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  1. Don Horn (1967) - Behind Bart Starr (MVP & HOF) Tommy Kramer (1977) - Behind Fran Tarkenton (MVP & HOF) Rich Campbell (1981) - Behind Lynn Dickey Andre Ware (1990) - Behind Rodney Peete Jim Druckenmiller (1997) - Behind Steve Young (MVP & HOF) Chad Pennington (2000) - Behind Vinny Testaverde (Hall of "thrown for more yards and more touchdowns in the NFL than any other eligible quarterback who is not in the Hall of Fame") Philip Rivers (2004) - Behind Drew Brees (Super Bowl MVP & future HOF) Aaron Rodgers (2005) - Behind Brett Favre (MVP
  2. I went through all the first round QBs in the Super Bowl era, and the following is the list of QBs that had one or fewer starts in their first two seasons out of a grand total of 127 QBs drafted in round 1: Don Horn (1967) - drafted by GB - started 5 games in '69 for GB, 1 in '70, and 9 in '71 for Denver. Tommy Kramer (1977) - drafted by Minnesota - full time starter for the Vikings from '79-'82 and '85-'86 - 2nd team all pro in '86 Rich Campbell (1981) - drafted by GB - started no games in his four year career. Andre Ware (1990) - drafted by Detroit - started 6 games i
  3. Conversely, what's the worst package we would get for Rodgers. Let's put the pessimistic hat on and say that he's traded, but there aren't a lot of options. How poor does the proposed trade package have to be that the Packers go "screw this, we'd rather be in cap hell with a disgruntled QB and no chance to compete in the playoffs than trade him for xx". What is one better than xx?
  4. "We'll pay you minimum salary, but you have to provide snacks. What do you say?"
  5. Well, most of them were offensive defensive linemen. Okay...I'll see myself out.
  6. Logically, Seattle. Emotionally, this one. I'm in 9er country, defense dominate (-7 yards at half), best record in league, beat winning teams, playing the only wild card team to upset a higher seeded team, and had to watch with an absolutely annoying 9er fan who jumped out of his seat and yelled/cheered about anything and everything. Put me on edge early, amping the need to win just to shut him up, and the offense run by the MVP couldn't produce points. Have to remind myself this is just a game because the loss hit me worst than any in years. At least in Seattle, the de
  7. Huh. I'm out here too. And all the inlaws are 9ers fans too. My best move is to lay low this week. We'll watch the game together, we'll be complimentary of good plays, but I want a playoff revenge after the last time the 9ers bounced the Packers. I want to be the one to walk out of that house with hope. At least my kid is rooting for the Packers after growing up in 9er country.
  8. I can see that. Just not sure if it's the first game (due to rust), the second game (due to familiar opponent), or third game (due to finally hitting our stride).
  9. Closest roads to something. Not sure what the cities have in common though. Not NFL, not NBA, unsure if other sports.
  10. I don't know. The Steelers have TJ Watt and a (currently performing as a) not HOF QB. They barely squeaked into the playoffs on luck, tied the (at the time) winless Lions, and honestly only Steeler fans are going to think they'll make noise in the playoffs this year. The point being, even a super star defensive player doesn't balance out a super star QB. The QB makes the team go. I don't have the answer to this, but who was the last "average" QB to win the super bowl leaning on an elite defense who didn't also pay lights out during the playoffs? Nick Foles? Pretty sure he played the
  11. What's with ISU lately? I remember Matt Campbell being a hot topic coach two cycles ago, but David Montgomery, Allen Lazard, AJ Klein...is ISU finally developing a real football program?
  12. I remember him being a Top 5 C. But we had Linsley, so no room for two starting centers. Not apples to apples, but a young, talented player who didn't get resigned.
  13. Tretter. Arguably top 5, but we had Linsley. Not apples to apples since there is only one C, but it fits the question.
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