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  1. Almost every week I have lost someone to injury. I hate this year. Here's to a better year next year....
  2. Because of the lower cap in 2021, I think if we were to go via FA/trade for a new QB. I think the two more REALISTIC names are Cam Newton and Sam Darnold. like I said before, it be nice if ATL/DET/PHI ate the dead money for their QBs but I can't see it happening. As much as I like Zach Wilson, i'm so/so with "starting over" with a rookie QB. I guess I want results ASAP. Going to the SB and losing isn't helping me. I really don't mind a healthy Cam in this offense.
  3. I think the numbers are save 26 mill but two mill in dead cap....
  4. like StevenK mentioned, its the CORRECT thing to say at the moment.
  5. This was my take on Wilson after watching some highlights. *oh we run that and we run that in SF*
  6. be nice if he could be a potential replacement for Ford..
  7. Yeah I'm starting to come around to the idea that he's probably back for another year. I want to say the ankle ruined him but then I look back at W1 where he was just terrible but again the whole let's not throw it to WR game plan wasn't great to start off with. I love to somehow land Ryan/Wentz/Stafford but they have such big dead money hit that maybe it won't be till after the 2021 season that any of them is a realistic option. Then again if we cut/trade Jimmy, that money could be used on some of our pending FA. Lastly, this sucks...
  8. So Josh Mcdaniels and Jimmy G to Chicago then?
  9. I'm last at the moment but I have the same amount of points as the #2 seed........
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