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  1. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Maybe. However, I am 59 years old, overweight, asthmatic, arthritic, and I can feel my arteries hardening. I really don't care about making the playoffs if it doesn't end in hoisting a Lombardi. You and others might be satisfied with winning records and making the playoffs, but that's no longer enough for me. Any season that doesn't end being the last team standing is "underachieving."
  2. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Coaches are hired to win Super Bowls. There are 31 underachieving head coaches after every season.
  3. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I beg to differ, kind of. With the cap situation the way it is, there isn't enough moolah to both resign our worthy free agents, AND improve those areas where deficiencies exist. While I would love to keep all our guys, the NFL in this era, is not really about teams keeping solid veteran players. Teams, for the most part, are built around young players on their first or cheaper second contracts. In fact, I foresee a time coming soon that third contracts will not be offered except for the most gifted free agents. I think it's time for the Vikings, unfortunately, to get on that bandwagon. The salary cap, as it exists now, rewards very few players and requires teams to turnover player rosters regularly. Now, I know someone will bring up the Patriots. They have been good for so long because of a superior coaching staff, an other worldly QB giving the team a salary discount, and the ability to cheat. Everyone around Brady turns over often. The Vikings don't have a superior coaching staff (they are good...but can't minimize talent deficiencies), or an other worldly QB willing to give the team a salary (at least not yet) discount (his abilities also don't minimize deficiencies along the offensive line) and if the Vikings are cheating, I don't see where the team is reaping any benefits. So, I think that the Vikings should (1) let FA's go (except Harris), trade some "stars" who could reap some significant draft capital (Theilen, Diggs, Smith); (2) Let Cousins walk after this season; (3) use the draft capital to rebuild the team from the inside out, i.e. offensive line and defensive line. Do I think this is likely? No. As someone pointed out up stream, Spielman, Cousins and Zimmer's best interests lie in trying to return to the playoffs in 2020. They have no interest in getting worse in order to get better. They may indeed return to the playoffs, but they will not be able to compete with the Packers, Seahawks, and 49'er's (and probably the Saints as well).
  4. He didn't ALWAYS run the wrong way...All Hail Jim Marshall

    Jim Marshall's disqualifications for HOF consideration: 1. He ran the wrong way on one play 2. He never drew attention to himself 3. He ONLY made 270 consecutive starts and ONLY played in 282 games 4. He ONLY recovered 30 fumbles an NFL Record 5. He ONLY had 127 career QB sacks as a Viking 6. It's because he was a great lineman that teams had to worry about, that allowed Eller and Page to pick up more sacks than he. 7. I would argue that the Vikings don't go to 4 Super Bowls if Jim Marshall wasn't playing.
  5. He didn't ALWAYS run the wrong way...All Hail Jim Marshall

    I'm pretty disgusted with this 100th Anniversary Class going into the HOF. I am especially disgusted with the seniors getting in. Harold Carmichael was a pretty good receiver, but he only went to one SB (the Eagles lost) at the end of his career. Yet, he get's in while Jim Marshall isn't even a finalist. Right now, to me, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is dead! I will never enter it's doors, never spend my money there or in Canton, boycott watching the HOF induction ceremony, and the HOF game, until Jim Marshall is allowed to slip on a yellow jacket with the league shield on the chest, as he stands next to his bronze bust, ready to be placed next to other great players. I urge all Viking fans to boycott all things related to the HOF until they "Let Jim In!"
  6. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    I think these two things are connected. When the OL had better games, Cook did better. Let's face it, Dalvin is not AD. He doesn't have Peterson's durability or the ability to crash through an 8 man front and create his own holes. Peterson is rare. Only Jim Brown and Earl Campbell came closest the Peterson, and Campbell didn't have the durability. The offensive line played well against teams the Vikings were supposed to beat...AND...for some strange reason...against the Saints. They really struggled against the good defenses, like Chicago, Green Bay and San Fran. Those are games that Cook struggled as well. If Cook is extended, then I would also increase the number of plays that Mattison is in the game. You could really see Cook wearing down during the season.
  7. 2020 Draft Talk

    Not necessarily. Maybe that's how it's worked in recent times...but I think about how Roger Staubach was stuck behind Craig Morton for a couple of years, even though it was clear that Staubach was the superior talent. In more recent years, Rivers sat behind Brees, Rodgers sat behind Favre, and Mahomes sat behind Smith. All sat even when the starter had bad losing games. I think it's really more situational than a universal truth that a highly drafted QB will be pressured to play as soon as the starter stumbles. I think it's obvious that both Ponder and TJax were both placed into the starter role before they were ready. But on the other hand, Tarkenton was ready to play right out of the shoot...and he went and beat the Bears as a rookie QB on a new franchise, playing in his and the teams very first game. I still think that's the only time that's happened in NFL history. Sometimes it's best to sit the future franchise QB until the team around him improves and can minimize the mistakes he's likely to make as a new starter. Yet, sometimes it works out well when the rookie gets early action...Marino, P. Manning, Jackson.
  8. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    How does the old adage go?? "Quarterbacks receive to much glory when their teams win, and to much blame when they lose." I think that applies to Cousins, don't you?
  9. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I would argue it's easier to have never gone to the Super Bowl than to have made it all that way only to lose...four times. The only other NFL fan base that can match our pain are Bills fans. In some ways they have it even worse, because they could've won their first Super Bowl if only Scott Norwood hadn't been wide right. As to a Vikings-Browns Super Bowl...I hope not. My wife is huge Browns' fan. We already experienced household division when my Cubs beat her Indians in the World Series. The Super Bowl would be so much worse!!
  10. 2020 Draft Talk

    I think we need to trade some pieces that we have and get as many picks in 2020 and 2021 as possible. I know this is the blow it up and rebuild strategy, but I think otherwise we will always have holes to fill that will keep the Vikings from being competitive in the playoffs. This means giving up players that mean a lot to the franchise...such as Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr, Adam Thielen. I think the only two players that shouldn't be on the trading block are Hunter and Diggs.
  11. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    It would stink...but so what? Browns fans have been hurting a long time also!
  12. 2020 Free Agent Thread

    Vikings Free Agents Everson Griffen*** listed as club option/voided contract Trae Waynes Anthony Harris Rashod Hill Andrew Sendejo Mackensie Alexander Dan Bailey Britton Colquitt Sean Mannion Dakota Dozier Ameer Abdullah Brett Jones Laquon Treadwell C.J. Ham - RFA Kentrell Brothers David Morgan Jayron Kearse Stephen Weatherly Eric Wilson - RFA Marcus Sherels ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would probably be willing to part with all of them (except Bailey and Colquitt) if they didn't want to do a deal for less money. I would give slight raises to Bailey and Colquitt. This probably means losing Waynes, Harris and Alexander for certain.
  13. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Wish his play was more consistent to make me want to appreciate him. Goodbye Jayron.
  14. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    One of the questions that keeps popping up for me is wondering if the Vikings haven't maxed out the starting talent on the team. I keep reading here that if there had been a more imaginative offensive scheme - or - if the defense could've gotten better penetration from the DT position, the Vikings could've beaten the 49'er's. While the Vikings have very good players in a number of positions, the only truly "great" player we have on this current squad is Harrison Smith. What I am saying is that no matter the game plan or scheme, the Vikings would never have beaten the 49'er's...period...end of story. Their on the field talent is WAY better than the Vikings. The other reality I've come to realize is that there are other teams, besides SF that have significantly better talent than the Vikings; specifically, everybody else that's still playing, plus Baltimore. Maybe even Philly if they were healthy. In other words, the Vikings are good enough to win 9 to 12 games a season...and inevitably get clobbered in the playoffs. What's going to turn things around? Probably the biggest factor is going to be dumb, stupid luck. Because of being in cap hell, the Vikings will have to rely on hitting on every draft pick with someone who will be a significant contributor. The other factor will be in letting go of good players and restructuring a lot of others. No brain decisions would be to say goodbye to Rhodes, Elflein, and Reiff. Starting to hurt decisions would be to cut Rudolph, Griffen, Joseph. Highly unpopular decisions would be to not resign Waynes, Harris and Alexander...Trade Anthony Barr for picks...consider trading Thielen for picks while you still can. Restructure the hell out of Kirk's contract. Make Cook a good offer, but don't make him the highest paid running back. Upgrades...according to priority...1. Left Tackle. (If Udoh can move in there great.) 2. Left Guard (perhaps Samia...but don't be afraid to be bold here.) 3. DT (A younger version of Joseph.) 4. Safety. (Harris will be hard to replace) 5. Back up QB. (Mannion did nothing for me in the week 17 game.) After all these changes...should they occur...the Vikings may only win 6 or 7 games in 2020. However, with two lucky drafts and some really smart and lucky maneuvering, the Vikings will rebound in 2021. But will they be able to defeat SF, GB, KC, TN in the playoffs/Super bowl???
  15. Divisional Round: VIKINGS (11-6) at 49ers (13-3)

    I am 59 years old and have been a Vikings fan since 1968. Should the Vikings ever win the Super Bowl in my lifetime, I will be carried away to heaven in a flaming longboat! While this loss hurts, it's not as painful as some other playoff losses. We were overmatched in every phase of the game. The Vikings SHOWED up, played hard, but got crushed. It could've been more competitive, if we had a better offensive line...but still not sure we could've won yesterday. I think SF is putting together another awesome team with a chance to be really good for a long time.