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  1. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    so... this appears to be bs. Chicago didnt score late, nor minnesota or Detroit in both teams first matchups. it actually goes for every one score game they had outside of washington. help me out.... what am i missing here?
  2. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Atlanta, when they went n their run a few years ago in 16. They were up 24-0 which I’m sure qualifies.
  3. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    A few years ago when atl did it. Also against Green Bay strangely.
  4. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    I don’t think it’s that, frankly he’s shown plenty that’s he’ll throw underneath. Personally I think he’s so terrified of making mistakes he just holds the ball way too long.
  5. MMA Thread

    bad takes all the way around, congrats! most importantly, only way it makes sense to bet masvidal winning is if he were a large dog, like over +450 and usman -500 or something where you just dont make enough money on usman winning. otherwise would be really stupid tbh.
  6. Antonio Gates vs Jason Witten

    without question its gates.
  7. MMA Thread

    woah, woah, woah. he did not beat nate due to a cut. He destroyed nate, that was not a competitive fight. WIth that said, masvidals riding a wave, 18 months ago he was just a solid fighter that no one really cared about, now hes a fan favorite. But lets not confuse that with him being the best, i mean, i think he beats the majority of the top 10 guys bit the truly elite would run through him.
  8. Xavier Rhodes

    it wasnt just that he was mentioned, he was the best. long fall but hes going to be 30, and corner is one of those positions where it really goes as you get older.
  9. Red Sox Cheated!

    you can try and ignore it and keep repeating the same lines but we all know he was. your only defense has been that hinch was trying to save himself. sad that mlb cant take away rings but diehards will know whats what.
  10. Mahomes or Jackson

    i didnt reply because there was nothing worth replying to. ancedotal evidence isnt the best way to argue something but at least its something. you arent even providing that, it was 100% your opinion. i care zero amount about what you think you see and the same should apply for you to me. youre so insecure about your viewpoint that three pretty tame and harmless words set you off. whats that tell us all? and for the record, unfortunately (or fortunately) i learned long ago not to let a team im a fan of affect my day or mood. so as weak as it is to criticize the falcons, it doesnt bother me one bit.
  11. Mahomes or Jackson

    you joking bruh?
  12. Mahomes or Jackson

    cool story bro, still wrong but whatevs. you doknt even believe it or you wouldnt be creating strawmans.
  13. Mahomes or Jackson

    why would you assume i used one game? because that makes it the easiest for your argument. good job but wrong unfortunately.
  14. Mahomes or Jackson

    this is awful. One game doesnt change who they are as qbs. They are still the ame guys. Lamar is inconsistent throwing, his ability to throw is played up by the fact he is such a threat with his legs. His throwing has to improve for him to be a consistently elite QB. That was true a month ago and its true today.