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  1. You have to look at the quotes at the time when they were made. The world was a very different place than what it is now. Many of the things we say today will be taken very differently in 20-30 years so imagine 60-80 years.
  2. I never let the poster forget that he posted it. The ol is where you start and it was fun to watch him disagree with me.
  3. My sig is gone but it stayed when rebuilding a team the ol is not where you start. Just ask Tim Couch about that.
  4. Freddie should have been fired at the half. Maybe we can fire him right after the game as tomorrow is too late. He is going to cost Chubb the rushing title and I wouldn’t be surprised if obj doesn’t get 1000
  5. 16 minutes before obj gets a pass thrown his way. Freddie has no idea how to use talent.
  6. Trips to the right and the 3rd defender is 12 yards off the ball with less than 5 needed for a 1st.
  7. I hope you are right. This team gave up after the first Pittsburgh game.
  8. Freddie really has a fetish for running to she short side of the field.
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