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  1. According to that list, no one's going to pay Aaron Jones over 3.5 million. I'll take him back in a heartbeat for that. Major oversight.
  2. And when they muck it up, they'll be grateful for someone like Alex Smith to fill in. He's better than Foles at least (IMO).
  3. I'm assuming because he wasn't "can't miss". Like TJ wasn't "can't miss" despite the revisionist history developed since that draft.
  4. That's not exactly a wildcard. He has no leverage and won't until either his 5th year is up or he (somehow) becomes the starter and tears up the league.
  5. But if they can do it while maintaining gap discipline, doesn't it make the defense even scarier (in a good way)?
  6. I think that's a little dramatic. With the way the offense is called, I bet it's closer to 6-8 wins. If it was M3, then yeah, I agree on the 4ish wins.
  7. If the cap stays at the recently projected $180-185 million, there are going to be a lot of devalued contracts. Not for the stars who will still make their money, but for the rest. And that might have a ripple effect for the next few years. From a business perspective, that might be why the owners are pushing to take the cap hit all in one season--to take the losses now and benefit from generally lower contracts for the next couple years.
  8. So with Barry, M4's desire is to bring in the Fangio defense. Okay, got it. Anyone got a bead on Barry's ability to strategically call a defense? Let's assume without argument that Detroit and WFT were both absolutely undermined by the talent. I heard he didn't call plays in Detroit. So what about WFT? The only article I saw from that time was a criticism that boiled down to "the players aren't executing what Barry envisions". Based on the assumptive pretense that puts that at the talents' feet, did Barry demonstrate the ability to call plays strategically? Can he challenge an offe
  9. Barry is such an odd hire for an optimist to try to figure out. Any positives I hear regarding the hire all seem to fall under the "damning with faint praise" type at best or mental gymnastics of the most egregious sort at the worst. I want to be optimistic, but the best, practical reason for it is "his talent was atrocious at his previous stops". Not exactly a hopeful description. Anyway, I hope I'm wrong. I hope we're all wrong. But there has to be something I'm missing here.
  10. I appreciate the work you've put into this. I find myself far more informed than I ever expected to be on the potential candidates.
  11. So the Packers would give up the reigning MVP, a 1st Round pick, and Jordan Love in return for a 2022 2nd round pick, Deshaun Watson and maybe the 12th overall pick (that pick didn't indicate who it would go to)? That would be one of the worst trades in the history of the NFL.
  12. And Love also has the enviable position of learning the nuances of the QB position by watching a Top 5 all time QB play the position (not stating where he is on that list). The other first round picks don't have that luxury (and yes, most have competent QB teachers, but watching a highly successful one go about his business adds another element). If anything, this is giving Love his best shot at hitting his ceiling, regardless of how high it is.
  13. Replacing Lowry with M.Adams, not resigning Snacks (not that he's necessarily interested), and no DL in the draft means the D is going to take a big step back. IMO.
  14. Unless the RB is head and shoulders above every other prospect available when GB is on the clock, I can't imagine they'll take one before round 4. And if it's earlier than the middle of round 3, they'd still probably trade back in that position. You can find value for RBs in lower rounds (see Jones, Aaron), and GB just drafted at high value a QB and a RB. Those are the only two positions I see as being virtually impossible in the first 2.5/3 rounds. And a QB (if they choose to move on from Boyle) no earlier than the 5th round.
  15. I agree with all this. Nothing says M4 isn't learning. I think he's growing too. He's young, he's going to make mistakes, and he seems to be showing an ability to learn from them.
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