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  1. Not really they should be good games but besides the chiefs the other 3 can go to hell.
  2. Yup, I’ll get over it...just gets annoying
  3. Future NFL Expansion?

    True and think of the OL. Nowadays if you have 4 above average starters you're doing pretty good but injuries happen and screw it all up. Throw in 2 more teams and that makes it even worse. I think other positions outside of QB/OL will be fine in expansion though yup and it's only going to get worse with each CBA scratching away the time those lineman need to be ready. Players should cede more time back in the offseason to coaches for more of the pie...I doubt it happens.
  4. How do we feel about Jim Schwartz?

    true But the game is set up to favor offense, all those games had something is common.....the offense got stagnant and fluttered. yes we can't be letting up 3rd and longs and 4th downs....but the offense not doing anything the second half of the game is what killed us and the defense.
  5. Sometimes when applying for new jobs I almost rather not hear back...Getting all the way to being a finalist, doing a bunch of tests and not getting it makes it way worse. Just frustrating. I hate the job market so much. Think I might just slum it as a coach and make my way up or something that's at least entertaining.
  6. looking over names who are assistants or on staffs that got the boot this year, I have no clue who they are getting for wide receiver coach. They could always reshuffle the staff and have Groh do it and be like a "passing game coordinator: and Duce be the rushing equivalent. Then hire a more senior guy in a special role...but that seems like it could be stepping on toes. Maybe an experienced guy would take a Passing Coordinator/Wide Receiver Coach/ Then you hire an assistant WR coach. DL a lot of the guys that stood out as possibilities were former players, like late 90s-2000s guys who were ok pros who played in the league for 8-10 years. I think Doug like former players, and if it is a matter of trying to develop young guys and push the vets...a guy who played in the league makes sense I guess.
  7. Seen people speculate that, might be better for him to take a break.
  8. How do we feel about Jim Schwartz?

    Solid DC and way better than people want to give him credit for hes kept the ship pretty steady despite an incredible amount of losses the last two years. i think he talked a big game when he was out of the league, learning and being more open. But it hasn’t all shown up here. He needs to get better at adapting. But he brings a great attitude/personality to the team it’s lacked since Jim had to leave. he needs to figure out 3rd down better Excited to see what he does with what should be an influx of young talent this year.
  9. Yea I was surprised, seemed to be well liked. I could see maybe an argument for a lack of development in the young guys being a reason. But maybe there is a guy Jim wants to bring in that’s available? I’d have to look at who’s available. overall I like getting fresh blood in here for positions that need a boost
  10. also Eugene Chung is leaving, I wonder if he gets a shot at his first OL job somewhere. Been here forever Gunter Brewer is going back to college at Louisville any names that that stand out to fill in? hopefully a fresh pro mind at WR coach will push the offense forward. Didn’t seem like Brewer added much. surprised Wilson is leaving, maybe they weren’t liking the development of the young guys? Which considering we are probably adding a couple in the draft is important.
  11. Yeah definitely a chance, only thing you’d hope for on our end is they see a window with a great D slipping away and try to get a guy like Foles who can win now. While it suck bigger picture for us, Giants being in front of them means they might have to make a move for a QB regardless. Especially with the Broncos within striking distance at #10. Weirdly trading Nick to Jacksonville could hurt us more because it makes the Giants job of getting a QBotF much easier.
  12. I think a lot of your players will look a whole lot better with a QB. Nick is good with anticipation throws and highpoint throws. So Lee and Chark good get some bombs to them on a regular basis, and a guy like Moncrief and the TE would be your high point guys. Moving Nick around to set up the play action with Fournette (if he's still there) could help things too. I will say it's not as easy of a fit, Flip and Nick. I think they know and like eachother...but It was seemingly more Doug and Reich that he really attributed his resurgence too. I vaguely remember it being a thing in his book that he didn't really talk about Flip much compared to the other guys. But Flip know first hand how to coach to get the best Nick you can get, so it's definitely not nothing. But if he somehow is a free agent I don't think Jags will be granted a ton more consideration because of Flip. Who knows.
  13. NFC East: Now half good!

    I already figured out a way to have it all
  14. NFC East: Now half good!

    Update: Yup that worked
  15. NFC East: Now half good!

    I seem to have made it just worse Maybe we make a new thread and merge this thread to that thread?