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  1. Fine. Give Roquan the exact same amount. I was hoping 18/season, but the 49ers set the floor.
  2. This is arguably the most important 5 year window since the Super Bowl. We have a legit QB prospect, an offensive head coach, and could actually be relevant for the first time in forever. Enthusiasm mixed with Anxiety
  3. He was generally bad to very bad for the Broncos when he had to make starts at OT.
  4. The Bears improved depth in free agency. I doubt any of these guys make a big impact… outside of getting some clowns off our roster. Wims Nall Spriggs Coward It is embarrassing that these 4 actually played meaningful snaps for the Bears last season. It also reduces the roll for free agent mega busts in Foles and Quinn.
  5. I think we have to have 2 lists to replace Robinson, Mooney takes a big step 1. Robby Anderson 2. Michael Gallup 3. D.J Chark Mooney is just a #2 1. Chris Godwin 2. Courtland Sutton 3. Robby Anderson
  6. WR and TE are 2 positions where I have little faith in Pace, now Nagy may be more involved in personnel on offense, but Pace’s record with pass catchers is not good.
  7. If it is the speed thing, okay, but that means next offseason is going to be hyper focused on WRs. Which means we need some CBs and Olmen to step up in 2021. We can’t address WR and those spots all at once.
  8. Very nice. Unlikely if we are playing the odds, but even 1/2 becoming a primary passing game contributor would be huge.
  9. twitter.com/AroundTheNFL/status/1413566844116471812?s=20
  10. He should have been benched mid way through the 2019 season. He was utterly terrible that year and we had no one to turn to.
  11. We knew Leno and Massie’s ceilings. Players should have been developing behind them.
  12. We have no idea. If you drafted an OT version of Jackson or Nichols they could have easily taken one of the OT jobs and offered an upgrade. The only way you have 0 chance is if you don’t draft them at all.
  13. You can still draft an OT at any time. Jason Spriggs roster spot needed to be saved?
  14. That is fine. Just because you paid him doesn’t mean you can’t have him compete and have depth. We had 2 really good CBs and we kept drafting day 3 CBs. We have the most expensive OLB group ever… still drafted an OLB. Under investing in the OL has been a staple of the Pace era and it is a big reason our offenses have sucked.
  15. In terms of Leno, don’t draft a 5th 4th/5th round DB and take an OT that can compete. Unlikely to take Leno’s job, but at least someone who can push him. Instead, we drafted 1 OT in 6 years and he never even made the team.
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