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  1. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    not a serious question, right? i mean... clearly they are going qb, you dont make this move if not. good move by noth teams. Jets cashed in their chips to get a qb and the colts may still end up with the top tier defensive guy they were likely to draft anyway.
  2. Packers signed Kyle fuller to an offer sheet

    aav is useless, unless you care about billionaires money for some strange reason. All that matters with the nfl is guarenteed money and cap hits, Chicago is in no danger of being in cap trouble for the forseeable future. Thats public information too, so ts idea that they got chicago cause they cant cut him until 2020 is silly. Even if they were so inclined to do so, which is pretty far fetched, they have 60+ mil in cap space for 2019, they could bite that bullet if they really needed too. When looking at what other top corners have gotten recently in long term guarantees, its certainly on the lower end. They did chicago a favor by offering him a very reasonable contract, nice idea on their end but could and should have been executed better.
  3. Packers signed Kyle fuller to an offer sheet

    fuller does not get paid like a top 4 corner, this is a flat out lie. most of what matters in the nfl is the guaranteed money and the bears got away pretty easy in that regard.
  4. Packers signed Kyle fuller to an offer sheet

    look at the details on spotrac (http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/chicago-bears/kyle-fuller-14423/). Thats a great deal for chi, not sire what the packers were thinking here. They basically signed their competitors best corner to an at market deal at best for them. Chicago should be sending gb a thank you card.
  5. Packers signed Kyle fuller to an offer sheet

    i dont see the win hee for the packers unless they get him. They either do on a deal they offered or the bears keep him on the deal gb offered. if its such a horrendous deal that its be a win for the bears to have to pay, how is it a positive that gb would have to pay it if chi doesnt match?
  6. Better 3 Man Cornerback Unit?

    honestly who know what robinson will be, im far from a pff fan but they can be useful for some stats. he was pretty bad in 2016 and then had a really good year last year. hes been inconsistent more or less his whole career, we'll have to wait and see what he actually does imo.
  7. Better 3 Man Cornerback Unit?

    rams... and it isnt even close.
  8. Browns trade Jason McCourty to the Patriots

    so whats being a bad corner for 7-8 weeks? not what i asked. you want to blmae that cause it makes you feel better about picking him up, howver theres no real evidence to use that as the reason for his drop on play.
  9. Browns trade Jason McCourty to the Patriots

    yes, and i believe he was the top corner through 5 or 6 weeks., which shows how far he slid. How did the supporting cast change and why would that even affect him? And what injury was he battling? Can i have a source of him mentioning its specifically late in the year?
  10. Browns trade Jason McCourty to the Patriots

    actually... no hes not. hes a 31 yar old corner thats play greatly declined the 2nd half of last year. He slow and cant play man at all, and is getting iffy in zone as well. In waht world is that good?
  11. Browns trade Jason McCourty to the Patriots

    not really... hes not good and was gonna be cut.
  12. Falcons sign Fusco G

    this should take away guard as an early round need. i dount we gave him that contract if we plan for him to be a backup when we have pretty limited cap space.
  13. Eric Ebron cut by Lions

    that may be the case but is kinda irrelevant to your initial statement. ebron still isnt awful and you were still hating. id love for the falcons to take a look, most teams would id imagine.
  14. Eric Ebron cut by Lions

    but your wrong, hes very serviceable at what he does. you called him an awful player. its like saying im not impressed with danielle hunter, like ok, you can have that opinion, its just wrong . not all opinions are good ones.
  15. Eric Ebron cut by Lions

    quite hating. Hes not an awful player, he was just overpaid.he'll have plenty of interest from other teams.