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  1. I would love a Morgan-Daboll pairing. Maybe grab Jerod Mayo to be DC or keep Desai.
  2. I worry about guys like Brady and Moore as they are so young and new to the scene. Moore has worked under Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy... hardly the mentors one would like.
  3. Cody Whitehair has been pretty bad this season. Not sure what the Bears can do about it, but he was bad yesterday.
  4. Whatever the excuses this offense blows and has blown for 3 years with many different QBs I am Not sure what Nagy’s argument will be at the end of the season.
  5. Pre ACL. I don’t think we have ever really seen that deep jump ball dominator that he was before the injury.
  6. Done. Give me the more dynamic player on a 15/season deal with no guarantees.
  7. That is commendable. But catching 100 contested 5-8 yard hooks is neither productive or impressive. He was 59th in yards per catch, 57th in yards per target, and still only 98th in catch percentage. The Bears throw a ton of short, contested passes to Robinson that he catches and generates next to no YAC. That model is why the offense sucks.
  8. This identity fits the personnel better. We do not have the OL to shotgun pass the ball 50 times a game. We do not have the weapons to generate a ton of YAC yards. We don't have a QB who's strength is short passes... he is a deep passer. I am beyond interested to see if Nagy can leave his "system" and lean into this. Would be a major ego check.
  9. I do not think he coaches scared in terms of the team and macro decisions. I think he is pretty average in terms of aggressiveness. I think as a play caller he panics almost immediately and starts running his terrible quick game crap. He needs to stay away from the play sheet, because he really sucks at it.
  10. I wouldn't be upset if Nagy is canned at all. But being a good CEO is a valuable thing. Running an NFL team and managing a locker room is hard, and he does that part of the job pretty well. He is his own worst enemy. If he can stay out of play calling then he may survive.
  11. We are throwing deep with Fields at the highest percentage in the league... outside of Mooney.. our guys do not seperate.
  12. If Nagy and Pace really lean into this identity that they have found... I think it is more likely they are extended at the end of the season then fired. Nagy not calling plays has allowed him not to be a problem and to focus on coaching and it has also let Pace's talent acquisition breath a little.
  13. It is also that Robinson is routinely among the WRs in the league with the least seperation.
  14. If Nagy can keep the play sheet out of his hands and lean into this run game and deep passing attack... I doubt that he or Pace are gone.
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