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  1. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Well...silver lining perhaps 8 wins will win the NFC North.
  2. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Yes. And, it's not funny. He has the same maddening traits that he had in DC.
  3. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Adrian Peterson has 85 yards rushing and a touchdown in the first half against the Packers
  4. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    I am about to speak heresy.... 1. Zimmer needs to give up calling and scheming the defense. They are bloody awful. 2. If they don't show up against the Rams...time to dump some salaries and get some draft choices. 3. Cousins' play is exactly what Washington experienced with him. A great game followed by one where he stinks. At some point, you need to put Sloter in.
  5. I agree with Steel King. Rushing O'Neill is not a good idea. What's required of a professional lineman as opposed to a college lineman is the same kind of learning curve most quarterbacks face. On the o-line the college game and the pro game are very different.
  6. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Congratulations CLEVELAND!! Well deserved. You have a very entertaining team and I hope that you see many more wins this season!!
  7. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Wouldn't that be great?? Seriously, I was mostly kidding about Rodgers "faking" or exaggerating his injury. I just really hate that his "legend' is growing! I usually appreciate brave and/or extraordinary performances...except when they are done by Packers or Cowboys.
  8. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I only use non-stick Reynolds wrap!!! That way, the alien radio signals slide right off!!!! BTW, did you know that listening to Joe Buck is the primary way aliens control our thoughts?? Helpful hint to you all. As you were.
  9. Sebastian Thunderbucket (aka Tom Johnson) Rides Again!

    Back in the day...the NFL was pretty strict about the assignment of numbers for positions. The AFL was a little more "free form." If I remember correctly.... NFL: 1-19, Quarterbacks and Kicking Specialists (at one time, kickers usually had other jobs on the team) 20's. Running backs Split Ends, Defensive Backs 30"s, Running backs, Defensive backs 40's, Running backs, Defensive backs, occasionally Receivers 50"s, Centers, linebackers 60's, Guards, linebackers 70's, Offensive Tackles, Defensive Linemen 80's, Defensive Linemen, Receivers, Tight Ends 90's, not popular in the NFL until the 1990's There were exceptions to each of these categories; but for the most part, the number designations were uniform. When the two leagues merged, there was some realignment of the numbers...but one of the things that sticks in my mind is that in the AFL, San Diego Chargers quarterback John Hadl wore number 21. After the merger, he was traded to the Green Bay Packers and was forced to wear number 12. On him, it just didn't look right.
  10. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I am a little more cynical than is generally healthy for a man my age...but what if Rodgers "injury" is total BS? Maybe he's using it in his effort to be considered as tough as Favre by Green Bay fans, or to make a pass rusher slow a fraction thinking he doesn't want to be the one who ends Rodgers career!
  11. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    I think they have very different roles. Smith is more versatile than Sendejo, and has more responsibility on defense. He should be paid more. Yet, the Sendejo/Barr comparison is both good in the sense that they are very competent players in this defense, but also bad, in the sense that they have very different responsibilities, AND Barr is more versatile in the defense. All I am saying is that Barr is a very good linebacker in this defense. I am not certain that his production will be as easily replaced as some here imagine. Is he a top 10 linebacker? No. Is he better than most? I would say so, and he deserves a new contract. I won't speculate whether or not it's a contract that would make him happy...but, a new contract offer would be worth it to the Vikings.
  12. Sebastian Thunderbucket (aka Tom Johnson) Rides Again!

    I am impressed that Parry sacked Rodgers in Week 1!!!!! It's especially impressive when you think that the Vikings actually played the 49'ers in week 1!!! Not exactly sure how he accomplished this? Time travel perhaps??
  13. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    I have several comments: A) Who knew there were so many math comedians among us?? B) Do any of us know that Barr IS NOT performing his role on the defense to perfection? I haven't heard a word of criticism coming from Zimmer, who is usually not shy about calling a player out to step up his game. C) Do any of us know the bargaining strategy of Barr's agent or the Vikings front office on a new contract? I know I have heard nothing about it.
  14. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    So Viking fans, which player is more valuable to the goals of the defense? Player A--looks to make the big, splash play, is aggressive, but often out of position, or penalized...or, Player B--fundamentally sound, good tackler, above average in coverage...does his job, but doesn't make big splashy plays. Again, the choice is, which is more valuable to the overall goals of the defense, not necessarily what fans want to see.
  15. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Maybe the game should be called the "No Super Bowl for You" Bowl??