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  1. Yeah Balt has 3 LEGIT CBs but I think their weakness on def is the run game?
  2. Fantasy Progress Thread

    Yeah the #1 seed in our league, has scored 200 TWICE, it it just so happened I was one of them back in week 5 when he put up his highest 237 on me. It sucks, really sucks. As the years go back, I don't take it as serious as I used to. It just sucks that in my home league(9 years and counting), I have all the draft and regular season success but I have yet to win it all. It seems like an annual thing that things happen to me during the latter part of the season.
  3. And I think we match up VERY WELL with GB. Rodgers hates when you can pressure him with four and cover 7. The chargers did that a few weeks back and gave him fits. fun fact tho, I don't think A rod has beaten us when we have fielded a great team.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure what adjustment we could of made but was a bit disappointed that two weeks later, Saleh didn't try to change much? Although it was just in spurts but man it was bad when it happened.
  5. Fantasy Progress Thread

    I'm in 8th place and 2nd highest scoring team. Here is what gets me. Brees scored 44 this week in my league but 18 last week, I would of won last week with this week's Brees.. Back in week 9 A rob had 1.6, in week 10 he had 14. I would of won in week 9 if he gave me week 10's stats. I hate fantasy. The difference between 7-4 and 5-6.
  6. It would suck to lose him for an extended period of time but thankfully AA has been playing at a high level...
  7. Its been a while since I've yelled and rolled around the living room for a niners game. If not for those two bad ints, this game isn't even close but guess we'll take the W and head on to SNF.
  8. Fantasy Progress Thread

    5-6 now. If I win out i'm in, that's all.
  9. Who killed you this week?

    a bit obvious but A rob.
  10. Fantasy Progress Thread

    I was surprised to see Chubb end up with 27 carries last night. Although in my league that amounts to 22.40 points which isn't bad but I was hoping for a bigger game since I'm going up against Cook, CMC and Godwin. 5-5 and on a two game losing streak. Fantasy has not been kind to me this year.
  11. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    He has the matchup that's for sure. Maybe 4/40/1td?
  12. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    yikes that's a tough one. I may go with Hollywood and JUJU.
  13. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I saw on twitter where they break down the rams vs Steelers game. This person mentioned that the Steelers have struggled to contain the run when going up against a wide zone scheme which the Browns happen to run.
  14. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I would be surprised if Kittle played tbh. We got a three game stretch vs GB, Balt and NO so he's probably gonna rest for them.