise the QB like 50% of the time
  6. The playoffs!

    Right, so the game kicks off at 20 to midnight on Sunday over here - shall I book the Monday off?
  7. The playoffs!

    Three of the QBs in the Championship games are Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Blake Bortles. Makes me wonder why the Browns have struggled for so long, they've had plenty of average to mediocre QBs.
  8. The playoffs!

    Basically I think the key to the game is going to be the defensive lines, and how the offensive lines combat them.
  9. The playoffs!

    Has he got us confused with the Cowboys, or the Giants, or even the Packers?
  10. The playoffs!

    Haven't they learnt from the Falcons?
  11. In big games, I always look at the QB (I know the opposite has happened in our game). Therefore, I'd prefer not to face Brees
  12. I agree. We can't make conclusions from the Reid era where he didn't like LBs.