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  1. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Hence Lynch's influence.
  2. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    If you were referring to me that isn't my intention. It's in fact the opposite. Brown visited 4 different teams before accepting the Washington 3mil 1year deal and fired his agents part way thru. We don't know what the offers were or how his ego or pride or agents poor handling of the situations affected the process. I was just saying loved him for awhile and was sad we didn't get him. I don't blame Reggie at all as the signs point to his FA process was a cluster****.
  3. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Yup and it was stated that after the Washington game Lynch was working with the coaching staff to get more looks in fits he's more comfortable in. If anything he would want more ZBS looks. You never know.
  4. Raiders Defense

    This I agree with. The Chiefs have had a guy like that, Mike Frazer, sine 2013 and he's been with Reid for more than 10 year. http://www.chiefs.com/team/coaches/mike-frazier/3d300b94-86e6-4091-87fe-8ca7b4aabe06
  5. Raiders Defense

    Yeah, just doing a quick glance at the #'s and knowing that there are a TON of different ways to work deals and for money to be moved around, it very possible. Say Mack is signed to a huge deal like Von's deal last year but more. His cap hit next year might stay around 15mil and then jump to around 20 for the next 6 or so years depend on the length of the deal. That would leave us with around 13mil. Add Smith's 8.5mil (I think is very likely) and Amerson's 6mil (less likely) and we have 28.5mil. Minus around 6mil for draft picks and that leaves 22.5 to sign whoever. Of course, if we do cut Amerson then Carrie getting a deal is more likely just out of position need. I just think the rest of the year will determine DA's fate. If he holds up and doesn't have any more real red flags(bad games, concussions, etc) we may hold on to him because the position is so hard to get and keep reliable help in. You need all the help you can get, as we have learned this year. Amerson is still only 26 and not on a crazy deal. Plus I'm not overjoyed about the corner class in the draft or in FA. At this point in FA I'd only want T. Johnson or Butler or maybe Kyle Fuller and they all will get PAID. To early to tell in the draft.
  6. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    You don't think I was pissed he wasn't signed here. I spent the previous 2 years being his cheerleader and saying we should and would (in mock offseasons mind you) sign him. I was that guy.
  7. Raiders Defense

    Or the chips haven't fallen into place to address it the way they want. Davis went a few picks before us. Conley was a steal and Foster fell for a reason. McMillian went a few picks before us again in round 2. I'd put money on the chance we take either of those guys if they are on the board.
  8. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    You weren't in the negotiations and every team lowballed Brown. So every gm should be taken to task for that OR they know something we don't. This kind of revisionist judgement is sloppy.
  9. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    Conley was the better prospect and pick, period. That he would be injured early couldn't have been foreseen. Foster, on the other hand, could and low and behold he has played one game as well and did look like a difference maker at all. Didn't even show promise like Conley did. Our real misfortune was Davis going before we picked.
  10. Raiders Defense

    Yeah that is rooted in a land where we don't have to sign Mack to the highest deal in football. Of course, I wanna keep Carrie and Jelly and sometimes Autry but I think we won't be able to match the offers they get and remain fiscally flexible. Dropping Smith and Amerson would help but I don think we lose both. We'll see. Still a long long long long way away from those decisions.
  11. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    It's like you didnt even read what was written... Yeah and Wash, Den and Bal are top 10 defenses. It goes both ways.
  12. Raiders Defense

    Becuae that money may not be there in the budget and he may feel like he can replace Carrie with a Draft pick or cheaper FA. The Reggie likes to keep his own is pretty over rated at this point. It's all about the $ now.
  13. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    So we waived Adams. He had fallen down the depth chart pretty steadily since camp. Maybe he'll show up on the PS since we still have a spot open.
  14. Raiders Defense

    Carrie is looking like he'll get a 4-5mil a year. I don't know if Reggie has that much slotted in the budget but he is one of my favorite current Raiders and I would love to see him stay. But if the money is too good elsewhere I wouldn't fault him. If you are saying we should offer a cap friendly deal now I'm kinda down with that. There are risks whenever someone is signed. I bet Reggie is realistically counting him as a comp pick tho in his mind and we move McDonald into his slot. BTW did we notice that SS got zero snaps...
  15. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    You mean like in week 1 and 2. Yeah, he might and he might not. He also may be getting input from the players (Carr in the passing game and Lynch in the running game) on what they want and it isn't working. He also may have had a good plan that worked for a time and then he had a hard time adjusting when teams countered it due to his inexperience. He also may have had a hard time adjusting the gameplan for a different QB and the absence of the #1 WR due to injury. The players may have also had problems with execution which lead to 3 and outs and taxed the defense. Or a combo of all of those things. Oh and I wasn't saying getting new player right now but in the offseason when that normally happens. Maybe Carr wants to play a certain way and we have committed to him already. You build around him now.