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  1. FA 2020

    Yeah, i remember I heard one of them (can't recall which) got with the other and said they should team up and they chose Packers. Guess they thought the Pack were closer to a winning team. We'll have to make them pay for that mistake.
  2. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Why do you ask? Do you plan to stick you tongue out and touch it like a reverse Christmas story scene or something? It's Vegas in the summer, so damn hot! Just like the stadium in AZ or any other building in the strip.
  3. FA 2020

    I like this from Mayock. Only adds miles to Jacobs treads as well if we take him out of those bruising short yardage situations plus adds another dimension we were suppose to have with Crowell.
  4. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    When did Gruden say this?
  5. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    He was carrying the team just fine with the short and intermediate passing game before the injury when the offense looked right. We will see if he can develop some kind of chemistry with someone on this wrs core like he had with Crab. It will go along way.
  6. Around The League V.2

    Well, I dont think they were lying and I know the videos of the throws aren't photoshopped so yeah. I was just commenting on the fact that they practiced that aspect of the offense with particular players, then those guys didnt make it to the regular season. Believe what you want.
  7. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    There is really no arguement in respect to use being a team that mostly throws short or intermediate passes. What is yet to be really known but often assumed about is the reason for that being the case. I really dont care as long as we have more Ws than Ls.
  8. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Yeah it seemed like that but also had a tilt of qualifying the post. In regards to the post though it makes sense that he has done well in the redzone sense that is how they move the ball (20yards or shorter) 75% of the time anyways. I'd say its 30% the offense playcalling, 30% personal or lack thereof, 40% reps i.e. timing and touch on the short and intermediate passing game.
  9. Around The League V.2

    Well, when you get the "top of your head right" we'll take those into account. I also don't care what you take stock in to or not. They were doing it in practice because they were preparing to do it in games. Now that both his deep threats that he worked the deep balls with are MIA my point was that it will take time for us to see more of them thrown to guys he met this month or this week. If you've ever been on the football field you'd know those throws take reps with the receiver. Never said anything about what he has done in the past and you can keep holding that opinion.
  10. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Does that make those fact untrue?
  11. Around The League V.2

    By watching hard knocks and the practice clips they released. I saw atleast 5 deep bombs.That is how I can make that statement.
  12. Around The League V.2

    He was money throwing them to AB and Nelson. I think it has everything to do with the guys he is throwing to and the coverage he sees now that our go to guys are a rookie RB and TE. I expect more long passes once he gets more practice time with Davis and Jones.
  13. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    I wasn't. I am now.
  14. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    I'm at work but WOAH!