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  1. The STL Cardinals Thread - Bring on Goldy

    I haven't been on in quite some time due to college and life comes at you fast. Although I'm heading back tommorow overseas, I should be on a bit more. Since the Matheny firing we have gone 16-9..... definitely Matheny was holding this team back. Really excited about the 3B we have in our system. Elehuris Montero, Nolan Gorman, and Evan Mendoza all look to be studs although Montero and maybe Gorman probably won't end up sticking at 3B. I really like Malcom Nunez although he is playing in the DSL so take the stats for granted. More to come
  2. Haven't been on in a while but I would like to chime in. I really hope Donald signs before next weeks game.
  3. The STL Cardinals Thread - Bring on Goldy

    Now that showed some character! Last year after Baez’s HR in the top of the 14th, there was no chance we would’ve come back. Great Game!
  4. Draft Discussion Thread

    Thank god.............
  5. Draft Discussion Thread

    the Hags just took Griffin
  6. Draft Discussion Thread

    Dang it
  7. Draft Discussion Thread

    How about Hurst and Griffin?
  8. Draft Discussion Thread

    Realistically who do you think drops to #87?
  9. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

    I can assume this came as a shock.....
  10. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

  11. USMNT Thread: Wandering in the Wilderness

    It did look like they were moving the ball around pretty well. Adams was MOTM for sure. Trapp had a very nice game also. CCV and Miazga looked very calm and composed. I thought Steffen did fine. Although I'm bummed that we missed out on the WC, hopefully this will be the punch in the gut we need. Although I'm crazy for dreaming our 2022 line could look a lot like this in a Diamond 4-4-2: Sargent-Weah Pulisic Adams-McKennie Acosta Robinson-Miazga-CCV-Yedlin GK Unsure who to put at DM as I like Acosta but I'm not sure I see him as a #6. Also unsure about GK? Any thoughts?
  12. The STL Cardinals Thread - Bring on Goldy

    I am so excited for tomorrow's game. Predictions anyone?
  13. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million