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  1. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    1) Hadn't seen any news, what changed 2) I agree, bit of a misphrasing. Will be interesting to see how they do, certainly have the tools 3) Your D has been getting more and more solid yea, I think it's a risk any coach like that faces in a circumstance where the fruits of labor aren't tangible...like you gotta win early and then you get away with it. I like the Falcons team, and they will be successful In my head it's just, of the 3 teams/QBs...who do I most want to face in a must win game. And now I'd pick the Falcons instead of the Saints and Panthers But they still are gonna be a top 10 NFC team unless something goes really wrong.
  2. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/07/18/philadelphia-eagles-offensive-line Have to subscribe for the video, though there is a 7 day free trial
  3. Cardinals suspend GM Steve Keim 5 games

    when they do cutaway shots to him in the box it'll always be when he's picking his nose or getting nacho cheese on himself for those games.
  4. NFL News & General Info Thread

    It's tough, he's probably just in the hall of the very good. I wish the hall was more selective as is, I don't think his impact on the game was week in week out enough, as much as I really enjoy watching him.
  5. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    I don't get it...he's the superstar they should be trying to lock down He's the generationally talent, I wouldn't want to piss him off and the number is just going to keep getting bigger.
  6. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    Good idea to get it done before Julio, OBJ and others potentially get their new deals. Wonder what the number will be, he can be and is a good receiver in the league..but if he's getting paid based on talent/others he shouldn't be making top money. With how many contracts they need to revisit it certainly makes the path through the next couple of years clearer on who is gonna stay and who can't.
  7. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    Saints and Panthers I both see doing well this year But Falcons I expect to be right there with them, right now I'd say #3 seed 3 questions/worries I have for them 1) Does Julio stick to his guns and hold out? They go Eagles, Panthers and Saints to open the season. Without Julio opening the running game they could start off 0-3 pretty easily even if he was there. But him not being there for those big games and getting the blame could cause a rift into the season. ANd if he comes back and they don't pay him there's a rift there too. 2) Steve Sarkisian progression as a playcaller, he has a lot at his disposal. Great running attack, one of the best WR corps in the league, and a pretty solid to good QB in Matty Ice. If he can't improve and continues to hold back this team they are going to struggle against good teams. And the room for drama arises as he becomes an obvious problem for the team. 3) Dan Quinn, not as much meat to this but we have seen RA RA coaches acts wear thin on teams after a couple of years. Quinn always runs the risk of that stuff falling on deaf ears as players get jaded. If Sark's offense brings the team down and things aren't going well..it could combust with guys not buying in on Quinn anymore.
  8. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Look at that lateral mobility đź‘€
  9. Teams similar to last years teams.

    they'll have a harder road for sure, and Nagy is perhaps less of a known quantity than McVay coming in. But they both came from the most successful Offensive Scheme Trees in the league and a lot of other similarities. Biggest thing is they have 3 legitimately good teams in front of them in that division that will make it tougher
  10. how close are you to PA? They have them at the pro shop in the stadium and in lancaster
  11. I agree that if Goff takes a step back and that will hurt the team. I don’t think it’s likely just because he adjusted quickly with new pieces and in a new system that now everything will slow down for him even more being in year 2 of the system and being familiar with all of his weapons and that includes Cooks whom he worked out with during the offseasons before Cooks even became a Ram. I only said injuries because I believe the Rams are head and shoulders above the teams in the NFCW that I can’t see them not winning the division unless injuries derail them. I’ll say the same thing about the Pats. Every other division in the NFL has strong competition where I can’t just say injuries. I think Goff's success is pretty tied to McVay. It's such a system they run there that Goff is pretty protected. If McVay can't execute the same way with a year of tape on him (I think he's in the class of OC that it doesnt really matter all that much) it could be problem and expose Goff more as he'd have to shoulder more of the load. I think a fair "Why it won't work" is the additions on defense and hole in the middle of the D. If they all gel it's a reason why they will be one of the best teams, but takes time and isn't guaranteed. And that's without even noting the big personalities they each have. I agree though that the west and the east have the weaker teams after the leader, there is potential there though for it not to be the case. Kyle Shanahan is probably 1a/1b with Sean Payton for best offensive minds in football and if Jimmy is the guy will make some noise (not be super bowl contenders like some people somehow think though). Russell Wilson will be annoying to deal with til he loses a step and Cards aren't a weak team..if one of those QBs clicks they will win games. On paper though I think the rams have some of the least questions though. Besides like just checking what was real and what was fluke like any upstart team has to deal with in year 2
  12. Eagles Why they will succeed - They have a hungry Carson Wentz returning from what was an MVP season until he got hurt, along with an hall of fame Jason Peters who still moves freakishly for such a huge man. Peters rejoins the best and most athletic oline in the league. Mike Wallace will provide a little more consistent play than Torrey Smith did and Alshon will start the year with the chemistry he finally started to get the middle of last year and into the playoff run. Defense is about the same, Derek Barnett should take a leap and Michael Bennett should make the DL even better. Hicks coming back will be big and cornerback group should take a big step this year with Sidney Jones healthy. Overall we have a talented roster top to bottom, and we are getting three team captains back from injury to keep the team focused...Wentz and Peters are at the top with Malcolm Jenkins with who leads this team and they both will want to win one for themselves. Why they won’t succeed - If Frank Reich and Defilippo were much more of why we outcoached teams last year than doug. If Wentz doesnt come back at the level he was or gets injured. I think Foles has the confidence now to lead the team, but he executes a great system whereas Carson dominates a game and elevates the gameplan. Way more success with the guy who is just a stud and can get it done no matter what is thrown at him obviously. Without Carson we fade a little into the rest of the NFC elite rather than being the favorite and likely dont repeat. Best case scenario - Carson is a go week 1 and erases all doubt with a big win vs the Falcons. And we pick up where we left off, with even more success with the pieces we are getting back or added. Eagles get homefield again without top competition in the division unlike the rest of the NFC contenders. And get back to the Super Bowl where they would be a favorite over any AFC at this point. Worst case scenario - Wentz indeed rushed back and gets hurt. Demoralizes the team and we slump into a middling team who tried to rest on last years accomplishments. we fade below the other top teams and either sneak in or are overcome by say the Redskins, who are good enough to be in the middle of the back and be in a lot of games...but probably couldn't compete at 10+ wins. Feeds into the fluke narrative people want to call the team now and puts pressure on Carson who has injuries and not having his own Super Bowl hanging over him for the second year.
  13. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Yea he has zero incentive to go, the media that votes on it and a lot of the other members in the hall talked nothing but crap on him his whole career. Pretty petty that they wont even mention him, but I can see they don't want this to be a regular thing and want to snip it out now. He brought a lot on but end of the day he was just kind of an ahole who wanted to be great and didnt deal well with those that didn't. It's a joke how he's the sketchy guy in this class Meanwhile Ray Lewis trying to avoid the murder stuff again
  14. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Let’s see if he gets charged/cut then they’ll sign him