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  1. This is our Moment

    Peyton Manning played in 4 Super Bowls.
  2. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    They can afford to keep Amos and Callahan, but they would be pretty much tapped out at that point, once they re-sign the backups that they need and tender everyone.
  3. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    36 players under contract 5 draft picks [6th and 7th round picks do not make enough to count towards the 51] really 3 12 players need to be signed to the top 51 for the offseason 2019 Cap Space: 16 Million Cuts: Sims [6], Acho [2.5], Sowell [1.5] Restructure: Long [5] most you can do based on what he counts no matter what. Updated Cap Space: 31 million Draft Cap Hit: 3 million Cap Space: 28 million You have a roster that is short 1 guy from the 51. You have spent 32.1 million on re-signing players. Which puts you 4 million over budget before we even get to in season cap room needs. So now you need to restructure Allen Robinson and Akiem Hicks just to have functional cash.
  4. This is our Moment

    1. He routinely screws up game management moments. 2. His offense is archaic and so painfully simple in an era of innovation. 3. He has had one of the top 3 QBs ever and has won 1 Super Bowl and has not been nearly as competitive as he should have been.
  5. This is our Moment

    I think we probably have the best coach in the division.
  6. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    I was not really impressed with Kirk Cousins. Later in the 2nd half he put some stats together, but the Bears routinley give up yards and points in the 4th quarter of games they are winning. The numbers are crazy for our 4th quarter points differential. But before that it was a ton of short throws or misses and the picks were really bad. Overall this season has he lived up to the expectations you guys had?
  7. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    3 bad throws. He got burnt on 2 of them. Best part was that he didn’t implode and got back on the horse and made throws own the stretch.
  8. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    You spend over 30 million before we even talk about the draft and emergency money. The Bears will have to make significant moves to get to 35 million in cap space. You also have eaten up 27 million of cap space in 2020, when the Bears have serious free agents to re-sign and young guys to extend. We would enter 2020, with 17 million in cap space, very few players we could cut, and Whitehair, Floyd as free agents and Jackson and Cohen as extension candidates.
  9. This is our Moment

    This season at its base for me was about 2 things, 1. Did we hire the right coach? Yes, I am certain we did. 2. Do we have a QB that can win in the NFL? I think so and I am optimistic. The winning games, the competing for the playoffs, this is all house money for me right now.
  10. Shaheen Injury Effects Not Talked About

    Dion Sims is the worst player on the team, so Shaheen is a huge upgrade if he can simply stay on his feet. Sometimes the biggest upgrade is not about who is going in, but how ineffective the player in that spot is.
  11. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    I am not sure we need to be brave to keep Adrian Amos. Our brave move was Robinson and Mack and the fall out from those moves is that some lesser starters are going to walk. The teams you mention lose guys every year and get comp picks because of how tight to the cap they run it. I would agree with playing a little fast and loose if it was to keep more important players. But playing fast and loose for Amos on the chance it costs you Jackson down the line seems irresponsible.
  12. This is our Moment

    The tough part is if we lose, which I think we might, can people keep their sit together and realize that this is still trending in an incredibly positive direction. A loss to the Vikings will really separate the fans and the media who are waiting on something bad to happen so they can get back into their old ways of bashing the Bears and everything is bad. The media will be the most interesting to watch. My guess on "same old Bears" narrative pushers -Mully and Haugh -Tribune -Laurence Holmes
  13. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    That Rodgers Depreciation thread is better than porn.
  14. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I enjoyed it. I could not believe how awful Wilson was in quarters 1-3. I could believe it even less when Rodgers was really bad in quarter 4.
  15. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    1. Aggressively re-sign Callahan 2. Let Amos test the market, if he finds 7+/season then he walks and we should get at least a 4th round comp pick. If his market is not there then maybe get him back. 3. Massie, I think this is a straight walk. We have Coward developing and can draft a replacement as well. 4. Lynch, test the market and he can come back on a 1 year deal if he doesn't find real money. 4. Training camp extend Whitehair