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  1. That’s different though. Those seasons are continuing and to risk injury when the game doesn’t matter really may affect you come playoff time. Certainly no one wants injury but if someone were to get hurt from philly, they have 8 months to recover.
  2. Cool story bro. I don’t know why you’re having such a hard time understanding the list of stats I provided. If I could make it easier to explain I would but I just don’t see how it’s that complicated to where you’re not understanding. Do you not want to understand or you’re genuinely not getting it. Like it’s super simple so i really, really hope it’s the former (that means the first option). another thing that I wouldn’t think needed clarification, when I posted that there was some hyperbole there, I was referring to my post. I was calling out myself, not others. lastl
  3. Im not going to assume that a 42 year old an will continue to play, but if Ryan did play that long he’d be a pretty good bet to get it, or at least in the neighborhood. you’re being disingenuous about stafford and I don’t know why, he played 8 games last year l, you’re projecting that he’ll be injured every year or two? If stafford plays (and starts) into his early 40s he’s very, very likely to get it. So yes, it kinda is just about stafford deciding to play. and you’re making my point for me. The games changed and that record will be broken a few times coming up relatively soon
  4. So that is your default, if someone doesn’t agree with you just call them a known Brady hater. And then you do a really poor job of doubling down on it. Heck of a way to live man.
  5. Matt Ryan is 25k behind. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility to play another 6. Yes, he can get it if he decides to plays into his 40s, which he says he does. As I said, I don’t if stafford has commented on what he wants to do, but he’s 32 (soon to be 33) and has 45000 yards. Brady’s yardage his age 33 season was 34744. That’s a 10k yard head start.
  6. I mean, there’s nothing to explain. It’s just #s and you made a mistake on one of them. One of the claims you made is wrong in terms of who has more volume. and you’re making a bad argument worse. You really are and I hope you realize that. I have no interest in continuing if this is what you want to stick on.
  7. Did you mean to link the current page? For one, i didn’t even post on the page you linked. Secondly, I’ve called him remarkable and extraordinary today, very far from hating. And lastly, but very much most importantly, unless you did link the wrong thing, you said I was a known Brady hater. Our back and forth today wouldn’t qualify for that. So was this what you intended to link, because it only makes your claim worse.
  8. Once again, I was t looking for the stats. Just the list I was referring to. How can I help make that more clear for you? and third time I’m asking, where is this link of me being a known Brady hater? Can we agree it doesn’t exist or you keeping it secret?
  9. But the record doesn’t include playoffs. Ryan and stafford are the main threats, and I can’t speak for stafford, but Ryan had said he wants to play when he’s in his 40’s. Ryan can fairly easily average roughly 4500 yards for another few years minimum.
  10. Yes, it is. Arians always has, but the stat you’re using is I’m sure unintentionally misleading. Bucs are 28th in rushing but they just don’t like to run the ball. They’re bottom 4 in attempts, every team below them are consistently down in games. Ronald Jones average over 5 ypc, although fournette hasn’t been great. I’m not saying the bucs use the run game to get to goal to go and then just force passes, they just pass all the time. and I agree and understand the both gb and kc throw a ton down there, but they’re also an friendly offenses. Andy Reid has been known that way even longer t
  11. Yes, because I never referred to where he actually ranked. There’s no way you read that post and say I was basing today’s assessment from those rankings. All I was looking for was those list of stats, so again, it was the quickest way. and I’m going to assume you don’t have a link that proves I’ve been a “known Brady hater”, so yea, extremely lazy to default to that just cause you don’t agree.
  12. Let’s be honest. That record is going to change about 5 hands in the next 7-8 years most likely. There’s some hyperbole in this post.
  13. This is completely fair. But when do you say Tbs offense has been at full strength? The last 3 weeks he’s played atl twice and Detroit. I’m not giving football outsiders money just for this but I believe that’s two bottom 5 pass d’s? And again, the #s are great and what he’s doing at his age is remarkable, but what were the comments after the kc or rams game? Are these last 3 weeks making people wear rose colored glasses?
  14. Nope, it was the quickest way to post all the stats I was referring too. What you said doesn’t solve that problem, At all. I was going to put more but then i noticed the historical Brady hater part. Link it. How lazy does it get just to default to that?
  15. How much do weight do you put on him being in such a qb friendly offense? Arians is inarguably that, and he has 24 of his tds in goal to go situations. I wonder if that #is skewed because arians likes to pass so much. And it’s the same with Rodgers for the record, he’s pretty much been unstoppable but GBs offense just loves to throw early and often in goal to go. I wonder if you just ignore td passes for a second and watched a game (and not saying you haven’t, I mean the general you) would you be saying, man, this is an elite Qb. I kinda doubt it personally.
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