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  1. Straight to jail. I suspect something will happen if he's in position to play. It's been a non-issue since he won't see the field at the moment. I think the timing with all the Gruden stuff helps the cause that he shouldn't play. Does the NFL want to open up another bad PR front by shrugging their shoulders and looking the other way on all of that? Not sure they do.
  2. I get the take, I don't want to just pull the trigger for anyone. But you have a chance to Herbert/Mahomes/Allen it to a lesser degree this draft. Guys that have tools but had understated college careers that left scouts with a lot of questions. If you are gonna gamble on a guy, gamble on like Corral. But I'll be fine if we do go Hurts in 2022 at this point, because end of the day it's better to sacrifice 2022 than it is 2022 through at least 2024. Which is the bare minimum we will waste trying to get the wrong 1st rounder off the ground. Just build the team up and make a trade if n
  3. Would be stupid unless you guys are getting him dirt cheap. Even then, why bother? Hope this happens and Watson has to sit, best scenario for the Eagles with the 1st round pick. If Washington is going to waste even a season with Tua that’s a win for the rest of the East.
  4. Coaches and execs, yeah General fan sentiment, yeah I think it’s fine if people here wanna gamble and call their shot on a more micro level like here, which is essentially talking in an isolated group. Fanbase as a whole though, yeah give people a shot.
  5. Those giant projector screens are back in, right? Have to buy a bunch of other stuff, a storm took my last one out a couple months ago. So went back to sitting close to a small one like I had to do when I was a kid. Not in any rush, it’s fine and aside from Halo not much is coming out this fall that I care about enough to play on the bigger screen. Trying to lock down what the hell good tv model actually has everything the Series X and PS5 takes advantage of.
  6. Yup, I’ll probably get my new TV by then. Know Cyperpunk was one of the games being pushed with Dolby Vision.
  7. I get what you’re saying, it’s just you gotta play the board you are dealt. With an eye down the board too. Ton of DBs and edges that can help us now and build towards the future, IDL is a scarce position this draft when you give a cursory glance. We could 100% be fine for 2022 by not taking one, but then decent chance we gotta do for IDL what we did for WR in 2020 and force the issue no matter what. No position on this team is good enough to not take a top talent to bolster. Only ones I’d raise an eyebrow at would be TE (let’s not repeat the 12 personnel stuff), HB (it’s stupid to d
  8. Cox is gone after next year most likely, Hargrave will be on the final year of his deal barring an early extension. Draft is for the future, a guy like Leal who is versatile is a fine addition. He already has been doing what this defense would ask of him and can move to something else should the scheme change. We potentially have 3 top 12 picks, just take the best players and be happy. Obviously I want Hamilton, an edge and a corner…even better with a trade down in there. But decent shot it won’t go that way. In that draft got a big offer for #5. Went Leal since both booth
  9. Draft sims are so much fun this year, especially the way the talent breaks down.
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