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  1. Nah just poking my head in, it's been too long.
  2. "they overpaid" and the alternative is?
  3. Check a rural-ish area's microcenter near you they generally tend to not get people checking their stock as often and always have in-person unit reserved.
  4. https://www.nintendo.com/consumer/repair/repair_redirect.jsp?sys=switch&lang=en&sym=EMNTHNGINSRTD While your console might not be replacement level they do repairs, and honestly sounds like a USB or HDMI issue with bad pins if I had to guess. Also honestly if you just wanna sell it (AS IS) you'd probably get your money back with how crazy switch sales on the 3rd party markets have been.
  5. It's always personal preference you do you but my man have you seen https://www.hbomax.com/feature/urn:hbo:feature:GXyhs-QTFh8PCwgEAAABy
  6. HBO Max is worth it imo vs. Disney+ cause WB has a much bigger catalogue than disney.
  7. merry christmas to the fans who don't gotta pay $30 for wonder woman 84 ala disney
  8. It's shonen in the same way Death note is.
  9. It will be, the one massive downside of Gamepass is Xbox doesn't make direct money from their games anymore (I mean people will still buy Halo, Starfield etc.) but not as many who will just buy gamepass and play it until they're done. But on PS5 it's 70% of revenue vs. an incredibly small percentage for a single game on gamepass. 1000% Bethesda needs their games on P.C otherwise the console versions just gonna be a buggy mess.
  10. Not starring? ughhh. but still that cartoon was the ****
  11. Blake Bortortle's career is on life support.
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