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  1. Dp is one of the best play callers in the league, going to anyone else would be a bad idea.
  2. I’m hoping Rich will be the Qb coach, and press got promoted to just pass game coordinator where he can just focus on schemes. He might be good at that. Rich is a great hire if he’s a Qb coach.
  3. DeSean Jackson Mock Draft V 1

    I was thinking that also, but we've been saving up cap for this offseason and they're all areas of need. Byron Jones is rumored to us and Jimmie Ward fits our scheme. Jimmy Smith is a typical Howie stop gap. Anthony Harris will take over Jenkins salary and this isn't a big draft on safties so I elected to go after them in FA. It's rumored we are heavily going to invest in corners this offseason.
  4. DeSean Jackson Mock Draft V 1

    Eagles Cap: 40,900,000 Free Agents Resign Josh McCown 1 year 3 mill Hassan Ridgeway 1 year 1.5 mill Cameron Johnston 3 year 5 mill total Jason Peters 1 year 6mill plus 100K incentive per game played. I know this is going to take some heat, but I just don't think Lurie would let peters go. They're best friends as lurie has said and Lurie was the one that went out of his way to sign him to a contract extension couple years ago. What my plan is have Issac play backup as vatai role last year. Peters in training camp said he would move inside to guard if it'll allow him to play longer. I see that being great for him as he at times this year struggled with the kick out more than usual due to his knee issues. Switching to guard will allow him to anchor and I think he will strive in that. I like the thought of Dillard,Peters,Kelce,Brooks,Lane. Peters is also great for the locker room. Paycut Nigel Bradham reduces his salary to 5 million saves 3 million Trade: Malcom Jenkins , 21, 4th to the Bucs for 14 Paying Malcom a long term contract which what he wants is something Howie will be against. This allows us to move up and draft the player we want. Cap Space 37 Million Free Agency Byron Jones 4 year 56 million Jimmy Smith 1 year 8 million Jimmie Ward 3 year 15 million Anthony Harris 4 year 50 million Mike Daniels 1 year 4 million Shaq Lawson 3 year 14 mill My goal was to go defense heavy in free agency. It was time to rebuild our secondary and I think we have done that. Jimmy Smith and Byron Jones will allow us to press more, which Jim loved to do before coming to us with a team that has never had good corner talent with him here. Jimmy Smith is injury prone but I feel like its a good risk as he plays on a very high level when he's actually playing. With this secondary Jims scheme will finally work as our pass rush will have way more time to get to the qb. DRAFT I will be using Matt Millers Nfl draft simulator to complete this mock 1: CeeDee Lamb WR OK 2: Jalen Reagor WR TCU 3: John Uche DE Michigan 3: Lloyd Cushenberry C/G LSU 4: David Woodward LB Utah State 4: Lamical Perine RB FL 5: Dane Jackson CB Pitt 6: Anthony Gordon QB Washington State 6: Cam brown LB Penn State IMO there is no point to cut Alshon since we will be losing money if we do. Might as well let him recover with us and he's still a good WR. We know Howie likes a possesion guy and a speed guy as his 1 and 2 wideouts and I think Lamb and Reagor suites that model very well I love them both as prospects and I think Reagor was held back a ton by qb play. Uche and Lloyd stood out at the senior bowl and caught my eye. Woodward is a very smart instictive Lb who just has a nose for the ball. Perine is a typical Howie UF guy who we seemed to like at the combine. I love Anthony Gordon as a project and we are known to draft qbs late for projects. Dane Jackson also stood out at the senior bowl. My goals this offseason was to stop getting stop gaps at the wideout and CB positions and get younger. I really think we have our 1 and 2 for the future. I see Reagor , Lamb and Djax all splitting time in the slot to keep the defense guessing which Doug loves to do. I also put a huge emphasis on getting young on the offensive side as you can see, I think it's important that Wentz can have a foundation of players that he can grow with. Knowing we have Sanders, Godeart, Reagor, Lamb as our weapons for many years to come will be smart for Wentz development.
  5. This isn’t the year to draft dt we need to go heavy at wr. Malik and Cox should be a great duo, but I want an established veteran like Gerald McCoy or Mike Daniels. I’m more worried about de pass rush more then our 5t. What will help our defense mighty and the reason we haven’t reached Cox peak yet is our corners. We need to invest In free agency HUGE on two new starting corners that can press and not play all the way off the line. Like jim used to do in his bills days. Byron Jones and Bouye in a trade is what I’m looking at. If jags are in a rebuild, I call about Bouye and Calias. Think of those two together in the wide nine
  6. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Woodward has a way better football iq and instincts.
  7. Disappointing Harrell doesn’t want the job.
  8. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    This is the year to do it, desean and alshon is gone next year and we need a new slot. With the trades I’m making we will still have 8 rookies this year and I’m trading Jenkins for Harris basically. When you can get Lamb and reagor I think it’s worth it. I think they’re going to be great pros. Next year I can see prospects skipping out if they’re debating on staying or leaving since the new cba. If it gets signed and they’re talking about higher pay for rookies and taking out the 5th year I can see them electing to stay another year if they are on the borderline.
  9. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    1 and 2 next year and 3 this year for lamb 2, Malcom Jenkins and 4 for Reagor. Lamb and Reagor would compliment eachother perfectly. sign Anthony Harris, as he played 40% of his snaps in the box/slot this season and actually strived in that role. So he replaces Jenkins. Resign McLeod for 4 million as a stop gap.
  10. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Lamb is my trade up, he’s going to be great.
  11. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Just watched Ruggs Vs LSU and it was terrible... He looks like he doesn’t know how to utilize his speed most of the time in his routes and he’s horrible when he’s pressed. He looks more of a straight runner, and that scares me. I think there’s a lot of hype there. Based off that tape, reagor looks better.
  12. Love Harrell so much more then urban. Urban just doesn’t seem like a good hire and I feel like he knew he wasn’t getting the hire so he backed out. Harrell would be a homerun hire and would bring something to this offense that we need and would perfectly compliment doug. Kris Richard would be the goat hire at db and someone I trust, and maybe will bring Byron Jones with him? Would like to see what he’d do with Rasul if he would move him to safety since he’s not afraid of positional changes see Byron Jones.
  13. Promoting press doesn’t do one thing for our offense and makes firing Groh pointless.... it’s known it’s a collaborative approach for game planning and we need a new set of eyes. Maybe a older guy, Doug needs to realize he’s not andy and he doesn’t always have to promote with within.