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  1. Maxmw22's 2nd Mock Offseason

    I like a couple of the draft picks choices, I would be surprised if they signed Lotulelei, as I think they can get serviceable production from that position elsewhere. Remember, nobody rotates their DT's more than McDermott, which is why I see them investing early in the draft at that position. That's not to say they wouldn't sign a couple of nice rotational players at that spot, but I don't think you should expect them to break the bank. Brandon Beane has repeated that he wants his star players to be young at prime positions, and this somewhat defeats that purpose. I don't think its necessary to resign Deonte Thompson, but can understand why some fans want him back. He produced when targeted. Regardless of who the Bills draft at QB this year, well, unless they shock us all and go up and get Josh Rosen, I expect to see a veteran this year play smart football at the quarterback position (CC: Alex Smith) and rely on their run game and strong defense while they develop their rookie guy.
  2. Brian Daboll Hired as Bills OC

    There's a good chance Daboll brings back the power run scheme, something the Bills should benefit from. Eric Wood & Richie are both better in that scheme. (The one thing I've read is that he adapts his scheme to his players, something RD didn't really do.) He's been an NFL OC before, but that was 5 years ago, a long time in NFL years, and after being fired and crawling his way back into this position I assume he's looked in the mirror and made some changes to his approach, much like McDermott did when he was fired in Philadelphia. Also, I think it was good for him to go down to Alabama. Even though plenty of folks in Tuscaloosa were not thrilled with the Daboll experience this past year, lets remember the NFL is now modeling their offenses after the college game, and before his year with Alabama, Daboll hadn't worked in the college game since 1998-1999 as a GA with Saban. I think it will benefit him going forward to get a fresh approach on offense and hopefully that carries over into the NFL level.
  3. Bills fire Rick Dennison as OC

    I had my issues with Dennison like all of you, but I’m sure having Tyrod Taylor run your west coast timing based offense had to be SO FRUSTRATING for RD. Good luck to him going forward.
  4. Throw the House at Cousins

    Hi guys, I use to roam this forum, stopped for awhile, but I'm back on it. Let me start off by saying this. I am ALL IN on Kirk Cousins, so in the time that he becomes a Free Agent, assuming he leaves Washington, until the time he signs with somebody, if I become unbearable, just let me know. Now, in my eyes, it makes too much sense to me. I think for those arguing against it, I'd like to take a different approach. Going forward, look at the AFC QB lineup. The best quarterbacks in this conference, easily, have been Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, and then the rest is debatable, maybe Flacco, Dalton, Smith, etc... Who is the next wave of AFC QB's? Watson looked great in his 7 games with Houston, Carr has flashed some dominance, Dalton and Tannehill have their moments, and the Browns, Broncos and Jets have picks in the top 10 of this upcoming draft, so maybe they get the next great signal caller. Anyways, although it may not feel like it, Brady is eventually stepping down, as will Ben. Currently, there aren't a ton of dominant QB's in this conference, and going forward, who knows? AFCE: Bills:? Patriots: Brady Miami: Tannehill New York Jets: ??? (6th in the 2018 draft) AFCN: Steelers: Roethlisberger Bengals: Dalton Ravens: Flacco Browns: ??? (1st & 4th overall in 2018 draft) AFCW: Broncos: ??? (5th overall in 2018 draft) Chiefs: Smith/Mahomes Chargers: Rivers Raiders: Carr AFCS: Texans: Watson Colts: Luck Jaguars: Bortles Titans: Mariota Question: What quarterbacks would you take over Cousins? Brady, Ben, Luck....Carr? I think when you add Cousins, in this conference, you instantly have a top 5-7 AFC QB, and in Buffalo's case, Cousins (or any pocket passer) would give them a balanced offense. Kirk will definitely be the highest paid player in the NFL. Brace yourselves for that, and plenty of people will argue he isn't worth that money. That argument becomes old to me, especially in today's NFL, with fresh minds writing contracts that carry many clauses, as well as options that both benefit the team and the player long term financially. Looking at the AFC right now, if Cousins comes here, he gives his team a chance for the playoffs every year, and, when New England goes down, a decent path to the AFC Championship. In closing, I'm not here trying to tell you he is the best QB in the NFL, but to dismiss the idea of Cousins because he won't be as good as Tom Brady ever will be is being foolish in my eyes. The argument to package and trade your draft picks to move up, I don't see it unless you are POSITIVE that QB will turn out to be a franchise QB, and there is a reason why that percentage is so low, even when picking with the 1st three picks in a draft. Kirk Cousins certainly gives your team a really, really good option at the most important position on the football field, one that has eluded the Buffalo Bills for quite some time. Looking at the Bills, there is plenty of cap space, potentially more if they decide to move on from Cordy Glenn, and obviously Tryod Taylor. We all know they've acquired plenty of draft picks, as it stands today, Buffalo has 4 draft picks in the top 56 picks of this draft, as well as a nice receiving Tight End in Charles Clay, running game with LeSean McCoy and reliable possession receiver in Kelvin Benjamin.