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  1. tds are kinda irrelevant tbh, at keast when ranking players. hes maybe backend of the top 10, but could easily be placed 11-13 or something.
  2. freeman? anyway... cmc chubb zeke cook barkley whatever order you want to out them in.
  3. @Raves is right, its brought a lot of good debate. The only problem no one is really arguing for kamara and the answer to the thread question is clearly no. Theres a legitimate argument hes not even top 5 at this point.
  4. but kamara isnt close enough to be argued to being the best. Maybe a title change is in order, something like Kamara IS NOT the best RB... but who is?
  5. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    is that a top 10, franchise qb? im not saying judging off 10 games alone is the right answer but if the only way hes going to be a legit franchise guy is id hes in an innovative offense with top of the line parts all around him then that kinda answers the question.
  6. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    does anyone really know wat kind of qb goff is? Hes had a couple of good years of excellence in an offense that was considered cutting edge, his rookie year was abysmal and now he looks well below average Plenty of qbs have played behind bad olines and looked light years better then him now, i mean he genuinely looks like a bad nfl starter. Seems lie the rams should have waited on siging him to that huge deal but ill let @jrry32 have the last word.
  7. Official 2020 QB Thread

    and this year he looks below average and theres a decent chance they miss the playoffs. Whats your point?
  8. MMA Thread

    actually i can, whether you chose to believe it is up to you. Or you can just bury your head n teh sand and pretend like youre right.
  9. MMA Thread

    then youre ignorant of gillespies background. His wrestling is world class, not jut in mma but period. If he wanted hed easily be on the olympic team. Add to that his striking has become well above average, nd hes been knocking guys out that are not really easy to do so (medieros). Hes legit a khabib type guy if he focused only on getting takedowns, its almost at that level. He just overwhelms guys. No one lee has faced is like that.
  10. MMA Thread

    What are you talking about dude? Are you just judging off results or are you ignorant about gillepies background?
  11. MMA Thread

    no way, i would think masvidal is a significant dog in either. Anything can happen but both guys just smother you in a khabib like way, and although improved masvidals grappling isnt at that level.
  12. MMA Thread

    I 100% agree, the fight tonight was not competive. just pointing out that connor did beat him up early, but as you said masvidal is prob bigger than diaz and has good cardio. He wasnt going to fade, and he was landing such heavy shots that diaz couldnt even pressure like he normally does.
  13. MMA Thread

    not exactly, connor beat him up early but he faded quick. It was obvious masvidal still had plenty in the tank and he was still hurting diaz deep into the 3rd. No way there should be a rematch either, that fight wasnt even competitive.
  14. MMA Thread

    this is just a moronic statement. Not surprised but his eye was jacked and he spent the back half of the 3rd wiping his eye. Furthermore, diaz got dominated, he didnt need to take two more rounds of punishment.
  15. MMA Thread

    you dont reakky believe that having a elbow slightly touching a mans chest can take two lbs off, do you?