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  1. Your pass heavy offense features 3 healthy WRs who are gonna get tired running routes all day long and a passing attack led by Goff who has improved massively but can he really carry the team on his back with no running game to support him? Not to mention a pretty good pass rush that will get to him. We're obviously not gonna put 8 in the box the entire game either since Fournette is out, maybe on 25% of the snaps at best to control the run game.
  2. MVP leaders at this point.

    Alex Smith and Tom Brady obviously. I could see a RB winning it though depending on how the season plays out. I'm gonna say Alex Smith reverts back to the mean at some point though, No way he actually plays like a top 2 QB for a full season.
  3. Sean Smith would replace McCourty since he's out, I'd say we have equally bad CBs but I have the better safety duo by a slim margin. Even if you do have a leg up secondary wise your running game is nothing without Fournette leading the way.
  4. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    Give him the ultimate punishment and trade him to cleveland.
  5. Nothing is going right for the colts...
  6. I'm kind of suprised this hasn't happened sooner because browns. Just goes to show eventually the browns will ruin every good thing....In all seriousness hope he comes back 100%.
  7. Carson Palmer broke his arm

    Palmer and the retiree band deserved better than to go 6-10ish. Hopefully they all can come back for one more season together but it's more than likely the end of the Palmer Era.
  8. Fournette and Kuechley are out.
  9. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Logic and a reasonableness.....How dare you. Jameis has a few hurdles to climb but he's already the bucs best QB in like 10 years. Except Josh Freeman but everyone forgets about him.
  10. BDL Discussion Thread

    I'd make a short joke but Kawann is a killer.
  11. Marshawn Lynch suspended 1 game

    He should've stayed retired.
  12. Rodgers and Hail Marys

    The king in the north has died for this season, he's not going to do anymore hailmarys
  13. BDL Discussion Thread

    dig through the transactions thread, if it's not there decent chance you traded it on the old forum and that thread is well..probably gone by now.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread

    Yep but that's usually not wise since you probably won't get the return on your investment.