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  1. Apparently the games don’t count for the teams draft order as a loss. Percentages are percentages though, so as long as he plays 75% of whatever games they do play we’ll at least get a 1st. But there could be some hinky stuff with the draft order if they aren’t in the playoffs.
  2. Yeah if we are just talking fresh new skin on top of what’s there it wouldn’t be really worth it. I’m thinking like they just take the engine they have for one of these modern ones and just remake AC1 in the modern engine. As like a smaller AC release, similar to like Far Cry Primal being built off Far Cry 4. Retell Altair’s story and kind of link up to these games that come before it on the timeline a little more. There is way more they could do with that setting.
  3. Yeah I’ll go full tank if Hurts sucks, but they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs with not much standing in your way this year in the NFC. The division really isn’t that good, aside from the Bucs the south will be meh, The Vikings might be the best team in the North if Rodgers actually doesn’t play in GB again..which isn’t that scary. And the West will eat themselves so to speak. Decent chance if we got in as the 6th or 7th seed we might not even play a NFCW team the first two rounds. Despite the age along the lines I think they are going to carry us to plenty of wins. Enough to be o
  4. No clue, we’ll find out at camp. I’d assume WFT is the lowest in the division, given they had some of the more outspoken people on the anti-vax side. I’m sure some guys who are holding out will just get it once they realize all the extra steps/precautions they have to go through. I suspect the league won’t mess around in outing grievance violations from a PR perspective. Distance themselves from idiotic behavior like what a lot of the Saints did LAST year.
  5. She was fine in In the Heights, but probably the most boring part. Though that’s not really the best conditions to judge an actor. I can see her fitting in what most modern renditions of the character. Was hoping for a little better for Barbara, hopefully it doesn’t feel like it was made for streaming. Plenty of stuff hasn’t but this will probably need a much bigger budget.
  6. Could see that, I cant wait for him to have a full universe to be a part of. Will be able to do the character some justice for once. Yeah especially with how much Peyton Reed loves the Fantastic 4, I’d imagine he would’ve at least pushed to intro them.
  7. Yeah it seems like it’s either Xavier has been blocking their existence or they’ll just come from a merged reality or something like that.
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m down for some multiversal shenanigans for a phase or two. Much rather this than a replica of the Thanos buildup yet again, would feel way staler. We’ve had 3 good series so far (aside from two reportedly COVID related hampered endings, which were just a bit of a letdown from the rest of their shows) and have yet to even see a film mostly building forward. Widow did a good job giving the audience closure on the character and fitting in pre-Infinity War. Im excited Strange is getting way more shine. He’s to me one of Marvel’s biggest untapped properties. Like I don’t thi
  9. I do like that they are taking meetings with so many people and going with the projects and people that get them the most excited. These first two phases are all over the place with who they are introducing or giving the spotlight too (in a good way). Opens them up soon to kinda do whatever they want with team films or teamups 2024 and on. Just as the X-men plans will probably be starting.
  10. I like the variety, to me Thor in cartoons or games is very one note. I agree that they could probably reign it in a smidge from ragnorak, but I think they hit on something with this back half of Hemsworth Thor outings. You get those cracks of him being vulnerable, depressed and troubled…but he quickly bottles it up to not show it. But yeah I don’t want like Gorr to show up and it be a farce in Thor L&T. There is some very cool seriously told things with Thor I’d love to see them bring about. I’m genuinely down for anything Taika, loved him way before he joined Thor. If they
  11. End of the day it’ll just continue until these companies get a better system in place, collectively everyone can kill the scalping industry but it’ll never happen completely. I myself have a no buying from scalpers policy, but it’s mainly because I don’t want the hassle and chance of scamming. I’ll gladly take many hours of trying to get one on a drop over the social interaction. But obviously eBay takes a lot of that out. I’d say you do you, if you want it badly enough now and don’t want to get like on Sony’s queue or get one of the other drops for the next couple months…go for it.
  12. Gotcha, I mean having someone good at outside CB would be nice…I’d take a warm body at this point.
  13. Yeah I’m with ya, clearly has a problem and getting away with it won’t help.
  14. Yeah I saw you could just shift it over to windows and download stuff too, would be able to do xCloud easily out of the box. Definitely the part that makes it tempting. Have plenty of steam games I’ve bought over the years too. Right now when I go on trips I either bring a Bluetooth controller I have + my laptop or bring an old iPad to stream stuff too. Both are a bit too much when packing for a cheap flight. I could do what I do with my switch and keep this in my hand going through checkin. Also like the switch this would be far easier for like the train or if I have to wait somewhere.
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