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  1. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    I cant wait to not have to sit through a 30 minute half inning cause theres 3 pitching changes, 17 ball scratches, 41 commercials and who knows what else. Youre arguing the exception instead of the "rule"... could a pitcher look so absolutely horrendous after what would likely to be 4-5 pitches that he needed to be removed... maybe but would be pretty rare. And yes, its completely reasonable to think game times can drop 20+ minutes from this.
  2. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    no, youre suppoed to realize now more than ever people dont like sitting through commercials. Lets come up with a scenario and honestly its not that uncommon. Starters done in the 6th, you have r-l-r coming up... thats pretty much guaranteed two pitching changes minimum if everything goes well. Theres a % of people who wont watch because of that or who watch and when that comes up they change the channel and never come back. Baseball needs more people watching games, this is a pretty good solution. Its also hilarious that a few of the biggest complainers about it (not you) are the ones who cry about fa's not getting big enough deals.
  3. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    i think you need one too man... every signing is the end of the world. Every injury is career threatening... if its not just make it up ie cam newton. Teams getting smarter is a good thing, it aint collusion. and hopefully players are smarter than some to realize the sport as it is today cant handle a strike, its just not popular enough and a chunk of current viewers will just move on without it.
  4. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Like the new rule, theres some flaws but its better than having to sit through three pitching changes in half an inning. Baseball needs to be more viewer friendly, this is a step towards that. Some of the short sightedness is unbelievable.
  5. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    i dont know if you can say he was bad in gwinnett, just not a top prospect. I mean, he put up a a 127 wRC+ at 21 in AAA.... thats not too shabby. Ultimately i think he he doesnt cut it though, he has holes in his swing and hes either gonna strike out way too much or he'll cut down on it but lose power. I could see a rough few weeks to start the season unless the young starters really impress. Folty hopefully will be full strength mid april but gausman doesmt look good and newk is all over the place. Granted its only spring training but thats our top three starters...
  6. Who wins the NFCN 2019

    Bears Vikes Pack Lions Thatd be my guess
  7. Green Bay expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    year 1 looks great... the rest not so much. Hes getting paid like a star even in relation to this fa class, GB is betting big that both him and Preston will continue to improve. If they dont, then GB is not looking pretty. I guess they have to do this to try and cash in on what they have left of Rodgers best.
  8. Jason Verrett signs with SF

    Is this ignorance or stubbornness? niners had ton of cap space, utilized it to perfection and if kwon cant progreess then they cut him next year with next to no dead space.
  9. 49ers sign Tevin Coleman RB

    I gotta say, being a niner fan must be miserable. Just surrounded by a bunch of debbie downers. When did having talented football players on team friendly deals become a negative. RBS get hurt, maybe brieda/mckinnon wont be 100% to start the year, who knows. Its a really good deal though and one i thought would never happen $ wise. Oh, and the niners did a great job with that mckinnon contract. They can pretty much get out of it anytime they want, dont think they will or should do it this year but another example of whoever is putting together these contracts doing it right? Edit... ill also add that if all three guys stick dont be durpried to see mckinnon at qb running the triple option a time or two a game. Ran it at southern as did brieda... could see it 2-3 times a game.
  10. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    I didnt have any expectiations for him really, but you cant say his performance was good last year. dropped probably too many balls, hads tons of actual opportunity but subpar production, for a guys that was supposed to take the top off a defense he rarely did that. hes athletically gifted but sloppy, that was the mo on him coming out and it rang true last year. Why would we assume sloppiness (hands, route running, etc) would just go away on its own? im not responding to your final question because it literally makes no sense.
  11. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    lets be honest, he had a pretty poor rookie year. he had tons of opportunity and did little with it. maybe he gets better or maybe this is just who he is.
  12. Preston Smith signs with Green Bay

    1. thats wasnt cwoods reasoning 2. scheme matters to an extent but good coaches shoukd be able to tinker what they do to highlight the players they have.
  13. Preston Smith signs with Green Bay

    i dont think the contract is bad or good. as i said i think its full market value. as far as smith over flowers, i dont agree with that logic it all. signing lesser players cause they will cost less if they bust just sounds backwards to me.
  14. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    nah... he kinda sucks.
  15. Preston Smith signs with Green Bay

    what really doesnt? And in year three theyd be "paying" him 8 million to not be on the roster. If he underperforms it would obviously save them money but thats not really ideal. You paid what you had to mostly, but i dont think many look at this and say what a great deal for gb. Its pretty much full market value. Flowers got full market value as well, hes just that much better than smith which is why he got paid so much more. I mean, if you have the cap why wouldnt you want the better player?