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  1. I ended up with Carr. I picked up the SF DEF too. Although with the rain, I don't know how I feel about using them now.
  2. The Old Wentz shows up SNF. No not the MVP one. The one who lost his job to Hurts. 49ers 31 Indy 17 Fred Warner scores a TD.
  3. Ant man and it isn't close. For the reasons stated above. He'll shrink himself, go in Cull then Giant it. Done.
  4. I'm up by 50 I have AJB(who is sick and no clue what is going on) and my opponent has Diggs. I'm hoping Allen continues to spread the wealth again.
  5. Trey Lance vs IND- if he starts Derek Carr VS PHIL Tannehill VS KC or keep Wentz vs SF
  6. I look to be ending a four game lossing streak... I did change my name back to Team WAKANDA. This team name has won me titles in the past........
  7. Sorry Rocket but this is an easy W for Ego although Rocket will go down swinging.
  8. well I haven't won in a month. Seems likes it different year but same results for me. Thing that sucks the most is overall this team is better than last year's team. If I can't beat the 0-5 team this week then I might as well start looking at next year.
  9. I tried to play the long game with Daronld. I should of played to win this week with Burrow who had an "easier" matchup on paper. oh well.
  10. Did we play more of a 2 man look on def? Just wondering because I wonder did Ryans learn from the GB game...
  11. I traded Hurts for AJB and Miles sanders last week. I picked up Burrow but Daronld was before him in waiver so someone else picked him up. I ended up trading Burrow for Daronld... 19 pt different between them this week. I win if I have Burrow......
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