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  1. I was hoping we would sign him before free agency. Great to lock him up before cap jumps by 30+ mill next offseason. This is going to be a steal. We should have around 12-18 million right now inc. this contract for next free agency. Malik and Alshon still take up 15 mill of our space. Minshew move was a great move now we have a cheap backup, since you know We value that spot a ton. Our rbs are set, wrs hopefully show out this year, sweat is going to get paid….
  2. The way the cap is going to jump next year, for sure for a 24year old LT like him
  3. Great deal before free agency, in the 10 games he showed he can be a star. Next year he would be getting over 20 mill if he hit FA. Only 24 years old very athletic and is 6’8 380 pounds. He’s a monster.
  4. Really hope we trade for watson, top 5 Qbs at 25 available for trade never come around. Will make us a Super Bowl contender this year
  5. We need to do whatever we can to get trade for Watson. Imagine him behind a great Oline.
  6. Don’t want to draft a Qb, need to throw all our picks plus hurts to texans for watson once he’s cleared and we’re back in contention
  7. Honestly I’d keep Ertz and get the comp pick if no one will give up a 4th next year
  8. Lamb, jeudy, Jefferson, ruggs. But no I was right because I knew Jefferson was the right pick. Couldnt have the other 2
  9. I think he’s going to be a good slot, very quick and is unstoppable in the redzone this past season. Had 19 tds in 9 games
  10. Trm just angry we didn’t draft paye, it’s going to be ok I promise
  11. My draft would’ve been smith, samuel jr, menierz, jalen Darden , Shaun Wade, dylan Moses
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