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  1. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I do wonder if Styles will leave as well... If the money is right/same and the schedule is lighter with AEW wouldn't he leave?
  2. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Cowboys fired OC Scott Linehan. This ends his five-year run in Dallas. The Cowboys were initially expected to retain Linehan, but obviously they had a change of heart. "This was not an easy decision because of how highly we regard Scott Linehan as a football coach and as a person," said coach Jason Garrett in a statement Friday. "He is an outstanding football coach, a great friend and we wish him and his family nothing but the absolute best moving forward." Garrett said the decision to part ways was mutual, but in reality, the Cowboys have been looking at outside OC candidates for the past several days. Outside of the always reliable Ezekiel Elliott and a late-season surge from Amari Cooper, the Cowboys' offense was nothing special this year. Ultimately, Dak Prescott should benefit from a more creative play-caller.
  3. MMA Thread

    not feeling this new belt design
  4. MMA Thread

  5. Minor Niner News Thread

    This is why I don't want us to just "sit around" this off season again. We have to make the splash moves this off season. We may not win the SB next year but atleast get me a wild card spot. The sad part is that IF Jimmy doesn't get hurt we might be a playoff team this past year(9-7, 10-6). Those losses vs GB, LAC, Zona(2x), NYG and TB are wins in my book if Jimmy G is healthy.
  6. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Rumor was when we traded up for Foster, we were trying hard to move up for Watt?
  7. Minor Niner News Thread

    based on those tweets,I would hope/think so....
  8. Minor Niner News Thread

    Not sure If you find follow him but he seems to be right more often than not so FWIW his take on brown and SF. The initially tweet was someone asked him who he thought was a good fit for brown and he said us.
  9. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Mel Kiper has us taking Josh Allen at #2, Bosa goes #1.
  10. Kris Kocurek- New Dline coach

    <insert every single WHAT meme in the freaking world>
  11. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I was thinking about this too. Pitts could ship him anywhere they want but no team is gonna want to trade for him if he isn't willing to show and if Pits decides they won't meet his demands he could just simply say peace, bye....
  12. Spiderman: Far from home

    I watched homecoming and planning to watch this one as well but honestly I had a hard time re watching homecoming the second time around on blu ray. Its missing something i just don't know what.