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  1. I heard Mariah Carey is a Browns fan with the festive hit: Haul I want for Christmas
  2. And maybe a little inappropriate given the things going on in Hollywood
  3. Or perhaps Abba - The Winner takes it Haul
  4. They must see him as someone who is better than the practice squad i.e. someone who could potentially contribute this year, but due to the numbers game we can't get him on the active roster - must not play special teams or something.
  5. NFL News & General Info Thread

    You've also got the option to do something with Curry
  6. The NFC East Thread

    Given the way we rotate, particularly at the RB and DL, I don't think we should rest our starters, perhaps just play them less in the rotation.
  7. The NFC East Thread

    Love it!
  8. The NFC East Thread

    Have we won the division yet?
  9. I know the result, watched the first quarter. Looking forward to the remaining three.
  10. I love the smell of napalm in the morning, smells like victory.
  11. Around The NFL: Gameday Talk

    How are we looking at primetime games, isn't there a limit?
  12. In other news Looks like your tax dollars are at work. And you're not the only ones