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  1. I'm still in it to win it. our defense minus Bosa drops down a quite a bit but if all the other pieces are that currently hurt(Ford, Sherman) are ok then we should be fine. However, it will all depend on one man, Jimmy G. Sadly he's probably not playing for a couple of weeks but if he makes that leap, I think we could still make some noise. AA, Ford, DJJ, Kinlaw, Blair, Hyder, Givens, Street and possibly Ansah with our LB crew and a healthy secondary is STILL better than what most teams roll out weekly. But wouldn't that be something. Jimmy got hurt and it landed us Bosa. Bosa gets hurt and it lands us a Lombardi because Jimmy takes the next step....
  2. Me either and coming from an offensive guru like Kyle, it was quite disappointing. Steve Young said Jimmy is processing things just too fast and Steve said he was a victim of that under Mike. It wasn't until Mike told him to slow it down but again did Jimmy process things a bit too quick because the gameplan was RB/TEs only?
  3. Can we blame Shanahan and his bad gameplan of just not throwing to WRs?
  4. I think out of those three, its big Mike Williams for me.
  5. Kinda like last year too.. Offense didn't look good W1 but we went to Cincy and all was well there and we blew them out.
  6. Deebo was dropped and currently on waivers till tomorrow. I currently have a waiver in for Cam, dropping Desean. I don't like carrying two QBs(also own Arod). Would you guys stash Deebo or get Cam? Arod plays NO next week and Cam gets LVR. I figured I could play Cam next week?
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