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  1. The good? Dak and JG aren’t going anywhere bad? Everything else
  2. Rasul showing why Jalen Mills was a top option tonight
  3. i wasok with it, but you gotta use him. i get it this week but need more Tate this half
  4. Hoping Howie and Co told Doug to take a half off a Jim to go easy mode on D to make Jerry happy enough to buy into JG and Dak being wise long term options. Look like we’re still on bye on Offense
  5. I feel like this is the exact opposite take the fan base had like 3/4+ years ago where everyone wanted them to hang onto everyone to retire as eagles. I think you have to be measured and not overpay for old old vets...but keeping them around and squeezing what they have left is ok in spurts...as long as you have quality backup plans. There are some qualities off the field that are worth considering too. Team loves Sproles and JP is essentially a coach...hopefully him being here will help Mailata’s development out like it seem it has. i think if we could go back in time you’d resign Blount before free agency. And add Sproles back after Ajayi got hurt/Sproles was healthy.
  6. They needed another star, his game is a good fit (from what little I know) will be interesting to see if the personalities mix
  7. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    Nope, let’s keep it open at least til Sunday (forum will be busier on Sunday and I’m leaving going for a trip Thursday/Friday)
  8. I mean it's no contest, any white boy rapper is a clear notch above anyone else. I psyched for Beas to go off once they finally give up forcing the ball to Cooper in the late 3rd.
  9. The NFC LEast Thread

    But hey they can just walk away after his rookie deal? It's bad enough that even Skip is off the wagon
  10. The NFC LEast Thread

    hell, that's even compelling to me But doesn't really matter....Dallas would keep Garrett and extend dak even if they finished 4-12 (they aren't bad enough to lose to the Giants, right?)
  11. The NFC LEast Thread

    nick bosa wonder if they just go Quinnen Williams/Ed Oliver and Bosa with their two top 5 picks, then BPA with Chicago's pick (WR, OL, DL) It's a hell of a year for DL
  12. The NFC LEast Thread

    Snake Lee ? out, time for the O to fall apart