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    There are alot of potential interior OLine starters to be found this year on Day 2, maybe even early Day 3. Ill Pm you different names

    This explains it perfectly. While it is annoying playing the waiting game more than pays off. A couple years ago I believe (Probably before Goff was picked) people were freaking out over our QB situation. Don't remember exactly who the GM for the Rams was(Either Jrry or I i believe) but they held back for a while on doing anything crazy and we ended up getting Philip Rivers for peanuts later on because the GM of the Chargers needed cap relief. These mocks are always hard the first time but they get easier as you go on. We are here to help you every step of the way bro.


    I’m here bro also
  5. Jrry32 Second Mock Off-Season

    What do people think of Tyrell Cosby or Alex Cappa?(Both have stood out at Senior Bowl practices.)
  6. He was rumored to be Mizzou's OC. I was kinda bummed when they hired Dooley but this is a great hire.
  7. Expectations for Jared Goff

    I think I would’ve looked at you if you had grown a second head. It’s nice to see some stable(Great) QB play after years of mediocrity.
  8. Jrry32 Second Mock Off-Season

    I love this offseason! Although I do want Trumaine to stay, this is an upgrade. Payne would be a good fit and make our DLine unbelievable. Couldn't Josh Sweat fall to the 3rd/4th? This is a great CB class. What do you think of Jaire Alexander or Denzel Ward? I would love to us to draft Arden Key. Not sure how everyone feels about this.

    Ya. I’m just a bit short on time this year to be a full GM. I would love to help in some capacity.
  10. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    Why wont anything happen
  11. NFC Wild Card - Rams vs Falcons PLAYOFFS!!!

    One of my roommates is a Falcons fan. He keeps saying how they will win. Lets GO!!!!
  12. NFC Wild Card - Rams vs Falcons PLAYOFFS!!!

    Oh boy this will take some effort to watch. I’m halfway on the other side of the world. Waking up at 3 AM to watch. I have a full day of School ahead of me tommorow. Won’t this be fun..... GO RAMS!!!!!!
  13. Total Control Mock Draft Interest Thread

    Sorry for just seeing this. I would love to help whoever is the Rams GM. I am a bit short on time since I'm currently abroad for the year. That why I dont think i can be a full time GM this mock unfortunately.
  14. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    I'm in a Dynasty league where I had Gurley and David Johnson going into the season as starters. My league only does a rookie draft and with the two picks I had, I snagged Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara..... boy did I not expect both of them to do amazing. Unfortunately in another league I drafted DJ and Zeke....... I still somehow made it to the semi finals in the playoffs.