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  1. Everybody here had Jefferson as there 5th or 6th best wideout. I'm the only one that had him 4th, everyone loved mims and I just didn't see it with mims.
  2. What kind of wideout compliments Reagor and Travis the best? How do you see Reagor? Slot or wideout? Travis is the big body wideout, Reagor quick gadget guy, I think we need a deep threat. Waddle might drop due to his ankle injury.
  3. Yeah ward is not a starter, we need a better slot. Honestly I think Reagor is going to be a good slot wr, and we still need another wideout. It sucks Travis in his second year is 25 but we have a good core of Jalen, Travis, Sanders, Dallas for years to come. We need to get ertz out.
  4. They all look pretty good! Maybe we should be the oline factory now!
  5. Our run game has gotten so predictable, we need to stop running shot gun all game and line up under center
  6. Can’t believe we’re inly the 11th pick right now
  7. It's amazing how good of a coach this guy is, it seems like we always have mid to late round and undrafted FAs looking like future starters. I don't know if I should credit Roseman and the scouting staff or Jeff. This season with 3-5 and sometimes 4-5 starters down and our oline looks really good. Brandon Brooks was a average olinemen in houston but once he came here he went from top 15 RG to number 1. Jason Kelce rebounded from being hated in the philly community and everyone screaming to cut him, to the best center. He likes to thank a renewed focus on technique, as he says he lost it. Jordan Mailate came into the league with no experience playing football, and the first preseason games he played he looked awesome, with a good kickout. Three years later he looks like he can be a future starting LT. Jason Peters should be the backup when he's healthy enough to return as his best trait is the kickout and he can't do that half as good anymore, he kicks out and loses balance causing him to be prone to a bull rush, also when he kicks out he doesnt have the athleticism to retreat back inside if the pass rusher goes inside with a spin move. This isn't going to get better with his knee injury. Lets move on to Nate Herbig, this guy is a stud and should replace Issac from here on out. He has the strength and the IQ to play that position. Issac should be focused on taking over for Kelce once he retires. It's great to think about were set on oline for years to come with only using one high round pick in the recent drafts, and we can use our draft capital else where. Oline of the future Jordan or Dillard, Herbig, Kelce soon to be replaced by Issac, Brooks, Lane Since we have our oline, Tes, HB,QB hopefully set for the future. Dline will be good for the next year. So we can bypass that as well as corner. Next year we should focus on Lb,Safety, WR 1 and a slot.
  8. Question...What would you rather? Option 1 ) Eagles make championship round, Wentz gathers himself looks like 2017 self once we have back Reagor, Djax, Alshon. But lose Option 2 ) Eagles get top 2 pick because we have a ton of injuries down the stretch, Hurts plays 8 games and looks like a mid level qb. We then trade that pick for 3-4 firsts. Which kicks off a massive rebuild and we have tons of building blocks already. I'm looking forward to the Djax, Reagor, Alshon line ups... They compliment each other perfectly and open the field. Question 2 : So lets say Jordan Mailata looks like a starting tackle , and gets PFF top 10 Option 1) Trade Dillard even though his trade value might be only a 2 or 3 Option 2 ) Trade Mailata since he will have higher trade value Option 3 ) keep both
  9. Another bad problem is that we have 20 million of un used cap space and that is hurting our team. Howie got us in this mess. Restructuring Alshons contract was probably one of his biggest mistakes . That 20 million could be an elite player or two really good starters
  10. He’s in his head, skins game rattled him and he lost confidence in his supporting cast
  11. Look at his wideouts, Oline , and I even blame doug for not helping out his oline with a extra blocker. Doug play calls has been sh*t, he has routes where they cut right infront of eachother. He makes it to complicated and they take to long to develop and when our wideouts can’t get open it’s too late to get to the 2nd and 3rd Read esp when our Oline has 3/5 backups.
  12. Wentz isn’t the worst Qb, I think it’s his confidence. Look at our record when lane johnson isn’t playing and when he is. I think Wentz is shaken by the redskins game. He looked amazing the first half of that redskins game and then he kept getting hit, I think it messed up his timing and is in his head. He doesn’t trust his line and panics and makes bad choices. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s hiding a back injury after that game as his mechanics have been bad and becoming an arm thrower. Wentz is well respected and we could get two firsts for him EASILY. But I don’t think howie is going to give up on him. It’s amazing how a true number one wideout is crucial to success. Look at the cards now with Hopkins, we messed up on that one. Michael thomas is out and saints look terrible. I blame Howie for this, drafting JJ over Dk. Dk and reagor would be such a nice combo for years. I think colts, broncos, or the bears would be good fits. With colts being the best with there line.
  13. Hoping Wentz can miss a couple of games to so hurts can show what he can do and hopefully build up his value for a trade
  14. I’m actually hoping we lose out, we need a whole makeover. cut everyone including cox in offseason. He’s not worth 20 million anymore he’s fallen off. Take the hit this offseason as we won’t be able to sign anyone. Then offseason after we should be good on cap. We need a mini rebuild, the pre Wentz try to win a sb years are starting to kill us with all the bad contracts and old players.
  15. The amount of times The ball goes right over gerrys head omg
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