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  1. Also Pitts is only 20 almost 2 years younger than smith. And rondale moore in round 3. Pitts Rondale and reagor could be a good crew
  2. I thought he was pretty stiff in his outside route running, I gotta keep watching
  3. Pitts catching radius is insane, high points, elite body control, sneaky speed probably runs a 4.5 , Philly guy, can line up anywhere, 6ft 6 matchup nightmare
  4. Post your 6 prospects you want eagles to draft at 6 in order. 1) Lawrence 2) Wilson 3) Chase 4) Smith 5) Pitts 6) Sewell
  5. If all goes right we have 2 first next draft, needs to play 13 games. If chase is off the board at 6, I want to trade down to 9 if Broncos are wanting to move up and hopefully pick up a next years 2 and pick either Smith, Pitts, Waddle.
  6. All he needs to do is play 13 games and we get a first, that's pretty good
  7. His end goal was to have a cheap back up for a couple years and then get a good return on Hurts
  8. Like the content here, keep it up! Love people that bring out the facts.
  9. I don't care if he doesn't want to play here, if that's the case give us the 30 mill back so we don't take on any cap hit, or deal with the situation. He's under control for many years, and he was always widely viewed at ATLEAST a top 12-15 QB in the league. Were selling at his absolute low, colts need a franchise qb and we shouldn't just give wentz a way for anything less than a 1st. He would thrive there and it would suck to see we basically gave him away
  10. Not trading Wentz unless we get a first, would rather him rebuild his value then get rid of him.
  11. Go on Kyle Pitts Insta and look at his tattoos in his saved stories. Has a Philly tattoo, which has a phillies symbol and brotherly love
  12. My favorite hire besides gannon is Brian johnson. Guy is a stud
  13. Not thrilled about it, but I guess he has experience. Those RBs on those teams never thrilled me and Mixon seemed to be under achieving
  14. Friday seemed like it was going to be good return and ever since I’ve been hearing nothing that good. Howie is trying to get a lot and no one is budging. They know we have to trade him by March 19th and they will probably wait until then if eagles aren’t budgeting. No way we pay 11 mill to Wentz if we want him gone. If he’s still on team past that date he’s staying.
  15. I think he won’t trade him unless we get that value . We will keep him and he will have to suck it up
  16. If we don’t get a 1st and Atleast a 3rd I want to run it back with Wentz with the oline coming back healthy. I’d bet on him regaining his value then him playing the same way
  17. He was calling plays for a good portion of the game, nothing changed. Bad play caller. Thank god we got Nick.
  18. He Didn’t play at all this year with the starters
  19. Blown out of proportion, good guy just stubborn as most Qbs are. Big religious guy. He’s a really good Qb, you put anyone in his position with that oline and surrounding cast with a run game that barely worked you will do bad. His main wideouts were a 6th round rookie and two wideouts that should be on practice squad. Howie should’ve put a good cast around him, and when he actually had a number 1 and a good supporting cast, he was a mvp caliber player. He was literally the best player in the NFL at one point, that alone should be worth a first since he’s still 28. Just needs consistency around
  20. We aren't drafting a QB, we hired a very close friend of hurts in Brian Johnson for the QB coach. He's the plan. Im excited for this throw away season and ready for a bunch of cap space next offseason and a restart.
  21. Has the best tools out of everyone in this draft, but the lowest floor.
  22. I love how everyone hating on me saying we won't get a first for wentz, that I'm too much of a homer, yet here we are all talking about us getting a 1!
  23. I can see Waddle being better than smith, his speed and quickness is insane. Smith just does everything right and he's a gamer. I think this reminds me of Jefferson vs Reagor debate. Complete wideout or the speed guy? We need a complete wideout, but Chase is my go too.
  24. Eh, marvin Harrison did it when they didn't protect the wideouts as much. Weight isn't an issue anymore like it used to be. I think he will be fine at 175. I'd rather him keep his burst then get up to 180s
  25. Chase has the best body control, and a complete wideout Smith is very polished, good at attacking the ball in the air, great hands, accelerates to full speed instantly waddle is the biggest unknown, fastest, quickest, and actually out produced smith this year in the games they both played. Has good hands and sneaky route running abilities. Broke ankle, came back in the championship game but he was limping basically every play which worries me comparisons chase = davante Adams devonte smith = Calvin Ridley/Marvin Harrison waddle = hill
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