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  1. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Me either, I think we try it out one more year, I really want Maddox on the outside. I would like to see Sidney Jones on the outside with Maddox. I think jones is gonna Impress this year. I don’t see why we resigned Darby tbh when we have mills and Douglas as backups. I would’ve used that money for hicks
  2. Pff had him top 10 that year ... and just think about how bad cowboys defense was and now when they got a great MLB how much it changed it around. Rams defense had no linebackers and every team took advantage of that weakness. Linebackers aren’t useless esp in our scheme with our dline not playing two gap, they have a big responsibility in the run game
  3. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I think if Lawrence does to the Falcons I can see Wilkins dropping to us. And baker will be there for our pick. I think the media is more down on greedy then the teams are. I think greedy is still the first cb taken but I def think baker will be there. Henderson is okay his oline opens huge holes for him all the time
  4. Kendrick’s was awesome.. top ten linebacker that year. So we had two really good linebackers and we never used our third... so we did go to the Super Bowl with good linebackers. Only hole was secondary
  5. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Wow suprised on all the talent you’re missing... why don’t you like Deandre baker, Cody ford, Wilkins. I also like Jaylen Ferguson In the 2nd. Also, look at David Montomery. It’s amazing the production he put up behind that oline, one of the worse run blocking grades in the country. Also has a great number of Yards after contact, and the most broken tackles two years in a row
  6. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    There’s rumors out there that Polite might drop to the third. Man, if we could get Ford , Jacobs because he falls or we trade up and get polite. We nailed it.
  7. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I love ford, I see him at a guard or a RT. Says he feels more comfortable at rt then Lt, but his coach said he plays better at lt a year ago. It looks like lane isn’t our LT of the future and will stay at RT . So his main position would be a guard and I think he will be great at that. Basically having two Brandon Brooks on the oline. I’m just hoping he will feel comfortable with lg
  8. Kendric’s and Bradham was great that year...
  9. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I don’t like him, i disagree that he has that nastiness to him. Seems very unaggressive and he doesn’t play the way he should with the power he seems to have. To often let’s players come to him and choked against alabama. Struggles with quickness. I would rather Cody ford day 1 and get a hb and dt/de on day 2. maybe if Josh Jacobs falls to like pick 37-40 we trade up with next years 3rd and this years 5th. (We will still have another third for next year. Imagine a draft of Ford, Jacobs, Tillery
  10. DeSean Jackson Mock Draft

    I disagree I think Simmons will be there with his character concerns and now he just tore his acl. Hooker could go in the third but he can also be there in the 4th. No one ever knows. Safeties tends to fall.
  11. DeSean Jackson Mock Draft

    Hey guys this is my second mock draft! After the big wave of freeagency I wanted to give it another shot as were sitting pretty with cap space and some holes at G,HB,DT,LB,DE. To finish freeagency I'm going after guys that wont affect my Comp picks for next season ( players that are cut or trades ). Freeagency is going to be bandaids, with some fresh trades to get younger, more playmakers. Cap space 24 million Free agents Justin Houston two year 19 million Comes in and starts right away, still is a great player and our dline rotation just got so much better and I think he's a huge improvement over Bennet. Zach Brown one year 5 million He's still a very productive player, he's okay in coverage but Jenkins normally covers the tight ends in Jims scheme. Was rated a top 5 LB on PFF rankings. Josh Sitton 1 year 3 million He's been injured, but he comes here to be the main backup and will fill in for Brooks while he's out the first couple games. Now that we covered the DE, Lb, G needs we look to the draft to cover the rest. I'm using a draft simulator DRAFT ROUND 1 WR MARQUISE BROWN OKLAHOMA I love Brown and I think he's a playmaker that can grow with Wentz for years to come, he will learn from Djack this year and learn all the secrets on how to become the best deep threat he can be. Doug will have fun with him and draw up plays to get him the ball. I think our offense is missing someone like him that can do everything.Can also play slot. Round 2 Jeffrey Simmons DT Mississippi A torn ACL knocks him down the draft, a top 15 player if healthy falls to us and we get our starting DT of the future. Plus I think some incidents that happened before with him will knock him down this far. Now we have our mississippi tandem at DT. RB DAVID MONTGOMERY IOWA STATE This guy is exactly what Doug likes, fierce competitor that can break tackles and wear down the defense. Montgomery has the RECORD for broken tackles in a year in college football, and would've gotten over 100 broken tackles this season if he didn't sit out a couple of games, thats ridiculous . He did all this work behind a bad oline and I cant wait to see what he can do behind ours. 4th round S AMANI HOOKER IOWA Great cover safety, exactly what Jim likes. Our safeties are getting older and it's nice to get some young blood in there. TE CJ CONRAD KENTUCKY Really good route runner who is also a really good blocker, fits what doug likes in his third tight end. 5th round RB JAMES WILLIAMS WASHINGTON STATE Eagles pick up our Darren Sproles replacement, Williams in my opinion is the best receiving back. Montgomery and Williams will be a great one and 2. 6th round QB RYAN FINLEY NC STATE I think this pick is very good value and I think he has a similar game to Alex Smith. Will be a very good backup in the NFL and is very accurate. This draft I wanted to surround Wentz with some young talent he can grow with, the last 3 years we've been sticking bandaids at our Speed wr spot. We want someone Wentz can grow chemistry with in Brown and now our two running backs. On defense we get a DT that can pair with Cox for years to come who I think will fit great in jims scheme, and I think Hooker will be a great cover safety in the NFL. Our dline for the playoffs and December of Houston , Cox, Jackson and Graham with Barnett, Simmons, Chris Long as the rotation is DEADLY.
  12. Carson Wentz contract

    Did you even read this thread? It gives you all the reason to sign him next year instead of paying 22 million for a 5th year and 28-29 mill for a franchises Qb? Opens up cap flexibility that year and we get it in before massive tv contracts
  13. Carson Wentz contract

    Hey guys so I was doing a little research on the tv deals. The direct tv tv contract which is the sunday ticket, expires in 2022, but the NFL can opt out after the 2019 season, the espn Monday night football contract expires in 2021 and thursday night is 2022. The NFL gets 1.5 billion a year from direct tv, and I think its going to sky rocket at the next negotiation. With how much the caps been going up per season and if we get a new contract with direct tv the cap is going to sky rocket. I hope Howie is smart enough to sign Wentz to a long term deal before this happens
  14. Jeezla Final Pre-Combine Mock

    I’m just messing with you I was hoping too
  15. Jeezla Final Pre-Combine Mock

    It became unrealistic if you actually thought Seahawks would allow a young pass rusher into freeagency