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  1. I can't decide if you wrote this to be sarcastic or you're serious? If sarcasm...then...hahaha. If serious, then 10 million is a massive lowball offer. The Vikings have had pretty good talent on the edges...it hasn't been the system.
  2. It seems as if he may have torn his ACL at practice yesterday. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/10/22/vikings-put-george-iloka-on-injured-reserve/
  3. But, has it dropped off? I contend this is always who Cousins was. When he managed to be good or clutch, those were the anomalies.
  4. I wonder about a different scenario causing this trade. I think Spielman was always hoping for an extension, but Yannick declined. Think about it, he came from Jax...a fairly non-competitive team, to the Vikings who were supposed to good. Now the Vikings are non-competitive. Maybe Yannick wants to play for a winner and Spielman obliged and got something in return.
  5. I'm okay with Benching him and asking Fran Tarkenton to take over!!
  6. If the Vikings have a top 5 pick, a quarterback will be drafted with that pick. If the Vikings have a top 10 pick, I think there is good probability that there will be an attempt to move up into the top 5 for a quarterback. Outside a top 10 pick it becomes more difficult to get that QBOF unless someone begins dropping ala Rodgers or Bridgewater. I live less than 60 miles from where the former Redskins played, and suffered through having to watch more Washington games than anyone should have to watch when Cousins was there quarterback. When there was the drive to sign him to Minnesota, many on this board were excited...looking at his better than average statistics, often with the addition of "he's never had weapons like he will have here." Afterall, the Vikings were just coming off of an appearance in the NFC Championship game in 2017! I was critical of the signing then as I had observed that his statistics were mostly padded during garbage time of Washington games. I observed that his decision making was suspect and that he could really be rattled by defensive pressure...especially in his face. His decision making and his inability to keep plays alive when the pocket was collapsing have not improved during his time in Minnesota. Today's game requires a mobile and creative quarterback as developing great offensive lines seems to be abandoned by most NFL coaching staffs. Cousins is not particularly mobile in comparison to Watson, Jackson, Wilson or Mahomes. Neither is he creative when the play that is called breaks down. This is who Kirk Cousins is. He is not going to improve. We've seen his best and his worst. His best is not good enough, and his worst is just plain awful. It's time to bench him and let's see what Mannion can accomplish. I would try and trade Cousins, but I doubt there will be takers, so, I would cut him at the end of the year...yeah, I know that there's cap consequences to that move...but, the Vikings aren't going to sign any free agents anyway.
  7. Cousins has been so streaky that the offense has had NO chance to gain either momentum or consistent performances from other players. So, yes, the Vikings would've been better off with a less "talented" but more consistent quarterback like TB, who continues to grow into a solid starter who somehow has other players willing to walk through fire and a hail of bullets under his leadership.
  8. I would change your scenario a bit. I would fire Spielman now, promote Paton to GM and then fire Zimmer the moment the Vikings are officially eliminated from a playoff position. Let Kubiak be interim head coach for the final three or four games with the mission to play younger players to best judge what the team has going into the off season. If this scenario were to happen, then the Vikings would be in competition for the leading head coaching candidates.
  9. I think Zimmer will last through the end of the season. I WOULD be okay with that IF the team showed any kind of heart and passion. While I don't like losing, I can stomach it a lot better if I felt there was 100% effort. However, I would say that this season, with exception of a player here and there, the Vikings have given 75% effort at best. There's really no excuse for that...and the has to land at Zimmers feet. I had hope that the Vikings could turn the season around and perhaps reach .500. I no longer feel that's possible. I think I would trade anyone not on a rookie contract that I could get value for...even Thielen, Smith, Barr, Kendricks, Cook, Rudolph, Cousins (I realize not likely...but maybe cut). I The only major extension talks I would have is with Hunter. I don't know who I would want as a new head coach. I want someone offensive minded, but I don't know who currently in the NFL has run offenses that are consistently excellent? I am not sure I would hire someone who has never called their own plays...which, unfortunately leaves Bienemy and Lefwich out. I know he's been out of football for a few years, and is a defensive minded coach mainly, but if Tony Dungy had the itch, I would hire him without question.
  10. I just don't think the Wilf's will fire Zimmer during the season. I am pretty sure, if they did, Kubiak wouldn't get any better results.
  11. If I thought there was another option, I'd bench Cousins coming out of the half. But, it won't happen.
  12. Return to the 1969 era uniforms. Open the giant doors of US Bank Stadium on bitterly cold days...especially when playing warm weather or dome teams. Improve, through any means necessary, the offensive and defensive lines. Find successor of Cousins early in draft...move up if necessary. Petition the nfl to allow those teams who didn't go to the playoffs in 2020 to have larger cap numbers.
  13. Obviously, stats aren't telling the whole story!!
  14. He doesn't have Cook's vision. Cook would've seen the hole on 4th and 1. Mattison didn't. That's a major difference between good running backs and exceptional running backs.
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