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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah no way team will abide by that it that is what it is really saying. SO much rides on the decisions made. Everyone will will still have warrooms.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Dang, no need to get bent. Just making a useful suggestion.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    read a book
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Of course anything is possible but I bet everything is run thru the teams facilities even if they are in a different location and it's not like those capabilities just became available this year. Plus I bet the NFL is gonna double down on communications security.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    It has already been reported that teams are looking at venues to do the draft like hotel and some gms and hc are hosting their draft teams. not gonna be much different than before. Teams always called in picks and worked THE PHONES to make trades. I don't see the issue.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

  7. Raiders sign DT Maliek Collins (1 year, $6 M, $5.75 gt'd)

    I think that was alot of the thinking in bringing in Rob Marinelli.
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Interesting watch...I feel like 5-6 smart gms saw the success Mayock had with Crosby and won't let it be so easy to grab a steal like that again. Great tape and production and if he can hit the weight room and nutrition program correctly he could have similar impact. Crosby went in the beginning of the 4th in a pretty shallow edge rusher draft. This year the pool is deeper so it will all be on trying to weight Tuszka production vs weaker comp in most case and potential vs other major conference players with their higher level of comp but lesser production.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah. I read the same things but saw something different. Most likely because he worked on what are perceived as his weakness headed into what could be the biggest job interview of his life. Whether he is good, great or just proficient at catching the ball I think he would still be a great pick up in the 4th or 5th rd. I don't wanna put the Henry comparison on him because of the success he has had but the numbers are eye opening. People have mentioned Moss or Akers but I think they are too closely comparable to what we already have and I think it's important to have different tool in the tool box. That said I want to upgrade the backfield and if we add a good young back I'll be happy.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    And I've only been in 2 real fights in my life but that doesn't have anything to do with my ability in martial arts which I have trained in for the past 20 years. Just because the stats don't bear something out doesn't mean it's been disproved. Dillon looked natural and proficient at the combine catching the ball and running routes. Add that to the other points I made in my previous post and I think Dillon would be a solid addition.
  11. Raiders sign Jeff Heath S

    Forgive me if this was posted in another tread. I looked around for a bit but didn't see it. But is seems Heath can kick...a bit...
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I agree with everything you are saying here except the part where Dillon tips your hand and limits your play calling. First, Dillon showed at the combine that he is perfectly capable of running back routes and flexing out to catch the ball and had soft hands. The only reason people put big backs in that box is because the ratio of time they are used as the 2nd back and brought in for short yardage situations is much higher than just standard rotation subs where the pass is a 50-50 option. I think he would be just fine in that role. But having him gives us the added benefit of using him in those short gain plays. Second, I think that it can give you more options in the play calling area if you use them right. Think about having both in the back field at the same time and using Dillon as a led blocker or then flexing Jacobs out to show the defenses' hand and give Carr the run/pass option vs a less stacked box. Alot could be thought up with Gruden's background using 2 backs. Cam is a great player but I don't think we need to take a guy like him in the 3rd when we can probably get Dillon in the 4th or 5th. That said I wouldn't be pissed with us taking him. I just think it's missing an opportunity to add more valuable defensive talent and still get the backfield help we need.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    The flaw in your thinking is Mariota is just now getting to know Gruden let alone his highly complex offense. Carr has been in it for 2years. Even if Mariota is a better fit for the offense, which is yet to be seen and which I don't know that I buy, as a player type he still would provide a drop in offense production. He doesn't know the offense, the receivers or the coach and we could be looking at a modified version of the off season training schedule. The second part of that is Carr is more valuable than Yannick so we'd have to get more than the 42 from you. I'm thinking more like Carr and #19 for Yannick and #9.
  14. FFMD ll 20’- Las Vegas Raiders Front Office

    If we can't trade down I'd take Trevon Diggs. Next choices in order would be Xavier McKinney, Patrick Queen, Kristian Fulton and Kenneth Murray.
  15. Raiders sign S Damarious Randall

    I know this isn't the point of the video but his teammate didn't "fall down".He got hit with and illegal bllindside block. Still love the range, speed and recognition.
  16. FA 2020

    All of that was stated in the post I was replying to. My point was that when you want to win sometimes your "depth players" need to be of the quality that they are paid 3-5mil a year. Of course, we want to save money and sign as many starter level players as possible but we need other things on the sandwich besides meat and I don't want to skimp on my veggies and condiments. Sorry, I'm making Fiveses (the meal between afternoon tea and dinner).
  17. FA 2020

    I think alot of this is true but you also get to the point of diminshing returns by cutting guys like Morrow and Harris. They arent great players but they are players that can start 3-4 games in the case of injures and make plays and we need depth that can play to win those games that we were losing last year. I personally think we'll cut Carrier and one of the QB. Only way we move on from Jackson is if we add some talent on the OLine early in the draft imo.
  18. Raiders sign S Damarious Randall

    Where did you see that? DOn't think the s are out yet.
  19. Raiders sign S Damarious Randall

    I would love Burgess at 80. He is the type of player that will study his tail off and is a good not great athlete but will be around for awhile. He can play center field once he learns the NFL speed and gets the defense down. He'll be a ST demon for a year and the push to start in year 2. Not big on Davis. Just seems too raw to me.
  20. Raiders sign S Damarious Randall

    That is the hope. I still see us using a 3rd on one of those positions though because...you know...injuries.
  21. FA 2020

    We don't know that that will be the plan going forward tho. They could switch gears and move him to the starting FS role next to Abrams and draft a corner high compete with Johnson to play the #2 role and sign a vet to compete with Nelson and Lawson in the slot.
  22. Raiders deal with CB Eli Apple falls through; still a FA

    Yeah that is why I have pushed for trade down. It's a too good to be true type deal and we'd all be happy if it happens but we have to be ready for Mayock not getting the RIGHT deal in his sights and just taking his guy like last year.
  23. Raiders deal with CB Eli Apple falls through; still a FA

    I never looked at Apple as a #2. I always felt we'd take a CB in the first or 2nd (vie trade down) to hopefully play that role and then Apple and a vet signing after the draft would be insurance for injury or youthful mistakes.
  24. Raiders deal with CB Eli Apple falls through; still a FA

    Yeah, we have an owner that is in the infancy of making real money. Hell, even if Al was still the owner it would be the same deal. AL didn't have tons of cash to throw around. All he had was the team that he steadily sold off pieces to fund the next few years at a time. The Vegas move is gonna make Mark a real player in NFL cirlces once its all settled but leading up to it he has had to structure things with an eye to the future. When people try to cast the move or the man himself in a bad light for not throwing money around I just laugh and take note. Just wait 5 years when the league is back in full tilt and the dollars are coming in. This was the vision. That is if this virus doesn't stunt the world economy for a decade. That is the unknown variable. All the other moves have been shrewd and have paid off.