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  1. The Good, The Bad, The Defense vs. Rams

    Knowing our fan base, probably after our first loss. To be honest though I think Downing will/is being groomed to be our next HC. We all knew JDR was the perfect coach for a rebuild but potentially not one to bring us to the Super Bowl. Depending on how our O performs this year and next, JDR could find himself replaced by Downing if we are one and done or under performing in the playoffs a couple years in a row.
  2. Sunday Preseason Games

    Also it was awesome seeing Adam Bighill pick him off there. Bighill was a big CFL star for the last few years and is trying to make the Saints roster. How has he looked Saints fans?
  3. Sunday Preseason Games

    C.Jones sure didn't look hot that last drive.
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    It's annoying how decent Korey Toomer and Lorenzo Alexander have been since leaving Oakland. They have both done very well for their respective teams and we sure as hell could use them right now.
  5. Sunday Preseason Games

    Holy Daniel just got crushed.
  6. Sunday Preseason Games

    Damn Kamara.
  7. Saturday Preseason Games

    That's not a bad thing either as some guys simply take longer to develop. No one is writing him off as a bust yet. Siemian should do a solid job again this year.
  8. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    Not saying Cooper is a bad choice here (he's one of my favorite Raiders), but having another good WR reduces his importance imo. Sure our WR corp would take a major hit, but our RB's and Te's are good receiving threats too. Crabtree, Patterson, Roberts, Cook, Walford, Richard, Lynch, Washington, Olawale, etc. That is a sufficient number of weapons to work with. Compare that to Newhouse, Alexander, Ware, Sharpe... that's a little scary. Or like others have said with having Hudson to Feliciano, that's also rough.
  9. Saturday Preseason Games

    From what I saw, Lynch looked extremely uncomfortable in the pocket and often tucked the ball and tried to run at the first sign of trouble. Definitely not something you want to see in your starting QB so I do believe it is smart to roll with Trevor for the time being.
  10. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Embarrassing first post to be honest.
  11. Saturday Preseason Games

    Goff looked great yesterday. Our secondary legit is the worst in the league and the run game was killing us, so the play action was obvious a big help but he was making some borderline jaw dropping throws. The one to Watkins in the corner of the endzone was perfect. Believe it or not, he has a pretty stacked supporting cast now. Gurley looked like his old self, Watkins is a great talent (when healthy of course), Woods is legit, Kupp looked like a veteran, Austin is a massive play waiting to happen, Everett is a mismatch nightmare. All in all Goff could be in for a solid year. Definitely a 180 from last season.
  12. Saturday Preseason Games

    Yea? Well neither of them look nearly as good as Obi Melifonwu does standing on the sidelines all game... ... Damn rookie injuries! We need Conley and Obi healthy and practicing in the worst way imaginable.
  13. Will Aaron Rodgers throw 400 TD before 100 INT

    If he stays healthy and keeps that rocket arm intact as he ages, it's definitely possible.
  14. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    POST 17,000! Anyways, this is where things get difficult for once. Remember you need to consider both their positional importance and level of play. Having both Cooper/Crabtree reduces their overall importance imo, because we could probably get by for a little without one of them. Do you go LT with an aging Penn? Do you go SS with a promising Joseph (the only competent secondary player we have), how about King who is a top 2 Punter and is an absolute weapon, what about the definition of consistency at C with Hudson, etc. I think I surprisingly have to go with Donald Penn here. He plays the vital position of LT and protects our $100M+ franchise QB. I will be the first to say I am beyond annoyed at his timing for this holdout and think he is not only hurting himself but the team. But I would by lying if I said I am comfortable rolling with Newhouse/Alexander as our bookends this year. Penn may be getting old, will likely decline a good amount this season and potentially cost a solid chunk after his holdout, but there's no denying he is an immensely important aspect to our team. EDIT: Just to add to the above. Our rookies Ware/Sharpe have looked surprisingly decent thus far. And although Newhouse hasn't looked completely awful through TC and 2 pre-season games, I simply do not trust any of them to take over for Penn at LT.