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  1. Evaluating Pace

    Ejector seat.
  2. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    The quickest way for them to be good is for Mitch to magically rise like a Phoenix,
  3. Evaluating Pace

    0 playoff wins. 1 playoff appearance 4 losing seasons
  4. Evaluating Pace

    Average, plus a historic bad QB choice that drops him well below average.
  5. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Yeah, that seems to be the outlier because if circumstance. GMs seem to either ride the bust too long [Bortles, Winston, Mariota] or they get fired. I would prefer to fire Pace then ride the bust too long and for too much money.
  6. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    This is my #1 fear. It has been super rare for GMs to move on from high 1st round bust QBs. They hang on for dear life hoping that they get better. I am terrified that Pace is going to double down on Mitch and give him another year, or even worse pick up his option. He and Pace are tied together and I think it will be hard for him to give up on him.
  7. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    I would love for him to do well. But he is a broken mess right now and I think the ship has sailed on him being a starting QB.
  8. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    Very close. Bourbon interests me because from the little I have had and the reading I have done there are very diverse flavor profiles. Where as in my experience with the Rye Whiskeys the base is very similar with a few different notes. Kind of like scotch where the base tastes similar with different levels of earthyness and smoke depending on brand.
  9. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    "Matt Nagy is going to step to the podium at the end of the season and say that Mitchell Trubisky is our guy. I'm telling you it's going to happen. They are not going to go in a say we are evaluating the position. I'm warning you Bears fans." - @richeisen on The Rich Eisen Show FIRE EVERYONE
  10. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    Bourbon is one that I would like to learn more about. It is not very common in Canada. The Rye Whiskeys are more popular. Crown Royal Northern Harvest
  11. Can Anyone Imagine This Playing Out?

    I think my dream scenario, and I know it is petty, knowing that Pace is staying is that George walks into his office and says that someone's head is going to roll for Trubisky being a bust and Pace can decide. Someone from team "conviction" goes under the bus for Pace.
  12. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Pat McAfee brings up a good point.The most impressive thing that Pace could do is pull the plug on Mitch and move on. To me that would show that he is existing in reality and trying to win games.
  13. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    All QBs have faults. The problem is that Mitch's [reading defenses, footwork and accuracy] are fatal flaws.
  14. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    1. A ton of pressure heading into year 2, Bears 100, hie expectations. He cracked. 2. As stated above 101 was a lot of simply gimmick stuff and NFL DCs are not going to fall for it. Now that they are forced to run real stuff he is struggling. 3. WRs and OL came back down to Earth after having really good years last year. 4. NFL DCs now know his critical faults, reading zone and deeper accuracy, and they are giving those to him with no fear and taking away everything else.
  15. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    If you are keeping Pace you need to allow him to do what he has to do to address the QB spot. You cannot keep him with restrictions. Trading up for a QB makes sense because the 5th year option is such a benefit. I agree with you that Pace sucks, but if you keep him you have to let him operate as the GM.