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  1. We did that trade cuz we had Smith and Good. No way to know that Smith would go down too. They like Parker on the left so no need to carry 4 backup tackles.
  2. I bet they have a system even better than that. All teams probable will use them. I know guys have been getting workout instruction from trainers already.
  3. If anyone lives in the Vegas area or plans to, they are starting to hire for event staff on the 13th this month. Here is the link to the website and the link to the article talking about it. allegiant-stadium-careers.com https://www.fox5vegas.com/sports/las_vegas_raiders/allegiant-stadium-hiring-for-4-500-job-openings-for-raiders-game-day-staff/article_53ed07e8-abeb-11ea-a3a7-93842f9410b4.html
  4. This isn't the Carr thread so take that there but if you read my point it was that Waller strongest suit isn't the redzone and that the coverage he draws regardless of that left guys like Foster and Renfrow open for easy throw for TDs. I think all 5 of Fosters TDs came in the redzone and he was nearly wide open. Waller success allows others to eat. But I agree that more can be done to scheme for Waller in the redzone and I'm sure he is working on those aspects of his game.
  5. Ray Ray Armstrong, Malcom Smith and Darren Bates are all available...
  6. We found Waller less in the redzone because he isn't really a jump ball guy. He uses his speed and route running to get open. Plus he was a focal point of the offense therefore a focal point to the defense and other guys benefited from his double teams in the redzone. You don't care who gets over the line just that some one did in an ideal offense.
  7. Give it up. We aren't resigning Jordan. I think we carry 8 DL unless an injury forces us to bring in a few lesser guys. I also don't think Muse is even close to being listed before Morrow and Lee on the depth chart. Plus I think we carry one more LB whether it's Wilbur, Eligwe or a long shot at White if we are really diving into the hybrid defender pot. I also think one of the young guys at corner gets a spot even though he will be the one inactive most games. I'm gonna take a flier on an end of the roster guy named Jordan Brown. Has the size and atleteism and why not. It could be any of those 5-6 guys. DL - 8 (Crosby, Nassib, Ferrell, Key, Hurst, Hall, Collins, Hankins) LB - 6 (Littleton, Kwit, Morrow, Lee, Eligwe, Muse) CB - 7 (Mullen, Arnette, Prince, Robertson, Johnson, Lawson, Brown) S - 5 (Randall, Heath, Abram, Harris, Joyner) equals 26 + 26 on offense and 3 on special teams equals 55
  8. Add in the wrinkle that Bowden is the QB in that set and put either Foster/Witten (more blocking), Booker(dual back sets/wing T options) or Edwards (4WRs/trips combos) on the field as well and we look super versatile. Gruden has to be so excited with Carr really mastering the offense so they can do more, Maritoa adding another level of athlete and a real insurance policy for Carr. Bowden will be Weapon L(do it aLL) plus adding Ruggs, Edwards and Booker to Jacobs, Waller, Williams and Renfrow.
  9. Yeah that puts Lawson, Nelson, Nixon and Maybin on the bubble, not like they weren't already but now only one spot MAYBE available. Depends if Joyner takes a CB spot or a S spot. With Abrams, Randall, Heath and Harris all being in (that is a big assumption on Randall and Harris) then you start looking at were guys like Muse, White or Leavitt fit. Who is going to PS...gonna be an interesting roster cutdown with the lack of full true eval on the field.
  10. I think Bowden in gonna surprise some with his talent with the ball in his hands. But I see your point about the Richard signing because that puts Rod Smith (bruiser) and Booker (all purpose) on a collision course at the end of the roster. With RIchard and Bowden I think I would prefer Smith just to have another banger in the stable if Jacobs goes down (slams fist on wood) even though I think Booker would be great for this offense. If he can provide a special teams value he could beat out an extra Olineman or force on to the PS.
  11. But brandishing a gun in a funeral home and treating staff and claiming that you are going to cut the head off yourself probably was the crazy part.
  12. No kidding. He is total click troll. I saw that tread and someone made a good point that PJ was in on more rsuhing sitiuation downs than passing so it stands to reason that when he was on the field teams ran it more and therefore had more yards. Just dumb flaming of fans with cherruy picked stats to get clicks.
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