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  1. Reaching out, and not touching someone...

    I'm in, if anyone would like to pair up!
  2. Vikings extend QB Kirk Cousins (Two years)

    Well, maybe I am insanely pessimistic, but I think it's not out of the realm of possibilities that the Vikings will "earn" a top 10 pick without needing to trade up. To your point, yes, the Vikings won a playoff game with a terrible OL, DL and without a WR's 3 an 4, plus a week secondary. The Vikings have lost even more during free agency. Let's say that the Vikings do well in the draft. There will still be significant holes in the roster. There is not a WR in this draft that will pick up Digg's production in their rookie year, nor is there a WR currently on the roster that is likely to step up significantly. The OLine is likely to still be a mess, and can Spielman replace 3 starting cornerbacks in one draft? I surely don't trust Hill, Boyd and Hughes to be as productive as the secondary has been in the past. I am expecting a decline in both the defense and the offense. Sorry to say, I don't have a lot of optimism for the 2020 Vikings.
  3. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I would do that trade...however, I suspect that the $16M extension will be too little. If he gets out of DC he will be the highest paid offensive lineman in the league.
  4. Vikings extend QB Kirk Cousins (Two years)

    For his vaunted deep ball, I sure have seen Cousins miss targets. Maybe I think Teddy is better because he threw mainly shorter routes. Favre's accuracy was spotty...or, he was just plain stupid to throw some of the balls he threw. Bradford's accuracy was unworldly! It was a shame that his arm also came with glass knees!!
  5. Vikings extend QB Kirk Cousins (Two years)

    While it's difficult to quantify, most Vikings watchers and quarterback gurus' believed that Bridgewater was ready for a significant breakout season prior to his dreadful injury. He has worked hard to overcome that injury and the perception that he's permanently damaged. I think he'll have good to great success with the Panthers. Teddy's arm strength is not in Cousins' league, but his accuracy is just as good, if not a smidge better than Kirks'. I also believe that Bridgewater is a better decision maker with the ball in his gloved hands. Again, what Teddy could've done is conjecture. What Kirk has done is fact. We have him for at least two more years. My hope is that the team finds enough cap room to get the players that will help provide the clean pocket that he seems to need to maximize his talents.
  6. Vikings extend QB Kirk Cousins (Two years)

    Unfortunately, the salary genie in the quarterback "market" is out of the bottle and it will be next to impossible to get it back in the bottle. The problem IS that the Vikings made an offer to Cousins that was in keeping with the free agency market. Is that Cousins' fault? No. Is it the front office's fault? Perhaps. The truth is that they could've stayed with Bridgewater and probably gotten similar production at a cheaper price. But that's all hindsight now, and the FO thought Teddy was damaged goods. Until the NFL adopts position salary caps, quarterbacks will continue to receive outsized contracts that takes up a significant portion of a teams salary cap.
  7. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Same here in VA. No more in person school until fall.
  8. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I wonder how everybody is doing in the midst of COVID-19? How have your lives been effected? What have you been doing with your time with no sports to watch or engage? I work in a senior living facility which is populated by the demographic that is most susceptible to complications and even death from the virus. So far, we don't have any cases but we are beginning to change our language...no longer are we planning for IF we get cases, but are planning for WHEN we get cases. Needless to say, everyone is a bit anxious. I am learning to engage a lot of new technology to stay in contact with our residents. This is really stretching me as I am not the most technically savvy person. It's starting to get a little easier.
  9. Maybe we should give BoB a call.

    Oh man...if only that could happen. I like Watson's game. Pleasant dream while it lasted!!
  10. Will Mike Zimmer be back in 2021?

    Maybe. No one in the NFC North has so far really improved in the off season. The Packers have not gained any talent, and probably less talent on the offensive side of the ball. The efforts to turn the Lions into the Patriots continue...but, they are still the Lions coached by Patricia, not Belichek. Who knows what the heck is going on in Chicago. The Vikings have not improved either. The winner of the division may only need to win 9 games! So, the Vikings are probably in the running under that kind of scenario. Yet, after winning double digit games in 2019, with a thrilling win over New Orleans in the Wild Card round, Viking fans might've expected more this offseason...and a lot can still happen. But, if the season began and started today, March 19, 2020, the Vikings only win 8 games, the Packers win 9.
  11. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Right. Harris, we believe, is being traded, although I thought that would've been accomplished by now. As I see it, the holes on this team are as follows (not in any order of importance or preference): Place Kicker...Bailey has not been resigned, but probably will be. Strong Safety...Harris under contract, but team is shopping him 2 Outside Corners and 1 Slot Corner...Hughes, Hill and Byrd have not been consistent starters...does the team bring back Rhodes on cheap contract? DT...Michael Pierce has been added, but after him this position could use further upgrading Right Defensive End...will one of the young'un's step up? Will Griffen be brought back cheap? Number 2 and 3 Receivers...Adam Thielen is the only returning starter, and he was banged up a good portion of last year. Are Bisi Johnson and Chad Beebe ready to step up? I am thinking the Vikings will draft someone on day two. Right Guard and Left Guard...I was as surprised as most of you that Kline was let go. Maybe Samia is ready! Still, Elflein remains terrible on the left side. I am not sure that moving Reiff is the right answer, but I suspect that's exactly what the Vikings will do. LT...One of the two first round picks is undoubtedly going to be a left tackle. I hope that it's someone who can start right away. I think that the first four draft picks will go LT, CB, DT, WR...in that order.
  12. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    So, the Vikings have the following DB's on the roster signed to contracts: Smith, Hughes, Hill and Chris Boyd. Am I missing anyone? Sendejo is not under contract IIRC?
  13. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    Been trying to message you. Please message me.
  14. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    Me too
  15. Vikings Mock Drafts

    Ozzy...A+ for effort, but if the Vikings go WR, CB, WR with the first three picks I will pull out what is left of my hair!!!