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  1. Luckily the Falcons probably won’t trade with the Panthers and the Bengals barely ever trade. So whoever would try to get ahead of us will have to pay a lot to get to #3. Which could prohibit suitors.
  2. A+ if we move down, all the QBs are gone. As are Chase, Pitts, Smith, Sewell (one would still be on the board if it’s 8.) and take Slater. Probably two firsts and two 2nds and the salary space next year could help out a lot to turn things around. Looking at the board I’m fine moving all the way back to the Niners pretty easily for the right deal.
  3. Yeah that versatility is a rare thing. Given the turnstiles of injuries we’ve had he covers a lot of holes. I’m sure a large part of fanbase would be pissed, and I can’t say it wouldn’t be a little disappointing. But it makes sense. Total Howie move too.
  4. Smart, polished, can play any position. It makes sense. Tackle is the one spot where we are pretty good. But he could come in and kick out Isaac too. Fill in for Brooks if he gets hurt again and take over one of those OT spots. Would depend just how out they are on Dillard Sewell makes sense too if Bengals/Dolphins went Slater. Because Stout more than anyone could coach and polish him up.
  5. If they love him the whole maybe being scared off NDSU thing should work well as smokescreen. I was surprised how much I liked of Lance what little I’ve watched. His build and how he moves is like a little bigger Watson. It’s such a projection with so little experience. In terms of him vs Wentz, I liked that he went to North Dakota to fight to show he was a QB when D1 teams told him he would be a safety. Shows a little more mental toughness than Wentz.
  6. I think they’ll like Fields, if he’s there they take him. Wilson maybe, though he likely won’t be there anyway. And Lance I don’t think Howie would take the risk. Even though his ceiling is higher. To get a QB and not have to trade up is nice luxury that rarely happens. If Fields and Wilson are gone, they go Chase or Pitts or trade down. Though I wouldn’t put it past them to take Slater given his versatility.
  7. I enjoyed Mega Evolution, wish they just picked a lane between that/z-moves/g-max. Mega was actually interesting at least. And in 7 the regional variants were a nice idea to keep things fresher and not inflating the Pokédex too much. Between Greninja (Froakie) and Rowlett, gen 6/7 actually gave us two great starters for the first time in awhile. Looking through the dex for both they were kinda weak there. Had fun with them though. Storyline wasn’t great, appreciated them trying to mix up the formula in SM.
  8. Wish I played them when they came out. I guess Soul Silver was part of that Gen so I didn’t totally miss it, loved those remakes. I think outside Gen 1, that second Gen holds a close place for me. I remember like hunting down info in magazines for the new generation and starters. Umbreon and others are still favorites.
  9. That makes sense, how those 3rd games usually went. I’m pretty sure I played Platinum. Yeah hopefully they do two hybrid versions.
  10. True true, but he’d still be a large shareholder correct? Just thinking logically he’d somewhat be paying himself if he owned a team. Don’t really know his situation though.
  11. Personally no, but it did have one of the better cohesive storylines if I remember right. A bigger scale with time, space and gods. Gen4 was up and down as far as the Pokédex went. A ton of pre and special evolutions. First time they went hard on the amount of legendaries. But some good ones in there.
  12. Woah there, I see you are trying to hold a QB accountable. We aren’t allowed to do that.
  13. Apparently Amazon is getting Thursday night football in 2023. Which would air on NFL Network and Twitch too. Surprised they didn’t do a bigger push too. But I wonder if part of it is Bezos reportedly trying to weasel into an ownership spot.
  14. In the context of having both styles out around the same time I’m more fine with it. But yeah looks dumpy. Gen 4 was where I dropped off for a bit. So don’t have heavy nostalgia for that or Black & White. Went back and played them later though. The trailer didn’t really show anything that made me want to pick it up.
  15. Sinnoh Remakes done in like the older style of games with updates. Done by another team. Fall of this year. Then Pokémon Legends: Arceus, basically Pokémon Breath of the Wild coming in the earlier part of next year.
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