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  1. If Sean Lee is out, does Dak even exist?
  2. yea probably I like Willie, would be a little surprised if they took him over a tackle if they went OL...but he's a good player. Man adding Moore, Sutton, or Goedert to this passing attack would be amazing or going Guice, Jones or maybe Sony to bolster the RB room. Great year to not need a QB so some of these guys drop
  3. I think they'd take Leighton out of those two.
  4. zero march madness win for every school combines too True, Never even got an N.I.T. bid...which is like a participation trophy pathetic
  5. Browns trade CJ Smith to Seahawks

    Man the NFC just keeps getting better, wow
  6. 2018 ThuNF Season Opener Confirmed - MIN@PHI

    usually comes out in April
  7. British Unis aren't real Unis...you guys have never even made it to a bowl game.
  8. Vikings Fans: A Journey Right now Draft time/ they draft some guy who fell again after 2 days of Training Camp without pads Gettin that first Preseason taste of Kirk after 3 preseason games of not much going on "We are going to be good?" Watching that Banner go up Seeing Kirk throw a pick trying to go deep (jk he'll checkdown and it'll be b2b 3 & outs) Being down at half time again by double digits down by like 30 again Realizing you are stuck with a mid tier QB for the next 3 years and the salt flows again...ever eternal
  9. 2018 ThuNF Season Opener Confirmed - MIN@PHI

    haha, what's wrong with what I said? is someone more valuable? why would a 1st 2nd and basically two 3rd in value be enough to trade him for him? When we see teams routinely trade more to move up for lesser guys in the draft (see Jets) and the Eagles invested more into drafting him (two 1sts, a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th). Did putting an MVPlike/ALL-pro season on the field this year decrease his value?
  10. 2018 ThuNF Season Opener Confirmed - MIN@PHI

    cool cool bring it on I think everyone knew it'd be this..too many storylines for it not to be. If anything you'd maybe think they'd save it because the opener always gets solid ratings anyway. it'd take more than that even...he's the best QB not mid 30s+ and the best not named Aaron Rodgers When you toss in ho he is off the field he's probably the most valuable asset in the league at this point.
  11. Reports are the Norsemen from the land of a thousand salt lakes will be coming to philly for week one. Tons of storylines: Banner Raise for the game we won in their stadium after we embarrassed them See if Kirk's middling was because of the Redskins dysfunction or that's just him. Flip making a quick return Merciless mocking of the SKOL clap Wentz coming back? & more!
  12. The NFC East Thread

    #HAULLYFE in the big jersey
  13. I've heard you guys as a possible spot for him, but hadn't heard of any smoke He was pretty good this year, and has been in the past. He's just not the best fit in this scheme and we use just 2 LBs a lot anyway some kind of mid round compensation would work..it won't be a ton. But we have the room now, so we aren't forced to move him so he won't be just given away.