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  1. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    honestly he wasnt. He never developed into a consistently good passer, which is what you need to be in todays NFL.
  2. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    Several reasons. For one, he was an early pick, not a 1st rounder but an early second so they invested fairly heavily draft capital wise. Second, as a rookie theres no argument to say he didnt play at least above average... theres no way you sit him or risk stunting his development. It makes no sense, regardless of the sample size. Third, he used nothing to support his opinion.
  3. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    I’m sorry, but this is just a dumb post.
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    building industry has pretty much always been considered essential business.
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    that would be 2%, not .2%. regardless, do you live life trying to avoid cancer or do you never drive in case of a deadly accident? To be clear, people need to stay home. it sucks, its boring and its happening during a time of year when people want to do things outside. people can deal with this for two months. HOWEVER, i was replying to someone saying how stressful it was and their gf was crying because of it. the reality is if youre healthy and not elderly the overwhelming likelihood is that youll be fine. that doesnt mean be careless, but panicking about this is kinda foolish.
  6. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    should it be? Its scary in that this is unprecedented time and how contagious this is, but if youre under 40 the hospitalization rate is like .2% or something crazy low. At that %, you have to think there an underlying issue. Doesnt mean it cant get bad if youre completely healthy however its extremely rare.
  7. Falcons sign Gurley 1 year deal

    you lose all credibility when you call freeman a very solid rb. Hes more washed than Gurley and had less to begin with.
  8. Falcons sign Gurley 1 year deal

    brian hill is not a good rb in any definition of the word. smith is an unknown at best tbh. i dont know where youre getting that they are.
  9. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    i know its fun to bash the texans, but not everyone with a twitter accoubt is credible.
  10. Panthers release S Eric Reid

    it doesnt matter if youre a free or strong, yiu have to be good in coverage if youre a safety in todays nfl. reid is not.
  11. Falcons sign DE Dante Fowler to 3 yr, 48M deal

    i agree with the pass rush being a wave, but if fowler can be a double digit guy or close to, and we draft an early pick, the we have those two and takk on the outside. its not great but has a solid chance to be above average. gradys is great and ten we can throw a couple guys inside like bailey or maybe cominsky on pass downs. ideally we may need another dt that can provide a rush but thats about it. theres no point in arguing our corner situation as we just disagree and theres no hard facts being given by either of us. I suspect it will be a day two pick as well, and its a supper deep position in the draft.
  12. Falcons sign DE Dante Fowler to 3 yr, 48M deal

    we didnt have alot, but should have something like 13 post june 1 after the trufant release is official or whatever. regardless, pass rush was far and away the biggest need even after trufant was cut, instead of getting a guy or two who can maybe contribute 5 sacks, we got one who could maybe contribute a dozen (on the top end).
  13. Falcons sign DE Dante Fowler to 3 yr, 48M deal

    well thats wrong. Did you look to see if it included the recent cuts? Hint.... it doesnt.
  14. Falcons sign DE Dante Fowler to 3 yr, 48M deal

    still not really following. I think youre saying that you wouldnt draft a guy at the same position and he'll be hard to cut, but with pass rusher you almost have to have 2-3 capable guys.
  15. Falcons sign DE Dante Fowler to 3 yr, 48M deal

    why would this contract steer the falcons away from an edge guy in the draft?