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  1. If they are all 100% healthy... Desean probably has the most impact. But that's impossible to sustain. Reagor looked good before the thumb injury, but Fulgham is a higher volume guy. Honestly if TF is legit -- Him, Reagor, with Ward in the Slot is a solid young group with room for one more guy to push Ward down to #4. If Hightower can reign in his tracking issues him or Watkins (his skillset fits but hasn't really played) could be those solid bottom of the roster guys. Alshon and Desean are just too injured and a waste of money at this point...opposed to JJAW who is a waste of a roster spot.
  2. We own injuries, sorry Mattsy. Just like you guys own having a great OL even though they are all hurt or have sucked for like 3 years, Them the rules.
  3. Add to all 18 receptions looking better than the one or two good ones JJAW has done and it's even wider. Fulgham actually turning into a really good wideout is the only thing fueling me the rest of this year besides turning off my phone mid-November and just playing Cyberpunk for a month+ to close out the year.
  4. Hopefully get to see some more of him, no reason not to
  5. I think it’s the go to thing for coaches who spend a year or more off. Schwartz said a lot of the same things and seemingly has done most of what he did previous to getting the DC job here. Even moreso with McCarthy claiming he was up on analytics. Just seemed fairly transparent he was just shining up things to get a job, which the Cowboys obviously bit hard on after they got flak from disputing the usefulness of them for the last couple years. He’s not the worst coach in the league, but we all knew what he was. Instead of getting someone with some vision or someone that could wrangle the locker room... they got this. I won’t pretend to know what is going on down there but this hasn’t been that surprising beyond I didn’t expect it to be this bad. Maybe trying to build a defense and not spending money on a RB that every trend says wouldn’t be a smart idea could’ve helped a bit?
  6. I ask you to make me feel better and you bring up Avery?!? Yeah as long as we dont need to use 1st and 2nd day picks whatever, but not even sure what the easy fix is for us besides some LB.
  7. Speaking from experience, if you're just a normal dude/lady wearing a jersey you'll get some razzing but it's fairly tame (barring some drunk dbag being present) Most every fan that gets brought into or starts a fight usually exacerbated things. Some of it is on them, others not so much. Also if you sit lower it's less of a thing. I think the ones that annoy me the most are when 10-12 year old kids get razzed too much. But yeah, nothing really unique to Philly....maybe it is mostly a northeast thing though, idk.
  8. Tell me Howie isn't gonna do a bunch of short sighted trades at the deadline, TRM. ...pls just lie to me.
  9. I really need the rest of y'all teams to step it up. It's a nauseous feeling to be so banged up and old and be the "class" of the division. Lookin at you Washington. Go trade for some weapons and scrape together some wins on your last place schedule. Hell go sign AB and win a game with him before he goes AWOL again.
  10. It’s weird to have a living legend on the team again, not since Dawk have we seen this level of pure dominance.
  11. Yes, it happens all the time.....they just get hurt after a couple plays and get a setback. You know this.
  12. Yeah, I’m excited to play it, but with Cyberpunk coming out the next week I’m just going to hold out too.
  13. Fair enough, To tie your 1st and 3rd point together it very much seems like the goal for the next 4/5 years is to totally screw with the timeline and multiverses to bring about Kang. Like it’s a way to tie what they did in endgame and make it matter for the next big thing. So they at least have a plan for it, it’s also just in some of the properties...though I’m sure more will be affected by it too. I think they are are also potentially doing this to do Secret Wars. I think both all the multiverse shenanigans and Secret Wars are going to be a way to introduce certain characters. Especially the mutants and Fantastic 4 in a way that removes the question of “where the hell were you when this happened?” I’m actually surprised they didn’t go harder on the cosmic side of things. Eternals I admit I am also like whatever about until we see something. But GotG3, Thor should be great again. Captain Marvel 2 will have a lot of cool characters in it. We’ll get a bunch of more traditional stuff the next couple years too. Black Widow, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther 2, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Blade. But certainly gonna get weird for a bit. Im wondering if they are going the route from the comics with Spidey 3 with how he took back his secret identity. Mephisto might be too far of a stretch, but Doctor Strange fits into that. I agree I want to see him more on his own but it’s kind of a deal with the devil in a similar way. Marvel wants to make him so tied to the MCU that Sony can’t rip him out, and Sony wants those Avengers tie-one to add a couple hundred mil to their earnings. They said this first trilogy would all be high school, so maybe he goes more on his own in Spidey 4-6.
  14. Not one good thing? Just curious what you wanted. Not saying your opinion is wrong or anything. There is gonna be content like every 3 months now (even less with the episodes if they are weekly), not all of it will be everyone’s bag.
  15. I want to give a pre thank you to Lamar, at least he’ll make it entertaining as he gashes the D for some long runs. Can already see the lost contain, Gerry taking a bad angle multiple times.
  16. Spiderverse/multiverse stuff, Spider-Gwen is from a reality that she was the one that got the spider bite and not Peter. (Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse, that came out a couple years ago, shows it off. Which you should see, was a really great animated film. Think it’s on Netflix.) Story-wise though, given how bad Garfield was over her death, there would be some easy drama there for him to see her again, and vice versa if they’d follow what happens to Peter in the Spider-Gwen part of the multiverse.
  17. Feige about to finesse Emma Stone into the MCU as Spider-Gwen. You love to see it.
  18. Not like 90% of his plays but just plays themselves that he’s like almost there. He’s getting open but isn’t making adjustments and tracking the ball, on top of Wentz not being on the same page with him. Its actually showing something compared to JJAW. Want to see how he develops.
  19. He’s close, like he’s doing 90-95% of a good thing a lot of times....just that last little bit is the difference. Hoping either more time with Carson or more time in general will fix him out.
  20. Maybe..... maybe it was the fans in the stands this whole time?!? Nelly is a good dude, just got so in his own head here. We gave him like every chance to do well an he just couldn't get over it. Glad he's making it work.
  21. Just look at his 3 cone drill and all will be ok.
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