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  1. I know they just took Hockenson in the top 10, but I think you can add Detroit at 7 to that list. They need a WR, and they might view Pitts as Megatron 2.0.
  2. I didn’t want to be let down on draft day so Ive come to terms with the fact that he won’t be there for us at 10.
  3. I don’t know anything about him on the field, but he sure seems like a kid you want in your locker room.
  4. I was doing this thing thinking there’s zero chance we draft the QBs, and zero chance that Chase falls to us. If I was voting him into our list he would’ve been 5th, infront of Horn and Waddle.
  5. 7th round/UDRFA guy that I love is Michigan’s Ben Mason. I may be a little partial since he’s from a couple towns over from me here in CT, but I think he’s a solid FB that is also a special teams monster. Dude brings it every play.
  6. I went with Horn. He’s my CB1. Kid is a dog and refuses to be outworked. We need an attitude like his on this defense.
  7. I went Slater over Sewell too. I have them ranked just about even, but Slaters tape vs Chase Young breaks the tie for me.
  8. I’m so happy to see this My question is, is he infatuated with Pitts or is he Mo Claiborne infatuated with Pitts?
  9. I know all these decisions depend on how the draft plays out, who’s available and what not. But I think it’s odd that the majority of us would draft Pitts/Waddle/Chase without batting an eye but wouldn’t double down on CB if we drafted Surtain and Farley tumbled to the 2nd round. Granted the decision on him specifically depends on his health. But the argument that we’d have too many CBs, and one would have to sit is silly to me since we play probably 75% in sub packages. I would absolutely double down if that opportunity presented itself, you can’t have enough good CBs. Plus, anything I can do
  10. No to double dipping, or no to the player at 44?
  11. Ok for ish and giggles. Let’s say we take Surtain at 10, and Farley free falls all the way to 44. Would you double dip at CB?
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