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  1. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    In this DT draft, with Timmy being a huge question mark and totally free to cut...yea we going DT
  2. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Mychal was a good player, it's a move to be judged later. Benefit of the doubt says it'll make more sense at some point. Like if we can take Kendricks money and afford a DT and one of these good vet safeties on cheap one year deals I'm all for it. But always sucks to cut talent for nothing,
  3. NFL News & General Info Thread

    can't blame him, would've been nice. But it won't be the last chance we have to move him
  4. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Can't disagree there ha...but if Hicks goes down I really would rather a bigger buffer before Walker. Corey I dont know how he plays so maybe we are fine. Honestly I'd love for them to add one of these good vet safeties on the cheap. and just do more 3 safety sets
  5. Eagles cut Kendricks

    can't you designate stuff as post June 1st early or something? At any rate it's just very odd timing
  6. Eagles cut Kendricks

    would need depth at MLB, Walker was a bit of a turd-sandwich..but yea we aren't in a terrible spot.....if you trust Hicks to not Sean Lee a year again
  7. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Wonder if we are gonna get a player in a Nick trade..or somethings happening Don't fully get doing it now
  8. Needed a pup gif, thanks Daimy Peace be with you. Klitman
  9. The NFC East Thread

    As a devout Howie is god follower, nothing new.....but sure is great to watch it all compiled like that. Love that man
  10. On the 164th day, he arose... He'll be ready week 1.
  11. oh wow nice I typically don't really think about baseball until June or July, too many times I felt burnt by a hot phillies team in April and early may. Even from there my interest waned as the Utley era phils dissipated, which I think went also hand in hand with just not having as much time to watch anything.
  12. I legitimately forgot about the other sports threads once we moved to the new site. Are they good good?
  13. The NFC East Thread

    @Matts4313 was grandfathered in Nobody has been able to waste that much time on here for so long before or since
  14. The NFC East Thread

    2) Who's the best tight end in the division, and why is it Zach Ertz?
  15. The NFC East Thread

    Only after an extensive interview process