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  1. Top 10 General Managers

    why would what hes done in kc take til mid season?They have been and will continue to be a good team. Dont try and change it around, you were talking about cleveland, still winless Cleveland, who maybe, hopefully can pull out a win against the jets. the jets.good comeback too, only took half a week but glad you still hanging on to the salt over a joke. a funny joke that has some truth to it.
  2. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    weird... cause i certainly would let my bosses know somepoint that morning/day. i have a few reports and would absolutely expect to be notified that day.
  3. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    do phones not exist in this scenario?
  4. Top 10 General Managers

    is that when we're expecting the browns to win their first game?

    not really. And price is 12th in pitching war in the al. He doesnt really have any singular stat that you can point out and say its really impressive, theres literally no argument even with taking out his worst game.

    no, hes not.
  7. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    did you just call meadows a bust? He faired ok in his first taste with pittsburgh and then destroyed in his short time at durham at 23. Hes far from a bust right now.
  8. Falcons place LB Deion Jones on IR (Possible Return)

    neal then dj... this sucks.
  9. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    not to put the cart before the horse, but assuming we win the division, we have to be rooting for the rox to pull out the west, right? @WizardHawk @devils1854 @KhanYouDigIt
  10. MNF - Jets vs Lions

    so salty about gb not getting mack. just move on.
  11. MNF - Jets vs Lions

    lions gonna get stafford killed.
  12. Week 1 Overreactions

    the browns will continus to find ways to avoid winning games and end up with 3-4 wins at most a decade later when they finally get to a .500 win %, @ramssuperbowl99 will have accident im his pants from getting too excited and completly credit sabermetrics.
  13. SNF: Bears @ Packers (AKA: The Richest Game in America)

    im confused by all ybe trubisky hate, he had some really nice throws yesterday. overall thought he looked ok. i also saw where someone said the pack would be better off trading rodgers and rolling with kizer... this place can be awful sometimes.
  14. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    this was my point. i dont think hes a top 5 corner, you need more than one year of production to get in that group.
  15. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    and thats why you dont count on corners who have small sample sizes to continue their play year ot year. Lattimore has been abused today.