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  1. Can confirm @RapSheet report that Packers and Davante Adams' camp have cut off extension talks. I'm told Packers don't want to recognize DeAndre Hopkins' deal when considering Adams'. Hopkins makes $5.25 mil more/year than any WR. Doesn't seem GB wants to make Adams highest paid.
  2. Michael Thomas is out the first four games of the season. Ankle Surgery.
  3. Well for one night, MITB, I enjoyed a WWE event. Monday happened, now I am reminded why I checked out.
  4. UPDATE ON CM PUNK'S RETURN TO THE RING. Fightful Select reported today that CM Punk has been in talks with a company about a return to the ring. That company is speculated to be All Elite Wrestling. The Fightful report stated that they’ve been told AEW is the most likely landing point for Punk, but there’s no confirmation of a contract officially being signed, a timetable, a set return date, or any creative plans just yet. The only thing that is known is Punk and a company official have had ongoing conversations about an in-ring return. Of course, nothing is
  5. Next linebacker up for a new deal is Indianapolis’ Darius Leonard, a contract is that is expected to be a four-year deal for north of $19 million per year, per sources.
  6. Since I'm without a 3rd, I would have to use one of my 2nd round picks for Lamb (31 and 34 overall) which I think its around his ADP.
  7. In PPR, Terry Mclaurin or CeeDee Lamb? We do get 1 point for 25 return yards and Ceedee Lamb is supposedly the Punt Returner for Dallas again if this makes any difference.
  8. Forgot its non ppr so the likes of Mike Davis and Hunt are less appealing lol....
  9. Or I actually wouldn't mind if it instead of Dobbins, I punted RB all together and picked a WR like Lamb instead. I actually like the RBs in R4: Gaskins, Davis, J-Rob, Edmonds.
  10. the last time I used a preimum pick on a TE was 2016? The year Kelce was made full time starter in Kc. Ever since then I have punted during the draft. I was lucky enough to land Waller two years ago off Waiver Because of this and the fact that I passed on a sure fire hit in Kelce last year for Drake, I feel like I gotta go big at TE.
  11. And honestly I kinda want to try to whole Zero RB thing too lol. I've always been either a get two RBs early or at least have one RB1 by R2. I was also thinking if I end up with Mahomes, Diggs/Ridley, Kelce and Dobbins, I guess that wouldn't be too bad. *QBs score a boat load in our league settings especially the top 5 QBs*
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