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  1. Nice pick for 49ers in round 1 - find it hard to see them pass on Mac Jones in round 2.
  2. Would love the pick for 49ers, even though I rate Caleb Farley a bit higher. But I could easily see them pick Zach Wilson or Mac Jones in this scenario.
  3. In this scenario I would imagine the 49ers would take Zach Wilson or Mac Jones.
  4. I really can't imagine the 49ers would pick a LB early - they seem content with their current crop. More likely is a QB (Mac Jones, Zach Wilson or Trey Lance) or a CB (Caleb Farley).
  5. CB is without a doubt a topshelf need for 49ers.
  6. Love it for 49ers - if Tartt leaves that is... I could easily see them double up on CBs in the early rounds also. - Farley and Campbell would form an excellent duo.
  7. Got the position right for 49ers. I do prefer Farley over Wade. Not so sure Wade is a true outside cornerback, he looks more like a nickel to me...
  8. Spot on! Sad to see my personal fave going a couple of spots ahead (Farley).
  9. Can't argue with that! But keep in mind Paulson Adebo is also available, and if they are close, then I'm sure John Lynch will pick the Stanford player.
  10. Picking at #18, missing the playoffs and doing worse than Rams and Seahawks would surprise me some... Having said that Paulson Adebo makes perfect sense, as would Israel Mukuamu do. BPA at #18 would in my opinion be WR Justyn Ross - and I wouldn't hate that selection!
  11. 49ers - would be very disappointed if the picked at #18. But if they do, then so be it, and you got the player and position right.
  12. They are not in cap hell in 2021, projected to have around 44 millions next year, so...
  13. I am pretty sure the 49ers will be looking at CBs early and often in 2021. And round 4 won't cut it... I really like Caleb Farley going forward, and it seems a bit unlikely they'll address the D-line with 3 of their picks and not use a single pick on O-line.
  14. Looking ahead I think the 49ers will be looking at CBs often and early in 2021. I am a big fan of Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech - he looks a lot like the prototype of a 49ers CB.
  15. WR would really surprise me - but stranger things have happened! Justyn Ross would be my preferred WR here. CB Paulson Adebo should also be considered.
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