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  1. I don’t want a wideout he’s strictly slot, we should have 3 interchangeable wideouts who we can use for mismatches. If we upgrade Gregg ward our offense already is improved. We can’t go in the season with ward as the slot
  2. Jaylen waddles second gear is great , he’s going to be good
  3. Smith would make me so happy, I can just see Howie not drafting him though
  4. 12. Micah Parsons LB Penn State 37. Trevon Moehrig S TCU 70. Dylan Moses LB Alabama 84. Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State 123. Paulson Adebo CB Stanford 150. Sage Surratt WR Wake Forest 189. William Bradley-Kin
  5. If Farley drops around 25-32 I hope we trade up. Devonta round one and Farley round 2
  6. Jayce horn is going to be the first cb taken
  7. I agree, I like having 4 firsts in two years, next year should be very exciting. Hoping we could still get another 3rd of 2nd next year
  8. I have hope for Reagor in our new scheme, Nick seems to put a heavy emphasis on playing to the player strengths and putting wideouts on routes that they will excel on. Reagor wasn't put in the best situations last season and was often asked to just run streaks. He excelled at posts in colleges, he needs to run more of those, drags, crossers , reverses stuff to use his speed. I dont want to see him running comebacks, back shoulders.
  9. Would y’all trade 3 firsts and hurts for russel Wilson? Him behind our Oline probably brings us a Super Bowl... he’s never had a good OLINE and it’s limiting his potential
  10. Crazy to think if we didn’t start hurts and won the Saints game we would’ve had 3 extra first round picks from the 49ers
  11. If you could go back to last year would you still move up to draft ceedee? So this years 2nd and reagor for lamb?
  12. Nice knowing you chase. Pitts is going to run a 4.41 count on it
  13. Today is going to be rough.. chase and Pitts pro day... Pitts measurements are insane he’s a beast
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