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  1. Yeah, seem a bunch with like 90's era scratch marks for stripes. I don't get why some people think this will be like a huge overhaul, with new uniforms and everything. If the change is coming this season, they'll change the logo on the helmet and that's it. Could be the script R if the name still starts with it, could be a simple W. Or it could just be blank Then a full new logo / wordmarks next spring
  2. yeah, having to redo this all again in a couple years would be bad. Just move on.
  3. Is HTTR that important? Would HTTW(olves) or any other letter eventually be fine? Just curious from a non-fan. The song will probably need another update besides the name, would need to change the "braves on the warpath" line. I get the want to keep as much as you can, But would it be worth boxing yourself in on rebranding one of the top 20 most valuable teams in the world that resides in the 7th biggest (and growing) media market? I feel like at this point you try to create the strongest identity you can. Tacking "Red" onto the front of random words kinda flies in the face of that.
  4. Xbox Series X

    I think if we get a chunk of gameplay for a next gen game, the new tech will show off the benefits of this gen. All the assets being almost instantly available will change game design, especially in a couple years when the gen is the sole focus. Some of it is going to seem minor until you actually have it. Like both have 3D audio which will help with immersion. They both should get to/close to 60 FPS on games, which will feel so much better. They are still going to feel similar on face value, we won’t really get the quantum leaps like we did from the early 90s until the 360 generation.
  5. Xbox Series X

    From what I understood, Sony is doing free upgrades just like Microsoft is doing. Avengers and Madden are offering free upgrades from PS4 to PS5. One thing about Sony's approach is that they don't have to offer upgrades for exclusives since all of their exclusives will be on PS5 only, like Miles Morales for example. Both of those were developer decisions I believe. I think the most Sony has said about it is the free GTA upgrade for PS5 they paid for. They haven't come out about their own games from what I recall. Like are they going to make people re-buy all the next gen upgrades they put out? They need to be clear about it. It's a bad look if one side says all your games carryover and any upgraded games will be given to you for free unless the developer opts out. vs Only select backward compatible titles will be available at launch and a few 3rd party titles have programs to upgrade. I have to think Sony has a program for some games to be free upgrades, and will have backward compatibility of some kind. They just need to stop being so elusive about it. It would be incredibly dumb for them to make people abandon their PS4 library. They had unprecedented success last gen. Would be odd to throw out one big reason a person would want to stay in ecosystem for the next generation.
  6. Xbox Series X

    Yeah that's how I got it ha, was a crazy deal. I'm not sure about the Halo Infinite on PC thing. I need to upgrade my computer soon, could feasibly get it to a place on the par with the series x specs. I think I'd be in the minority that would have a PC with that kinda power for a couple years. Probably just going to upgrade my internal hard drive to an SSD finally. and call it a day.
  7. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    yep, as I said in our thread on the Eagles forum... There is really no way to go about this that is worthwhile. It was an offensive thing to post, full stop. Really no debating needed. Any disciplinary actions or news from it is ok to share. But not really a discussion that needs to be had.
  8. Xbox Series X

    Yeah the SSD seems like it's going to be one of the biggest leaps. I'm glad both of them came to that conclusion. I don't care about resolution much. Like I have a 4k tv but fps is more important to me. I'd rather them do 2k with buttery smooth fps than anything. I want to see deeper dives from the console makers and 3rd party on some of this stuff. Like we know ps5 has a bit of an edge on SSD speed, and xbox has more raw power and thats about it. They both have new 3d audio processing and I believe dedicated raytracing processors. There are claims about Xbox's structure/architecture is actually a multiplier for loading assets, but I'll wait until independent people go in depth on that...could be just talk. I try not to be a fanboy too, it's so dumb. Like especially now as a person nearing 30, I can afford to own both + switch. I'll try and save money where I can still, but it's nice not to have to validate whatever console your parents bought you anymore haha. Right now my plan is to get Series X, I already have gamepass through 2022. So that'll save me a lot of money on new releases. Then I'll buy ps5 when the next God of War comes out, I love the last one. And I'll have a bit of a back catalog I can buy on sale. Thats how I've done the last two gens and it's worked well. Think it makes more sense this gen with Xbox releasing more games 2020-2022 and all of them launching on gamepass. Like I'm not saving anything waiting like I would on PS5. I hope sony does the right thing and upgrades games for free. I'm hoping they stop pissing around with back compat too. Being able to bring my back catalog of OG Xbox - 360 - Xbox One games to Series X and getting the upgrades for free does factor in to just upgrading early. Especially with the tech they are putting in it to make those games better without developers doing anything. Like higher frame rates, more fidelity, ai based HDR. The Series X version and likely the PS5 version of Cyberpunk supposedly will have some upgrades this fall compared to the previous gen. I assume they would be the Ultra settings version, have the upgraded lighting and textures. 4k/60 fps, zero loading like the demos have shown. But yeah, the version specifically for next gen that we probably aren't getting until late 2021-2022 at this point. Those upgrades will be awesome though....like much higher fidelity particle effects (fog, dust and sand outside the city), specific lighting and audio. L Neon lights really bouncing through the world, deeper AI for the citizens and even more going on in the city. + other upgrades. I can't wait to do my 3rd playthrough like that.
  9. A message on the Desean Controversy

    And said statement ^
  10. A message on the Desean Controversy

    Here is some context to the whole thing if you are lost. https://www.crossingbroad.com/2020/07/heres-the-context-of-the-louis-farrakhan-speech-that-desean-jackson-liked-so-much.html
  11. Xbox Series X

    Yeah, though I don’t think either has really shown enough yet to make people have to buy them this year. Didn't think Sony’s show had enough. Like a remake of Demon Souls, a Horizon sequel that’s at least 18+ months away and a small Spider-Man expansion didn’t really scream “you need to get this year one” to me. Xbox has been silent since their lackluster mini May event. Which also had a couple interesting games, but nothing you’re going to buy a console for. Will have to see how this event stacks up to Sony’s. On the tech side Xbox seems to have made the better product from a numbers standpoint and is in position to be aggressive on price. But they need to have the games. They’ll have a lot more exclusives the first 2, 3 years, just where developer timelines line up. So they have a shot at changing the narrative. Right now I want to see how good Halo Infinite looks. And just how much they cut to let people play it on current gen. Cross gen has always been a mixed bag. Cause playing Halo, AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk the best way I can (without spending a ton to build a comprable PC) sounds appealing. But I want to know just how much better they’ll be. That plus a really good 2021 into 2022 planned and I might as well get it now.
  12. Xbox Series X

    Yeah they have a ton of games coming. Halo Infinite Hellblade II + the other projects Ninja Theory is working on. The Initiative’s game, which seems like it’ll be a big 3rd person action game. Tomb Raider reboot devs along with God of War and Uncharted. yeah that Playground game that totally is Fable. Next Horizons will probably be out next year from their main Forza studio. Rare, Obsidian and inXile all have “AAA” rpgs in the works. More likely none get shown here than all 3. Turn 10 will have a Forza Motorsport this year. ____________________________________________ The other studios are probably further out. Like Double Fine will be launching Psychonauts 2 this year (multi-plat). We maybe hear from one of their other teams next year. Coalition will probably be in the dark for a year or two after Gears came out last year. Hopefully they let them work on something new like Sony has. Gears could use some time on the shelf. Compulsion is a smaller team so doubt they are ready to show off anything. Also doubt Undead Labs is ready to show anything. ____________________________________________ Rumors they bought more studios. Most concrete ones point to a polish studio. Most likely would be Bloober (who’s making that exclusive horror game The Medium). Others would be Techland, and the very unlikely CD Projekt Red (can’t see them wanting to be bought). There are also a smaller amount of rumors of a Japanese studio being built, which is easier than buying one I guess. I doubt they’d get a deal done in time to buy the WB game studios for this. They’ve been rumored to be interested – along with EA, Activision, Take two, Google and Amazon. Any deal there would likely be packaged with like a ten year exclusive to WB IP to make it worth the money. Which would be like Batman/DC, Harry Potter, LOTR and others. Gaming IP like Mortal Kombat would exchange hands. All the old Midway IP too. If they would buy them before the August DC event, they could technically be exclusives. Because you’d be buying the publisher and none have been officially announced yet. I think Microsoft would be interested so they can keep feeding Gamepass but also to hedge out Amazon and Google, who are both their competitors in the cloud gaming sphere. Don’t want them getting a whole studio system prebuilt for them to make exclusives. Those are also the companies (with Apple too) who could make a Gamepass competitor. Whoever buys them won’t keep all the studios active most likely. You could see them be absorbed into other studios or just shut down. Like Monolith could become an action rpg team within 343, they are like a 15 minute drive apart. Compulsion could be kind of folded into the bigger WB Montréal. The multi-team approach seems to be the way studios are going, have to lay off way less people that way. But Rocksteady, NetherRealm, Monolith, TT Games, WB Montréal are all solid to great studios. I’d assume TT games would still get to do all the LEGO games and be multiplat like they did with Minecraft.
  13. Xbox Series X

    finally have the date for Xbox’s big show.