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  1. Waddle stock could go up, but yeah not high on Tua. Man, if that can be a top 10 Pick it’d be huge.
  2. Like @elevators_rulepointed out Its basically a matter of do you want 4k (X) or 1080p (S), it can do 1440 but it seems to be more of a 1080 / 60-120 FPS Additional stuff like disc drive only in the X, smaller hard drive (but smaller file sizes) on the S. X is Black and S is white. A couple of games might go with more of a boosted Xbox One X version of a game on the S and only the Series X gets that like top notch version. But it’s not the norm. Probably will decrease further the gen moves on
  3. Wonder what Ceedee’s projected stat line is, would be worth a bet. He’s gonna put the Cowboys on his back.
  4. Brooks probably to IR, short term https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2931593-jack-anderson-nfl-draft-2021-scouting-report-for-buffalo-bills-ol
  5. Entirely too much work gone into this thread, Mattsy. Eagles by 8.
  6. I finally have found a way I can drink it, be like 12-15 drinks in at a wedding. Happened twice this past month where that’s all that was left.
  7. Parsons should be good one, would’ve been totally fine on the field if we had taken him with his versatility. He woulda killed it in this defense. Only stuff that made me wary was off the field. Not just the reports of stuff but he seemed very focused on the star aspect of being an athlete. So far he seems like the rare guy who can kinda juggle both. Still very early but off to a fantastic start.
  8. There was that stat that went out, I believe they are both in the top of the league for routes run without a target. Like utility player’s are great but they need to be more useful to help out everyone else. Ward, or a person in Ward’s spot should be doing something with the coverage they other guys are getting.
  9. Would be great, could bolster the defense with at least 3 of the 4 top 60 picks we’ll have. Edge/Safety/Corner? and either double dip one of the db spots , actually take a LB. Or I could see them go for like a WR in the 2nd. Need someone else who can either go up and get a catch or get open consistently. Drafting a taller guy who can play inside and out, block would make the offense a lot better. Lets Quez be the stretcher, Reagor the open space/slot player (ironic) and Smith to be that high volume #1 guy. The Niners really covered Smith up and the other WRs didn’t step up, part
  10. realistically just hoping for a pick in the 33-43 range, anything more is great.
  11. We lost man, we just gotta take the L. Disregard how bad they’ve been with the rosters most similar to this year’s roster and the same coaching staff from their latest in a string of bad seasons (last year). Super Bowl 10 years ago means more than anything.
  12. Not entirely inaccurate, but I’m opting out of all parental responsibility.
  13. "While we can" has been how many seasons now? 5 or something like that?
  14. He should be back, I think he wants to play another ~3 years. Sucks though, big hole he's leaving. As an edge but maybe even more as a leader.
  15. Sucks, Hope he can come back next year. He's talked about being all for transitioning to that like 3rd edge guy to prolong his career, so he has a couple more years in the league. Great guy, one of my favorite Eagles players...most would agree. Big loss for us with how he leads, someone will need to step up.
  16. We can all laugh at the Giants though, not that they ever had a shot
  17. I’d wait until after next week, wouldn’t want you to put in all the work just to lose on Monday.
  18. What the hell was that refs? gifting the cowboys the tie here
  19. go for it, makes sense. saw that Wentz only missed 5 snaps, so not too bad if he's back
  20. Not having LBs that are good at stopping the run or being used to add pressure.. since the edges aren't getting there, is hurting us a lot. Like Singleton is a good cleanup guy, but if you watch Wilson and Avery they are getting washed. Can't put TJ out there because then it's a mismatch. Curious what the loss of BG does, need to sprinkle in more diverse stunts/line stunts to get guys at the QB. Can't rely on Cox and Hargrave just demolishing their guys inside.
  21. It's essentially what Around the NFL is, but probably right
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