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  1. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Ya'll are drunk this episode was awesome.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    In my defense the coach I hired was terrible.
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    So I remembered the playoffs were a thing. Is it too late to ruin someone's playoff dreams?
  4. Xbox Series X

    Gameplay is CGI as well, what you meant to say was it was a "pre-rendered trailer" apologies for the smart***ness. I hope you only achieve 59FPS for your entire gaming life. The only games that potentially will run at that are 7th gen games and older, 8th gen games will all get graphical updates/re-releases with minimal changes. 9th gen titles will push it to the limit and be stuck between 30-60 fps. This, games and engines will have to be tweaked to run at new frame counts and optimizations will have to be made given the new hardware.
  5. MIA extends WR Devante Parker for 4 years / 40M

    Yeah no he's gonna suck next year now that he got paid but it's not like the dolphins are gonna need that cap space next year.
  6. Maybe as a runner sure, but it is literally night and day for him as a passer.
  7. Xbox Series X

    Xbox Series X is the higher end model. Meaning developers will look to base their games off of the cheaper/more popular lower end model first meaning the X is going to need multiple developer port. Kinda like how the switch has different modes for docked/mobile play, it's a hassle Microsoft should avoid and just roll with the series X. I agree, both being backwards compatible helps a lot on that end but I have a feeling Xbox is still gonna split it's user base with two different models at launch, along the Wii U esque name compared to the One X.
  8. Xbox Series X

    I'd treat that with a grain of salt given next gen consoles are still a little under a year away and Xbox has plenty of time to change their mind on that because splitting the user-base that early on is a bad idea. Whoever announces the price first is an idiot, but agreed. Whoever reveals first whether that's $400-500 will most likely be undercut in price by the other.
  9. Xbox Series X

    Xbox continuing their trend of terrible console naming* Xbox - Solid. Xbox 360- Sure why not. Xbox One - It's the third console wtf. Xbox one X - Sure.... Xbox Series X - XboxSX another terrible name.
  10. DC Movie Universe

    Huzzah. He's directing a zombie movie for netflix but hey it's free press to keep up with the Snydercut people.
  11. DC Movie Universe

    Until the film actually starts filming, suuuuuuuure.
  12. DC Movie Universe

    I agree with you son, now hand me a beer.
  13. DC Movie Universe

    The Flash Point movie is never going to happen. Ezra Miller's contract ran out I think so he's done.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Counter point: Every team would play in a dome to minimize weather effects.
  15. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    My apologies, thought the inconsistent swear filter on this site allowed the word in that one.