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  1. It is for the very reason it hurts the program enough to never let this happen again financially, damaging something enough financially is usually the best way to prevent them from doing it again/actually fixing the problem. The NCAA and their greed won't let it happen as you said, but hopefully there's enough outrage/press coverage that they actually do it.
  2. Are the 90's the greatest movie decade?

    Maybe the cheesiest but there is no greatest movie decade.
  3. I was a Terapin fan before this.....Not anymore at least football wise, the football program should be halted for a year and the players should be allowed to transfer with no penalty.
  4. Oh damn it....I want Roelthisberger healthy when we play them.
  5. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Ghibli films are far from perfection but they're basically Japan's Disney as often said because comparisons. Been watching Steins;gate 0 and it is still the best anime ongoing.
  6. The vikings o-line has more or less imploded since I made that post so I'm not as confident in them, but still their defense is a very good counter to Rodgers who has had trouble staying healthy.
  7. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Finishing ASOIAF is clearly not his top priority with the shows he's working on (Nightflyers, GOT, and the prequel series) it's probably in the "It gets done when it gets done" category.
  8. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    Enjoy Aaron Donald while he lasts mate.
  9. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    I'll use some examples then, no rookie contracts and they have to be within the top 15 players paid at their position so I can't just cherry pick. https://www.spotrac.com/redirect/player/14514/ Devonta Freeman, Very good RB at 8,250,000/yr. https://www.spotrac.com/redirect/player/12316/ Zach Ertz, Very good TE at 8,500,000/yr. https://www.spotrac.com/redirect/player/14444/ Joel Bitonio, Very good G at 8,500,000/yr At roughly the 24-25 million Aaron Donald is supposedly getting. The whole point of a hypothetical is a "what if" it's an unlikely event you'd have to choose between *Insert 3 very good players* or Aaron Donald. I'll take the 3 random players since they will overall have a bigger impact than one player.
  10. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    People try to pick apart the logic on hypothetical situations and it's just like
  11. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    The rams are obviously going to pay him, I'm just saying I'd rather trade him or have 3-4 talented starters vs. a top 3 defender.
  12. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Doesn't hurt to go down the Ghibli movie list if you haven't seen them all.
  13. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    Not really, there's only so much value a single defender can bring to the table. For every Aaron Donald i'll take 3 very good starters ($8mil/yr vs. 24 mil/yr) I could pay for instead.