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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Are you really having that tough of a time with this? No one has presented anything in the slightest even hinting that owners agreed to overpay fas. Unless you have that, youre wrong. ive been asking for that for how long now? Do you have that, or do you just want to keep giving make believe conversations and then call them proof. Or do you want to give another half insult like a child to try and bail on the argument without admitting youre wrong?
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    very much seems like theres nothing that says owenrs had a handshake deal to overpay older players like @ramssuperbowl99 and yourself have asserted. If there was, why not just present it? Oh, and didnt go to georgia state bro. wanna take another guess or just deal with the l?
  3. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    No, thats a players perspective of what should be happening. Its not proof of anything. I almost wanna say having a make believe conversation in your head isnt an unwritten rule, but they arent even saying that was the case. Maybe you should use whatever fancy degree you got to reread it so you can reread what was posted and figure out it literally doesnt say anything?
  4. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Well, let put it to the test. what are you talking about? Please say rams post, please say rams post. The irony would be hysterical.
  5. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    crickets? @ramssuperbowl99
  6. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    where was it said we will pay z50% of gross revenue to players? Was it in a cba, if so, thats not unwritten. Its very specificly written. If it wasnt in there, who said it? Where was it said? When was it said?
  7. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    im looking for proof there was some agreement that teams would overpay players. its stupid to even say that out loud, it makes zero sense. why would owners purposefully overpay players? Is it more likely that they have a better view of actual value instead of saying, sure we'll just throw buckets of money at you cause youre not under team control anymore? but why admit its simply teams have smartened up, no, it has to be that the owners are reneging on some under the table, back room, wink wink deal that old guys would get paid just cause theyre old. not buying it, and I challenge anyone to show a shred of actual evidence of it.
  8. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    its actually kind of shocking. In no way does this clear anyyhing up, but man, it puts some thoughts in your head about what may have happened. Oh, and his gf seems like an awful person... maybe get out of that relationship.
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Yove said this a few times. Youre either flat out lying/making stuff up or have legit proof of it. Which one, cause its very likely that its the former but id love to be wrong.
  10. Top 100 Player Countdown for 2019

    I know man. 31 tds and 11 ints. Ive already listed essentially every relevant qb stat and where he ranked, fell figure to argue that total tds (and why youre putting rushing in there is kind of beyond me) is a better stat than td%. or almost any counting stat being better. done with you as well though. Brady isnt a top 10 player right now, and it was obvious you didnt think so either. couldnt even 100% commit to it. "oh it was a joke guys"... i mean, really?
  11. Top 100 Player Countdown for 2019

    Done. youre just making up what ive said and you cut out a huge part of my post. stupid arguments are just stupid.
  12. Top 100 Player Countdown for 2019

    You seem to be missing the fact that since 10-1 was all of a sudden a joke, it makes the rest the same. Like I said though, why invest any amount of time.in this. Did you just get embarrassed?
  13. Top 100 Player Countdown for 2019

    totally normal, spend time on a 100-10, get called out, response... oh, it was all a joke anyway. Nice job!
  14. Top 100 Player Countdown for 2019

    and ive said over and over 2016 is irrelevant. SBs are irrelevant, its a team thing... I mean, here did you rank Eli Manning the year after he won? Obviously top 10 overall, right? Im saying elite intanglibles does overcome only above average intangibles to be a top 10 player overall. And he didnt have that good of a year, you can say "But, but he won the SB" all you want but the fact is statistically it wasnt all that great. Sorry you dont like that, sorry you seemingly dont want to use any stats, sorry you feel like you have to try and manipulate what I said (already flat out lied about 1 thing). I mean, lets try this again, ive already asked, but whats your case for Brady without bringing up SBs? What stats do you think are relevant (and sb record would fall under the previous stipulation, even if it is considered a stat).
  15. Top 100 Player Countdown for 2019

    yes production matters. Brady checking to a run doesnt change the majority of those stats, can you expand your point there? Why would brady checking changes his int%, td%, y/a, etc? I dont care about one games samples, or what he did that time when he played ______. And what do you mean ignore recent history, whats more recent than the 2018 season where he production was only above average? I never said intangibles dont matter, it just doesnt raise up Brady from having the year he had all the way top a top 10 player. I mean you havent even really presented an argument of why bradys top ten now without saying "but look what he did years ago".