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  1. I think the same everytime it's brought up,
  2. The judge’s ruling was to be judged by your peers, I assumed you wanted validation on it Mattsy Everyone's tastes are different...and relationship wants and merely hookup wants are two different things. I think we're all on different grading scales here
  3. I’d say any that any tinder pics are fair game at least she sending you nudes Mattsy?
  4. The voting is pushed by her lower and lower matts, if you have evidence to submit...I’d do so thusly 😜
  5. There has been a question about body @Matts4313, care to elaborate? a lot of the pics are just her face
  6. While collecting evidence I’m back at 7 matts, final verdict this is a world where Rosie jones exists Even if we take the god tier (the 11s if you will) like her out, there are still smokeshows, drop dead gorgeous women that occupy 10 While cute I think you are curving the grading system a bit to much to make her an 8. when she dresses up she is nice as the Dane would say. A 7 is nothing to scoff out. All the kid pictures maybe are having a psychological effect on me as an unburdened man, brings her into a 6 in some pics. But I know you don’t have that problem
  7. stereotype, plenty of women not like that, but it does happen a good deal. I find N.E. women funnier and more sarcastic...which gels with me well. A southern Belle sounds calming, but I feel like at some point I'd be like "cut the isht, you can't be this pleasant" But then again I've never been to the south so maybe I don't get it necessarily.
  8. It's just a face shot like she was ready to go out. All the facebook photos were like mom mode or southern belle done up (curled hair) She looked good in the photo, and Im sure thats how matts saw her on a date too.
  9. my phone was charging...you've earned your 8 stand by my original rating
  10. I was gonna say she has distinctly southern features. So that’s probably the difference there, honestly. I didn't do a deep dive, but can't see a ton of photos anyway. Just really prof pics...shes cute, and yea the southern belle thing doesn't hold sway over me She's cute, with the ability to be pretty when she dresses up and stuff. I'm almost always use a full picture 10 scale, and not the attainable women curve. So when I am asked about stuff I always tend to go on the low end compared to others.
  11. i gave you it on the old forum, no it was always on xbox
  12. 8 is a little strong, but shes pretty/cute...not sure what side of the line she falls on. I'd say 7, thus throwing your whole rating system into question Matts how much of the 3 hours was kids talk? cause that doesnt count.
  13. i couldn't hack it in that scene either Found relationships were the way to go for me personally All of those apps tinder, bumble, etc I fund was like 35% looking for long term relationship, 30% bots, 20% people just browsing cause they were bored and need validation that they could totally get someone if they wanted, and 15% pure hookups. But they are a good way to meet people, you just gotta cut if off and say lets meet or move on. Like if you dont mind widening your search area you can find people you wouldve never met a short drive away At some point the local pool dries up
  14. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can ask, but it'll probably be a couple of months at the very least