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  1. Vikings by the Numbers

    Because there are no OTA's or really anything going on for our favorite team. I thought I would duplicate something the Daily Norseman did awhile back. Namely, who is the best or most significant players in team history to wear jersey numbers 1-99. It's not a poll. Just wanting to drum up some discussion. Today, is jersey number 1! Vikings that have worn the number 1: Benny Ricardo (1983) Chuck Nelson (1986 - 1988) Warren Moon (1994 - 1996) Gary Anderson (1998 - 2002) Jose Cortez (2003 - 2004) Paul Edinger (2005) The Vikings haven't had anyone to wear this number for long, but a couple here standout to me. Warren Moon was a FA signing coming from the Houston Oilers. He is in the discussion about what NFL QB's had the best arms. Besides having a great arm, Moon was smart and durable. Unfortunately, he didn't have a warm personality. He's the best to wear the number. The most significant is Gary Anderson. He could lay legitimate claim to being the best Viking number 1, except that he missed a field goal that might've sent the Vikings to the Super Bowl after the 1998 season. Unfortunately, this is what Gary will be remembered for. Otherwise, he was a stellar kicker.
  2. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 17: Charley Britt (1964) Bob Berry (1965 - 1967, 1973 - 1975) Bill Cappleman (1970) Mitch Berger (1996 - 2001) Nick Davis (2002) Ben Nelson (2004) Maurice Mann (2006) Greg Lewis (2009 - 2010) Jarius Wright (2012 - 2017) Aldrick Robinson (2018) Some good role players on this list. Bob Berry was a serviceable back up quarterback. He even made All-Pro one year (1969), when he started for the Falcons. I also will say that Mitch Berger was a very, very good punter...perhaps the best in Viking history. I love Greg Lewis because of his amazing last second touchdown catch from Favre in 2009 that won a game against a formidable SF 49'ers team! But, I think I will give the nod to Jarius Wright. He was a good number three receiver on this team. He was overlooked because of the stellar play of Thielen and Diggs, but he was very effective in the way the Vikings used him.
  3. The Iron Chef!!

    This devaluing of running backs has gotten a little ridiculous in my opinion. There is not another position in football that is at once dangerous, yet as exciting as a running back getting past the line of scrimmage. I think there are two things that is leading to the devaluing...(1) pretty awful offensive line play in the NFL. (2) because of the overvaluing of quarterbacks in the league, there is less money to spend on offensive linemen and awarding most effective running backs with a raise and a second quarterback. So, here is my solution. Running backs are eligible for new contracts or unrestricted free agency after two years in the league. Unlike, QB's or linemen, running backs are at their best in the first four years following being drafted. I think they should have a chance at getting rewarded. Likewise, QB's should have longer than average time where their rookie contracts are still enforced. I would recommend 7 years.
  4. Hypothetically speaking, Aaron Rodgers to the Vikings

    I'm not sure he plays well in the mid-Atlantic region where I live. Maybe he appeals to the West Coast.
  5. Hypothetically speaking, Aaron Rodgers to the Vikings

    Call me crazy...but, I have a completely different feeling about Rodgers than I did about Favre. It's not based on anything other than subjective observation...but, I really wouldn't want Rodgers on this team.
  6. Vikings by the Numbers

    You're a day behind SK. We are on #16 today!
  7. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 16: Norm Snead (1971) Rich Gannon (1987 - 1992) Kelly Campbell (2002 - 2004) Emmanuel Arceneaux (2011) Matt Cassel (2013 - 2014) Another number with some so so players for the Vikings, but who played better elsewhere. Norm Snead was basically a back up to Cuozzo in 1971. Which is a shame, as he was a four time All-Pro. His last time as an All-Pro came the season after his stint with the Vikings, when he started for the New York Giants. Matt Cassel came to the Vikings as a starter following Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson. His stints as a starter, proved just how valuable he was...as a back-up. Then there was Rich Gannon. Unfortunately, Rich was starting for a pretty mediocre team, and he wasn't yet the player that would become an MVP with the Oakland Raiders. What might have happened if Denny Green had been more patient with Gannon and built the offense around his talents? We'll never know. My nod goes to Gannon.
  8. Vikings by the Numbers

    During Cuozzo's tenure as a starter, it wasn't unusual for the defense to have outscored the offense in games that they won!!
  9. Vikings by the Numbers

    There's something about the juxtaposition of Cox and Diggs. About as different as two players of football could be. It's surprising in some ways, that these two polar opposites in talent, skills and demeanor could've worn the same number.
  10. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 15: John McCormick (1962) Ron Vander Kelen (1964 - 1967) Gary Cuozzo (1968 - 1971) Martin Nance (2006) Greg Jennings (2013 - 2014) Isaac Fruechte (2016) Brandon Zylstra (2018) Really only two in contention here. Gary Cuozzo and Greg Jennings. Cuozzo had a lot of wins in the seasons he started as QB, mainly because he had such a great defense. A defense that scored points! The other contender has to be Greg Jennings. Jennings had a really good career with the Packers before coming to the Vikes. He had an ok couple of years with the Vikings. The guys throwing him passes were Ponder, Cassel, Freeman and Bridgewater. He had some extenuating factors effecting his production. But, I will give him the nod anyway.
  11. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 14: George Shaw (1961) Fred Cox (1963 - 1975) Brad Johnson (1992 - 1998, 2005 - 2006) Joe Webb (2010 - 2013) Stefon Diggs (2015 - 2019) Some very good players on this list. George Shaw started was drafted by the Baltimore Colts and was their starting quarterback until an unheralded rookie out of western Pennsylvania, name John Unitas showed up and displaced him. He also started the very first game in Vikings franchise history, but was replaced before half-time by a 3rd round draft pick out of Georgia, named Francis Tarkenton. He is that answer to the trivia question what NFL starting QB for two franchises was replaced by two eventual hall of famers? Brad Johnson had two stints as the QB for the Vikings. He replaced an injured Randall Cunningham and did quite well. He is best known as the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Joe Webb was a terrific athlete. He was a college QB turned NFL receiver, who returned to the QB position. Unfortunately, he couldn't turn all that athleticism into a starting position in the NFL. This list comes down to the Vikings all-time leading scorer, member of the ring of honor, and inventor of the NERF football, Fred Cox and the uber talented WR Stefon Diggs, who will be remembered in Vikings lore as the guy who caught and scored the last second TD to beat the New Orleans Saints in the 2017 division playoff game. Cox or Diggs? Cox or Diggs? Cox or Diggs? Hmmmmmm.....
  12. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 13: Steve Bono (1985 - 1986) Bucky Scribner (1987 - 1989) Dave Bruno (1987) Gino Torretta (1993) Shaun Hill (2005, 2015 - 2016) Kelly Holcomb (2007) Juaquin Iglesias (2010) Stacy Coley (2018) Not a great list for the unluckiest numeral. I remember having some hope that Gino Torretta would turn out to be a good pro QB. Not so. A lot of backups and probably the best would've been Shaun Hill.
  13. Vikings by the Numbers

    Yes...there are times I wanted the Vikings to give Dils a shot at starting.
  14. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 12: Tom McNeil (1970) Neil Clabo (1975 - 1977) Steve Dils (1979 - 1984) Sean Salisbury (1992 - 1994) Daunte Culpepper (1999) Lee Johnson (2001) Gus Frerotte (2003 - 2004, 2008) Billy McMullen (2006) Percy Harvin (2009 - 2012) Jeff Locke (2013) Josh Freeman (2013) Charles Johnson (2014 - 2016) Rodney Adams (2017) Chad Beebe (2018-present) Who remembered that Culpepper wore 12 his rookie year? There are some interesting names on this list. Dils was a decent backup QB. Salisbury might've become a better player if allowed to stay. Harvin gets the nod. I don't know if Percy wasn't interested or the coaching staff didn't really know how to use him, I just think how much he could've accomplished as something other than a hybrid/slot receiver. He probably did his most damage against opponents in the return game. Yet, he could've done a lot more, in my opinion. So, part of my nod is because of the unrealized potential.
  15. 7.253 - MIN: Kyle Hinton G/Washburn

    Maybe I'm reading to much into the comments, but page one of this thread seemed to be full of optimism that he's a "diamond in the rough." This diamond has to be cut and polished very carefully to find some worth in it. Maybe what he really is cubic zirconium!
  16. The Iron Chef!!

    Does the Viking offense, now run by Kubiak, require the running back to be able to split off and line up in the various receiver positions? I don't think it does. I am certain that Cool could do that if asked. Seems kind of like an argument against the scheme than the player.
  17. Vikings Super Bowl Win for 2020/21 Season

    I think it should just be called the Big Silver Football that's Not Named for a Person Trophy!!
  18. Vikings Super Bowl Win for 2020/21 Season

    I really don't care about the circumstances of a Super Bowl championship for the Vikings. It could be caused by the other teams bus getting lost on the way to the stadium...I don't care. I care that the big silver football is being presented by the commissioner to Zygi!!!!
  19. 7.253 - MIN: Kyle Hinton G/Washburn

    You are right. It's not impossible. I think the cards are stacked against him, however.
  20. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 11: Ron Vander Kelen (1963) Joe Kapp (1967 - 1969) Mike Eischeid (1972 - 1974) Wade Wilson (1981 - 1991) Jay Fiedler (1998) Daunte Culpepper (2000 - 2005) Jason Carter (2006) Jaymar Johnson (2009 - 2010) Stephen Burton (2011 - 2012) Mike Wallace (2015) Laquon Treadwell (2016 - 2019) This number MIGHT be worthy of debate. This has been the number for some important quarterbacks in Viking history. Joe Kapp was Bud Grant's choice to lead the team when he took over the reigns in 1967. Kapp couldn't throw a spiral to save his neck. He wasn't a terrific athletic quarterback. He more than made up for these deficits by being tough and a great leader. He's the reason I became a Minnesota Vikings fan. His will to win was off the charts. He led the Vikings to the 1969 NFL Championship and to their first Super Bowl appearance. Wade Wilson was a journeyman quarterback his whole career, who found a home in Minnesota for 10 years. He made the most of his time as a starter, taking the Vikings to the playoffs in 1987 and winning handedly against the heavily favored New Orleans Saints in the Wildcard, and the Joe Montana led San Francisco 49'ers, and losing a nail biter in the NFC Championship game against Washington. When Daunte Culpepper came along in 2000, the Vikings thought they had a franchise quarterback. He had an up and down career with the Vikings, but those "up" years were pretty magical. The offense with Carter, Moss, Reed and Smith seemed to be unstoppable...except when they stopped themselves. Culpepper was big and strong and seemed indestructible...that is until he blew out his knee, which he never really recovered (right Dolphins fans?) I am going to give my nod to Kapp...based on the fact that he would do anything, including sacrificing himself, for the good of the team and a win at the end of the day. I wish Kirk Cousins had little bit of Joe Kapp in him!
  21. 7.253 - MIN: Kyle Hinton G/Washburn

    I don't know. I just think he's going to have a tough time transitioning to NFL competition. So very few small school players are drafted and most of them may be on a practice squad for a season...but, that's about it. Funny enough, I think it's particularly hard for small school linemen to make rosters because the level of competition and coaching of linemen at Division II and III is just nowhere near what Division I linemen get. Skilled players from small programs, especially wide receivers and running backs, seem to have a better chance.
  22. 7.253 - MIN: Kyle Hinton G/Washburn

    Truthfully, he's a long shot to make the team.
  23. Create the best Vikings Team Possible

    During his final seasons he was down to 225 pounds. He was running in marathons, and I believe he had converted to vegetarianism. You're right, sometimes he got pushed around. Yet, in his retirement, he hasn't had many of the physical issues that other pro football retirees have. So there's that.
  24. Create the best Vikings Team Possible

    As Col. Potter would say, "Horse Hockey!!" Great is great! In Page's era, for most of his career, he was the size he had to be to perform at an elite level. Again, as Swede700 mentioned about Tarkenton, with todays advancements in work out, nutrition and physiology, Page could've been equally effective. Many player of past era's would still excel in the "modern" era while taking advantage of all that would be available to them.
  25. Create the best Vikings Team Possible

    And Tarkenton would've never thrown as many interceptions as Favre.