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  1. Oh man...that's too young. My thoughts are with his loved ones.
  2. I think having Pierce and Hunter back full strength will be huge...but mainly, I want Zimmer to give up calling the defense. His tendencies are becoming well known by opponents.
  3. However, Stefanski was an NFL assistant coach for 13 years before becoming OC. Klint Kubiak has been an NFL assistant coach for 7 years.
  4. You're right. There are things that concern me going into the 2021 season: 1. Kirk will be 33 at the beginning of the season. Not old, but seeing the end of the line on the horizon for a pretty non-mobile QB. While he's been injury free, in his career, he's taken a lot of shots. His successor is not on the team currently. 2. Hunter coming off neck surgery. Neck and back surgery on athletes playing contact sports can be hard, especially in recovering pre-injury form. Will he be as dominant as the Vikings need him to be? He steps up if he can't go? 3. Michael Pierce took a s
  5. I would go with Darrisaw and I don't think it would be that hard of a decision. I like Lance...but, in a perfect world, let's face it, he should be a 2nd rounder or even a 3rd. Darrisaw is strong, athletic and great in space and would be great in the ZBS. He would excel at tackle or Guard.
  6. I am predicting a Kansas City vs Green Bay Super Bowl. Some will say it's because of the quarterbacks. Both are amazing. However, I think they will make it into the championship game because of their offensive line play. While Mahomes and Rodgers will be well honored...championships are won and lost in the trenches by the big guys!! At least in my opinion.
  7. One would be to adjust scheme or change scheme according to the talent on the roster. Zimmer is one of those coaches that tries to mold players to his scheme rather than adjusting his scheme to player talents. Another would be how could the coaching staff embrace unpredictability as a weapon. The Zimmer defense and the Kubiak offense are predictable. Andy Reid and Bill Belichick have both been successful in keeping their opponents guessing.
  8. I notice that none of the interior offensive linemen have any of your commentary next to their names? Does that mean you think none of them are good for the Vikings, or that you believe the Vikings don't need interior linemen?
  9. Where do you see ANY urgency in the Vikings organization? Where are the bold moves...not necessarily regarding the roster...but changing up schemes on offense and defense? All/any changes I've noticed have been so subtle as to be negligible. The Vikings, in my opinion, are a risk averse organization. I interpret that to mean that they are satisfied with the status quo.
  10. I always thought that Alexander would end up as a safety. I might bring him back with that in mind.
  11. Ok. I am expressing my opinion, and only my opinion. No, the Browns should not fire Stefanski...they made progress to their goal. But, if Stefanski learned anything about what NOT to do while working under Zimmer and company, is that pats on the back, declaring it the season a success produces complacency. I hope Stefanski and the players keep the bad taste of losing to the Chiefs in their mouths and let it drive them to their goal of winning the Super Bowl. The Browns should not be satisfied. The Vikings are to satisfied under Zimmer/Spielman to just make the playoffs...every other year
  12. I think you are being purposefully obtuse. I didn't answer the question, because I never, ever suggested that 2nd best should be fired. I will stand by my opinion that those 31 teams that didn't win the Super Bowl every year finished their season in failure. You can argue differently if you want.
  13. Turnover HAS to happen regularly in professional sports and most other aspects of professional life. Everyone working a job has a shelf life. Stability can sometimes lead to complacency. Don't get me wrong. I like the Wilfs and appreciate what they have done with the stadium, their relationship with Minnesota leaders, and the franchise...except for one small detail. No Super Bowl appearance or trophy. What does a head coach tell his players at training camp? "Our mission is to win the Super Bowl." If a coach communicates anything less to his players, he should be fired...immediatel
  14. I wish I could be as optimistic as you. As Cearbhall says above, the Joneses are trying very, very hard to meet their early success. It just hasn't worked...badly! I happen to think for a good many in the Viking organization...being in the playoffs is good enough. I hate that attitude. Again, if you don't hold the championship trophy at the end of the season, your season is a failure.
  15. The point is that they won 3. The Vikings are 0-4 and haven't been in the Super Bowl for over 40 years! I'm not satisfied with that record.
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