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  1. The offense is still putrid after the QB change. How much longer, of the offense being bad, before you want Nagy to give up play calling?
  2. Goff is 100x better than Foles, and I do not think Goff is special at all. Foles sucks, he just sucks less than Mitch.
  3. Sure. We need to add a talented QB. If he is wrong he should be fired the second it is obvious.
  4. Offense -Nick Foles is just so "meh". His numbers are brutal, like worse than Trubisky brutal, but I think he does a better job of getting the offense set pre snap and making a correct decision. My main issue with the Panthers game, where his OL screwed him, was that he was taking way too many checkdowns when other plays were open. -David Montgomery is very good at football. He spent the entire 4th quarter making something out of nothing blocking. He is the only player that generates any YAC yards in the passing game. -This version of Anthony Miller and how he is being used is unplayable. He is barely used and targeted, when he is on the field he is either missed, making a mistake, or being used on a WR screen which he kind of sucks at. Either change how he is used or just take him off of the field. -The Bears could use a big game from Allen Robinson. The last couple have been exceptionally pedestrian. Not special catches or elevating the QB play with something special down the field or in terms of YAC yards. Catching 61% of your passes when your average targets air yards is 10 yards is not very good or efficient. -Darnell Mooney is good. The Bears desperately need to get him down field and on some explosive plays. He is their only hope of that and they go entire games without throwing him a deep pass. -Javon Wims should play more. He is not as dynamic a WR as Miller, but he is a good blocker and is reliable. -It is time for Cole Kmet to play more. Nothing that Jimmy Graham is doing in the passing game is hard to replace, and Kmet can actually block and help the OL. -The bloom is coming off the Demetrius Harris rose. The blocking has regressed and the drops make him unplayable in the passing game. -Jimmy Graham is good inside the 20. He is bad pretty much everywhere else. His receiving numbers are super inefficient and his blocking is bad. -Charles Leno did not bounce back with different coaching. -Rashaad Coward was bad. I am not sure after last season why they are still trying this. -Cody Whitehair continues to be just fine, which is a disappointment considering the contract that he signed. -Ifedi continues to be the Bears best lineman, which is sad because he is just okay, and even he had some cringe worth plays against the Panthers. He was surprisingly lost on a bunch of plays where he didn't seem to know who was blocking who. -Massie continues to be adequate. -I had no issue with how many runs Nagy called. I had no issues with the type of runs he called. I had major issue with the OL and Graham's blocking, which was just bad. There is no play calling fix for your OLmen pulling and missing their guy.
  5. It is horrendous. Trubisky was getting crucified for 6.1 last year. When you hit 0 deep passes it just kills you offensive efficiency. The Bears have gotten to the point where they are not even attempting them.
  6. I would wait and see what happens in the 10-14 range. If someone falls or the run starts really early, then I would be prepared to flip a future pick to get up and secure the guy. Waiting and hoping one falls is not something I am interested in.
  7. Foles has not been good. I think he has been a slight upgrade over Mitch as he does not seem to miss as much in terms of reads. The Bears are also running a more QB demanding version of the offense for Foles, which has screwed our bad OL in the process. However, the offensive numbers are worse than last season, which is pretty pathetic.
  8. They always go a half rough higher than their grades. If I was the Bears I would prepare to pounce when someone falls out of the top 10 or before QB4 gets picked.
  9. This could be a deep year at QB Lawrence Fields Lance Wilson Jones Trask
  10. I think we need to mentally prepare to make a move, not a crazy one, to secure ourselves QB4. It seems likely 3 are going in the top 10. Wilson or Jones if they declare may require a short aggressive move into the teens to ensure we get them. After that it may be a long wait till we see some value.
  11. It would be nice if we would get out of our own way on offense when it comes to personnel decisions. -Lose Cowards nunmber -More Kmet between the 20s -Less Miller, unless you want to actually use him.
  12. Big congrats on the sex. #humblebrag
  13. I think the flaws are obvious. They have been for years. Can we still keep winning despite them?
  14. "Saving jobs in Chicago? The Bears are 5-1, somehow, and a run to the playoffs could spare not only coach Matt Nagy but also GM Ryan Pace, in spite of the disastrous outcome of the Mitchell Trubisky pick. Most people with whom we've talked think the Nagy/Pace pairing gets another year at least, which means another shot to try to solve the quarterback situation there. The way the Bears are playing, they aren't going to have a very high pick with which to do it." https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30149190/nfl-coach-firings-hirings-openings-2020-latest-rumors-buzz-everything-hearing
  15. We are getting to the point where we are going to be so low in round 1 and these QBs keep climbing that we may need to make a move into the early teens to get it done.
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