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  1. But normally you have the word leak on who you're bringing with you
  2. Dang it, what one do you like better for wideouts? We have to pick the other
  3. It's kind of odd we haven't heard anything about coaching staff hires, you'd think Lurie was big on that knowing its why he fired the greatest eagles coach of all time Doug because he didn't like his staff, Nick would've already came in knowing his staff.
  4. Hopeful hires OC - Mike Kafka QB Coach- Jim Caldwell DC- Jerod Mayo
  5. Honestly wouldn’t be to upset to get a top 5 pick next year too. We need a replenish of young talent
  6. I do like he won’t have a wr running a streak every play like Doug since we led the league in streaks per play. No wonder why we led the league in sacks
  7. I woke up today ready to be on board with this hire. I trust Luries ability to hire candidates. I really want to see how he builds the staff out. Wonder if he runs what Frank does or comes with a new scheme ? I like that he’s a players coach and seems fun and will create a fun environment. But I think he’s the type of coach to need a home run hire as a DC to be very successful. I compare this to Lefleur hire, same amount of experience
  8. It’s very similar based on personnel it puts out on the field and percentage of shotgun snaps. 75%-80% shotgun. I really think shotgun makes the run so much easier to defend.
  9. The more we use these two tight end sets the more they can just play tight coverage with Ertz CANT beat and there going to bring everyone in the box because they aren’t scared of us beating them deep. And wentz ever since we started playing those 2 tight end sets he’s gone down hill, we need to get back to the 3-4 wideout sets every play. Sick of us having Ertz outside or in the slot. Get a playmaker out there that can threaten the deep ball, not a guy that’s weak, gets thrown off his route by a cb, CANT break a tackle to save his life.
  10. I hope Nick proves me wrong; but once again Howie trying to out smart everyone and go for the underrated hire. He has something for small schools and OCs with no responsibilities
  11. One thing I don’t like about it is it’s going to be the same offense. I’m sick of the two tight ends, shot gun 80% of the time plays. I really wanted an air raid offense
  12. Doug was a great HC every good hc has down years. He’s been steadily in the top 10 besides this year in offense with lacking weapons. We hired whoever said he will fix Wentz...
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