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  1. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    The FItzpatrick curse continues....
  2. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    Knowing the NFL it's entirely possible he is suspended but it's been almost 2 years at this point, I doubt he gets suspended. But if he does get suspended 6 games, 1 million dollar fine and the bucs 1st rounder sounds like the perfect NFL overreaching punishment.
  3. TDLR; Read the OP. It's worth the 5 minutes just for the hints on roles IMO.
  4. The packers aren't even the best team in their division, if Rodgers goes down they're a medicore team at best. Sure they made some improvements but their secondary is still trash and got worse.
  5. I'd say July 20th because owner meetings are usually slow, especially one in a dead period of the year.
  6. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - Mafia Wins!!!

    @Famous Jameis Without a doubt the best mafia game I've been a part of, @bcb1213 you killed me at the right time because on that night I cleared @theuntouchable was gonna start putting pressure on you and slappy.
  7. Westworld (HBO)

    The last episode of westworld.....Hoo boy. I'm betting TMIB does not survive the finale
  8. Updated my depth chart and not much has changed.
  9. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - Mafia Wins!!!

    GG, whoever is the final mafia you are a smart cookie.
  10. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - Mafia Wins!!!

    My way of clearing myself is finding scum, hopefully my N6 results can finally get mafia/clear me. For the short term, if I was mafia I wouldn't have gone into as much detail as I have on my ability because that's a hell of an easy way to trip up on the details. Waiting on some scum N6 results for that, if not I'll gladly be the lynch tomorrow to help town if that's what they think is best. I'm not clear on who alfred is. Mookie is town, Woz clearing him and me being town plus the fact he's a confirmed watcher with robin is enough for me. Woz cleared me, I've voted to lynch 2/3? mafia (James being the one I didn't and darth was a rags kill)
  11. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - Mafia Wins!!!

    Mines been in for a while, mafia choosing their victim?
  12. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - Mafia Wins!!!

    Yes, if I could do both in a single night I'd have at least two mafia by now hence why it's one thing per night. Both play a significant role in the movies could be either or that's the GF, I still have a hard time believing the joker would work for them. But it would be the reason why the joker came up as "non-town" instead of town since he should in theory be the GF. Woz has cleared me, I've explained my role so I have nothing more to add at this point.
  13. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - Mafia Wins!!!

    I collect one person's DNA, that is a night action. I compare one person's DNA with a sample I have, that's a night action. Haven't collected either squire or Gopher's DNA. I'd have to collect those with my current night move and then the next night I'd compare the DNA. I can see Ras Al Ghol but there's been zero hints to him this entire game.