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  1. HUZZAH. Whicker still owes me money. I read 3 pages.
  2. I always boosted a player if they played well on TNF. If they sucked they may not have started that week depending on the position lol.
  3. way ahead of u chief. Offense: Score Points. Defense: Score less points.
  4. Bruh puddlegate was so stupid. Idk why the **** they're doing a next gen remaster 2 years after the game came out, I guess more value for your buck but also like it looked great on PS4.
  5. As long as you know the last two times I was a co-owner they ended up becoming alcoholics and successful.
  6. Yeah to quote my friend"would let johnny depp run over her, back over me, and I'd apologize" Depp has a way with women. Kinda shocked tbh but I guess WB is waiting for both of their cases to settle before backtracking on either one.
  7. Ooooooooh I've been waiting a decade for a full length harry potter magic RPG that wasn't a **** tie in game.
  8. bruhH. That's a heck of a collection, gamepass is still better but like OOF slap all those on PS+/Now to download and bam. That's a nice haul of games my dude, but I'm like 80% sure gamepass has most of the non exclusives.
  9. Gonna be a 40 minute countdown trailer to the price of $399.
  10. Both are pieces of ****. But like one is hot so who cares. Also both are technically still employed by WB at the moment.
  11. The second revision of the Xbox Series S rebranded.
  12. Ngl after the Jackson debacle my whole inspiration for BDL just died and it never recovered. Rags brought me in and he took me out to complete the full BDL circle.
  13. "entire career" man has 3 acting roles. Whedon being a POS is old news at this point. Mamoa is like the one actor from JL who WB can't just murder by putting in bad movies for the rest of their career given he's a pretty big star for them. (Poor Ezra Miller)
  14. I give it 2 offseasons before I"m back running another team into the dirt.
  15. Hence why I quit in june and gave plenty of time for ya'll to find a replacement. I apologize to the new owner of the team, ya got ****ed my boy.
  16. When did BDL become mafia. Also I know when he died because I killed him. Granted the blood on my watch was a lil hard to decipher.
  17. ............I quit in June dude whicker wasn't dead back then c'mon now.
  18. Do I have to kill myself live now.
  19. the anime was great the story not but idc this gif alone was worth it.
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