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  1. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Brian Hill or Kareem Hunt as my bye week flex in a PPR league this week?
  2. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    Thanks boys
  3. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    Raiders vs Chargers
  4. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    Waller or Henry Thursday night? PPR league
  5. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    Has anyone watch the Steelers defense this year? They’re FA in my league and I’m thinking about picking them up. They have a great schedule down the stretch. I’d be dropping the panthers defense if I make the move.
  6. 2019 trade deadline.

    Breaking News: @Matts4313 has been traded to the Bengals forum for a bag of Fritos and whatever change is under my drivers seat
  7. Cowboys trade for Michael Bennett

    Lol, I made a thread at the same time as you. Mods can take it down/lock it up. We've all been calling for help on the DL, we got it. I’m thinking he takes on the Crawford roll while giving the D a little edginess... I’m just hoping he works out better than his brother.
  8. Cowboys trade for Michael Bennett

    Read we acquired Michael Bennett from the Pats for a 7th rounder that can escalate to a 6th.
  9. Add/Drop thread

    Who’s a better add and stash? Guice or Hunt? sidebar: I’m a Chubb owner
  10. Buy / Sell / Hold

    @The LBC The league is Point per reception and point per rushing attempt, but only 1 RB slot and a flex, so you can only start 2 RBs. Anyway, I wound up keeping Chubb and Carson. I spoke with another owner and I gave up Gordon for OBJ straight up. I thought this was fair, both underperforming, but have upside. Gordon was never cracking my lineup, so getting a WR with top 5 upside if he turns it around is a win for my roster. Roster currently looked like this: QB- Murray RBs- Cook, Chubb, Carson, (will probably drop Ridley for Hunt/Guice) WR- Lockett, OBJ, Chark, Sanu, Ridley, AJ Green TE- Kelce
  11. Buy / Sell / Hold

    I’d be getting Devonte Adams
  12. Buy / Sell / Hold

    He said no to Gordon
  13. Buy / Sell / Hold

    In a league where you can only start 2 RBs. I have 4: Cook, Chubb, Carson, and Gordon. My WRs are below average: Lockett, Chark, Ridley, McLauren, and Green. another owner said he’d trade me Devonte Adams for one of those two guys.
  14. Trade Help

    My thoughts exactly. I think Davonte is due back any week now. But the whole Hunt thing scares me. He’s too talented to keep on the bench, so I could see some kind’ve time share going on in that backfield once he’s back.
  15. Buy / Sell / Hold

    Who are you selling/holding out of these two RBs... one has to go: Nick Chubb Cris Carson