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  1. Which conference do you generally prefer watching?

    Honestly, same
  2. Which conference do you generally prefer watching?

    Feel like top end AFC usually gets you a pretty good game consistently. NFC is a little more of a wildcard week to week, which makes it a little more interesting top to bottom.
  3. Hopefully the Giants don’t rob us and put him in the booth
  4. Yep he threw that Crabtree pass that won it
  5. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Some people speculated it was cause he needed to work on being a recurved better. Pretty solid RB class. But yeah I agree, if you are a RB figure it out in the pros, get paid.
  6. Going off random Reddit people He led North Texas to two top 25 offenses, and the Trojans were 19th overall this year. Would need to verify that.
  7. Certainly possible, but if it happens it happens. We all love him, but the fact they promoted Groh over him and Stoutland reportedly is the one who leads the run coordination tells you that maybe they don’t think Duce would add a ton. We need to open up the offense and stop playing within 9 yards, don’t think Duce has shown anything that tells me he’d be able to get us to change that. Albeit he doesn’t get much of a chance to from what we see.
  8. Probably let Stout continue to do it with Duce. Maybe get a young guy to be an asst. to them.
  9. No clue Ben Solak is happy about it though
  10. Biographical details Born May 22, 1985 (age 34) Brownwood, Texas Playing career 2004–2008 Texas Tech 2009 Saskatchewan Roughriders 2010–2012 Green Bay Packers 2013 New York Jets Position(s) Quarterback Coaching career (HC unless noted) 2009 Oklahoma State (QC) 2014–2015 Washington State (OWR) 2016–2018 North Texas (OC/QB) 2019–present USC (OC/QB)
  11. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Etienne returning to school
  12. Another name that some of you floated gone