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  1. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I mean we get most of the memories with Maclin, just swap “getting hurt” for looking for a flag and then feigning injury and boom Nelly. Though being able to catch was a nice skill, would be dope if Nelson could do that.
  2. It won’t, it has nothing to do with Dak though Lamer and Wilson just have a sizeable lead and are doing spectacular and dominant play. I actually think you all match up well with the Pats...if Zeke finds some juice this game especially, instead of playing like a load. Pats taking away the simple things that makes that offense tick is kinda their bread and butter. But if you can run on them you got a shot. Key Though is your coaching staff is so much worse than theirs. Even if you are in it, Jason will find a way to screw it up.
  3. Yeah 2017 was a Brady and Wentz foot race. Wentz would have gotten it. Dak isn’t gonna sniff the award unless a bunch of people get hurt now.
  4. But....the backpack dance...what will we do without it?!? sidenote I feel as though I’m to blame for him not doing anything, in the back of my head I know I thought....‘I’d be cool never seeing that dumb dance ever again...’ first time he did it....and now here we are
  5. Can totally see it happening again yep. They played fairly well yesterday, but if it goes unaddressed we are doomed for a 3rd year next year.
  6. Will help yeah, but not gonna be shocked if you guys beat them. We have similar team make ups, you guys are just landing things more. JG coaching against Bill is an almost auto loss...but if Zeke gets going and your front 7 can do their thing. You’ll be in it too. They really aren’t “that great”. he has zero help at wideout, and it’s exacerbated by Wentz not trust these guys to do a damn thing. He knows most wont come down with even a slightly contested ball, so he’s starting to sail things bad by trying to really get the ball out in front. Doing some good work with the TEs...but with no Desean they don’t have enough room to really kill teams. honestly for the next 6-10 years...it might be in our best interest to lose a couple more games this year. Draft a guy like Ceedee Lamb, or any top wideout. Then get another one later too. but then again if we are picking that high a stud CB or Dlinemen would be a better value...so idk.
  7. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    That whole thing yesterday sounds like such a mess from both sides. I wonder how teams will treat it. I think for some it’ll just justify how they have viewed the situation the last couple of years. If he actually wants to play, we could do way worse. But I highly doubt it happens. I think we’ll either resign Sudfeld for it, or if he walks sign one of these now ex-starters for it. But then again maybe a fully healthy year from Carson and they feel they can use that money to help elsewhere
  8. Howie SZN

    Haha yeah...apparently though they both happened at the end of the Bears game and just wasn’t addressed
  9. Eagles to sign RB Jay Ajayi

    Yeah, we are leaning into being run heavy (abysmal receivers will do it to ya) With Howard dealing with a stinger, need a warm body to mix in this week.
  10. Eagles Injuries/Medical Staff: Sproles Done

    I think it’s insurance for Howard We are a running team now, might as well lean into it I guess. no-knees Ajayi probably has a couple plays left in him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Not a crazy amount so. But we’ll get Dolphins, Skins and Giants twice for 4 of our last 5 games. Around the time the tank might be taking a new level of suck...and even if it doesn’t, they are all awful teams. Their other 3 games....Pats, Seahawks, and Dallas is all at home. Dallas on paper looks to be tougher, but some of the teams have started to drop. @ Lions won’t be nearly as tough with Stafford out @ Pats they should be crushed, but I think actually will be a good game vs Bills good team but not a juggernaut by any means. If they lose here it’ll be the 3rd (Jets, Packers) opponent that the eagles have beaten that Dallas has lost to. Which very well could come into effect with tiebreakers. @ Bears terrible offense, still pretty good defense. Should be a win though for dem boyz vs Rams...seems to be a great time to play the rams. If Dallas’ Dline keeps playing well for once...they should eat against that Rams oline. But not a gimme @ Eagles...have had our number mostly the last couple years. Will be a big matchup that probably decides it all. Dallas wins, they have the all powerful 2 game wins for a tiebreaker. If they lose the Eagles will have the tiebreaker advantage, barring one of them losing to the skins/giants. vs Skins, should be an easy win. Unless Guice coming back vastly changes them and Haskins finds his way this year (Press X for doubt) so the Eagles have 2 very tough games. 1 competitive one and 4 very easy ones Cowboys have only one very easy one, but have a handful of varying degrees of competitive ones and only one very tough game left. Dallas should win a lot of those competitive ones since the teams are on the downswing (Rams, Lions, Bears, Bills) but they aren’t gimmes save for the Stafford-less Lions
  12. Eagles Injuries/Medical Staff: Sproles Done

    sad for Sproles, but he should have just hung it up. Makes the Ajayi potential signing make sense. We needed another back potentially and didn’t need a pass catching one with Sanders.
  13. Howie SZN

    I guess depending on Howard’s health
  14. Howie SZN

    More reunions?!?