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  1. Would love to see this happen! But I do not think he'll the available when 49ers make their first selection.
  2. No complaints for San Francisco. I do rate Caleb Farley higher though.
  3. Love it for 49ers If they were to pass on a QB in Round 1, then I doubt they'll pick one at all. So another DB in Round 3 is what I prefer...
  4. 49ers will be looking at OL and DBs early, with an outside chance of QB. Really no need for a DT early at all! Trey Lance will be tempting in Round 1.
  5. Nice pick for 49ers in round 1 - find it hard to see them pass on Mac Jones in round 2.
  6. Would love the pick for 49ers, even though I rate Caleb Farley a bit higher. But I could easily see them pick Zach Wilson or Mac Jones in this scenario.
  7. In this scenario I would imagine the 49ers would take Zach Wilson or Mac Jones.
  8. I really can't imagine the 49ers would pick a LB early - they seem content with their current crop. More likely is a QB (Mac Jones, Zach Wilson or Trey Lance) or a CB (Caleb Farley).
  9. CB is without a doubt a topshelf need for 49ers.
  10. Love it for 49ers - if Tartt leaves that is... I could easily see them double up on CBs in the early rounds also. - Farley and Campbell would form an excellent duo.
  11. Got the position right for 49ers. I do prefer Farley over Wade. Not so sure Wade is a true outside cornerback, he looks more like a nickel to me...
  12. Spot on! Sad to see my personal fave going a couple of spots ahead (Farley).
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