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  1. The NFC East Thread

    This is a we dont lose bears-Oakland...then we'd be fine I believe But if we lose any games before then we probably are gonna have to play New Year's Eve to secure a homefield...potentially a bye too Best case for us... Rams beat New Orleans this week...I doubt the Vikings go through their remaining games unscathed (Lions, Falcons, Panthers). That'd give us breathing room for one loss somewhere and still get homefield (ideally resting against Dallas obviously) We could know all day christmas leading up to the Oakland game what we clinch with a win. A bye is an ok bet, but a lot has to happen before knowing if homefield will be too.
  2. The NFC East Thread

    I believe we hold most all of the tiebreakers So there could be a scenario where we get to that game and there is virtually no way any other team can get it...even if New Orleans or the Vikings run the table too
  3. The forum Avi's brought us little more than pain...but I loved them
  4. Tell that to CS:GO Haha i mean for me to play...I know that ish a a gold mine
  5. interesting...though i just bought AC:Origins, Wolfenstein, Xcom 2 Have Shadow of War and SOuth Park to finish....and destiny ill get back to for a little with the expansion
  6. The NFC East Thread

    like a caricature of it yea They need a coach who aint afraid to let his DougPomp fly...not gel it back thicker than tar
  7. Overwatch was fun...but i couldnt keep playing it Skins only take you so far
  8. the streets would run red if they took a home game from Philly yea
  9. I'm shocked we havent yet We play the Jags away next year, so are chances are good
  10. i wonder when they take their QB...they probably go one with their second 1st Be interesting who survives on the coaching and FO staff there, and if their owner will let this #TrusttheHaulcess continue
  11. with the CBs playing as well as they have, was impressive to see him stand out after all those missed games. Him and Sidney (if he is as good as projected) rotating with Rasul and Mills...with robinson in the slot...damn good stable of corners
  12. The haul is just.....like how are you happy with more picks for them to screw up? do you chalk it up to sheer numbers? like try as they might, the browns can't browns every pick and you get 3/4 really good players over 5 drafts...right?
  13. biggest surprise on a player level It's nice to have a surprise like that for once, get a shaky vet who turns it around here
  14. Eagles Acquire Jay Ajayi for 4th Round Pick

    Man this was a great trade but it's tough to watch those knees wobble, but as long as you only have to see it on huge runs...whooo cares I guess
  15. Eagles Acquire Jay Ajayi for 4th Round Pick

    I believe so, might need special permission to do so from the league Like if someone did a posthumous switch or something