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  1. and again, if perry really is this 11 sack guy, theres no way you keep him on the bench like that, regardless of who is you have. figure out a way to get all three on the field, which is far from a genius idea. perry doesnt get a pass for not being good enough to play. Reminder, we're debating if perry was a hit in the first round and youre arguing that his lack of production (in part) is due to him not being good enough to play. Seriously?
  2. how it leading to good things not considered positive? friendly tip - focus less on stupid interment slang and ready a tad more carefully. what im telling you is im not so foolish as to think every player develops at the rate and try to put everyone under a blanket. we dont need to wait 2-3 years to say ramsey or zeke or wentz is good, we dont need to wait 3 years to say some players are bad. for every player we need more than 5 games of consistent good or bad play. its clear you wont answer my question cause you know the only answer that wont make you look foolish weakens your overall argument. kinda seeing a trend here. yea, snap % still sucks. he wasnt good enough to get on the field.
  3. peppers wasnt on the team in 2012/2013. how many of those snaps were against the pass vs run. if he was such a great pass rusher, why would he be on the bench. surely theres a way to get all three guys on the field in passing situations. its almost like the coaching staff saw a guy who wasnt be productive so he wasnt playing.
  4. its not a highly productive play, its an unfinished play. it can leas to good things, can lead to bad things. but we'll just continue to disagree so lets move on. Although i must note, its interesting perry was healthy enough to rack up pressures but not healthy enough actual complete the play and sack qbs. I dont thinks theres a set #, but its certainly more than 300 snaps in an unimpressive rookie year (completely understandable, lots of dl have rough starts) and 5 games into a sophomore year. some positions you can tell quicker, rb for example since their prime is almost right when the get in the league. ramseys clearly good as is wentz, , i dont know an exact #, again, longer than 5 games. ive yet to ignore or not answer one of your questions, so why dont you answer one of mine. Ill ask for the 3rd time, if clark plays crappy for a few weeks in a row, is he a crappy player? im over the injury excuse. whatever excuse you want to use, he played in a lot of games and wasnt a productive pass rusher.
  5. Not discarded, just not assuming a pressure is an automatic positive play as you are trying to pass off. a pressure could lead to a good thing or good lead to a bad thing, just getting a pressures isnt enough throughout the year, you have to actually bring down sacks as well. I asked you a few posts ago what other barometers you want to use outside of sacks, youve brought up pressures a few times. wheres your data backing up pressures is such a great stat. How many pressure lead to picks, incomplete passes and completed passes. thats whats relevant. baseline standard of what? CLark played 33% of snaps last year, regardless of position that isnt much to go on. you yourself already attributed his rookie year to dlineman needing more time to ajust and learn, which i agree with. But now that whooping 33% where he didnt set the world on fire is relevant? And you flatout ignored my question that i asked, yet you want to accuse me of ignoring something. Ill ask again, if clark plays like crap over the next 3 games are you saying that will make him a bust/crappy player? I already addressed it, and thanks to teh fancy new website people cant say you didnt see a reply as we all get alerts. Its not similar situation. Beasley has 35 games, perry has 65. Beasley had a rough rookie season and followed up with 15.5 sacks that easily surpassed anything perry has done. he has 2 sacks in 3 games this year. Perry took 5 years to get more than 5 sacks in a year. he hadnt shown that before and hes far from that pace this year. but i suspect youll accuse me of ignoring something perry did, not know what im talking about, introducting alternative facts, or some other baseless claim cause, you know... reasons.
  6. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    outside of his connection to the braves, whats wrong with moore? Seems silly to dismiss good candidates becuase he has ties to guys who have been in baseball for 40 years. How many guys has connections to those two? a lot im sure.
  7. i never said more or less, its just isnt a given. as long as you put a reasonable-ish % on it, i dont care what you want to label it as. pressures dont automatically turn into negative plays, if youre getting 50 pressures on the year and 2 sacks, youre doing a crappy job of finishing. and im sure you wont, but youre the one who introduced pressures, not me. you started that, so to be fair it would be on you to back it up. there you go leaving out important details again, seems to be a habit with you. i clearly said guys like ramsey and zeke who were already had significant sample sizes. clark does not, he has half the snaps of those guys. We absolutely do not have to assume clarks play over 5 games will continue. its 5 games, you may really want him to be good, and he looks to be on the right track but he needs to do it longer. if he were to play pretty crappy over the next 3 games, does that make him a crappy player? and get out of here with alternative facts crap. Where? youve thrown out cliche phrases a few times in this thread without anyhting to back it up with. you just compared nick perry to vic beasley for crying out loud. maybe you should step away from this thread, youre very much coming off as a homer who cant be objective about gb players.
  8. a pressure honest necessarily turn into a negative play, how many times doe we see a qb get pressured but still complete a pass. if youre not turning those pressures into sack at some point, what good are they? what other barometer do you propose for pass rushers? and i dont really care about excuses on why x player dint play better, so lets just get off that. Im actually well aware it typically takes dl a year or two to develop, which is why its even more puzzling that you want to call clark a definitive hit after 5 games into his 2nd year. in know way is it moving the goal posts, and just cause i dont agree with your opinion does it mean i dont know what im talking about. thats just childish. its simple, i specifically used the word recently from the very beginning, i dont even know if we can call 5 years recent in the nfl but since its the life of a 1st round contract it makes sense. i also thought it made senseto say you cant call clark a hit/miss essentially off 5-6 games into his 2nd season. Especially since he didnt play much his rookie year. Thats not moving the goal posts in the least, thats just common sense, or are you arguing 5 games played is big enough sample to make a declaration on a player for the next 5 years?
  9. Vic beasley is 2-1/4ish years into his career and has 35 career games played. Nick perry is 6 years into his career and has 65 career games played. Why in the world would you leave that out? after a poor rookie year, beasley had an outstanding sophomore year, already besting perrys best season. To start his 3rd, he has 2 sacks in 3 games. It took perry 5 years to get past the 5 sack mark. why is this even a comparison?
  10. 4th and 1 Zeke Elliott Run - Correct Call?

    cool story bro. as has come up several times, you dont get to change the rule based on what you think.
  11. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: MVP Giannis is here

    can we chill with the doom and gloom stuff? or, can you cite specific cases of how the .001% of athletes recover from this type of injury with todays level of medical care. It was sad to see, but any dislocation is an ugly site to see. seems like any serious injury we get these days, theres always those guys that chime in with "career ender".
  12. theres programs to help with that. https://ldaamerica.org/adult-literacy-reading-programs/
  13. gave up on julio have you? can i get a list of people ahead of time? im sure a lot of people notice that 14 games i brought up for perry was his entire season that year. not you of course, but a lot of people. afyer a poorer rookie year, beasley has 15.5 sacks in year two and has 2 in three games this year. amd to be clear, arw you arguing that beasley isnt a very pass rusher and has had poor production in his short career thus far? these are really, really good arguments your throwing out. leave blocked posts hidden, leave blocked posts hidden...
  14. fortunately julio puts up elite production in multiple categories so doesnt really translate. kinda like saying a corner can only be elite if hes intercepting passes, we all know that isnt true. Are you saying a wr is only elite if hes scoring tds? Thats generally seen as a flukey stat anyway? And to be clear, im saying a pass rusher can only be elite if hes actually getting sacks. if youre an edge player, and youre only getting 3-4 sacks a year (outside of a contract year), youre not really doing much to prove youre a great pass rusher.
  15. if you draft a player that never helps you on the field cause hes always injured, thats not a hit. Likewise, if youre the most talented player on the field but cant get that talent to turn into results then its not really worth much. whether its injuries or talent around him or whatever, perrys actual production as a pass rusher has been below average to averageish outside of a contract year. and how is it moving the goal posts? you feel 7 years is a recent time frame in the nfl of all places, when players who are 10 years in are often retiring or or being pushed out of the league? were not talking about every 2nd year guy either, were talking about a guy who played limited snaps in 2016 and were only 6 games into 2017.guys like zeke and ramsey are cleary good, clark has a less than half of their snaps.