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  1. Gregory suffered a relapse

  2. Rate my DRAFT Thread

    10 team standard scoring 6th pick QB- Brees, Luck RB- Fournette, Gordon, A. Collins, R. Freeman, P. Barber, James Connor WR- Hilton, Diggs, Watkins, Garçon, Jeffrey TE- Burton Def- Denver, Dallas K- Prater
  3. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Standard scoring, who do I start in the flex? Alex Collins vs Buffalo James Connor vs Cleveland
  4. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Standard scoring league, who do I start as my flex? Alex Collins vs Buffalo James Connor vs Cleveland
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Taylor Rapp anyone?
  6. Preseason gm. 2 GDT The New Doomsday vs. Cincinnati

    Rico is still very raw, and from what I’m reading he is having a very hard time grasping the playbook which is keeping him on the fringe of the roster. That said, the guy flashes all pro talent/traits with only a season or two of experience. If he doesn’t make the roster as the 3rd TE I’ll be furious, this is what development is all about. If we cut him, he WILL catch on with another team and we’ll be kicking ourselves in the butt 3 years from now
  7. Preseason gm. 2 GDT The New Doomsday vs. Cincinnati

    Take everyone out now, let the ball and water boys lace up
  8. Preseason gm. 2 GDT The New Doomsday vs. Cincinnati

    Zack Martin got cut by a DB on the edge, was on a knee for a while and limped off. For the love of god please be ok
  9. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    I have to say I think the Giants killed it. Although they passed on their future QB, all major needs were addressed to compete now. I will tell you I was sweating at the end of the first round, I really thought they were going to make a move for Lamar Jackson. Just think of how explosive an offense that included OBJ, Barkley, Jackson and Engram could’ve been. So happy Baltimore took him
  10. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    Wow. Do we have anyone on the roster to continue that streak? Dak, Frederick and Zach Martin come to mind
  11. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    It’s a bummer to see him go. What does it do to us cap wise? How much saved/dead?
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - News/Rumors/Selections

    No. I’d be down with taking him. We’ll just put him and Gregory on opposite smoking schedules and we’ll have one of the two when the other isn’t suspended
  13. 2.50 Connor Gonna Guard #HookEm

    I would’ve been ok with Connor Williams if we took him in the 1st. Getting him at 50 is highway robbery! Now let’s line up a WR, S, TE in the next few rounds
  14. Cowboys Draft Links and Meetings Thread

    I was wondering when the piss test failures and wonderlic bombs would be surfacing
  15. Around the League - Training Camp

    2018 schedule leaks: listening to WFAN in NY and they’re reporting we’re hosting the Giants week 2 on SNF, and we play them in NY week 17.
  16. Cowboys Draft Links and Meetings Thread

    I wouldn’t hate the LVE pick, but I wouldn’t love it either. If he was on the ground less and I saw him taking on blockers more with his hands instead of one shoulder than I would be more excited about him as a MLB prospect. But he winds up on the ground more times than not once he gets bumped in traffic and it drive me crazy. That paired with letting NFL lineman getting their hands on him because he likes to lead with a shoulder is going to put him in a lot of bad situation. Hopefully for his sake it’s something that can be coached out of him.
  17. Tickets to the Draft

    I looked into going when it was in NYC, basically you had to go down the radio city music hall the day before, get there as early as possible and wait in line. First come first serve kindve deal. Once they ran out that was it. Then you come back the next day for the 1st round.
  18. Witten restructured

  19. Around the League - Training Camp

    The giants can’t possibly be zeroing in on Chubb at #2 could they?
  20. Around the League - Training Camp

    Wow, has anyone else seen the video of Zay Jones? Young man is very lucky his brother was there, probably saved his life.
  21. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Jamize Olawale... Super Bowl!!!
  22. Around the League - Training Camp

    If any team give up more for Thomas than the Rams did for Peters they’re out of they’re crazy
  23. Around the League - Training Camp

    All I want is a notification to pop up on my phone saying that someone who costs more than $750K a year is coming to visit Dallas... is that too much to ask?
  24. 2018 NFL Combine Thread

    Someone on another site compared him to Bruce Carter... that would suck
  25. 2018 NFL Combine Thread

    1st WR group notable 40 times DJ Chark 4.34 A. Callaway 4.41 C. Kirk 4.46