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  1. That is fine. We need a QB who we can actually build around and he is the anti-Trubisky, so maybe going oppo works in this offense.
  2. We need depth. We sign depth. Rather have Goodwin on the roster than Wims.
  3. Dalton keeps you from winning 5 or 6 games and getting auto-fired. You aren’t winning anything with him. He was signed to keep it from getting embarrassing. That is why they couldn’t play Foles despite his salary and the awful trade.
  4. We are a QB away. Everything else is secondary.
  5. He is the #3 and likely to get sub 50 targets. Relax. He is better than our current #3 and actually has an elite tool to work with.
  6. He can’t. He has been to the playoffs multiple times and never won and those were good Bengals teams. You can win anything of value with Dalton, he is here to keep them from getting embarrassed.
  7. Including Miller’s better years he still is a 7.2 yards per target and .05 Tds
  8. On a per target basis over the last 3 seasons Goodwin has been significantly more productive than Anthony Miller was last season. Goodwin 9 yards per target, .05 TDs Miller 6.3 yards per target, .03 TDs
  9. Do you think most #3 and #4 WRs on teams are somebodies?
  10. It is a long shot. But it is better than the 0% chance Andy Dalton does anything. We are in low probability Hail Mary territory. Pace’s incompetent has pretty much left us with1 bullet in the chamber.
  11. Likely, but you have to keep trying
  12. Pace and Nagy are going to pick one high because they are desperate. They need to show some hope for the future. George McCaskey and Ted Phillips spent most of the year end press conference talking about the QB spot, there is no way that their big answer to owner ship is Andy Dalton
  13. I guess to simplify my point, Playing games with Andy Dalton and Nick Foles as your QBs is totally pointless. You are going to win nothing, compete for nothing, and you won’t be developing anything for the future. With Andy Dalton you are 100% irrelevant. He cannot play at a level good enough to win in the playoffs. His entire career has shown us this.
  14. You draft Kellen Mond in the 2nd because you need to be developing someone and Dalton isn’t very good. If the Bears suck, everyone gets fired and Mond starts for a year or 2 while the new GM tears the roster down. Kind of like Jalen Hurts in Philly. If Mond is good everyone gets another year or more.
  15. 1. We aren’t out of reach of anyone not named Wilson and Lawrence. 2. We are going no where without a QB. We are literally just wasting games and seasons. 3. You cannot find a QB unless you actually draft one, a bunch of teams are wishing they had “reached” on Dak Prescott. 4. In the NFL you have 2 options, you are either competing or developing with your QB... Andy Dalton is neither. 5. Would I prefer Pace wasn’t the one making the pick? Of course, he is a clown. But there are only 2 options at this point. -Pace hits on a QB or this entire thing gets ripped to the stu
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