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  1. If Elvis couldn't win a SB with our defense neither could your QB.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    And then there's monopoly for millennials.
  3. Trent Dilfer won my team a SB, I'll take the man over the Overratednemo. Sexy Rexy.
  4. Star Wars Universe Thread

    So apparently we're getting a new star wars animated TV show starring the bad batch from the first half of The Clone wars S7. I'll take it and it should be adult animated oriented so yay.
  5. Yeah Dan Marino's a great QB, in the regular season.
  6. Playoff Flacco> Regular season Matt Ryan. Playoffs are all that matters babyyy.
  7. NBA 2K21

    Yeah they'll have.....higher res textures probably 1-2 more tris, BETTER SWEAT PHYSICS, EXCLUSIVE SKINS+DLC. It's marketing b.s to justify you paying an extra $70 for the same fricking game.
  8. NBA 2K21

    For the people who don't speak executive. "We want more money and we found an excuse to get more money, now give us more money" "We believe we are the only developer making a game exclusively for next gen systems" we all know he's lying, we all know launch titles were in development 3 years minimum before 2020. it's not a different game it's more than likely going to be 2K21 with some updated graphics and it might look better but it's not gonna blow your sweat off. I can understand an actual price upgrade if the development costs go up, the way to distribute games goes up (I.E cartridges after Nintendo used discs) but the games do not cost any more to make than they did last gen, the physical media hasn't changed outside of being a slightly higher capacity blu ray disc which isn't gonna cost more for publishers. It's b.s
  9. Wilson>Luck>Cousins>Foles>RG3 in that order. But yes thank you for telling me your opinion on something not relevant.
  10. Who won a super bowl? I rest my case.
  11. Joe Flacco is still the best QB out of the 2008 QB Class and it's not even close.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077

    Knowing CDPR. It won't run at launch.
  13. Ever had fooball dreams?

    I was gonna go pro until I took an arrow to the knee. Turns out archery was a bad hobby to have as a football player.
  14. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    The ravens. - Ravens Fans.