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  1. Seattle would never do that but we sure as hell would!
  2. I am of the same mindset. I am more than happy keeping Carr as he isn't the problem. But Wilson/Watson would potentially be the solution to being a consistent contender.
  3. He also fits Gruden's scheme very well. He'd have a good running game, elite TE, a major burner at WR with Ruggs and great possession guy with Renfrow. The O would no doubt be lethal. The D on the other hand.... oooooooof.
  4. Yea Vegas specifically being on it is weird. We aren't close to winning the Super Bowl. Our O line is pretty great and we have weapons, but our D isn't going to do this team any favors for a number of years still. Maybe he likes Gruden? No state tax? Weird still.
  5. The thing though is the Texans pretty much have to trade Watson at this point. That hurts his value. Wilson doesn't need to be traded and probably won't at the end of the day. I get people saying X should be cheaper due to age but Seattle isn't going to just give Wilson away. It's still 3+ first rounders. Our first round picks under Gruden and MM have been questionable to say the least so if a few mid rounders get Wilson, so be it I guess. Trade Carr for a first or something then. But I am still holding out on the Watson train if we do make a splash at QB.
  6. Wilson to the Raiders doesn't make much sense. We are far from a top 5 QB away from being a SB threat. Watson yes, soon to be 33 year old Wilson no.
  7. Wilson is great and all but is anyone worried he'll be 33 within the first month of the season? We'd have to give up 3+ firsts to get their attention probably. I would do it in Watson without hesitation but Wilson I am a little sceptical.
  8. Talk about Mariota's incentives hurting his trade value.
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