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  1. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    Not so sure they do - afterall they had Marquis Goodwin at their disposal for most of the season, and he was a non-factor in Shanahans pass offense. Sanders might be back, and they have Jalen Hurd and Trent Taylor coming back from injuries, so I'd be surprised if they pick a WR early. DB or OL is in my opinion more likely - in your scenario I would go with CB A.J. Terrell.
  2. I do hope the 9ers would pick Grant Delpit over Henderson in round 1.
  3. First Mock Draft Attempt Ever.....No Trades

    Brilliant pick!
  4. 2/4 3 rounds

    McKinney (or Delpit) works for 49ers.
  5. The Plunge Mock Draft #1

    Fantastic pick!
  6. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    McKinney makers me very happy - the rest is fine positionswise. Maybe they should take a chance on Tommy Kramer with one the picks...?
  7. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 2/3/20

    I'd be fine with these selections for 49ers. Maybe give them Brandon Aiyuk at the bottom of the 6th, and a safety at some point as well.
  8. Chomp_Chomp 2 Rounder

    49ers do not have a 3rd round pick. After they pick in the 1st round, they won't be on the clock until the 5th round.
  9. Chomp_Chomp 2 Rounder

    I'd be fine with a DB at #32, but Tyler Biadasz should also get some consideration.
  10. Awful pick, any of the next four would be better... Don't see Harris this early - and the 49ers need OT, S and CB more, and Harris is far from BPA here (IMHO).
  11. Pre Super Bowl 5 Rounds With Comp Picks

    Well done for 49ers!
  12. Quick 1 Rounder No Trades

    You got the position right for SF, not my favorite player...
  13. First of the year with trades

    The 49ers pick is brilliant, ohhh wait...
  14. J-Deereā€™s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    love this selection
  15. 49ers Let's Armstead and Sanders walk, and bring in nothing in FA. And then they pass on Grant Delpit - I think Lynch is smarter than that!