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  1. Gurley only lengthened his both efficiency and bulk volume lead over kamara this weekend. Kamaras really fallen behind, heck its more of a question if Gordon is having a better year than kamara right now.
  2. Week 10 GDT

    I mean literally the reason we would be considered the least knowledgeable is because they see you and think this is what we have to work with for the Falcons fan base. They don't realize you would be at the very bottom of that list and it all goes up from there. weird... you cant seem to stop with the insults but im the rude one. challenging ideas is not being rude, if youre offended by that then it probably reflects more on you. Anyway, takes 4 minutes to look through jarrens post history, you can make your own decision. Back to being semi on topic, we had a small chance to get back to the playoffs and this prob ruins it. we'd have to go 3-1 (maybe 4-0) in the next 4 which is unlikely at best, and then we have a couple gimmes the last 2 out of 3.
  3. Week 10 GDT

    im sure the falcons will give him one in due time. #notsendingpictures.
  4. Week 10 GDT

    nah, thatd be jarren that thinks that.
  5. Week 10 GDT

    criticize away, we played very ugly today. Just dont criticize dumb things. As far as the falcons message board, theres very good reason for atlanta fans to be considered among the least knowledgeable in the country and generally just a poor fan base.
  6. Week 10 GDT

    need vick
  7. Week 10 GDT

    are you talking about his play overall or that last play... the game was decided by then anyway. He played pretty well today, run defense and generally sloppy offense (sanus fumble) cost us.
  8. Week 10 GDT

  9. Week 10 GDT

    who did what?
  10. Week 10 GDT

    thats a weird criticisim, especially considering eli lost his team the chance to win by trying to sneak it in. Run d sucked toward, sloppy offense and just didnt deserve to win.
  11. i shouldnt assume here hut im going to anyway... we're in a thread asking if kamara is the best rb in the league (hes not) and its resorted to pro Kamara people posting meaningless tidbits. this can only be a concession that theres no real argument that kamara is better then gurley.
  12. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    reid tried leaping over him? you serious? he drops his shoulder to make sure he catches a piece of him.
  13. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    no it wasnt incidental, he came flying in low as ben is clearly giving himswlf up. if youre taking out the legs thats not how you come in. reid was head hunting, plain and simple.
  14. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    you gotta stop being a homer man. it was unquestionably a cheap shot. wasnt even close and it was a pos play by reid. the ejection is questionable but let be honest, games over anyway.
  15. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    eric reid with the pos head hunting. hes been abused all game so why not go for a chrap shot.