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  1. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Tweets/Videos Get Embedded

    Acuna is still only 19 years old, hes seen three different levels this year alone and is in triple A now. With that said... hes increased his walk rate at every level, decreased his strikeouts, and has hit for more and more power as hes advanced through the system. A+ - wRC 134 AA - wRC 158 AAA - wRC 182 Absolutely absurd.
  2. Devonta Freman - 5/41.25

    We;ve already seen and we'll continue to see the importance of good, versatile rb's come back. Yea, a guy who averages 4.2 and cant catch isnt that valuable. But if youre catching 50 balls a year and a good runner, thats prettyy big in todays game. Plus, we'll have to wait to see the breakdown but hes getting a lot of money early apparently and should be easy to get out of.
  3. Jalen Collins Suspended 10 Games for PEDs

    so true. Goodwin and this Deji guy apparently have impressed and Kazee especially has created a lot of buzz. Its camp though, for all we know it a conctrted effort to build these guys up.
  4. Falcons extend Devonta Freeman

    Finally gets done.
  5. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    If i did it wasnt my intent. BA is kind of silly to look at these days anyway, but if people are bringing it up im gonna mention his low BABIP. even if when it normalizes hes a .220 hitter instead of .206, thats something.
  6. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    No where will you find me say hes gonna hit .300, just that his BABIP will come up. And Im sure youre not saying that you think it will stay at .238, when you ask what seems unsustainable about it thats how i intepret it but I know you know why its likely to come up. Escpecially since his batted ball profile isnt half bad.
  7. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    oh, and 12% walk rate, .346 iso, 122wRC+, 45% hard contact, .360 woba... he sucks though.
  8. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    His BABIP is also.238, weird how people ignore the obvious when they dont want to admit hes wrong. And throughout his short career thus far, his baserunning has rated is well above average.You dont need to be a speedster to run the bases well, the top 25 has a handful of guys who no one would ever call fast.
  9. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    waiting to see if some dummies out there blames teheran for ball that quite literally would have bounced in the dirt.
  10. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    For this team, probably. Alford, trufant and poole are all shorter guys. Collins is 6'+ and can matchup up better with bigger guys.
  11. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    Pretty good when hes on the field. Hes been our first guy off the bench on the outside, but corners such an up and down spot so who really knows if he can handle being a starter. Right now hes a really good depth player, maybe he can be more if he stays clean.
  12. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    I just saw he wont count towards the 53 while hes suspended, so Im not sure theres a reason to. As I said, hes a good player, and really good depth, but we cant trust him. To me, losing 500k and possibly a 2nd contract is punishment enough, us cutting him would more or less be pointless. If he comes back strong, great, if not then we have enough decent guys to mov on without him.
  13. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    I mean, hes a good player when hes on the field, but we cant trust him. Im not familar enough to know if he counts towards tge 53 while suspended. If he doesnt id say he sticks but this is almost a lost year. By the time hes in football shape were likely talking december.
  14. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    honestly dont even care. Hes a nice piece cause hes a bigger corner, but really sounds liek we're gonna cut bait with him.
  15. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    With the way the atlanta FO has been, expect to see him in Atlanta next week.