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  1. Who had august in the whicker quits pool?
  2. What QBs do you expect to get benched this season?

    Patrick Mahomes.
  3. My sympathies, especially to you.
  4. That's like the 3rd player to potentially miss the season for me on defense. Dang.
  5. It's literally the list retired players go on. Yannick's on another list.
  6. There shouldn't be more to retirement than getting placed on a retirement list and not playing football anymore. But also it doesn't matter for me anymore soo eh.
  7. One of these is not like the other. Also they made the wildcard in 2009/2010 so....
  8. I forgot I traded Telvin Smith never-mind. Also Jacoby Brissett>Andrew Luck.
  9. Sooo now that Telvin is officially on the retired list. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001036929/article/jaguars-place-telvin-smith-on-reserveretired-list Can he be removed from my roster or is he still not "retired"?
  10. still salty about the division change
  11. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Most fire emblem games are more tactical RPG but the FE3H is basically an RPG with tactical combat.
  12. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I'd say octopath or fire emblem fore XBC2 tbh.