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  1. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    1. this is not funny, if thats what you were going for. actually really immature regardless of what side of it youre on. 2. its a really good way to get this locked.
  2. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    yes that. BUt also i think even the general public is aware football is not a healthy thing. We're watching people destroy their bodies and will likely have long lasting impacts, as much as i enjoy football i am under no illusion that its wholesome.
  3. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    who thinks the nfl is wholesome? regardless, this is just silly. No, brown shouldnt be cut IF he had consensual sexual relations and was a jerk after. what is happening.
  4. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    @Art_Vandalay you guys serious? He should be cut because he was a jerk after sleeping with a girl (again, assuming consensual). Man... the nfl aint gonna have too many players left.
  5. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    or is he saying he got what he wanted (again in a consensual way) she was dumb for doing it and hes done with her after getting his? I have no clue what happened but that email doesnt help either case, besides reinforcing ab is a moron. But people really should have known that by now.
  6. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    as far as how its not incriminating? theres nothing in that email that says it wasnt consensual, what he says happened happens all the time (assuming it was consensual).
  7. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    its also 23 years old, tad bit outdated.
  8. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    maybe to a certain point but on that last play common sense has to kick in for every dc in the league. you simply cant play soft there, and crennel is tenured enough not to have to ask bob before every call, and theres what, maybe 25 seconds before he has to get a call in to the D?
  9. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    i mean, you agree its been almost every throw tonight though, right?
  10. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    it prob benefits him 70-75% of the time, but if Watson learned to take some off when appropriate, everything has been a fastball so far. Or is this an aberration and hes just juiced up week 1?
  11. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    braves making a push for the top NL record. this team is legit.
  12. MMA Thread

    this is like saying gaethje isnt a good wrestler cause he doesnt use it in fights. i mean, really? Also, whats al's training schedule since you have handy?
  13. Falcons finalizing extension for WR Julio Jones

    quite frankly i doubt it, honestly you may have made out better. Its possible julios # would have been lower and what case does thomas really have for being paid more that Jones? that hes younger?
  14. MMA Thread

    cool. So at minimum they tried to make 4 (? , i think) different title fights. It does matter cause the fight is made but what do you think the alternatives were? its clear they wanted a title fight.
  15. MMA Thread

    they didnt really decide that though. they wanted a title fight but couldnt get deals done. usman and covington are the losers in this.... as far as the fight goes i think masvidals power is going to put diaz away.