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  1. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    And who says we won't be that or better. Everyone of you said KNJ wouldn't make past the year last year. I'll say it again. They are building and patience and consistency matter.
  2. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    None of your arguments actually belong in this convo. Crab being as talented as Cooper has nothing to do with this. Only that he is talented enough to be worth of the defense rolling the coverage his way. And he is. Now if we brought in someone that forced the defense to roll the other way then it's a moot point. Of course, the kind of guy we'd bring in isn't a certainty. I was just pointing out that Reggie would work hard at bringing in a legit target. But whatever, that doesn't have any baring on this either. Whether Crabtrees #s were vs #1 corners or #2 doesn't matter either. What does is that the coverage would roll toward him having the same effect on the offense as Cooper has now( as I keep saying , depend on who is brought in, if anyone). It would open it up for Roberts Cook Patterson and the backs and anyone else we bring in. And lastly I wasn't deifying Crab just pointing out that Carr has built chemistry, rhythm and trust with him. Means a lot.
  3. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Haha...thinking the same thing.
  4. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    I'm not gonna get into a back in forth on the coaching that neither of us know ANYTHING about. You guys can all rail against KNJ but he isn't going anywhere and that is the right move as we build the roster and the scheme. We need to train up the young guys and stay consistent to the scheme which we know works. As we get more and more pieces and the group plays together more and more they'll improve.
  5. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    Yes, some other starting WR would take Cooper spot and he would be atleast starting caliber we'd hope. Also Crab is absolutely worthy of double coverage if he is the lead WR. He has proven that when he gets the targets he can produces the #s. As I said before, it's also the nature of the game for the defense to want to take away your biggest threat. Depending on who is plugged into the other spot in the hypothetical, Crab is worth it. Sure handed, decent speed, can run the whole route tree, dependable, makes the tough catch with body control and will go over the middle with no fear and come down with the catch. A go to guy. Most importantly, Carr trust him more than anyone else and he has earned that trust. Of course, he isn't the same kind of threat Cooper. He is 29 and Cooper is 23. If Hudson went out we'd be screwed and if Cooper went out we also be screwed. I bet Reggie would force the Megatron deal haha...and then no, that's not a wrap. Either way, we'd be lesser without those guys. I just think Hudson is more important.
  6. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    And some other WR can also draw coverage and open up the offense for other players, whether it's Crab or the Cooper replacement in this hypothetical scenario. It's the nature of the game. I just think that Hudson is the more important player. Not saying I'd want to go without either. Just that our oline is that big a deal to our offense and Hudson is the center piece, no pun intended but if it applies...
  7. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    The NFL and fans in general are way too quick to want to fire a coordinator or coach. JDR and KNJ have had 2 years to install a defense. A defense that is a proven system. I think it takes 4-5 years to really build a roster and teach them the scheme properly. I believe we still in the middle of building this defense. I think we have 6-7 of the 11 guys on the roster that we need in starter roles to make the defense go.
  8. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    Yes, and like I said I think Hudson as the key clog in the Oline is more important than Cooper. Cooper does draw coverage but if he wasn't there and it was some other starting WR then Crab would be drawing the attention depending on who you replace Cooper with in this hypothetical. I believe the stability, power and intelligence Hudson brings to the line is invaluable in heading a top 3 oline and is the engine that makes this offense go.
  9. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    First of all, to not think the oline is the next piece that is key to our success after Carr and Mack show how much you know about football. Next, the argument could be made for any of our Pro-Bowlers on the line but the leader of the line is unquestionably Hudson. He makes the calls plays at a high level and when he was out the offense looked like garbage. He gets my vote but like I said I can understand vote for Penn as the blindside protector or KO as the All-Pro that brought the bully back to the Offense. Cooper's importance is big but not as big as the effect the oline has on our team.
  10. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Reggie was brought in to reboot the franchise. You can not like the way he has done it but he has garnered results that are not only recognized by the team but by the league as well. He stripped down a salary cap strapped mediocre team and built them into a playoff contender, going from 4-12 in 2012 to 12 -4 in 2016 but tell me again about how he can't take us to the next level. He has been level stepping since he got the cap under control. The proof is in the result and he has built a team that is not only successful but is near the height of their popularity even in the midst of the Vegas moving story. If, at the end of this year, we don't make the playoffs then you has a basis for pessimistic sentiment, but after 2 preseason games to jump out and call his work is mediocre it shines a light on your true troll nature.
  11. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Carrie does what he can to get back in it but he is stumbling and Kupp is 5yards away at a full run. Carrie isn't looking back at another WR in confusion. He is looking back to see if the QB has thrown the pass.
  12. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Carrie had Kupp in man coverage. They hand fight at the line. Kupp, knowing where he wants to go, pushes Carrie toward the middle of the field. Carrie loses his footing (at the gametime glance I thought he slipped), he didn't trip over Kupp. As he tries to recover he runs into Amerson but by that time Kupp is 5 yards away. We knew who we had. Amerson was manned on the outside WR. Nelson and the LBs had the inside WR and Carrie had Kupp.
  13. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    No, that doesn't show the beginning of the play where Carrie nearly falls down changing direction. Nelson is playing close to the line as the defense was feigning pressure so Karl had single high responsibility. He has no chance to get there after the rollout action pulled him to the other side of the field. Just a good play design compounded by Carrie slipping and the raiders bringing a safety down to the line.
  14. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Carrie slipped and nearly fell which lead to Kupp being that wide open.
  15. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Yeah, I think Cook is still #3. Practice this week will decide it IMO