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  1. Saw that Mosher apparently said it but couldn’t find that anywhere
  2. NFC East: Now half good!

    Everyone voted, not sure who won
  3. NFC East: Now half good!

    Dak 7.4 YPA Wentz 7.0 YPA Dak 6.6 ANY/A Wentz 6.3 ANY/A I think you have our QBs confused. Wentz is check down charlie, not Dak. yea Dak is more of a One Read Randy if anything
  4. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-eagles-really-like-alabama-rb-josh-jacobs/ Mosher: "I've been hearing that...don't be shocked if the Eagles take a running back in the first round. They really like Josh Jacobs." Caplan: "I talked to Greg Cosell from NFL Films. He likes (Jacobs) a lot. An offensive coordinator who I ran into at the combine said Jacobs is his top graded back in the draft. He's a three-down back. Mosher: "I think we need to adjust our philosophy. The people that said Howie Roseman would never take a running back in the first round. Do remember, two years ago...if Christian McCaffery was there at No. 14, he would have been an Eagle."
  5. Randall Cobb 1 year 5 mil to the cowboys

    I'm sure the turf down there will do wonders for that.
  6. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I wonder if he's gonna use a 2nd and a 4/5th and just hope one of them hits and move on from the other guys besides Clement, sign a vet after the comp pick period and go.
  7. Tyrone Crawford in Bar Incident (video recording)

    weren't they off-duty cops? if they were that's a fairly big difference from hitting uniformed on-duty officers.
  8. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    We wouldn't pick Fant with Ertz and Goedert Polite v Jacobs is tough...need to look at the big board
  9. NFC East: Now half good!

    Berry is probably going to cost about 1/3 the price. for 1/4th the games...sucks he fell off
  10. hope they just compete and push eachother...it's actually kind of refreshing to see them commit to developing a position like corner
  11. NFC East: Now half good!

    Cowboys know how to get players, if they ever learned how to get rid of them they would be great
  12. You think I have a life son?
  13. He'd be beloved by part of the fanbase haha Can you imagine evading Cox and Malik, dipping though past Graham..only to get run through by Burfict. That would be awful. I don't think they'd do it though, I also never really saw how he was in coverage