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  1. I am liking this start! I believe that even Bradbury is pushing defenders around!!! And NO penalties!
  2. Somehow the Vikings will either need to earn or trade up into the top 5 picks for getting a franchise quarterback. Even then, it's about a 50/50 shot that the pick will actually not be a bust. Which is why I want someone other than Spielman to make the choice, and a very different coaching staff to give the pick the best opportunity to succeed.
  3. We have no idea whether he can or not. For all I know, Bieniemy might even be better than Reid. Bieniemy would actually be my first choice. I just know Pederson was not the wunderkind in 2018 that he was in 2017. That tells me he could not adjust to the defenses adjusting to his playcalling.
  4. Not me. He was exposed as a play caller after the Super Bowl year. He doesn't have the ability to scheme to opponent at Andy Reid's level.
  5. He needs to take up needlepoint or stamp collecting.
  6. I'd stay away from anyone and everyone that is associated with the Cowboys or Mike McCarthy.
  7. It could be because of Andy Reid calling the plays. It could also be another reason that moderators would probably not like me to mention, but is something that continues to plague the NFL and society in general.
  8. Who would you want as the new head coach and general manager? For me, I am assuming that there wouldn't be anyone in the front office or on the present coaching staff that would be elevated to these positions. So, I have a scheme...I think the Wilfs should look at assistant coaches and assistant gm's that are from the same organization. My thinking is that the tandem would already likely have a working relationship and shared philosophy. Thus, I have looked at three teams who have success on the field, not only due to coaching, but because the front office is very good at drafting, tra
  9. Hmmm...I remember saying something very similar once here, and was roundly criticized that I didn't understand that draft picks are capital in the NFL. I was told the more you have the more you can do to build a team. I wonder where those voices are today?
  10. My trading of players presupposes that Spielman and Zimmer are gone.
  11. But it's top tier players that are going reap the Vikings the picks and or players that will bring in promising talent to build on. I'm not saying it isn't going to hurt. Rebuilds are just painful. Besides, I've read on this board over and over again, it isn't smart to hang onto productive players to long and have them start to decline while being paid at high level. What would've the Ravens offered us for Cook? What would Thielen bring from the Patriots?
  12. Even if it means "eating" some dead money, if the Vikings end mediocre or worse, I think dumping Kirk at the end of the season is better for a rebuilding team in the long run. I would also be looking to move some other vets off the roster, such as Barr, Thielen, maybe even Cook in order to start the rebuild.
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