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  1. Isn't trying to run off tackle what got the Packers in trouble Week 6?
  2. So is everybody else. It's going to be a "redraft" of non-pro bowl talent. The teams will keep their stars and keep their cheap, first contract players. The rest will be redistributed and lose a lot of money.
  3. No. Playoff waivers aren't considered executed until after the SuperBowl.
  4. Working on the assumption that the soft coverages throughout the year are all on the DB instead of the coach (again, it's an assumption), it's just a different category of flaw; that's not a single play. It's an assumption of course, but I'm commenting based on that baseline assumption. Moving on, eminently upgradeable doesn't mean "incapable". It means he has a flaw that if another Jaire came along, they'd be happy to take him. That's all. It's the same thing with MVS. Because of his drops, he's eminently upgradeable, but it doesn't mean he isn't valuable and doesn't have a role. It j
  5. Certainly solidifies King as a talented but flawed CB (i.e. eminently upgradeable unless he can fix his flaws) while making the argument that it's the young secondary rather than Pettine who's responsible for the soft coverages. Ultimately, it's Pettine's responsibility, then Gray's, then the players, but at some point, someone is responsible for it not being fixed. Let's see if they hone in on this during the playoffs.
  6. Pettine: We have to have better situational awareness. The corners, depending on the call, if they have deep responsibility, whether it's man or whether it's three-deep or quarters, they do have some options on how to play it. But situationally, we have to better understanding that we can't give easy throws
  7. I like the questions you're asking. Better formed than mine, but on the same topic.
  8. I decided this game, I like the guy. Hope he stick around. Drops or not, he adds a dimension few have offered in a long time in GB.
  9. I thought Preston had a PBU late in the game on an out route. Could be misremembering.
  10. I'm indifferent about Pettine. I personally think he's better than Capers at the end. But I wholeheartedly concur that the first coordinator to go should be the ST guy. Still better than some we've had in the last 20 years, but still terrible.
  11. I was talking about this with a coworker the other day. The AFC appears to be filled with young, talented, ascending QBs. The draft will add a couple more. The NFC has the aging or mildly-competent journeyman QBs. It's probably more even than it feels, but right now, the conference with the strongest young QB play appears to be the AFC (honorable mention to Kyler).
  12. A 30th ranking is a #1 corner on a couple of teams.
  13. In a normal cap year, resign KK all day long. The only reason I'm uncertain is the cap situation for next year. Picking late in the first round doesn't guarantee anything. Especially not a premium position like CB (which I feel has a decent bust rate already). Some were clamoring for Josh Jackson instead of Jaire. If it had been Jackson, we'd be considering that a missed pick (the AJ Hawk conversation, but later in the round). I'd still consider signing him, but next year's cap is both fluid and unknown. Schrodinger's Cap.
  14. Rodgers had a terrible throwing motion too.
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