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  1. FFMD II '20 - Chicago Bears Front Office

    My perfect scenario 43. WR there is so much talent that should be there. Unless one of the top 6 OTs falls. 50. trade down Late 2nd or early 3rd and land an OG or OT. Not having a 3rd or 4th round picks is an issue. S, CB, TE can be addressed in these rounds withe adequete value
  2. FFMD II '20 - Chicago Bears Front Office

    Very collaborative, even with very sensitive people. Just know we are drafting some damn OLmen if I am in charge.
  3. Post Combine Mock 2020

    After the Daniels disaster my guess is no matter what you see Whitehair there. He is probably best there as well.
  4. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    They would be competition. We are well past players of consequence. Sign Osemele to see if he is healthy and can still play. Sign Jared Veldheers Draft a couple guys m Bring them all to camp and see what shakes out.
  5. Post Combine Mock 2020

    They aren’t starting a rookie at C with no offseason. He is starting out at RG. James Daniels flopped at it after a full season in the system. They aren’t handing the job to a rookie.
  6. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    I expect them to bring in at least 1 more veteran offensive lineman. Maybe 2. They will roll with 14-15 into camp so they have bodies to run the reps they need. Generally you have 3 full group.
  7. Post Combine Mock 2020

    My issue is it is changing the wrong direction for midget OLmen. Taller, longer, more athletic DLmen are moving inside as teams pass more and pass rush becomes more important.
  8. Current Cap Situation

    Time to go to the bank of Mack and we can also extend Hicks who is out of guaranteed money.
  9. Post Combine Mock 2020

    He looks athletic against Pac 12 defenses. His testing was downright bad. 6’1” is tiny. I am not sure you will find more than a tiny number of NFL OLmen who are thriving at that height.
  10. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    You are correct. Those are the positions where he did the double dip and still missed.
  11. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    Coming off injury, being cut half way through the season, 3 weeks into free agency, I doubt he is looking for 5 million.
  12. Post Combine Mock 2020

    If you're an undersized limited athlete your technique needs to be exceptional every rep to make up for those limitations.
  13. Post Combine Mock 2020

    Jason Kelce is flanked by some bigger boys. It is the lack of reach and power that concerns me. He is a positional blocker and we already have 3 of those.
  14. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    Or the Bears TE position. Or the Bears WR position pre Robinsons OLB pre Mack trade QB the entire Pace tenure
  15. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    They still need to sign guys. They have close to 30 open roster spots. Unless they are bringing in the largest UDFA class in history, more signings are coming.