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  1. Outside of Trask there really aren’t a lot of 2nd/3rd round QBs for the taking. Ridder went back to school. Newman opted out and the others seem more like day 3 guys. We will see if someone can really show out at the Senior Bowl.
  2. I pay Dak whatever he wants. His average year would be the best year in Bears history.
  3. If you can get an All Pro QB, you get the All Pro QB. Nothing else matters. Even more so when your team has arguably the worst history at the position in the league.
  4. I was responding to the QB 4 question. If QB 4 hits 9-11 I expect we will be on the phones hard. I would not be shocked if we jumped NE and SF for Mac Jones if that is what it takes. The QB desperation here is palpable and made worse by the epic Foles failure.
  5. Ryan would leave a record 40 million in dead cap space. The Lions would put Stafford on the moon before they sent him to Chicago.
  6. Doesn’t matter. They are desperate to address the position. The wonder singled it out in the press conference. Unless they can swing a surprise trade for a veteran, I would expect them to be one of the most aggressive teams in the draft.
  7. I honestly believe if Pace had the ammunition he would trade for Deshaun or trade for the #2 pick. He likely doesn’t and will settle for 9-11.
  8. We now have to operate from the point of view that George wants to keep Pace and Nagy and will look for excuses to keep them. He used a 6 game losing streak as a positive. If they go 8-8, but Trey Lance looks even average, they are not getting fired. They will get a year to see if their QB takes the next step. If he does they are made men. If he doesn’t, we’ll they bought themselves another year and probably a short extension. It is what any of us would do.
  9. If Pace and Nagy make a move at QB they aren’t getting fired until 2023. The press conference will be about QB development and not wanting to interrupt the process. Take it to the bank.
  10. They just went 8-8 with bad QB play. They aren’t going 5-11 next year. They aren’t going to sit back and take the 6th QB and a major reach. They don’t give to ****s about next years picks and a steady build. There is a good chance they are not here. They have not incentive to not get the best QB regardless of cost.
  11. They are going to trade up, spending future high picks, to secure a QB they can sell as the future. If that doesn’t work they will make a desperate trade for a young veteran QB (Darnold or Hurts) They have to secure someone they can sell as the future. Gun to my head? I think they move to 9-11 and draft Lance.
  12. There is no way that Pace and Nagy are going to sit on their hands and hope a good QB falls to 20. There jobs are on the line and they aren’t going to be left in the lurch at QB. A major move is coming and the future picks be damned.
  13. We will have lots of cap space in 2-3 years. The defensive contracts wilL be coming off the books. I have no issues with paying Watson. It is the draft picks that makes this painful.
  14. Everyone tells me how good Pace is drafting in the middle rounds. Get the QB and let him go to work in the middle rounds.
  15. We need a real QB. We have always needed a real QB. For 60 years we have needed a QB. The reason we don't win anything is because we don't have a QB. If I can get a All Pro QB I am doing it. No amount of James Daniels or Roquan Smith's will have the impact of Deshaun.
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