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  1. Week 7: Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

    The Bears defense is legit. No one knew because Glennon was so bad. The Offense is killing us as well. 7 pass attempts. Makes me want to punch Foxy.
  2. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Great to get wins like this, but this level of takeaways and scores cannot last. The Bears need to get something going on offense.
  3. Alshon

    It is not sustainable and will not work against elite teams. If the Bears are going to rely on defensive TDs then they are not going to win many games. Super nice that they are getting turnovers and defensive scores, but it will stop at some point and we will be screaming for the offense to do something.
  4. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Today was just a weird game. They never had the ball and never really could get a rythem on offense. As soon as they were up they were going to run the ball. I agree with throwing some quick throws on 1st down would help a lot.
  5. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Panthers might be inconstant but they are a big step up from the Ravens. The ultra conservative run 50 times won't fly. Panthers 24 Bears 17
  6. John Fox: Swan Song

    The new guy doesn't have to keep anything. But if you are a young HC and you need to build an offense, I can't see that guy turning his nose up at Fangio. In fact my guess is he would be thrilled to keep him over an unproven DC.
  7. John Fox: Swan Song

    With how the defense is playing I would try and keep Fangio with a young offensive HC. Give him a raise and autonomy. If the reports that Fangio and Fox don't like each other are true it might be the best way to keep him.
  8. John Fox: Swan Song

    That was a financial decision. If he didn't take a job he would continue to cash out all his Browns money that he was owed.
  9. Alshon

    It just strikes me if you trade up to the 2nd overall pick for a QB. Your plan is to change how your team operates. Otherwisd why bother investing all those assets tab QB.
  10. Alshon

    That is a good plan for winning games. But Trubisky is the key to winning playoff games and beating the elite teams. That win against the Ravens is not where near a repeatable win, especially with the division on the line against the Packers. I think that the defense is important, but won't allow us to knock off the Packers.
  11. Alshon

    That WR core listed above is still bad and has White in a position where he is going to have to play. Even if you add Davante Adams, who I think is the top FA option, you still have a couple of 2s, 1 with an ACL and a 3.
  12. Alshon

    I don't disagree that it helps the team. But the WR helps Trubisky more. So the question becomes do you want to play good defense and have a decent QB, or do you want to see if Trubisky is elite?
  13. Alshon

    White shouldn't factor into you evaluation of another player. I was really thinking that the Bears should rebuild the WR group with free agency and that you could draft OLB in the 1st. But my buddy who cheers for another team asked "isn't everything about Trubisky?" And his point was that elite WRs don't hit free agency and does having a couple good WRs allow Mitch to be elite? Hard to argue. Especially considering he is a Colts fan who has damaged their franchise QB by not investing in his success.
  14. Alshon

    It really depends on how committed they are to ensuring that Trubisky is successful. An OLB in the 1st mate do more for the 2018 wins and loses, but really doesn't do anything to ensure that Trubisky reaches his peak. One of the podcasts had an interesting take and it was "do you really want to train Trubisky to be a game manager?" There point was that the Fox conservative game managing/no weapons is training him to be less than he can be.
  15. Bears Pick 'Em Week 7

    Bills Titans Panthers saints jags rams jets vikings steelers cowboys broncos seahawks pats eagles