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  1. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I find it quiet interesting that we’ve known for a day now about Barnett and we still haven’t put him on ir yet, and signed someone from our practice squad.It tells me we might have a trade coming this week. Should be interesting...
  2. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    No such thing as a cant miss guard....
  3. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Anyone watch Marquise brown yet? He’s exactly what we need in our offense, Joe loves looking at college production and he has it. He really improved on his route running this year and I think he has it all to be elite. I love how he learned how to use his speed, a lot of wrs it takes years to learn and get comfortable when to turn on the burners but he has it. It really helps with his route running and causing separation.
  4. Former Eagles TE Brent Celek Retires

    If you love average then sure!
  5. Former Eagles TE Brent Celek Retires

    Thank god! Most average player of all time!
  6. Rams trade Tavon Austin to cowboys

    Love this move as an eagles fan! Nothing like a huge fumble to change around the momentum. Tavon can’t hold onto the football if his life depended on it. 22 fumbles in 5 years... 10 in last 2. Love it.
  7. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Going to have a lot of comp picks, maybe two thirds Nick Foles and Darby. Graham prob franchised. Ajayi prob 5th
  8. Winner & Losers from Day Two

    For the eagles to move back and get who they probably would’ve drafted at 32 and picked up a 2nd on the way? E A G L E S win this draft hands down, eagles winning everything and taking over the nfl !
  9. Eagles select TE Dallas Goedert w/ the 49th pick

    Anyone else watch the tape and think of Gronk?
  10. Dream day 3 : Antonio CALLAWAY, Hurst, or fountain
  11. Missing my point, we got a second out of it and we could only use a 4th to trade back up and get who we want
  12. Jason Witten planning on retiring

    Yeah seems like cowboys are going down hill. Dak regressed mightily after tape on him, then witten his most reliable target. Could see them being a top 10 pick
  13. Ninja a little baby
  14. Would be smart for the eagles to to what the packers did. Traded back 13 spots in first picked up a 1st then traded up 9 with just a 3rd round pick and still got there guy and a first next year. Maybe offer a 4th and next years 4th to move up in 2nd and take will, guice, josh.
  15. Will Hernandez , Guice , Orlando Brown, Sutton, Ronald jones, goedart, geseki, Connor williams, James Daniels, josh Jackson, landry, Christian Kirk, James Washington, isiah Oliver, Ronnie Harrison, justin Reid, keryon Johnson if we get one of these players I’m happy