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  1. It might be more of an OCD thing, but I am really annoyed when a passenger in my car doesn't put the sunvisor back to the up position before exiting the vehicle.
  2. Aare your withholdings designated on your check stub or pay report? If your employer is not itemizing a report for you clearly indicating what has been withheld, then that is plain wrong and quite possibly illegal.
  3. Ultimately, there isn't a difference, right? When you set a car on fire, pull down light poles, or bust window out of stores and bars, you are harming someone. It shouldn't be tolerated just because "our team won dude!" I agree with Ten Inch. If the Vikings win in my lifetime I would not be able to function for several hours except to cry tears on joy!
  4. From the comments I guess we can say that when there is unchecked ego with the player AND the FO you get situations like that which seems to exist in Green Bay. For players, it's important for them to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. The problem comes towards the end of their careers when that confidence becomes over-confidence. When a FO or coaching staff notices (or plans for) the players decline before the player...I suppose that's when things can get nasty. It would be beneficial for even pro athletes, coaches, GM's and owners to develop humility as they mature.
  5. If this comes to be, I wonder what it is about the culture of the Packers that aging superstar quarterbacks end their time with the team with acrimony? Manning left Indy with grace and the relationship between the Patriots and Brady didn't seem dysfunctional and the split was more or less amicable. Was Favre a one off...or will the relationship with Rodgers deteriorate to the point that there becomes a pattern in Green Bay?
  6. I know Pitts is highly regarded, but it's a luxury pick for the Vikes with Irv Smith set to take on the starting role. If Pitts were the guy, do you trade Smith? Would either be happy in 2 TE sets? I like your end of draft choices...particularly Newsome.
  7. I like the trade with the Bears AND getting Darrisaw and Dickerson! I'd be happy camper with just those results and the rest of the draft just let my grandson pick!!! 😉
  8. Or better yet...use your best judgment!
  9. These are the QB's currently in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (excluding the 2021 Class) by Draft Position 1st Round Sammy Baugh, Sid Luckman, Otto Graham, Bobby Layne, YA title, Len Dawson, Joe Namath, Bob Griese, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Troy Aikman 2nd Round Ace Parker, Ken Stabler, Brett Favre 3rd Round Fran Tarkenton, Dan Fouts, Joe Montana 4th Round Norm Van Brocklin, Sonny Jurgenson 5th Round Bob Waterfield 9th Round John Unitas 10th Round Roger Staubach 12th Round Georg
  10. Kirk Cousins - - 21 😁(ok football fans, can you name a pretty good pro quarterback who wore the number 21 in the 1960's and 70's?...Vike Daddy...I know you know the answer...let's make some of the young'uns have to do a little research!!)
  11. I agree...but, I'm not sure the Vikings coaching staff would see it that way.
  12. I just don't see Brown acclimating to the ZBS. I'd want my LT to be comfortable with the scheme.
  13. This kind of thing can't be rewarded. He needs to be dropped from the team.
  14. I'm not sure I would want to lose my 2nd round pick two years in a row.
  15. At some point, the Vikings need to reassess the Zone Blocking Scheme. It truly has not been all that effective, in my opinion. Getting guys out of college ready to pass protect out a zbs is a pretty tall order. A rookie offensive lineman ready to start on day one is hard enough to find in the first round, lower rounds aren't likely to be much better. If the Vikings trade for Orlando Brown, then in all likelihood, they are jettisoning the zbs. Which is why I don't think they are really in the market for that trade. I suspect that there is very little that this FO or coaching staf
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