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  1. when in baseball are players really close enough for transmission to be a serious issue?
  2. it will be interesting to see what haopens with dunbar. he didnt get charged but my guess is hes suspended at leat a few games.
  3. sure, my issue is when people are saying the nfl or any other company should pay for people not working. the same logic for that being said could be applied to a multitude of other things. its starting to get too far away from the thread but my point is the nfl isnt wrong, bad or evil for not paying and players arent getting screwed over.
  4. yes, my position is you should not be paid for not working. Groundbreaking. What the nfl makes is irrelevant. what the nba is doing is irrelevant. If players dont get paid, how does that make them unsafe? Should all business have to pay people who choose not to work? If not, who gets to decide who has to pay and who doesnt? Theres so many examples of why this just isnt smart. Since safety is your main prioirity, what do you do for homeless people when asked for money/food( and im not sure where you live... id love to take you on a tour of atlanta if you dont have this problem). Surely youre getting them a hotel for at least a few days? i mean, its so much safer for everyone and obviously a majority of homeless people dont actually aspire to be homeless.
  5. well no, he didnt. he did something for nice for a few employees... i wont go further than that because it was absolutely a nice thing to do. because itd be nice is not a real reason. heck you said "certain places have bargaining agreements", i made the mistake of assuming you meant the nfl. Is that not what you meant? IS there an actual reason players should be paid other than to be nice?
  6. that awesome that you did a good thing, but businesses shouldnt be expected to pay for no work, nor does it make them bad or evil if they dont. and without getting too deep into it, for most people there was an avenue to collect most or all (or even more) of your lost income. obviously that doesnt apply to nfl players. As i asked @Xenos, why should players get paid for not playing? Im still unclear on this.
  7. could you point me in the right direction on where exactly it says players are entitled to free money if they choose not to play the season? I could be completely wrong, maybe it was negotiated that players are entitled to x amount if a force majeure or whatever legal language happens.
  8. its great that you did, doesnt mean you should. "because i did" is not a real reason, if you feel it is should i point to the many people who did not get paid, or worse, were made jobless?
  9. not for me. not sure how much is out there but the braves need a high end arm, not another back of the rotation guy. its such a weird season that not sure it will happen but if its there then we should absolutely give up some of our legit pieces and not just spare parts.
  10. All in all, baseball has actually done a fairly decent job at this. outbreaks were going to happen, and im curious to see how the postponed games get made up in time, but were on week 3 now and theres one team with a problem. knock on wood, it seems like the season may finish (although its really early to say that). not perfect but they adapted when needed , after the bleep show of a negotiation this is exactly what they needed. heck, some said the season would last like two days.
  11. for simplicity, lets call it 3 mil cash that enunwa actually sees. a 4-5% return could easily, easily be had with smart moves. heck, you could see 10x that to be honest. so cash today and invest a chunk or take a "salary" as low as hes ever had and wait another year.
  12. The logic in this makes so little sense... you high bruh? regardless of gilmore or whites level of play, slays clearly is not as high. you dont need to be an all time great to be better than another player.
  13. but no, its not. none of the numbers you posted are at the top. The question isnt who is a good corner, its who is the best and its simply not slay. Theres really only two acceptable answers, tre white or gilmore.
  14. i prefer to be fashionably late to any party i go to. now that thats out of the way, is this a joke? its such a cliche i honestly think it may be.... you can make the argument you just dont feel like doing it right now? really?
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