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  1. I've always done one but I'm up for suggestions.
  2. 49ers asst GM Adam Peters championed Ambry Thomas pre-draft. True to philosophy, SF aimed to address secondary right after premium rounds of draft. 49ers were afraid Lions would take Thomas — a Detroit native — with pick right before them. Lions picked CB Ifeatu Melifonwu instead
  3. When I filled in for Adam Copeland on The Athletic’s “The Update” podcast on Monday, I asked our 49ers beat reporter, Matt Barrows, what changed his mind right before the draft. After mocking Jones to the 49ers on April 28, Barrows predicted on draft day that Lance would actually be the guy for a multitude of reasons that showed how complicated the reporting process ended up being, thanks to the 49ers’ actions. “I called some folks who are close to Mac Jones, including this guy Joe Dickinson who’s been his QBs coach forever, since he was a little boy, and was with him in Tuscaloosa right
  4. This is like playing fantasy football and you hear your best friend doesn't want a star player.. What am I supposed to do sit there and not send a trade. Give me a break!
  5. General thread but just wanted to see what you guys plan to use as your draft strategy for the year. I've sent out two trades to see if I can acquire Stefon Diggs or Alvin Kamara. Looking to give up #3 and #22 for Diggs/Kamara and 28/29. (picks I listed are actually higher than they are, pick 3 is really pick 15 and so forth since we save a round for keepers) I think I prefer the Kamara Trade only because I ran a couple of mock drafts on yahoo and I like the WRs in rounds 3-5.
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