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  1. Around The League V.2

    Is it even a question that he'll end up on the Pats...
  2. Around The League V.2

    And you're only getting one year of him before he hit FA. Next year I expect him to command a 5 year 75 mil contract if he has a similar year to last year. Is that something we'd give him now to keep him long term and decide how the money hit our cap? I think the only way I'd be cool with us trading for him is if we signed him long term.
  3. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    Your a mod and you posted it. Why are you complaining to us.
  4. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    They have a bunch of stuff coming in the next year and a half. Here are the big ones excluding limited series or snorefests: his dark materials lovecraft country watchmen demimonde the nevers the time travelers wife plus 2 GOT off shoots are progressing nicely according to GRRM.
  5. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    They made the decision to do it because of the shooting schedule HBO gave them.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    I agree about wanting to be more comfortable at DE and the front seven in general but I don't see a solid starter out there right now that can add that will move the needle. Bell makes our offense VERY hard to stop. With him and JJ getting 250 touches in a 50/50 split I see that as a good thing. It also gives us insurance if one gets nixed up. Just think about JJ tweaking a hammy in preseason and us going into the season with Martin and Richard again. Not bad but not good either. I just think the stronger we make the offense the less we have to lean on the defense as the learn and grow.
  7. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    I don't know what the complaint is with the fleet firing Balista bolts and hitting an unsuspecting target that flys right into the bolts path vs what Drogon did to them in E06. He showed in E05 that when he could see them coming he could effectively dodge them. This isn't a plot hole to me. With stuff being rushed, I agree but I also see threads of everything that happened foreshadowed in pretty clear ways throughout the show. My gripe is they should have had full seasons. That would have given them the room to show the arcs, which is the main complaint people have. As to mailing it in. I don't buy that either. I just think they were given board plot point to hit by GGM and they aren't the writers he is. So filling that gap with there own stuff seems of tone to what GRRM would have done which is the basis for all the stuff we loved in the previous seasons. I don't claim to know the inner workings of HBO and I don't know how solid the rumors of them being offered unlimited budget and full seasons worth of episodes was questionable to me when I heard it but D+B said that they didn't have the time to shoot full 10 epi seasons on the shooting schedule HBO want them to keep the last too years and still have the season ready to release. They were in effect had to shoot 4 to 5 movies worth of stuff in 12-14 months. Huge task.
  8. Random Raider Stuff

    Ok I'll ask... What would you offer for LeVeon Bell if Gase is dumb enough to trade him? Things to keep in mind... LeVeon Bell sat out a year so he should be fresh... just like Jacobs... His cap hit would be educed because of the trade and if the Jets are motivated enough to move him they could pay a bigger portion of the bonus he is owed to facilitate a deal and increase his trade value. I could live with Bell and Jacobs as a 1-2 punch. They stay healthy and fresh all year and if one does go down we have the other.
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    I probably agree but I don't think it will be because he plays poorly. I just don't think he makes to the end of the year without hitting IR.
  10. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    People forget that they wrote the 45 of the 72 episode. They are great writers that made some wrong choices at the end of this decade having the biggest tv show in history. I definitely trust them with shorter form writing and plot construction. Plus I think this experience has thought them valuable lessons.
  11. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    But we did. It goes either way. If we start loading the underneath zone with WRs and backs then they play zone coverage and jump the routes. We mixed up the routes and who was hot read but none of that matters if Carr only has 1.5 to 2.5 seconds to release the pass before he has to start processing escape or tuck or outlet or step up, all while protecting the ball and trying to stay balanced to deliver an accurate pass.
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    Most Overrated: Any Raiders fan's twitter feed/timeline, including mine. Most Underrated: CarrBest Player: HudsonKey New Addition: AB + TBCould Surprise: Tyrell WilliamsTakes a Leap: HurstProve it Year: Josh Jacobs, Richard, Grant, Miller, Good, Any TE on the roster, Burfict, Marshall, Morrrow, Cabinda, Joseph, Worley, Lawson, Riley, Richards and Carlson.
  13. Around The League V.2

    How would that deal look to you?
  14. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I agree with most of what you saw but what difference does it make who the outlet is? As long as it's there is what matters. If you are gonna say that this would limit ABs looks or something, I'm sure Gruden has made AB the hot route in 80% of his plays and has already said he putting in the route ABs like the most, (slants, curls, zone sit downs and double moves imo).
  15. Random Raider Stuff

    So you think he's getting cut if he gets 5 sacks this year. Stop being dramatic. I know it's the off-season and all but come on. As already pointed out by @oakdb36 he will get to play in the position he was drafted for last year. This rush to cast him as a finished product by some is asinine. and @BayRaider : When did I defend Al Davis for his mess at the end? I definitely don't remember that. I may have praised his early success with risk taking, his football knowledge and innovation but I also hated what he did to the team in the last decade he was in charge. Yup, I went to bat for Reggie because I liked his what he did for the team coming off of the Al Davis/Hue Jackson struggles and wanted to give KNJ a chance. I pointed out that Cable does somethings well and provided a realistic outlook on Carr. Just because I choose to not all out bash anyone that makes a mistake or two that is involved with this team doesn't make me a homer. It makes me a more tolerant and realistic person than some on this board. period. Go read a book or something.