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  1. So I've been away for a long time, but back for the start of the season.
  2. So finally watched the end of the game. Can't fault the team, players dropping like flies. IMO we need to look to build in the trenches. The O line and D line must be the oldest parts of the team.
  3. https://www.phillyvoice.com/report-eagles-c-jason-kelce-likely-retire/ So will Isaac or Wiz move over to C, or will we draft one?
  4. If he's coming back, it'll be as OC. Groh has to go.
  5. The disappointing feeling you get when the game on TV in the early slot goes to OT so you're most probably gonna miss the start of your match.
  6. I just read about Hunt. Isn't he on the NFL exempt list whilst the NFL investigation goes on meaning he can't train or play. I doubt he'd play again this season, even if he signed for a new team.
  7. An ugly win, the ugliest we've seen, but it might be what we need.
  8. Looking for their cleats, they are playing CB next week.
  9. It looks like Doug has remembered you can run the ball. And the line has remembered how to block for it.
  10. It is the extreme cut off shirt and 10 year old shoulder pads
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