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  1. Rico Gathers expectations

    One thing is for sure, we won't be able to hide him on the practice squad again this year. So when it's all said and done, they'll probably have to chose between Rico and Hanna as the 3rd TE. In which case I think Ricos youth and upside wins him the roster spot and Hanna gets his walking papers.
  2. Rico Gathers expectations

    This, definitely this
  3. Zeke ruling

    I'd like to punch godell in the throats right now
  4. Sign Our Guest Book

    First Name: EmeryAge: 31Place of Residence: Ansonia, CTOccupation (if student, write student): ChemistFavorite NFL Team: CowboysFavorite Current NFL Player(s): Sean LeeFavorite NFL Player(s) of All-Time: Demarcus Ware, Ray Lewis, Brian UrlacherMost Memorable NFL Moment: Super Bowl 52 đŸ˜‰Other Favorite Sport Teams: Yankees, Rangers, Knicks, and Notre Dame FootballFavorite Players from Other Sports: Jeter is probably my all time favorite. Currently I really like what Aaron Judge is doing. Hobbies: My 120g Reef tankFavorite Movie(s): too manyFavorite TV Show(s) Game of Thrones, SOA, Breaking Bad, Shameless, Homeland.Favorite Actor(s) and Actress(es): Favorite Band(s): Nirvana, Hendrix, Clapton, Black CrowsFavorite Song(s): too manyFavorite Book(s): Game of ThronesFavorite Author(s): George RR Martin (only if he finishes the series)Any Other Information: I'm a new dad to an awesome 3 month old boy that'll be the cover boy for Madden 2041!! I also have 2 maniac Boxers, so there's never a dull moment in my house.
  5. Another Suspension

    Demontre Moore suspended 2 games for violating the substance abuse policy... what is it with these DEs of ours lately?