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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Standard scoring league do I gamble and hope Mariota plays Monday night vs Indy, or do I play it safe and play Siemian vs the Giants tonight?
  2. Zeke suspension to start

    If we got a top 5 pick in this QB rich draft, with our recent draft success, I'm selling the pick for a kings ransom.
  3. Trade Help Thread

    10 team PPR league, with return yardage points aswell. I lost Johnson week one and it hurt, I'm in dead last, trying to churn my roster to atleast back into the playoffs somehow. my team: QB- Brees, Manning RB- Ajayi, Crowell, Smallwood WR- Hill, Crabtree, Garçon, Parker, JJ Nelson TE- Graham I was offered a trade where I recieve McCaffrey, Adrian Peterson for Tyreek Hill Id get some much needed help at RB, but then I feel like my WRs are lacking. I want to counter with him addinbKelvin Benjamin to the deal. He's been trending upward the last few weeks, and wouldn't crack his lineup if he added Hill. What are your thoughts on his original trade offer and my counter?
  4. DC Forum Pick 'Em - WEEK 5

    Thursday Night Football New England @ Tampa Bay Sunday Day Games San Francisco @ Indianapolis NY Jets @ Cleveland Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh LA Chargers @ NY Giants Buffalo @ Cincinnati Carolina @ Detroit Tennessee @ Miami Arizona @ Philadelphia Baltimore @ Oakland Seattle @ LA Rams Green Bay @ Dallas Sunday Night Football Kansas City @ Houston Monday Night Football Minnesota @ Chicago
  5. DC Forum Pick 'Em - WEEK 4

  6. *** Week 3 Pick 'em ***

    Rams at 49ers Ravens at Jaguars Broncos at Bills Saints at Panthers Steelers at Bears Falcons at Lions Browns at Colts Buccaneers at Vikings Texans at Patriots Dolphins at Jets Giants at Eagles Seahawks at Titans Bengals at Packers Chiefs at Chargers Raiders at Redskins Cowboys at Cardinals
  7. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Lost DJ, who should I start at RB2 in my PPR league? I. Crowell vs Bal A. Kamara vs NE J. Rodgers vs Chi
  8. *** Week 2 Pick 'em ***

    Week 1: 9-6 Week 2: Houston at Cincinnati Cleveland at Baltimore Buffalo at Carolina Arizona at Indianapolis Tennessee at Jacksonville Philadelphia at Kansas City New England at New Orleans Minnesota at Pittsburgh Chicago at Tampa Bay Miami at Chargers Jets at Oakland Dallas at Denver Washington at Rams San Francisco at Seattle Green Bay at Atlanta Detroit at Giants
  9. *** Week 1 Pick 'em ***

    Thanks dude, I edited my OP
  10. *** Week 1 Pick 'em ***

    Kansas City at New England NY Jets at Buffalo Atlanta at Chicago Baltimore at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Cleveland Jacksonville at Houston Oakland at Tennessee Philadelphia at Washington Indianapolis at LA Rams Seattle at Green Bay Carolina at San Francisco Arizona at Detroit NY Giants at Dallas Tampa Bay at Miami (pretty sure this got canceled, reserving the right to change this pick when the game is played) New Orleans at Minnesota LA Chargers at Denver
  11. DC Forum Annual Pick 'Em - SIGN UP!!

    The season starts tomorrow. Shall I make the Week 1 Pick em thread?
  12. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    What am I? Chopped liver?
  13. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I think I could've been at the head and the NFL would've made the same amount of money
  14. FINAL Preseason GDT: Houston @ Dallas - GAME CANCELLED!!

    Yes! Everyone should RT that! Fantastic idea
  15. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    10 team PPR, .5 per completion, and players get return yards/TD added to their scores. I had 1st overall pick. QB- Brees RB- David Johnson RB- Jay Ajayi WR- Tyreek Hill WR- Michael Crabtree TE- Jimmy Graham Flex- Isaiah Crowell K- Sabastian Janakowski Def- Arizona Bench- Devante Parker, Pierre Garçon, Tevin Coleman, Jeremy Maclin, Andrew Luck
  16. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Question. If the league stays with the 6 game suspension, or even reduces it to 3 or 4 games and Zeke wants to bring it to Supreme Court to fully clear his name. Can the commissioner put him on the exempt list until the court hearing? Thus totally boning Zeke for fighting to clear his name, causing him to miss an entire season, similar to the way the Greg Hardy case worked out?
  17. DC Forum Annual Pick 'Em - SIGN UP!!

  18. Rico Gathers expectations

    One thing is for sure, we won't be able to hide him on the practice squad again this year. So when it's all said and done, they'll probably have to chose between Rico and Hanna as the 3rd TE. In which case I think Ricos youth and upside wins him the roster spot and Hanna gets his walking papers.
  19. Rico Gathers expectations

    This, definitely this
  20. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I'd like to punch godell in the throats right now
  21. Another Suspension

    Demontre Moore suspended 2 games for violating the substance abuse policy... what is it with these DEs of ours lately?
  22. Sign Our Guest Book

    First Name: EmeryAge: 31Place of Residence: Ansonia, CTOccupation (if student, write student): ChemistFavorite NFL Team: CowboysFavorite Current NFL Player(s): Sean LeeFavorite NFL Player(s) of All-Time: Demarcus Ware, Ray Lewis, Brian UrlacherMost Memorable NFL Moment: Super Bowl 52 😉Other Favorite Sport Teams: Yankees, Rangers, Knicks, and Notre Dame FootballFavorite Players from Other Sports: Jeter is probably my all time favorite. Currently I really like what Aaron Judge is doing. Hobbies: My 120g Reef tankFavorite Movie(s): too manyFavorite TV Show(s) Game of Thrones, SOA, Breaking Bad, Shameless, Homeland.Favorite Actor(s) and Actress(es): Favorite Band(s): Nirvana, Hendrix, Clapton, Black CrowsFavorite Song(s): too manyFavorite Book(s): Game of ThronesFavorite Author(s): George RR Martin (only if he finishes the series)Any Other Information: I'm a new dad to an awesome 3 month old boy that'll be the cover boy for Madden 2041!! I also have 2 maniac Boxers, so there's never a dull moment in my house.