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  1. SNF GDT Cowboys @ Raiders

    Even more than usual since Feli has a concussion and has been limited all week. We could be rolling with a very unprepared oline.
  2. SNF GDT Cowboys @ Raiders

    That was weeks ago, mothaflucker! Haha, I have been playing with the playoff predictor all week and even if/with the expected teams win/ning this week (Bal, Tenn, KC), there are plausible paths to the playoffs for us. The most important thing stays true. We have to win.
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    I call them the Dolts(not the Bolts) because they did it again!
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    We want LA to win because KC has a better division record.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    We want LA to win because KC has a better division record.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    They had more than enough time to eval and watch him so it was something. Maybe we'll get to see him on the field for Buf and see something though it will mean little in respect to what the Raiders would have done with him.
  7. Coaching changes coming?

    Nice insight. Sounds exactly like what Ted Nguyen said a bit ago. Gonna take awhile to find the link.
  8. Raiders Defense

    No I'm not kidding. I disagree with that being the imprint he put on the team last year. Like I said, evaluation will be done at the end of the year. And moving on from a coach is just about firing someone.
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    Of course it was them haha. They took Max Valles too. Another guy people had high hopes for but never turned into anything...yet.
  10. Raiders Defense

    I'm not gonna go back game for game with you but I don't find this to be a true representation of every win last year especially when it's not gonna change either of our opinions in the end. As I said above, we still have 3 games and then we'll see how Mark and Reggie evaluate the year and where that puts the coach they hired, extended and who lead us to our best season since 2000. Hopefully, whatever they choose get us back in the hunt in a major way.
  11. Raiders Defense

    That wasn't his stamp last year but whatever you say dude. We know where you stand. We still have 3 games and then we'll see how Mark and Reggie evaluate the year and where that puts the coach they hired, extended and who lead us to our best season since 2000.
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    We put Obi on IR today after surgery to fix a hip issue. Hamilton takes his spot on the 53.
  13. Raiders Defense

    This comment does nothing to address or refute anything I said. The article points to rumors passed from one person to another and rumblings. Not statements. It also doesn't mean that Reggie didn't have input in the hire like I said was more plausible. It also stands to reason that Mark did consult other in coming to a decision on a football matter like he did when hiring Reggie, especially if he was as excited as you and that article make him out to be about it. How would he have convinced himself so soundly that Jack was his guy without input from those he trusted in football circles? It's not plausible. Don't you think it's more pausilbe that Mark got input from guys like Wolf and Madden and then took that info into his discussions with Reggie. They then came away with JDR being the coach of the team. It's not as good a story when it's presented this way so it's understandable why it wasn't presented that way. And I noticed you skipped my last comment. Gruden is a good offensive mind but if we had the choice I'd take Nagy and Pagano over him. Still not sure, even with a poor finish, that the Washington football team gets rid of Gruden anyhow.
  14. Coaching changes coming?

    While I don't disagree with the way Philly and the Rams have taken the next step, I think teams have to be careful about following that trend. McVay may be a unicorn living in a protected enchanted forest in this scenario. Meaning he has the perfect team, support and circumstances to make it work. He may also be a flash in the pan and we see him show his inexperience next year. That said, of the guys you put out there, I'd prefer the Nagy and Pagano combo. Keeps the defense on somewhat solid ground as they continue to learn and deploy more of Pagano's scheme and brings in a guy from an established coaching tree that has proven to do good work with QBs who have talent. Edit: I'll also say that Reid will probably deny us the chance to talk to him. Well, he would if he was smart haha. Have to work it out Nagy so there are no hurt feelings.
  15. Raiders Defense

    I wouldn't call it knee jerk to extend a coach and gm who took the team from 3-13 to 7-9 to 12-4. Davis looked at the young building team and the trajectory and decided to keep the people around in leadership that had gotten them to this point. Just because something happened once doesn't mean it will happen again. Every coach, team, and yearly circumstance is different but if you want to play the comparative game we can. If Belichick, Coughlin or Carroll hadn't been given second chances then their teams wouldn't have super bowl rings. And yes, there are examples that go the other way. Just proves that this is a flawed way to look at it. IMO, Marl looked at what we were building and wanted to keep it going and I bet JDR smartly leveraged that feeling to get a new deal. Just because we have had a down year and you don't like JDR doesn't mean this will be a trend or that the things that plagued us this year will continue next year.