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  1. Yes, any game on Gamepass is discounted in the store. Along with other weekly sales, Games with Gold (these you own as long as you have Gold) and publisher sales. There is a Gamepass Ultimate deal to upgrade for $1, so usually people load up on Gold on sale then upgrade for the #1, that's what I did a couple years ago. With Xbox Live Gold maybe going away though I'm not sure what will be the way to go.
  2. Any game that Xbox owns will always be on there. Everything else is subject to change. It’s like Netflix, sometimes shows/movies leave and come back later. But they add new ones at roughly the same pace. So all these studio acquisitions have been like Netflix realizing they needed to make their own stuff (House of Cards, Stranger Things, Etc) so they can stop paying for content for certain periods of time and just have a stable on there all the time.
  3. Sticking with the crazy ways this could go. If they do bring Gamepass to switch I wonder if a big part of the move would be xCloud too. Benefits both companies. Switch becomes the best xCloud dedicated device there is and switch only gamers can finally play aaa 3rd party games day one. Crazy that this stuff isn’t laughable.
  4. One would assume we’ll get scaled down late ports to Switch going forward, especially with the rumored iteration coming next year. But I think you’re right, this is a big enough move to force the other platforms to allow Gamepass if that’s what they want. Between PC, Mobile and Xbox they have the largest platform...which has always seemed to be Phil’s move once it was obvious they were stuck behind numbers wise with just Xbox vs PlayStation. I think what you said could happen for sure, but might just be further out. Would kinda kill their console business right now. They still have some preference for people playing on Xbox and PC because of all the additional income it brings outside Gamepass. So what would be the incentives there? Need to figure that out.
  5. What a miscalculation by Howie. Don't know why he got cute about it. Just roster him.
  6. Needs to be a major breakdown in the lockeroom this year probably or it needs to be obvious Doug is just checked out. Chance Doug comes back but Lurie fires like everyone else besides Stout and Duce. No matter how much Carson sucks, he's here in 2021.
  7. Could happen eventually, I think Switch would happen sooner. The issue is will Sony and Nintendo give up their cut of game sales? One counter would be them having xCloud launching somewhat removes the need to get it every console, because almost everyone has either a phone or browser. I'd imagine they will start doing deals with the TV manufacturers to just have a xCloud / Gamepass app on TVs soon. So they don't really need to loop Sony or Nintendo in necessarily. I think the step between that is pretty simple. Some games come to Playstation, like these timed exclusives (Deathloop & Ghostwire Tokyo), Doom and Elder Scrolls 6. But they are $70. Whereas on Xbox they launch right into Gamepass, perhaps even like 4-7 days early like they did with Gears.
  8. I think for Microsoft/Xbox they are just as happy with that since it's their platform too. They just want Gamepass subscribers. This keeps people in their ecosystems. Could see them buying a part (or all) of some these hardware manufacturers too so they get a cut no matter what. Bethesda/Zenimax has done a couple lackluster things businesswise (and Fallout 76) but revitalization of Doom, Wolfenstein and the other games have all been pretty great. It seems like the actually Bethesda Studio decided to take a break and redo the engine finally (Todd said this today), so that explains why besides 76 there will be a 6 year release difference from them, maybe even 7. But they should have Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 out by 2026, especially now that Obsidian and InXile can help on development. They are still one of the best publishers out there, this should help stop them from doing some of the crappier things the publisher started to do.
  9. Yeah I could see them buying Konami, but Take-two isn't happening, and it doesn't make any sense for Sony to do it anyway if their goal is exclusives.
  10. the deal needs to be finalized which is happening into next year. But within the deal could be the library getting added this fall, at least some of the titles. I'm sure they'd love to tout the next gen version of Doom Eternal being on gamepass at launch. I'd say next summer at the latest, maybe?
  11. I hope it means good things for Fallout in general. Cause right now one isn't coming out until like 2030. Might see Obsidian, InXile and Bethesda share development on some things. They all have multiple teams so you could see maybe one of them being the lead on it with some of the smaller teams at the other studios helping too. Stuff like quest designing, expansions, or even more integrated in. Resource sharing and sheer developer numbers would help those games a lot. Bethesda, Obsidian, InXile and Playground doing Fable are kinda bringing Xbox back to being "the place for WRPGs" that they had back in the 2000s with Kotor, Morrowind, Oblivion, Mass Effect, etc
  12. So now at 23 studios, 33+ individual teams Wild to think the state Xbox Game Studios was in in 2016-2017 after closing Lionhead This is the way to get a AA-AAA game on Gamepass at least every quarter if not every other month in some years.
  13. I think some of them could very well still come there, like I said in the thread about this they basically can make it a no brainer to play it on Xbox and PC over Playstation/Switch just with Gamepass. Whether it's launching early on gamepass or just the sheer value of it. It is getting PC gamers and Console gamers give them money over their main competitors Steam, Playstation as well as stomping out the cloud gaming competition early. I do think the Minecraft example and "well they need to make their money back" statement are kinda discounting the new money this will bring in. Like the amount of PC players who will now stay members will be big. And that is a subscription service, so you'll get a lot of that year after year. This will definitely equal a ton of exclusives over the next 10 to 15 years no matter what.
  14. Xbox already was doing a lot to help mods on console, with some of the most modded games now in 1st party I wonder how much they will expand that effort. Obsidian games and all the other RPGs they have coming would benefit from it too.
  15. That's a good point, cause you aren't going to get a loud outcry about changing them like you would a bigger hero. No "but Superman doesn't kill" backlash like Snyder got. With some of the additional characters coming in the other shows/movies like Monica Rambeau, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Moon Knight. Then Shang-Chi, Blade and some of the Eternals in the films...(plus all the young avengers the are setting up) It really adds to this ever revolving team-up options approach they seem to be going in. Most of them have been an Avenger or on another popular team in their history. There are so many team-up stories in the comics that they can tweak to fit too. Makes it easier for them to extend their contracts with people or keep them around longer by benching them for a bit with movies still on their deal.
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