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  1. im actually not. Im just trying to figure out what you think, but youre pretty much refusing to say. its all well and dandy to say you believe in the data and what he experts are saying... but youre not saying who and what data. every step of the way its been worse than pulling teeth, and i simply dont understand whats been the point of that.
  2. couldnt agree more. i want people to be healthy but also if youre happy then be happy. but if you ever wonder of coke is bad for you, go a month without drinking it and then have one. pretty much the same with bread. very likely that first time back youre gonna feel awful until your body figures out all the artificial stuff again.
  3. whats high enough to warrant it? who decides that? at what point does what life look "post" covid matter? for the record, i think people should be smart and resposnible. take into account who you live with, wear your mask indoors etc. but also, live your life.
  4. a prolonged period, call it over 6 months or over 4. it doesnt really matter.
  5. congrats man, thats awesome! i have no clue what the actual answer to why that is. I suspect a part of the reason is that its hard to lose weight and it can be even harder to eat healthy(ish)? who doesnt love delicious pizza, pasta, burgers etc, etc etc.
  6. bruh... did you read my post, how much more direct could this be? . so, im asking you if you think its smart to continue for such a long period of time
  7. i thought it was pretty clear, and do you really not see how its relevant? granted it was the most cohesive thought, but you gave him crap for implying lockdowns for such extended period of time arent the best. so, im asking you if you think its smart to continue for such a long period of time. make sense now or should i find a different way to ask?
  8. we've never seen candler in the ufc, but i think we saw what kind of fight beats tony now. guys that arent going to get drowned by his pressure and can fight anywhere will be a problem. I think Dustin is a mirror image of the gaethje fight for tony. Heck, i could even see felder or hooker having similar performances.
  9. niners have to be the most beat up team, right? The # of injuries are insane.
  10. didnt the who come out fairly recently and say lockdowns werent meant to be long term. what are you saying, the op certainly wasnt clear but i want to get your opinion clear before we move forward.
  11. wait.... theres people who dont like their significant others/spouses family. that must suck. anyway, newsom is kinda hilarious. this really steps over a line, but most people wont pay attention to it so no harm, no foul i guess?
  12. does it matter though? herbert is very, very good.
  13. correct, this has gotten silly. bryce didnt wrestle in college so he cant be a wrestler (even though, you know, he is) and rosa, black belt for 5 years now, isnt good enough at bjj. All determined by you. BUt you are correct in one way, its dragged on too long. its clear by the extreme goal post moving you dont even believe your original statement, so we will just stop. apologies to everyone else.
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