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  1. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I might be the only one, but I think it's time to let the Minneapolis Miracle die! It was fun for a week. Then the Vikings got crushed in the NFCG which took all the joy out of that play for me.
  2. I might ask your question a different way. What playoff teams from last season had worse offensive line play than the Vikings? They might be average in the sense of the whole league, but they are the weakest link, by a good margin, on an otherwise talented team. My opinion is that the 2018 Vikings will go as far as the offensive line will take them.
  3. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    It's a crap shoot for sure...I wonder what the advice the agents of Barr and Diggs give? I wonder how they present the choice of present security at a lower salary versus a lager salary the client could potentially make elsewhere if the player stays healthy? It's an interesting dilemma,
  4. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I've read several comments calling for Barr, Diggs and Waynes to take team friendly (discounted) deals. My question is why would they do that? The idea of capping rookie contracts was so that those players who out performed would be rewarded with their second contract. I believe Diggs has far surpassed the value of his 5th round rookie contract. Waynes is close to his value, and Barr has done better then his 1st round rookie contract. Now, I hate free agency...but, it's the system that is used by the league. I think it would be to Barr's and Digg's benefit to at least explore what the market might be for their talent. As a Vikings fan, I want them to stay with the team...but, if they could get better pay elsewhere...why not?
  5. If I Were the Commish.....

    Another thing I would do is to get rid of the Super Bowl!! Not the game, just the name of the game. It made sense back when two separate leagues played in the game. It also made some sense when there was no inter-conference regular season match ups. Since the merger occurred almost 50 years ago, and most fans cannot remember a time when there were no inter-conference games, let's return to the noble name of an earlier era. Let's return to the National Football League Championship game!!
  6. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I just want to see what he does wearing purple, playing under Zimmer's scheme.
  7. Madden(ing) Ratings!!!

    I've never been into video games, so I don't see why anyone plays any video game!! I did play Pac-Man once...didn't like it and never played again.
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Without Richardson playing a down in a Vikings uniform? Look, I like getting Richardson on the team as much as anyone else...however, I'm not willing to say the Vikings should offer him a contract beyond this year until he shows he can live up to or surpass the present contract. I think Barr's performance, in my opinion, warrants a long term contract with a lot more money. I would like that contract to be with the Vikings...the questions is, can the front office make it happen for him, for Diggs and for Waynes? I suspect one or two of them will not be Vikings after 2018.
  9. Madden(ing) Ratings!!!

    Why did I click open this thread???????? I should've known it would be about a video game!!
  10. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    Statistically...Peyton and Eli are far better then Archie... statistically. However, neither of them have/had all the talent that their old man had. Archie was superior athletically. He could, early in his career, run with the best running quarterbacks of all time. I would put his arm talent above either son. It's just that he didn't have anybody who could get open to catch the ball. He didn't have any running attack, except his own legs...which eventually gave out. He also didn't have anybody who could block. To your other point, if Cousins is the difference in winning a Super Bowl, he'd definitely be #2 greatest Viking quarterback. Yet, he has to be a determinative factor in the playoffs and SB to be considered so...in my opinion. He can't just ride a great defense to victory. I don't need or care if anyone agrees with me on either of the above points. When it comes down to it greatness, at the QB position, has three determining factors: 1. Statistics 2. Championships 3. All other subjective qualities such as leadership, courage, creativity, etc...
  11. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    Yep. The greatest defensive line ever assembled (you won't get an argument from me, JD Brocks!!) Still were manhandled by three of the greatest offensive lines of all time...Miami, Pittsburg and Oakland. Just my observation over the years, but the battle between great offensive lines and great defensive lines is usually (not always) won by the offense.
  12. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    And I will go to the grave saying that Archie Manning was the most talented quarterback in the Manning family...by far. He just played on some of the worst teams in NFL history! I also have no problems saying he was the "greater" quarterback even though I don't believe his teams ever had a winning season while he was a starter. He got more wins out of the dreadful Saints then maybe any other quarterback on the planet could have.
  13. How would things have changed...?

    I think with a healthy Bridgewater in 2017 the Vikings might have had a better offensive line, and would've beaten the Eagles in the NFCCG.
  14. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    STILL no Joe Kapp on this list??? He had 40 starts as a Viking. Won the NFL Championship as a Viking. Led the Vikings to Super Bowl IV. Was the league MVP.
  15. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    White was also a champion arm wrestler and was considered the strongest man in the NFL during his career.