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  1. We’ll break stuff out into individual threads, but we can dump general things, speculation and discussion in here (like we have every year)
  2. He definitely has a point of view on quarterbacking and players, favors traditional traits a bit more than most people. Like he’s always gonna take a guy with a bigger arm who can throw over a Baker Mayfield type. Think it’s his genuine opinion most of the time, not takes to get attention. Him not like Haskins is almost against his traditional leanings for QBs. If I remember his take on Lamar coming out, I think he was one of the few people that put him at or near the top of his qb rankings. (Edit: yeah, it was Lamar, Josh Allen, Baker, Darnold, Rosen) So he was high on him as a draftee, there wasn’t a ton besides hope to go on before year 2 that Lamar would ascend to the level he did. I used to watch/listen to his show with Adam Lefkoe. Simms isn’t the best analyst out there but I think he is somewhere in the middle at least. If for no other reason than he watches tape, which half of them don’t.
  3. 2020 Schedule Release

    PRESEASON Week 1: Aug. 13-17 at Indianapolis Colts (NBC10, 94WIP) Week 2: Aug. 20-24 at Miami Dolphins (NBC10, 94WIP) Week 3: Aug. 27-30 vs. New England Patriots (NBC10, 94WIP) Week 4: Thursday, Sept. 3 vs. New York Jets (NBC10, 94WIP) REGULAR SEASON Week 1: Sunday, Sept. 13 at Washington Redskins (1 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 2: Sunday, Sept. 20 vs. Los Angeles Rams (1 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 3: Sunday, Sept. 27 vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1 PM, CBS, 94WIP) Week 4: Sunday, Oct. 4 at San Francisco 49ers (8:20 PM, NBC, 94WIP) Week 5: Sunday, Oct. 11 at Pittsburgh Steelers (1 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 6: Sunday, Oct. 18 vs. Baltimore Ravens (1 PM, CBS, 94WIP) Week 7: Thursday, Oct. 22 vs. New York Giants (8:20 PM, FOX/NFLN/Amazon, 94WIP) Week 8: Sunday, Nov. 1 vs. Dallas Cowboys (8:20 PM, NBC, 94WIP) Week 9: BYE WEEK Week 10: Sunday, Nov. 15 at New York Giants (1 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 11: Sunday, Nov. 22 at Cleveland Browns (1 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 12: Monday, Nov. 30 vs. Seattle Seahawks (8:15 PM, ESPN, 94WIP) Week 13: Sunday, Dec. 6 at Green Bay Packers (4:25 PM, CBS, 94WIP) Week 14: Sunday, Dec. 13 vs. New Orleans Saints (4:25 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 15: Sunday, Dec. 20 at Arizona Cardinals (4:05 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 16: Sunday, Dec. 27 at Dallas Cowboys (4:25 PM, FOX, 94WIP) Week 17: Sunday, Jan. 3 vs. Washington Redskins (1 PM, FOX, 94WIP)
  4. Howie Exotic - Synth/Vapor wave Girl - The Dude who am I?
  5. Playstation 5

    See I think Sony kinda is going to do this for year 1, just in a worse less obvious way. I think TLOU 2 and Ghosts will be getting PS5 upgrades and that will be a lot of their year 1 first party offering. Contrasted to Xbox which will be making downgraded last gen versions. Just with where Sony’s studios are at, there won’t be much more outside 3rd party exclusives like a Godfall in the 2 year window. Which it seems like both companies are going with the 3rd party buys to be their next gen exclusives. Xbox has at least Medium and Scorn so far...+ a bunch of other things as timed exclusives from that showcase. Though yeah the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will only be on next gen. But by the time Spider-Man 2, God of War pt2, and any other games come out it’ll be past this period where Xbox is doing cross gen for 1st party. I’m hoping if Hellblade 2 is coming Q4 2021, that that’s the deviation point and the first first party Series X exclusive title. Because if they are pushing the visual fidelity as much as they showed, I don’t see how that can be cross gen. But we’ll see, as pro consumer as it is to not force you to go out and get one...I wish MS at the very least said they were Xbox One X and Series X exclusives. Don’t want them to be held back by the launch Xbox Ones. I want to see what the differences are. Because sometimes when companies do this, the last gen version is really a shell of the game. Modes, big features, etc get taken out. But if it made them compromise and cut stuff from the series X version, it’s a mistake.
  6. Hey guys, can we cut it out with this other position talk and get back on track with QB discussion?
  7. Not true we have ~ checks notes ~ the thrilling debate of Haskins v Daniel Jones, as well as just how far they got til they are at least a mid-range QB.
  8. Now, you understand my true power
  9. Is this a thing? Saw the other day like dozens of NFC East fans posting it on everything
  10. Interesting article about inequalities in the NFL scheduling https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/which-nfl-teams-have-been-most-impacted-by-scheduling-inequalities/ Turns out we aren’t just whiny fans about getting shafted the last decade by the schedule makers. Led the NFL in games against teams with a week+ of rest with 44 games. The league average is 29. The Giants and Eagles are near the bottom in a lot of these categories. Skins are also in the negative. Whereas the Cowboys consistently are near the tops in getting home and rest benefits The rest of the NFC East is ranked 29th with -8 (Skins), 31st with -11 (Eagles) and 32nd with -12 (Giants) with games on shorter rest this decade. Cowboys on the other hand were 2nd in the NFL with +10 games on shorter rest. A disparity like that in one division is obviously a big advantage. It’s an interesting read, obviously stuff the NFL doesn’t really think or care about.
  11. Playstation 5

    Yep, I think next gen isn’t really going to start kicking in until 2023 universally. But we’ll see some of that bleed over these first two years with deva going for optimization on the new systems or downgrades for the old systems. I think of stuff like Shadow of Mordor at the start of this gen, you could play the game on 360/PS3...but the core mechanic that really made that game wasn’t truly there in the nemesis system. I think some devs will push harder like Monolith did and go beyond a simple uprezed port. Think the Next Gen Cyberpunk version will come with more life injected into the world. The fact that they can have these totally running cities and people always going and you can interact in an instant will be huge for open world.
  12. 2020 Rookie Numbers

    As do I, but none of them seem to want them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. 2020 Rookie Numbers

    Some strong # analytics here like Wallace officially in #42, Price in #72 has me convinced he’s a lock to be on the roster. Hurts in 2 is solid. Gotta think Quez and Hightower are biding their time until some of the vets who have at least #14, #16 (if not #13, #17 too) are off the roster. Had a ton of LB numbers open. All solid choices. Don’t love #18 for Reagor but it was the best option available. Looks solid. Jack has to pick it up, he gets a slight pass since he’ll be IOL.
  14. how dare they do this to David
  15. New jerseys leaked?

  16. New jerseys leaked?

  17. Playstation 5

    Yeah the graphics jump is waning even more so than ever. The upgrades are going to be in fidelity of the image. Both new systems are plenty powerful enough to get native 4K/60 fps. Instead of having to use checkerboard it or other tech to achieve 4k like the PS4 pro did. so even if you still have a 1080 tv it’ll look better. So far a lot of the tech seems like it’s being made to make things easier for devs, make tough things like lighting and sound something that just works, without taking a ton of Dev time to nail. The other big jump will be the SSD tech both have, it’ll make load times super fast. Which extends to the games where they can just load way more of the world. So things like open world games can really load in a ton of stuff to make them come alive.
  18. New jerseys leaked?

    I didnt spend much time on it but tried to de-bone it