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  1. If we can buy low on a top 5 pick who was decent as a rookie coming off a major injury we would have to be interested.
  2. I do not blame him. No QB, the offense sucks, the coach is a knock off Andy Reid, and everyone is probably getting fired.
  3. I think the only hope the Bears have of a massive trade up is 3-Miami, they have needs that can be addressed in the mid 1st and they are not top 3 bad in terms of overall talent. 5-Cincinnati, if Sewell is gone they may want to move back and add multiple players to their OL in a more value conscious spot. I am also read they have never traded down in round 1. Outside of that I cannot see many teams in the top 5-8 picks interested in bypassing the top end talent.
  4. Robinson sure is putting the full court press in the media on wanting out and not to be tagged. He was on with Collinsworth talking about how much he loved NY and trains there in the offseason.
  5. Pace isn't going to say anything because he knows he is 90% fired. He needs to complete a hail mary at QB this offseason and land a franchise guy with limited resources. Up until this point he has been an abysmal QB evaluator and hasn't been able to complete a 5 yard out let alone a hail mary.
  6. He was not bad. But he was way over paid for a guy who literally only added value to the offense in the redzone. The offense got better when Kmet played because he can actually block and does not pose walk his routes.
  7. I hate the lazy analysis. Graham did not exceed expectations. He did one thing well and was unplayable for the other 80 yards of the field.
  8. Agreed. If I was him I would be trying to land Wilson as well. He isn't getting close to 7 million on the open market.
  9. Why do you think Graham is going all out to recruit him? Likely means he keeps his gig and his 7 million.
  10. Who do you guys think wins a QB battle between Foles Brissett Trask
  11. The Eagles traded from 16 to 2 to take Carson Wentz. They moved to 8 initially and then to 2.
  12. It would cost a ton, but it’s possible. If Miami wants Robinson it would be easier. I still think the best thing for the Bears is if Watson or Wilson get traded and the Bears can get a discount on who they replace.
  13. I feel like golfing on Sundays until it gets too cold in the fall.
  14. He has leverage because the Bears do not have the cap space or talent to survive a prolonged hold out.
  15. That would be fine as well.
  16. I would trade the Seahawks whatever they wanted and I would make Wilson the assistant GM if he wanted the title.
  17. Trubisky not being good doesn’t mean we should stop looking for good physical tools. Trask has so many physical limitations that he would need to be perfect in everything else. There is no margin for error.
  18. What would I like in an ideal world -Pace fires Nagy -Pace then resigns. -George fired Ted and hires Peyton Manning or Gary Fencik as President. -They hire a GM who has some experience with young QBs. -He hires a HC with some experience. -Sometime over the next 2 years they add a young QB.
  19. For the record I don’t mind that Pace isn’t giving Robinson whatever he wants. But this is a mess of Pace’s making. This would not be as big a deal if Robinson wasn’t the only offensive difference maker on bad offense that has to get better. Pace’s offensive incompetence has left Robinson with more leverage than he should have.
  20. It’s really all he can do. He already did the shut up and play thing all season. I think he is using the media to establish his position. He knows the fans have turned on the GM and HC and he wants to keep himself in the more positive position.
  21. I agree. But most guys who are tagged are coming off of their rookie deals. Robinson already has 50 million in earnings. He has more of a war chest to hold out.
  22. Lance’s physical tools are so much better than Trask. That will always win out. Trask is Nick Foles
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