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  1. Projecting Cody Whitehair’s Coming Extension

    I think an extension is more likely. But fair market value and what the team can afford are going to be very different things moving forward. There are going to be some tough financial decisions and in Robinson’s case their appears to be legit talent behind him and at this point his role in the offense is not big enough to warrant huge money. We can’t rule out the possibility that they will save money at WR, especially if Miller takes a step this season.
  2. Projecting Cody Whitehair’s Coming Extension

    I don’t doubt his talent. I doubt that he is ever targeted enough to justify a 15/season salary when guys like Wims or Ridley may present a more significant value for a position that may only catch 75-80 balls. The question will become is Robinson 14.5 million dollars better than the next guy.
  3. Projecting Cody Whitehair’s Coming Extension

    Agreed. I could see Robinson not being re-signed and that money being split between Cohen and Miller when he is extension eligible. To justify a 15 million + WR he needs to be a the focal point of the offense.
  4. Projecting Cody Whitehair’s Coming Extension

    I think Cohen gets extended, but at the expense of money at WR more than RB.
  5. Projecting Cody Whitehair’s Coming Extension

    They should keep it, but lower everything by a round. 3rd round picks are too high.
  6. Projecting Cody Whitehair’s Coming Extension

    The Bears need to get Whitehair done over the summer. They can use 2019 as leverage and hopefully get him done around the 10 million mark, rather than letting the market go crazy for him. Extension: 4 years 42 million/25 guaranteed [Higher guarantee, lower base] Existing: 1 year 1.5 million Total deal: 5 years 43.5 million/25 guaranteed Just under 9 average seems reasonable for everyone involved.
  7. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    Denmark has a battle to make the team. DHC and McManis are core special teams players.
  8. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    I think Josh Woods has a very good shot to make the team. He has been the talk of the offseason program and those guys who really buy in and work are hard to cut because of the message it sends to the locker room.
  9. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    IR him and let him essentially coach guys up. Sign an athletic PR QB who can push the defense a little more.
  10. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    QB: Trubisky, Daniel RB: Montgomery, Davis, Cohen, Whyte WR: Robinson, Miller, Gabriel, Ridley, Wims, Patterson TE: Burton, Shaheen, Braunecker, Raymond LT: Leno, Sowell LG: Whitehieir C:Daniel, Larsen RG: Long, Bars RT: Massie, Coward 25 RE: RRH/Nichols NT: Goldman LE: Hicks, Bullard OLB: Floyd, Irving, Fitts ILB: Trevathan, Kiwk, Woods ILB: Smith, Iggy OLB: Mack, Lynch CB: Fuller, Prince, Skrine, Tolliver, Shelley, McManis FS: Jackson, DHC, SS: HHCD, Bush 25 LS: Scales P: O'Donnell K: TDB IR: Emmanual Hall PR DL Jalen Dalton OLB Chuck Harris CB Michael Joseph CB Stephen Denmark C Sam Mustipher OT Joe Lowry TE Ian Bunting WR Marvin Hall [Veteran Exception-Full Salary] RB Ryan Nall QB-Someone from outside
  11. Early Returns on the Rookie Class

    If Pace can get a quality class out of this year I think he cements himself as an upper echelon GM. I know he was a lot of people's executive of the year, but that was in an offseason where he spent crazy money and played fast and loose with draft picks. Making a gourmet meal out of the back of the cupboard ingredients is more impressive to me.
  12. Mitch Wants To Remain A Bear, But At What Price?

    So if Mitch has a 5th year option worth 23 million and the Bears sign him to a 5 year 150 million dollar extension they essentially have a deal worth 6 years 173 million to deal with and structure how they want. They can structure the 173 however they would like. They would make year 1 significantly lower than the option and choose to eat it on the back end. Based on the Mack deal we will see about 33% of guarantees in signing bonuses and then large roster bonuses when the signing bonuses hits have dissipated.
  13. Mitch Wants To Remain A Bear, But At What Price?

    Todd Gurley 4 year extension-5 year deal Mike Evans 5 year extension-6 year deal Zack Martin 6 year extension-7 year deal The 5th year option just gets folded into the grand total of the deal.
  14. Mitch Wants To Remain A Bear, But At What Price?

    Then why is Wentz now signed for 6 years and not 5? 4th year 5th year option year 4 year extension 6 year total deal. Khalil Mack last season 5th year option: 13.5 million 6 year extension: 6 years 141 million Total deal: 7 years 155 million https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/chicago-bears/khalil-mack-14414/ That 5th year will get folded in to the terms of the new deal, which helps the team because it is often cheaper than the extension, but the year does not disappear.
  15. Early Returns on the Rookie Class

    Can you imagine if the Bears 7th round pick [Wims] is a player and the next year their 6th round pick [Shelley] is a player. If either guy is starting in 2020 and beyond that is like robbing a bank.