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  1. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    cool, disagree, but this isnt a debate about brady. youre lying about peoples arguments to try and make a case for Thoma, no where has someone said only the #1 guy at his postiion is elite, yet youve claimed it a few times now. Fun fact - no one cares. Im not even sure if you understand the stat if you think it means something different than what many have said.
  2. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    Thats just not true, at various times other qbs have had a claim to being the best. Regardless, i dont think anyone is saying that if youre not as good as antonio brown than youre not elite. However it is being said if you arent in the same grouping as brown, obj, Hopkins and julio then youre not elite.
  3. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    without injury to the rotatio, my guess is he gets called after the break. prob abover average k #s and below average walk #s.
  4. Cam Newton to sit out 2019?

    @Thelonebillsfan soooo.... was this made up or did you have a link or something? Genuinely curious, i cant really anything on newstons shoulder being as destroyed as you claimed.
  5. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    Of course you do, what admit theres a celect few whos just a tad above even the legit #1 guys. thie arguments are getting all over the place between this and the silly rhodes debate (like that decides who is elite or not). Whats the argument for him being in that group, just the sheer # of catches?
  6. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    true #1 and elite are different first of all, and are you saying hes in the same category as AB, Julio and OBJ. And if so, exactly how many elite wrs are there? Is Hill a tier one guy too? Adams?
  7. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    the stuff people make up in their head.... Mike Evans was drafted 7th overall and put up 1500 yards and 8 tds last year. you rank him as tier 1?
  8. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    Fitz last few years has brought down his average but besides that when he was in his prime his adot was more like 12-13, thomas this year was sub 8. thats a fairly significant difference, you may want to try a different comparison. Wes Welker maybe? No ones saying thomas isnt a tier 1 wr because he isnt an elite deep threat, its because he doesnt run deeper routes, almost at all. You can say well he doesnt need to cause hes so good with eh short ones, well those are easier to complete so youre not really helping his case tbh.
  9. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    @ET80 wanna set the o/u on how many pages this goes?
  10. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    wrong again, whether he has the ability or not the fact is he really isnt doing it. which is what matters
  11. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    you didnt. your spouting nonsesne that is just wrong and then saying its fact to make your argument. catch rate has little to no correlary relation to the ability to getting open on intermediate routes. generally the deeper routes are, they less chance you have completing them (which can be backed up statistically and frankly its simple logic). youve taken julios lower catch rate as an inability to get open and ive yet to see proof of it. certainly open minded if you could provide it.
  12. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    please, take a shot at proving them statistically.
  13. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    have you read through this thread at all? yes, thomas' defecencies can be statistically proven. no, it is not made up.
  14. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    this is an awful attempt at an argument. can you statistically show jones is below average running intermediate routes. or have you just made it up?
  15. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    nope, other saints wrs have adots close to what you expect. itshow hes used and what hes good at. its the same as allen or welker back in his day, both really good players but not the same elite level as calvin or julio.