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  1. Give Nixon a watch too, you’ll like what you see there
  2. Anyone have a link for all 22 film? I had a site a few years back that was great, but I’m totally blanking on its name. It had a list of all the prospects by position, with links to each of their game films. Tired of trying to track stuff down on YouTube and it’s only been a week. My 2 cents on the DT conversation is I just don’t see it with Twyman, atleast not from the couple clips Ive seen so far. Just because he’s undersized and went to Pitt doesn’t mean he’s an AD clone. I much rather have Nixon and Barmore from what I’ve seen so far.
  3. Herbert. He’s been very consistent minus the Pats game. Hurts I just dont trust yet, and Lamar has been way too inconsistent for my taste. I have a similar conundrum. One of each, PPR. EDIT: I forgot his banged up Allen and Williams are. I can’t answer this till probably Saturday. Gotta keep an eye on their health status. If they’re banged up, I’d probably go Lamar and hope he booms. Herbert, Watson, or Mayfield? Godwin, DJ Moore, Landry? Hooper or Goedert?
  4. Never start a Thursday player in your flex bro. Look at your final lineup each week, never put the player with the latest start time in your flex. Gives you more options for late inactives on Sunday/Monday nights. for instance, you’re starting 3 RBs this week. One plays thursday, one plays Sunday at 1 and the last plays Sunday night. The Thursday back should always be in the RB slot and the SNF Back should be in your flex... a lesson my buddy learned the hard way earlier this year when James White was scratched last minute because his parents got in that car crash. White was in his R
  5. Ok, in both of my leagues I have struggled with decision making with my WRs. I think I had my top scorer in the lineup 2-3 times this year, all Ridley early on. So please pick 2 WRs from each list for me to start. PPR. League 1: Ridley, Godwin, Anderson, DJ Moore, or Landry League 2: Godwin, TY, DJ Moore, Claypool, Antonio Brown
  6. Sorry bud. If it makes ya feel any better, he screwed me too.
  7. @Runaway Jim I hope u listened, I’m not right that often. Just ask my wife.
  8. Boyd was off to a great start before he got ejected last week. I don’t think it really matters who his QB is. He’s in the slot and he’s gonna get looks. Plus Jordan Lewis will probably get matched up on him a bunch so there’s that too. I’m starting him in the one league I have him.
  9. I didn’t 🤦🏼‍♂️. I’m def going with Cook and Davis and it’ll probably come down to Clyde vs Dobbins. I’m leaning toward Clyde but I’m hesitant because of the stories about his weight after being sick.
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