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  1. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    I think it is based on his struggles with route running and in his 2nd year he ran a bunch of wrong routes and had Jay yell at him. The one that stands out was against Houston that led to a pick. I am not sure it is a fair critique, but my guess is that is where it comes from.
  2. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Kevin White, just like at NaNas house
  3. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    No issue with guys taking PEDs. Do what you need to do to get paid and set your family up. If I could have made it to the NFL I would have taken enough GH to turn myself into the incredible Hulk, and I am educated and can make a decent living. Most of these guys do not have professional careers to fall back to.
  4. Day 3 Draft Picks

    Bhilal Nichols and Iggy both look like NFL players, which gives me hope that they will be contributors. Nichols looks like a grown man.
  5. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    If you cannot stay healthy on special teams then what makes you think he can stay healthy on offense. Or should be bubble wrap him and keep him in the China hutch on the sideline so that we do not have to cut him or play him?
  6. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    But you still run out of roster spots. I think every team in the league has a WR or 2 that are primary special teams guys. It is hard to keep 5 WRs and a 4th TE and a 5th ILB because of roster numbers. I think Fowler or Bellamy, please let it be Fowler, are battling for the 5th WR and the special teams role. That leaves White vs the Field for the 4th role,
  7. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    We really haven’t seen him. But I think he is closer to Patterson that a contributing WR. Especially if you put weight into how bad he looked in camp and the preseason last year. I do not think that it is out of the question to expect some special teams contributions from him. He is clearly not going to be in the top 3 WRs, so he should get some run on teams. I am not really interested in a starting WR like Miller returning kicks. Otherwise he has to be the 4th guy. The 5th guy May make the team solely because of teams and not offense at all.
  8. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Clear cut seems way too strong. Traditionally the Bears have had at least 2 WRs that have been heavily involved in special teams. If they keep 6 they will 100% need 2 to play special teams as they will probably trim at WR or RB. At this point is the best pro comparison for Kevin White Cordarelle Patterson? Big, physical freaks, who have suspect hands and cannot run routes. Patterson is a core special teamer and return man and has salvaged some NFL value.
  9. Day 3 Draft Picks

    Joe Banner, the former President of the Eagles and the Browns recently was interviewed and talked about a study the Eagles did about day 3 picks and they found that successful day 3 picks come from 3 categories, 1. Small School and not a lot of attention 2. Injured in their final year and under the radar 3. Undersized, but somehow overcome it https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dc23StmVwAIVltK?format=jpg&name=medium It does seem that Pace has followed this to a degree 2018 4. Small School Mutant 5. Small School Mutant 6. Injured 2017 4. Injured 4. Small School and Undersized 5. Small School 2016 4. Small School 6. Small School 7. Small School and Undersized It makes sense. His point about if a guy plays at Ohio St and has great size, speed, and athletic ability then why is he not better and getting drafted higher?
  10. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    I think White May be in trouble. Especially if some of these guys show up on special teams. He would have to grab the WR 4 positon, otherwise he could be cut. He can’t be 5-6 those guys need to be special teams staples.
  11. The Bears Offensive Depth Chart Discussion

    Grasu is terrible. He could be Helfrich’s son and they should cut him. Kush looked very solid in 2016.
  12. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    I would like to see Kevin White on kick offs and as a gunner.
  13. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Bears are the perfect spot for him. On 80% snaps he will have 660lbs of man in front of him.
  14. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    No, he just likes to make fun of the Kevin White truthers and hopers as much as I do. We do have 2 top 10 picks this season. That sort of stuff.
  15. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Big cat should stop making jokes at White's expense, he works hard.