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  1. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    He’s bad but not Mel bad. He at least gets the round values on the right track kinda. Mel and his crap tier still think Higgins is a top 25 player. I also think it’s beyond dumb how a lot of them still don’t do trades or make like 1 special trade mock
  2. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Yeah I’ve heard him do solid breakdowns of guys forever. but yeah he and Mel are terrible at doing mocks. As is everyone on tv really. Jeremiah is like the one guy who’s ok at it.
  3. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Ima go out and touch my face in a grocery store self checkout line if that happens
  4. From the standpoint of how pathetic our outside CBs have been, yeah one of them is probably fixed for a year or two. If we had any kind of talent out there last year the concerns for him might hold some more water. that is separate from anything with the trade compensation or contract.
  5. Slay as a player is a huge upgrade. But the move is definitely not in a vacuum. It’s the exact opposite of what Howie said they’d do; Which was Drafting young players to help rebuild this roster going forward. I think the flaw in Bo, Sheil and others thinking on this is simply Byron Jones wasn’t coming here. He wanted to go to another division and to get him we’d probably have to pay $22+ mil. Which would cost us these plus side young secondary player like NRC and Will Parks. Byron Jones also isn’t as good as Slay, though this point is softened with Jones’ longevity by being more versatile. And Howie isn’t really good at drafting, so trading later picks to fill our biggest hole is not as devastating. Im fine with the reality, that we had to and got potentially a great player. I’m mad that they can’t just draft smarter. Turns out drafting/trading for guys who are hurt (Sidney, Darby) or who don’t do what your coaches want (Rasul, Golden Tate) doesn’t work out all that well...maybe we could stop doing it.
  6. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Oh I meant for us here. Like im pretty sure We could come to a consensus here and that guy being at least ok. If it’s the Eagles, it seems to be the hardest thing imaginable.
  7. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    A top end LB like Queen would make a difference for sure cause we suck there. But probably a day 3 RB is the most sensible for high return. How we rotate and how the position acclimates, one of those guys could very well have a large role in us winning a game or two. A warm body with hands better than Nelly (not too hard)
  8. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    I’m glad you know the value of such an elite talent like Yannick. don’t look below this Pete Haha @LinderFournette ....we robbed him blind. Duvaaaaaaaaalllllll
  9. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    I’m not giving up our chance at Alshon AND JJAW for some All pro DT and some top 3 TE.
  10. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Minshew needs weapons. I got it...I’ll DEMAND Arcega-Whiteside too. We on the Jags forum can’t be taken advantage of so easily @EaglesPeteC take it or leave it
  11. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Ima put in for Jags GM and trade him for Alshon and a 2021 5th. I gotchu Pete
  12. lets hope the redskin games are 2 of the 6 games Desean plays this year
  13. What forum are you a mod for, GM forum?
  14. Nice, hopefully you can bring a new Golden Age the Chargers forum.