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  1. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    this is mostly bs. the little parts that arent are dependent on actually spending time with the person youre trying to read. You hanging out with Foster much?-
  2. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    There was plenty of evidence outside of the witnesses claims that pointed to hardy being guilty, pretty much all evidence in teh foster case thats available to the public points to him being not guilty. not even close to being the same. And what video do you think is out there? Even if it gets released, it wouldnt really prove that foster didnt do anything, it would only hurt her allegations more but those are destroyed by most rational people anyway.
  3. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    ok... eould you like me to imsult him thinking he would then throw well? could you come up with a more intelligent anrgument then "nope, he sucks" so we can see where some differences are or are we left with that?
  4. Why is the safety market so slow?

    what exactly is this based off of? the way teams are passing, you need safeties who can cove, just because something doesnt show up in the box score doesnt mean it doesnt affect the game. We're seeing off ball, undersized lbs who can cover more valued than maybe ever, and thinking applied to those guys 5-6 years ago.
  5. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Good response, really well thought out and only took a week and a half to think of those three great words. however unfortunate it may be, i really hope it took all that time to think of three words instead of waiting for a blow up start.
  6. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    do a tad of research before you start posting ignorant crap...
  7. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    sad but true. this needs to be treated with the same admonishment by the media as if foster really did beat her. and she should be prosecuted. maybe real consequences will prevent things like this moving forward.
  8. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    uh... thoughts on this bs you spouted?
  9. ECF: Boston vs Cleveland, the actual NBA finals

    other guys are capable of scoring. Lebron likes having the ball at all times and hes teh best at it, but hill or clarkson could run some stuff for 5 minutes here and there and love could handle the coring load for a while. if born not having the ball and running the ball for 5 more minutes meant he would actually try on defense im sure the cavs could get by.
  10. ECF: Boston vs Cleveland, the actual NBA finals

    yes, we should ask him try give effort on defense.what a garbage way of thinking, i mean seriously. the thinking that he doesnt have to so the cavs ares essentially 4 on 5 on d is part of the reason they are losing. he doesnt rotate, he gets lost way too easily and more often than not hes just watching other guys do stuff.
  11. ECF: Boston vs Cleveland, the actual NBA finals

    maybe (prob not), but more importantly at some point he has to realize his complete lack of effort on defense hurts almost as much as his offense helps. Its been true all playoffs more or less, but he doesnt even try. Its not like they hide him with the best matchup and he gives solid effort, he just completely doesnt care and costs his team buckets.
  12. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    i dont xare that flaherty is playing above his talent level, all we need is another 300 abs and tgen he can go back to what he is.and maybe bautistas ba gets back to .220ish, who knimows though as how much hes lost to age is hard to say. he may just be a .185 hitter now who hits an occasional bomb. as far as machado, i know it wouldnt be long term but if were in it around the deadline he could be brought on as a rental. unless allards velo is back up hes not a major asset, having a huge drop before you turn 21 is a pretty bad sign. allard, sims and a lower level guy may ger it done for a 3 month rental. hopefully.
  13. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    I dont think hes even a .230 hitter anymore, last year he barely got over .200 and were assuming old age has deteriorated even more of his skills. He adds some power and can still walk, but his defense has been abyssmal and hes taking abs away from flaherty. He should be in a platoon and used as a rh bat off the bench. Riley could be up in september/october depending how guys play, we really just have to get by til then. or, if we stay as competitive as we have been just trade for machado, try and build something around allard and see if they bite.
  14. ATL signs DT Terrell McClain

    we also brought shelby back, he'll play some dt as well.
  15. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    to add on to this, over his last 5 starts, hes been worth almost a full win. hes striking out a little over 9 guys per 9 and walking a little less than 2.5. Yes hes BABIP is low and we're likely to see regression but this is pretty much the same pace he set when he was a 3 win giy for a couple years. Now hes striking more guys out, completely possible hes in for a career year.