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  1. Eh they did a lot in their first decade. Like Mass Effect, or just the stuff they did getting western RPGs onto consoles like Morrowind and KOTOR. Fable was a great franchise once upon a time. That genre and FPSs working was a big thing. But yes overall I get that being the narrative at this point...makes sense and it’s not all that far from the truth. They’ve done a great job with publishing and curating indies and that’s about it outside Forza their 2nd decade. They stopped trying. Future-wise I feel like they have to fail at a rate more than any publisher ever to not fix the issue. They are going to have like 36+ teams working on games and are still looking to add more. They’ve done a good job in everything but AAA games the last few years. I think it’s ok to be optimistic. Ninja Theory, Obsidian, the talent at The Initiative, Playground Games with Horizons, inXile...they’ve all done good games with modest budgets or in smaller genres. So you got to think at least some of them will make a big jump with a full budget and resources they have now. Hell one of the things I’m most excited for is Double Fine getting to just make games and not worry each game will tank them or that they need to go beg for money. Think this helps save Bethesda from itself too, because they were starting to dip into money grabs, micro transactions and other stuff that would kill their franchises. I just don’t see the point in judging Xbox on the last 8 years if we don’t also look to the future as well. I’m with you on there not being much of a point beyond just a better running version of games for upgrading to a Series X. There are going to be a couple small exclusives that were delayed, but no one is buying this now just for this year. 2021-2023 looks like it’s going to be really good on all sides.
  2. Early, was doing trade ins the other day... apparently they didn’t let a lot of the workers get consoles at launch, so they might be dipping into the allotment. Though hopefully that’s in addition to the numbers they put out there.
  3. "and the winner for best set of......hands goes to..."
  4. At least someone will use him...just please don't post how you will be doing so here Pete.
  5. I think it’s smart though, you look at the numbers and not a ton of people play all of the exclusives, at least to the percentage of console owners. Yeah it checks boxes, gets people hyped, but it doesn’t seem to breakthrough as easily. A subscription price makes it so more people can play them. Wether it be for money reasons, for gamers with disabilities, or people just just not giving a type of game a shot... a sub service can help a lot.
  6. If the 2020 Seahawks are the same as the rest of Carroll/Russ era, there is a solid chance this is a close game again on the scoreboard until Seattle pulls away. We suck this year. Wentz has regressed to worse than his rookie year. Doug doesn’t seem to care to change, and this on top of the usual Jekyll & Hyde of the Defense, issues with the oline and injuries. Maybe things click and Wentz takes advantage of such a bad pass D. And maybe the season finale of 2020 is Aliens make first contact, which honestly seems a little more likely at this point.
  7. It’s a fine service if you aren’t hardcore into sports games but like checking them out in spurts. Like I like doing a run in franchise mode in Madden, FIFA and NHL in between game releases, the 10 hour trial is even enough for me. Never going buy one full price at launch again, there isn’t enough difference year to year and they stay in there so you can just play the 20 edition and download the rosters. So instead of $30 on Madden on sale I just get all of them for the year. It’s not an amazing value beyond that, think the discount is lik 5~10%. Being part of Gamepass Ultimate is a way better place for it now though, don’t have to actively pay $30 a year anymore. Honestly I think it’s the model Sony should follow for their inevitable service. All Sony titles at one bigger price per year + Vault & discounts like EA Play Premium and a cheaper level where you get access to the Vault. Is kind of a middle ground between doing nothing and Gamepass level cheap
  8. The newest Star Wars. All EA Sports games such as Madden, FIFA, NHL, (typically 4-5 months after release, though), Battlefield, Need For Speed, etc. Here is the full list of games: https://www.ea.com/ea-play/games-xbox-one Yeah that’s the big thing. The window varies. Sports games it’s usually after that season, other stuff it can be up to a year sometimes. Madden 2021 will probably drop in February again. Other benefits are a small discount on all EA stuff. And you also get access to game trials. Usually 10 hours to play the game, sometimes less if it’s a shorter title.
  9. I’ll have to leave that up to people who play those games. My only experience with them is Sunset Overdrive and Spider-man. There were other generalities I could’ve pulled from the teams but i didn’t want to be make it a super negative thing.
  10. Neither is really worth it, but yeah Xbox Series X right now is essentially Xbox One XX. Does stuff way better than the One X which does things better than the One S. Launching with just a console port of Gears Tactics was awful, yeah Halo screwed it all up...but man they did a bad job there. Like at least get Flight Sim ready too, or hold Wasteland 3 til launch. I think that no exclusive narrative is dying soon though, how much depends on two big things. Whats the deal with Bethesda/Zenimax? Starfield/Wolfenstein 3/ Doom 3/ Elder Scrolls 6/ Next Fallout + whatever the other Arkane studio is doing along with these other rumored projects for the ESo studio....it's a big swing either way that goes. SOme of them will undoubtedly be exclusive. Will these games land and be great? Not every single one has to be, but a handful of them should to even things up. They don't have the built in trust like a Naughty Dog. Like you know if you like a ND game that's exactly what you are gonna get with their next one. You know Insomniac will be so so on characters but wonderful and smooth on gameplay. The only thing Xbox has is The Coalition are a talented studio being held back by a tired franchise in Gears, the Halo team will under deliver everytime, and for whatever reason Forza has two top of their game studios devoted to it. At least the latter split off into a new team in-house to make Fable. No one can really say with any certainty at this point. We probably won't get a clear answer to #1 until the deal is done, so probably next E3 time (unless they choose to do the torturous news drip again) And the games we have no clue. Stuff this year has been good, though smaller.The devs talk about ways the Xbox buy made the games better. like Psychonauts 2 is getting a more robust ending and game because of it. But ground up stuff isn't coming until late next ear really. Today and for year 1 though yeaaaa.. you right.
  11. No problem, I agree...it’s silly to stay with one piece of plastic over an other for blind loyalties sake. As far as those games go, I believe this is the year that MLB is making The Show be on multiple consoles...but I don’t remember when that’s supposed to start. Forza is apparently great (racers aren’t something I play much) and you’ll get it more often between Motorsport and Horizons. But yeah there is a long list of games that will all be day1 Gamepass the next 3 years, don’t know what’s the deal with Bethesda games as far as being exclusive...but not having to pay extra for them is pretty nice as is. Yeah that all-access deal is nice. I think they’ve done a good job giving people price points to play. Like a lot more people can afford $15 - $35 a month than a lump payment. I think depending of work, the best play is get PS5 and a good PC. People always say it as a derogatory thing that Xbox games go to PC, but that and xCloud are what makes stuff like Gamepass and these studio buys possible. Who cares where, you are getting games finally. My reasoning was I don’t have the cash to do a side computer I’d want and wanted the ease of the console, plus I’m more excited for the prospects of Xbox exclusives than I am a new gen of Sony ones. I loved God of War and will get a PS5 to play the next one, but a lot of the “must haves” fell flat for me the last two gens on PlayStation... I don’t think I’ll try again with some of them. And I know a lot of it is personal taste, like getting board and not having fun in Naughty Dog games or I get why a Bloodborne might be great...but I have very little interest in Soulslike games. A touch is fine, like Jedi Fallen Order or the Valkyrie fights in GoW. But a whole game of stress and rage isn’t what I really game for. It has been even easier to go the opposite way...because if you didn’t like racers or platformers, you got a bunch of nothin the last 5 years for Xbox.
  12. Beat the Seneca Wallace led Seahawks back in '08, it's been rather down hill since the broke us in that 42-0 MNF game in 05. Still one of the worst losses I can remember.
  13. They are pretty comparable. The biggest thing this gen seems to have fixed is getting load times in check. PS5 has a slightly faster SSD, but Xbox has done enough elsewhere to make the difference negligible. Xbox has Quick Resume which goes a step farther with just popping you right into where you last were in a handful of games at a time. It’s such a great thing to not have to sit there for 2+ minutes every load on both. I think if you are getting one this year, go PS5. Sony hit the mark on having some stuff available to play next gen. Halo getting delayed screwed up the Xbox launch lineup hard. Yeah they aren’t 10/10 system sellers, but it’s enough to wet your appetite on top of the multiplat games. Also you aren’t really getting the power difference on Xbox yet, because apparently they were waiting and late in getting their dev toolkits out for some of the new software. You have Horizon 2 and God of War “2” coming out in the next 12-18 months, the first one will be on PS4 and GOW might be too...but they both will be better on next gen. I think you would feel pretty ok with the purchase. Long term fall 2021 and on, I think Xbox makes more sense as a main box for me personally. The 3rd party games should be slightly better there by then, all these studios they bought are going to start dropping games then too. Like if you are doing Gamepass, you are likely getting a ton of promising titles in the 18 months from Sept 2021 to Spring 2023. Halo, Fable, Avowed, Starfield, etc. Gives you way more flexibility how you play, like already I can stream my home Xbox to my phone and play wherever. On Android you can already do xCloud which is an even better solution, that’s coming to browsers soon which will fix the problem with Apple blocking it. I think Xbox also makes you feel safer investing in them because they support everything unlike PlayStation. Like all controllers work, they have backwards compatibility to the original Xbox and invest in software/AI to improve older games with zero help from developers. Biggest question really is what games you want and where are any friends you might want to play at. Like if you love Sony franchises, it’s hard to leave them behind. If they don’t do much for you, Xbox is finally deciding to try and get people that way for the first time since the late 2000s. I don’t think there is a wrong choice this generation, just a different one.
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