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  1. Around The League V.2

    God damn, is the off season over yet? Same boring perspectives from the same people pushing their rhethoric that means nothing because no one has played a down, including myself.
  2. Pick is in, #27 Jonathan Abram S Mississippi State.

    One left!
  3. Pick is in, #40 - CB Trayvon Mullen

  4. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    Our #1 is locked in! Now #2, 3 and 4 should fall like dominoes.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    I think the team likes Devey and Good as developmental guys but I agree that would seem to be a position that could use new young blood.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    Like I said before the history doesn't matter when we have a new front office with no history. One season doesn't create a pattern or inform on a future picks reliably. This year we had a choice between adding a blue chip LB and a Blue chip pass rusher. The pass rush was our #1 glaring need. If you look at the draft board and our 4 relatively high picks there aren't any other backers that fit the bill. Easy call.
  7. Random Raider Stuff

    And how many of these drafts did Mayock run? Now I'm not saying we will or won't because it's impossible to know our needs before this year plays out and FA next year but the teams past draft history means very little when we have a new front office. Now if some of those late round guys step up and negate the need to bring in a blue chipper than that would qualify as the "very little impact" that our past draft history would have.
  8. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    10-6 bal 2001 5-11 dal 2002 4-12 kc 2007 9-7 dal 2008 10-6 cin 2009 11-5 nyj 2010 7-9 mia 2012 11-5 cin 2013 6-10 atl 2014 9-7 hou 2015 4-12 lar 2016 5-11 tb 2017 7-8-1 cle 2018 I think this points to Hard Knocks not really being a factor. It's split almost down the middle in teams doing well, avg and poorly in the show season.
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    I agree that Tom Shaw was either not able to properly implement a good system for whatever reason or was out of his depth last year but I don't think it was an issue before his hire and I also don't think his hire would have stopped guys from playing through injuries. Just a part of being in the NFL.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    Sarcasism. Of course.
  11. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    if need be... Great so every thing that goes slightly wrong we'll have the resident negs pointing to a non pads practice as the cause.
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    Are you new to football? Players lie to get on the field so they can get paid. Players and teams lie about injuries to keep other teams in the dark about them. VERY common on EVERY team.
  13. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    There is always a reason to create new emails to start a new trial for HBO Now.
  14. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    BTW Trent retweeted this on Wednesday - Just maybe he is just putting thoughts he believes in out there and not trying to blast anyone.
  15. Around The League V.2

    For Qbs - 7th in total contract value w/$125mil 9th in avg salary w/ $25mil 14th in $ guaranteed at signing w/ $40mil 10th in total guaranteed $ w/ $70mil Next year he'll be bumped down 2 more spots in each category when Mahomes and Watson get paid. Just the way the NFL works.