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  1. Dude was horrible vs. Waller. He was getting smoked all game long.
  2. Posted this in another thread but it's relevant here: D's are focusing in on our running game and that is of course hurting JJ too.
  3. The #Eagles are expected to place rookie WR Jalen Reagor on Injured Reserve with a UCL tear, source said. Not a surprise, given the amount of time he’ll miss. But he’ll be back for the second half of the season (or earlier).
  4. Simpson looked solid. Happy we drafted him.
  5. This sucks. He's been a top tier G for us. Thankfully rookie John Simpson looked solid in relief duty vs the Saints.
  6. #Raiders put G Richie Incognito (Achilles) on injured reserve. He is out 3 games.
  7. A player tweeted that once you opt in to receive medical attention from the team, you can't sue.
  8. Chargers medical team is just soooo incompetent.
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