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  1. putting great all-time QB seasons into 2018 NFL numbers

    This entire decade has been unlike any other decade for QB numbers, you don't need to adjust numbers from the same era to make a QB look better. Fair point, really only said 1990 because ever since then the QB position has more or less been uplifted via rule changes. I'd honestly say like 2007 is when the modern era of "pass happy" QBs really took off, even then every decade is different. Sure.
  2. Mayfield - Somehow is going to become a bust because cleveland, looks like the best QB of the 1st round so far. Darnold - Needs more talent around him, but the foundation is there. Allen - Looks like the worst of the 5 QBs, his rushing ability came out of nowhere so like maybe that helps him out. Rosen - Needs more talent around him, looks dreadful but too early to call given the Cardinals are dysfunctional under Wilks. Jackson- I'm ready to declare him the next Tom Brady already, easily the best rookie QB of this draft class and will no doubt be a HOFer who wins 10 superbowls. Needs to work in his passing with a good OC/QB coach in the offseason, but overall he's the 2nd best IMO.
  3. putting great all-time QB seasons into 2018 NFL numbers

    Fair point but if Mahomes breaks the TD record (he's on pace to with 45 and 2 games left to play) and wins a SB (or has a better performance) I'd consider it as good as Marino's 2nd season.
  4. putting great all-time QB seasons into 2018 NFL numbers

    This thread tries to answer "how do we compare past QB play to today's QB" which would be fine, inflating stats based on bath sure yeah ok. 2013 Peyton, 2011 Rodgers, 2007 Brady, 2011 Brees, 04 Peytnon. Did not need their numbers inflated. Honestly any QB pre 1990 shouldn't have inflated stats. Also we can't judge Mahomes vs Marino until the season wraps, right now it's Marino but Mahomes has the potential to pass his second season.
  5. Brees gifts 200 balls

    Total stats have always been a thing.... I don't know what you're trying to argue with this, but when talking about "Who has the most X thing all time" you measure all of the stats, regular and post season.
  6. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    I'll say deciding on a gif for this was hard. There were plenty to choose from.
  7. Raiders WR Martavis Bryant suspended by the NFL

    He's still no Josh Gordon.
  8. Brees gifts 200 balls

    Good PR and reputation is everything when it comes to award voted on by the press, Brees has played as well as Mahomes and a nice boost of PR like this gives him a slight edge. Obviously it's more about celebrating the accomplishment than anything but this still comes off to me as that.
  9. Brees gifts 200 balls

    Tom Brady passing yards including playoffs= 80,085 Drew Brees passing yards including playoffs=78117 Peyton Manning passing yards including playoffs=79279 Also does anyone else see this as a blatant "VOTE ME FOR MVP" kinda gesture? Not to discredit Brees but Mahomes deserves the MVP more, plus he's technically not the all time leader in passing yards for like 3-5 more games.
  10. Titans (DC Universe)

    I won't say how because it's kinda obvious, but it will tie back to Trigon in a way that's kind of brilliant.
  11. Trump won the suit but got like 1$ or some paltry amount. Most recently the NFL settled for like 765 million dollars for the concussion lawsuits (it eventually was rejected and was made unlimited/untapped) not too bad. Davis was 1-2 in lawsuits against the NFL. (Won the right to move to LA, lost the lawsuit for exclusive rights to the L.A market, also sued the league for stadium mismangement or something and lost that) there's probably more I've missed but eh. https://www.michiganautolaw.com/blog/2016/10/27/32-shocking-lawsuits-nfl-teams/ this was a fun read though.
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    I don't know how we'd make it work cap wise but sure.
  13. MVP Race

    Nah I wasn't. Brees hasn't won an MVP because it's hard to win an MVP, only one QB can win one per year duh and even then like once every 8-10 years some RB has a really good year. The process isn't flawed because it's nothing more than just voting and opinions on who had the best season. I'd say the biggest flaw with it is it doesn't take post-season into account. I mean sure you can say Brees deserved the 2009 MVP more than Peyton but he did win a SB MVP so......kind of a wash.
  14. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas

    Fair point but still there's no way the Raiders are building that stadium in less than 2 years. (They started September 27th of this year If I remember correctly) I'm sure the practice facilities will be finished before then but not the stadium. Either way the draft in Vegas seems like a great way for the NFL to help push for legalizing gambling even though fantasy has long been their main gambling fix.
  15. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    You've only done it once this year right? I thought we agreed you get a pass for the first time/extenuating circumstances so you're good.