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  1. The Aggressive Mock Draft

    There is just not explosion of big play to his game. He actually runs a lot like Howard. He is hard to tackle when he gets going, he is very good in the zone run on the cut back, a big play from him is 15-30 yards. He is a good player, but I think he is the exact same scheme fit issue as Howard, but a little better receiver.
  2. The Aggressive Mock Draft

    Miles Sanders would be my first choice, but I think he and Jacobs are the first 2 RBs picked and probably both gone before pick 50.
  3. The Aggressive Mock Draft

    I just do not see Montgomery being a fit. Athletically he is very similar to Howard and it is not like he was playing great defenses in the Big 12. His athletic numbers are bordering on horrible and we are clearly looking for a more explosive player. He just profiles very similar to Jordan Howard.
  4. Gotta Love Massie's Attitude

    OL and DB are positions where a bad coach/scheme fit can kill you and your career. I am thrilled that they kept Massie for as little as they did and he seems cool with it. I am also glad that Chicago's rep in the league has clearly changed and improved. With the post football opportunities that exist in the city it should be a destination. The 85 Bears have made more money outside of football than when they played because of Chicago. I know Izzy [Idonije] has multiple thriving businesses in the city that were set up by his football profile and connections.
  5. 2019 Draft: Targets

    No one actually does it. Need is an equal factor in drafting. In the NFL talent allows you to keep your job as a GM, but crippling holes get your fired.
  6. Free Agent Rumors

    OLB Brandon Copeland re-signs with the Jets 1 year max 3 million. That would have been a nice #3 OLB at a nice price
  7. The Aggressive Mock Draft

    Depth Chart QB: Trubisky, Daniel RB: Henderson, Davis, Cohen, Mizzell WR: Robinson, Gabriel, Miller, Wims, Patterson, Hall/Hardman TE: Burton, Shaheen, Oliver, Braunecker LT: Leno, Sowell LG: Daniel C: Whitehair, Larsen RG: Long, Haynes [PR] RT: Massie, Coward RE: RRH, Bullard NT: Goldman, Nichols LE: Hicks, Williams OLB: Floyd, Marsh, Fitts ILB: Smith, Iggy ILB: Trevathan, Kwitkowski OLB: Mack, Irving CB: Fuller, Prince, Skrine, Johnson, Tolliver, McManis FS: Jackson, West, DHC SS: HHCD, Bush K: Gay P: O'Donnell LS: Scales
  8. The Aggressive Mock Draft

    *Trade: The Chicago Bears trade 2[2020], 4[126] [246] to the New England Patriots for 2[64] [270]. This is pretty much the exact trade from last season, but the picks are later in each round and the Patriots can expect the Bears 2nd round pick to be around the same spot. 2[64] RB Darrell Henderson [Memphis] 5'8" 208lbs, 4.49 [40], 22 reps, 33.5", vert, 10'1" broad Henderson appears to be the ideal back for the Bears. He is an explosive runner, he had 1909 yards with 8.9 YPC in 2018, in 2017 he also averaged 8.9 YPC. He scored 36 TDs in 3 seasons at Memphis. He has the homerun ability that the Bears clearly want, he had runs of 35, 39, 43, 47, 54, 60, 61, 61, 78, and 82. He has produced big plays in the passing game as well. In 2018, he had 19 catches for 295 yards, 15.5 YPC, and 3 TDs, including catches of 20, 26, 43, 62, and 71. In 2017 he averaged almost 10 yards per catch on 24 catches. When it comes to explosive plays Henderson is one of the most productive players in the draft. If the Bears want to get more explosive and generate more big plays from the RB spot then Henderson should be the target. It is not worth risking a lesser offensive jump in 2019, when the Bears are very much going to be competing, to hold onto a 2020 pick. *Trade: The Chicago Bears trade 3[87] [155] to the Los Angeles Rams for 3[99] and 4[133] [143]. The Bears can move down and recoup their 4th round pick and ensure that they add a volume of picks and developmental players at key spots. 3[99] TE Josh Oliver [San Jose St] 6'5" 249lbs, 4.63[40], 22 reps, 34", 9'9 broad The lack of a 2nd passing game weapon at TE is holding the offense back and when Burton was out it was downright crippling. The Bears can believe that Shaheen will develop, but they cannot rely on that based on what we have seen and his injury history. The Bears need a player who is athletic enough for defense to account for in the passing game and that can threaten the defense enough that they actually cover him. Oliver has the size to compete at the inline TE and the athletic ability to fill in the flex position. He gives the Bears a player who based on athletic ability can threaten the seam and vertically, which will open up things underneath. In 2018, Oliver averages 12.7 YPC and showed that he can generate big plays and YAC, something Shaheen just has not shown that he can do. Best case scenario is that Oliver and Shaheen both play well and perhaps you can save 8 million on the future on Bennett. 4[133] CB Isaiah Johnson [Houston] 6'2" 208lbs, 4.4 [40], 36.5" vert, 11'1" broad Johnson has elite physical tools, but some serious rough edges as a CB after converting from WR in college. The Bears do not need Johnson in 2019, knock on wood, he can hopefully get an entire year with Pagano and Townsend before being entered into the competition in 2020 to replace Prince. At a minimum he should immediately step on to special teams and give the Bears a big athletic gunnner to replace Bellamy. *Trade: The Chicago Bears trade RB Jordan Howard to the Philadelphia Eagles for 5[163]. With Henderson and Davis on board I do not think that the Bears need to keep Howard any longer. I think a 5th round pick is solid compensation for him. 5[162] S Darius West [Kentucky] 5'11" 209lbs, 4.39 [40], 19 reps, 33.5" vert, 9'5" broad The Bears seem set at safety in 2019, but they need help on special teams and they need to start developing someone for 2020. HHCD is a free agent an unlikely to fit into the Bears budget. Bush will be a free agent and probably looking to start somewhere. The Bears can add West who has a nice athletic, size and play style profile for the SS spot. West had 47 tackles, 3 INTs, and a FF last season, which is pretty good ball production for a SS. He has experience close to the line of scrimmage and has the tools for the Bears to develop. In 2019 West can be a core special teamer, before competing to start in 2020. 5[163] WR Mecole Hardman [Georgia] 5'10" 187lbs, 4.33 [40], 17 reps, 36.5" vert, 9'11" broad The Bears were clearly on a mission to add speed to the offense with Patterson and Hall, but neither of them is more than a gimmick guy or a backup WR. The Bears need to look at developing a player that can be more on offense that has elite speed. The offense struggled vertically in 2018 and some of that is on the QB, but the Bears need to threaten more down the field. Hardman has truly elite speed and can be developed as a sub package guy in 2019 and possible long term replacement for Gabriel. 7[222] OG Phil Haynes [Wake Forest] 6'4" 322lbs, 33.5" arms, 5.2 [40], 33 reps, 31" vert, 9'2" broad The Bears need a starting RG in 2020 as Long's deal is really just a one year deal. The Bears also need to start getting some people who can move people in the power run game, which they struggled at last season. Haynes is a big, long armed, people mover. He is a physically imposing player that thrives in the power run game and in putting people on their backs. Haynes gets a year with Heistand to develop and compete with Coward at RG in 2020. 7[238] K Matt Gay [Utah] 6' 230lbs. I know the Bears could wait to UDFA to add a kicker, but my concern is that opens you up to 32 other teams bidding on and recruiting your guy. Gay is the guy I think the Bears should target. He has a big leg, has been accurate in his career, and has kicked in the weather in Utah. He was 84% last season on his FG attempts, with a long of 55. he was 3/5 on 50+ yard FG attempts and 7/10 on 40+ yard attempts and missed 0 kicks from inside of 40 yards. Gay can come in and compete with Redford Jones, the winner is the kicker and the loser goes to the PR squad in case the winner struggles and needs to be replaced. 2020 Picks 2-Oakland 4 4-Amos 5-Oakland 5 5-Callahan 6 7
  9. The Aggressive Mock Draft

    Free Agents [5.25] OLB Cassius Marsh [San Francisco] 1 year 3.5 million/1.5 guaranteed [3.5] *250k/4+ sacks *25k/game The Bears need a 3rd OLB and this is why I like Marsh for the Bears, he is coming off a 5 sack season and has been pretty consistent as a pass rusher, he has also been a core special teamer player, and he is was released and would have no impact on comp picks. I would offer him a 1 year deal at a little less than Bruce Irvin with incentives and give him a chance to earn the 4 million that he was set to make with the 49ers. Marsh gives the Bears some added speed off the edge and core special teams player for a unit that sucked last season. S Deandre Houston-Carson 2 year 2.2 million/500k guaranteed [1] He is very good on special teams and was integrated onto the defense last season without looking lost or out of place. I think you bring him back for 2 years like Braunecker and incorporate him into the 2020 safety competition if he can continue to grow. He also had reps covering the slot and that versatility is nice to have. LS Patrick Scales 1 year 750k/100k guaranteed [.75] I had no specific issue with Scales last season. I do not remember snaps being an issue on many kicks and he has experience with O'Donnell which is worth something.
  10. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    Pace had them sign them while wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. Stole them both. I remember people being up in arms about the Leno deal and now it looks like we pay him minimum wage for the position. Early extensions usually work out for the team.
  11. 2019 Draft: Targets

    I think you draft a real TE for 2 reasons 1. Shaheen continues to struggle to stay healthy and produce in the passing game and you have another option. 2. Lets say best case scenario both the draft pick and Shaheen play really well. Maybe you can say goodbye to Burton and his 8 million salary in 2020 or 2021?
  12. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Because nothing changed between preseason 1 and the end of the season. Despite the flashes and the hype from Shaheen the only thing that he has proven is that he is unreliable at this point.
  13. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Pace has done well in the middle rounds. But based on their criteria for this position drafting another Howard or even Cohen is not going to fill the role that they want. Maybe they believe that Davis can be the lead back in a heavy committee. Personally, I think he was signed to be the 3rd down back because most rookies are slower to develop in the passing game and in protections.
  14. 2019 Draft: Targets

    I don’t think they are going to leave the TE position to the chance that Shaheen is healthy, it would be a mistake. He has been injured most of his 2 years in the league. It would be like relying on Kevin White lite. Last season he was injured ineffetcive because of injury concussed in 1st game back ineffective because of injury
  15. 2019 Draft: Targets

    The guys you mention are not going to be starting and Howard tips the defense too much for the offense to really be multiple when he is on the field. The quality in the 3rd is never what it is in the 5th. Maybe in selected individual examples, but a smaller pool to pick from, when you have a lot of desires from the player is not good.