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  1. Most fans assume players are going to be 100% until proven otherwise and most news articles like to be positive with injuries unless there's mystery around the injury. Watson hasn't had any setbacks and should be fine for training camp, so he should be fine.
  2. RFA Cameron Meredith visiting with Ravens

    I hope we offer him something assuming he's healthy, dude has a ton of upside and he'd fit our offense pretty well.
  3. Portland 3+ year down: WR Sammy Watkins.
  4. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    The CFL would continue as is but basically NFL players would you know, develop and play for them instead of rotting on practice squads and the bench but it'd be year to year for certain players. More of an arrangement than the NFL buying the CFL to use it as a training league than anything else.
  5. BUF WR Zay Jones Arrested in Nude(???) Meltdown

    So much for him taking the next step I guess, weird story....hope he gets the help he needs.
  6. Updated Portland Trade Block: Everything that isn't nailed down can be had for a price.
  7. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    Anything to get more football I guess, though I still prefer the NFL working out a deal with the CFL and using them as a training league more or less.
  8. Colts sign Eric Ebron

    We should base him off of his entire career, not just one season and what did he do last season besides improve on his drops and play in more games? He had 3 games in which he eclipsed 50 yards receiving and often disappeared in games I'd consider. He has "upside" but in four seasons he never realized that upside, why would he suddenly do that in a worse offense with a worse QB?
  9. BUF signs OL's Russell Bodine and Marshall Newhouse

    Outside of Richie Incogntio the bills don't have a top 10 player at any other position on their o-line, how does that make their o-line top 10? (Dawkins was fine as a rookie but how he'll play in his second season is anyone's guess and the rest are medicore to blegh) More than likely those backups will compete for starting jobs, unlikely but entirely possible considering the bills from C to RT are pretty blegh.
  10. Steelers sign Morgan Burnett

    Oh dang that's a good get for the Steelers. I hope he fails his physical.
  11. BUF signs OL's Russell Bodine and Marshall Newhouse

    Humor is subjective, here's to hoping the bills are able to repeat/improve on last year's success somehow.
  12. Colts sign Eric Ebron

    For one season, more often than not Ebron has had issues with drops dating back to his rookie year. https://www.sportingcharts.com/nfl/stats/drops/2016/ https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/detroit-lions-team-stats?season=2017&week=100&category=RECEIVING&opp=0&sort=2&qualified=0&sortOrder=0
  13. Colts sign Eric Ebron

    How has he improved from year 3 to year 4? He regressed in every facet of his game last season, is a bad blocker, has drop issues and is injury prone (Though he did play all 16 games year last year) In one of the best offenses in the NFL with a top 10 QB he never became more than an inconsistent TE who had "Untapped upside" I doubt he'll fare any better with the Colts considering he'll be behind Hilton,Doyle in the passing game and with an injured luck at QB.
  14. Colts sign Eric Ebron

    It does for someone whose slacked off and hasn't reached his potential in 4 seasons, sure he's cuttable after 1 year but still seems like an overpay. He's had 4 years and he hasn't gotten that much better than his second season, plus he's injury prone so ehhhh.