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  1. The Adam Shaheen Thread

    You expect more from your high picks. That is why the round factors into it. Blowing higher picks when the draft pool is still fairly full, is worse than blowing picks in the 6/7th round when it is depleted. It is the reverse of why Pace gets praised for what he has done in the 5th round.
  2. The Adam Shaheen Thread

    I was asked a question from a buddy about what I thought of Shaheen, because we know he is not a stone cold bust like White. "What percentage chance do you give him of being a good complete 2nd round TE?" I said 70-NO 30-YES A big part of the NO was the health issues and lack of speed. The yes is based on the fact that he does have size and hands if we can ever get him open and involved.
  3. The Eagles and Chiefs have always prioritized the C position. They have drafted or paid at the position pretty consistently in the Andy Reid regimes. Some teams like to set their protections off the C spot and if he can handle rushers 1 on 1, which is not super common, then it opens everything else up for the offense.
  4. Sowell seems like they are just cross training him. Mizzell seems like a last desperate try to make the team, like a fish flopping around on a dock.
  5. There are guys who miss for legit reasons -Back in school -Kids -Other family commitments If a guy told me he did not want to miss 2-3 weeks with his kids I would respect that, especially with a veteran.
  6. Daniels could be a special player at C, his movement skills on the pull and his ability to anchor against power are really impressive.
  7. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    His pass rush is probably upper tier for NTs if you look at them as a separate position group. 3-5 sacks from your true NT is pretty awesome production. Eddie averages 4 sacks per season starting.
  8. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    In comparison to the others on the list it is a fact that he is the turd of the group. Facts -Always injured -Not productive
  9. Coward is a legit player. He was awesome in the preseason last year. RG 2020
  10. Sowell will make it as an OLmen, this is just an offseason thing. He will fill a bunch of roles -Short yardage TE -FB -Back up OT Who else makes it on the OL?
  11. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    We were talking about how good Pace has been in the 2nd round specifically Goldman and how Shaheen really is the turd on the resume.
  12. Bears OTAs and News

    Yes. We know Cody has maxed out at being very good. Let’s see what Daniels can do at his natural position.
  13. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    Bradley Sowell coming for Shaheen's job. Probably a speed upgrade at the Y [I am joking Shaheen defenders].
  14. Bears OTAs and News

    That is the right move. Whitehair is a good center, he is not dominant. If you think there is a chance Daniels can be dominant at OG you move him.
  15. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    I will be interested to see if Braunecker can unseat Shaheen. Braunecker only had 3 catches last season, 2 of them were for 18 and 20 air yards, which is a couple little flashes of dynamic ability.