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  1. Yesterday, I thought we would be ok as our defensive line should be able to give Burrow fits but does that really matter when you can't cover? I think we still pull off a W but this is gonna look like that MN game. 28-27, Us.
  2. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1467887828902240257 looks like Wilson will be out this week?
  3. There was another throw Jimmy made to Aiyuk. I want to see from an RPO? Jimmy threw it a bit across his body and all I could think of was oh boy INT but Aiyuk was so open that one of us could of made that play.
  4. OOF. Mike Evans, Ja'marr Chase and Nick Chubb. I am about to lose to the second worst team in the league. Thanks a lot Carolina for not defending Jaylen Waddle. I'm up 3.5 pts but he still has Gerald Everett left to play. I'll drop to 6-6 if I lose but would be the 6th seed.
  5. So in there's a universe where we let Juice walk and Hurd becomes the new Juice?
  6. Last time he played, I said to myself who is 55? Totally forgot he was still on the team.
  7. The other option was Cincy VS LAC. I would of preferred that matchup more for SNF.
  8. The Athletic has their annual $1 dollar/month sub for a year deal.
  9. Nice win although This makes me even more salty about losing to zona three weeks ago. oh well. Nice to see Kittle get back to back to back red zone TDs. Also is it just me or does Sermon just look slow running the ball?
  10. 24-10, US but it will feel like the game is closer than it is.
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