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  1. We almost lost MCU Spidey because of this…. I love just how hard they seemed to double down on some of the criticisms of the 1st one. “Indiscernible cgi symbiote battles in the dark…oh we got ‘em”
  2. Venom 1 really convinced Sony they could make these movies, huh? Am I in a bad mood this morning or does this look exceptionally awful? I guess at least Woody looks and sounds good. Though ditching that red clown wing was an easy improvement.
  3. Definitely the best way to get into it, fixes a lot of issues that would hinder going back to them for someone that doesn't have the nostalgia glasses. They are RPGs but it's much more about your story and decisions, not a "loot everything" kinda RPG. Think like what the Telltale games did but with 3rd person shooter mechanics (ME1 has floatier combat but they have tweaked it to not be as frustrating). The game is very much about forging relationships along the way of this grand galaxy-wide Sci-Fi story. And your decisions will carry over game to game. Some are just a cosmetic thing, some
  4. Seems like that was just conjecture on Roobs' part the night after the draft. Howie said it was McNeil on WIP I think it was a case of they had at least two similarly rated players and were not as unanimous as you'd like. Howie took the extra pick and figured only one of them would go. Most likely asked Carolina "Offense or Defense" and were fine with the move if they had 3 names on their board knowing the Panthers were going on the other side of the ball. Giants probably weren't going DT, so Lions were the only risk.. (And maybe there were even more players like t
  5. I’m guessing this means we play the Giants, schedules come out this week so they already know.
  6. Don’t think there is any since everything is included. There might be a steelbook or something. Right now on Xbox rewards you get +6000 if you activate the punchcard and it’s discounted if you have Gamepass Ultimate.
  7. I think right now he sucks, it’s not a permanent state of being. He can change it possibly. But until then he sucks. Hurts will be in the same camp if he doesn’t show improvement over his fun but mediocre lil rookie campaign.
  8. It’s a good point, heard they are going to be doing way more stuff up front. Arm length wouldn’t matter much if he’s twisting behind guys.
  9. Interview with Chris Long (28 mins in) I’m so happy we have him.
  10. I'll differ to you on timetables a bit then ha. My point was if he'd normally be there 3 times, with the huge expensive sports facilities Bama has...being monitored and coached by a group of people. Losing even one of those days could slightly hold back things or possibly even hurt. As in he's putting stresses on other parts of his body to make things easier on the knee like a lot of Eagles players seemingly have the last few years. Landon seems like a dedicated dude, not really worried about him. And like you said...this isn't as big of a deal. Especially for him as a IOLinemen.
  11. I’m sure he’s doing it. But just curious how much is at home and how much is in the Bama facility with a whole staff there, you know? Fact that they drafted him that high probably tells you all we need to know on his treatment and how they see his progress. It’s an unknown on our end. I’m sure they’ll give an updated timetable for him whenever they do OTAs / rookie camp...if they have them.
  12. I’d say October/Week 5 is a safe assumption if they are slow playing him a bit, but given how Landon seems to be I think he’ll probably be suited up week 1. Not necessarily a starter but ready to play. The lone caveat I’d say is he’s been like training at his own makeshift gym. Now I could’ve and probably just missed seeing him going to extensive PT, but hard to say he’ll be as far along as you’d normally expect if he’s doing a lot of it on his own. (If that is indeed the case)
  13. They were close because the rest of the division’s QBs sucked or were injured. Giants were the only one to have their QB play close to all the games last year. Barkley will help, because any extra snap Danny can’t lose the ball is a win, but nothing about the giants would put them above Washington or Dallas at this point. As far as divisional games it’s always going to be close between all 4. But once you expand that out to a season the Giants and Eagles don’t seem equipped to get the wins needed. Even though everyone except for Washington has top 7 easiest schedules, Dallas has the 2nd e
  14. Can imagine he thought it was safe given how late of a riser Davis was. Unless they nixed him on medicals, I imagine Phillips was a thought too.
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