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  1. Im not making the case that hes better at this moment, this goes for any player. how many years do you have to be outperformed to no longer be considered the best?
  2. good thing that title isnt based on past achievement. Trout is still obviously the elite of the elite batting, but hes getting old and his defense and baserunning will likely continue to decline. We need a way bigger sample size than 12 games, however its not that far fetched to say Acuna out performs Trout this year.
  3. how long before we just call him the best player in the game.
  4. Uh? I thought we agreed youd stop posting how ruined and dead baseball is?
  5. cool. Who is starting the Tom Brady vs Tim Hasselbeck thread next? Millionaire Backup Qb, played years in the NFL and then parlayed that to a TV job all without the stress of having to start and the insane # of hours that goes into it. GIve me T-Becks career all day over Bradys.
  6. There are no safe players. I remember when Aaron curry was thought of as the safest prospect in a decade. Turns out he was possibly the biggest bust in the draft.
  7. obviously im not sure what happened but what facts came out?
  8. You find it hard to believe because it pretty unbelievable. Instead of saying "yea, this pick wasnt great", (and they dont even have to admit that), a few certain fans are coming up with that nonsense. Theyve literally made that up entirely in their head and then decide to run with it as fact I guess?
  9. so youre obviously trolling but thats ok. calvin, it aint close and theres no debate.
  10. This is a topic about how extra innings are different (or changing). Sure its not explicitly said, but given the thread and debate about whats changing, it seems kinda clear. But also, if you had any confusion, now its clarified. We good now?
  11. uh... apartment? try 5000 sf house, on the water, with all the toys included. In all seriousness, kinda sad to see his career end this way. I dont want to overstate his career, so, its fair to say he was an integral part of the pats offense for years.
  12. I understand that, amd what i was saying is if you dont like the new way its being done, dont watch it. Its the same thing, no one is making you watch extra innings now.
  13. I wasnt clear, my apologies. I meant no chance of contributing while Rodgers is there. So whether thats next year or in two years or whenever, youve wasted the possibility of a legit contributor for multiple years waiting to get rid a top 5 QB of all time.... who had like 50 tds and 6 picks over the two previous years when you drafted his replacement. So again, just to be clear, its not that Love cant contribute eventually, its that he cant contribute when you have a SB contending team (mainly because Rodgers is at the helm).
  14. Perfectly said. Love wasn’t a once in a generation prospect, and as everyone should know at this point, drafting the “right players” has a huge element of luck in it. having love sit 2-3 years and then hoping he immediately becomes an at least average nfl starter? Those are pretty long odds. I don’t mean to keep on harping on how bad of a pick it was, but Love has just about no chance to contribute. Even if they drafted a guy that ultimately busted, at least there was a chance that he could have played well.
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