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  1. Training Camp 2019

  2. Training Camp 2019

  3. Raiders sign OG Jonathan Cooper

    I'm surprised a team like the Bengals didn't go after him given how brutal their line is.
  4. Raiders sign OG Jonathan Cooper

    That's a few fan bases that have said that now. Which is surprising for me because I thought he totally sucked.
  5. Training Camp 2019

    Training camp is coming in hot and Raider Nation couldn't be more excited. It's going to be one like no other with 3 first rounders, massive FA signings, the last season in Oakland, and of course an insider look through Hard Knocks. Let's get after it. Important dates: July 23 – Rookies report July 26 – Veterans report July 26 – Head Coach Jon Gruden’s first press conference July 27 –First practice July 27 – Derek Carr’s first press conference July 31 – First off day August 7-8 – Joint practices with the Los Angeles Rams August 10 –Preseason Week 1 vs. Los Angeles Rams August 15 – Preseason Week 2 at Arizona Cardinals August 19 – Break camp
  6. Jonathan Cooper & Chance Warmack?

    I think the vast majority of the draft community were wrong about both.
  7. What Should The Cowboys Do?

    Cooper demanding top tier WR money is hilarious. They are definitely in trouble.
  8. Raiders sign OG Jonathan Cooper

    Really? LG or RG? Guessing it's a long-shot he makes it but with Richie gone for 2 games and no guarantee to make it, he has a good opportunity at LG.
  9. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    I like this in theory. Madden will still suck but I'll continue to buy it simply because there's no other good NFL game.
  10. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Making some crazy progress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ytvIV3qCDI
  11. Clowney Franchise Tag