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  1. Monty is the only one who is close to that level. He is consistently good.
  2. Sure, we have never had one of those either. A good QB does not make Jimmy Graham block a CB for a walk in TD. That is an individual talent issue.
  3. We have also had mostly dollar store talent on offense, which Nagy can't avoid some blame for, but we have always struggled to execute on an individual level. We need to find some elite players on offense. We have none. The elite players on our team are all on defense. We need an offensive Roquan or Hicks, that isn't the QB.
  4. Agreed. With the way that Ifedi is playing I wondering if they keep him, re-sign Daniels, add a C let Robinson walk, as I think he is going to anyway, and then use the draft to build the WR core.
  5. Ifedi has played really well. If he keeps this up we may need to talk about extending him and then have Borom and Jenkins battle it out at LT. C is a pressing need. I would expect someone to be drafted early to take over the spot next year. For this year I would like to see Bars given a chance.
  6. The tackle play has been pretty good. The OGs we’re much better with no Donald. Mustipher is not a starter. He is too weak and that is after an offseason of adding bulk.
  7. We also have to rebuild the entire WR core.
  8. The tibia and femur crunch into each other, which is why it is often first diagnosed as a knee ligament. The hamstring is suppose to keep that from happening by keeping the femur at the top of the knee joint. A wrong step when the hamstring isn’t engaged can cause the bones to crunch down on to each other.
  9. Start Fields We need to get these rookie growing pains out of the way so that we can get to the good stuff. Delaying that was always stupid. He can clearly make enough plays to produce and protect himself.
  10. Mack is no longer a dominant player. He is 30 with a ton of violent miles on his body. He is still a very good player, but the scheme needs to help him out more.
  11. That was 4-5 plays away from being a 20 point blow out. That is why the limited reps Fields got with the ones was always pretty dumb. I was actually encouraged by the offense, in a less than productive day.
  12. Can they go back in time and unpau him? Eddie’s wallet got heavy and he got soft.
  13. Nichols is more important than Hicks and the defense is already overpaid in 2022. I wouldn’t even insult Hicks by offering him a contract.
  14. The Fire Pace Bandwagon seems to have grown. I am glad I reserved seats for the late arrivers.
  15. He is correct. Too bad the Bears didn’t realize it like most of us, the war chest for 2022 could have been bigger. But alas, Pace and Nagy over rating their in house talent is like the leaves turning colors… a given in the fall.
  16. James Daniels to me is a salary cap lynch pin players. If he plays well this season and we can extend him then the money and priorities on offense shift. If not, the OL becomes a major need and an area that could be a drain on the available resources.
  17. Its not good. We should be functional, but massive sweeping change is not going to happen.
  18. We have to stop that at some point. Mack's contract is already a time bomb.
  19. 2022 Cap Space: 42 million 2022 Dead Money Leno: 2.8 Ridley: .2 Dalton: 5 Ifedi: 1.5 Gipson: .75 James: .5 Williams: .37 Graham: 4.6 31 players currently under contract for 2022. Possible Cuts [Savings/Dead Money] Robert Quinn: 6.2 Nick Foles: 3 Danny Trevathan: 3.5 Eddie Jackson 6 Quinn 3.1 [22], 6.2 [23] Foles 7.6 Trevathan: 2.5 [22], 6.5 [23] Jackson: 8.9[22], 8.9 [23] Potential 2022 Cap Space: 60.7 million Players Needed: 26 [-2 draft picks] Dead Money: 37 [22], 22 [23] It seems like a nice number until you r
  20. Pace's draft issues -He does not draft may elite players, true difference makers. -He trades away picks too often and many times the moves have not worked out which makes the miss hurt even more. -He never has enough picks, which leaves us needing to extend ourselves in free agency.
  21. Our cap situation isn’t good. We have about 40 million in cap space and can clear another 10 pretty easily. We also have 40 million in dead money, which is epicly bad. We will split it 25/15 into 2023 and further waste resources in Fields rookie deal. We also only have 28 players under contract and only 2 draft picks that will count towards the 51, which means that the 40 million will have to sign 23 guys. We will be functional, but not big stacks at the table in reality. We likely need to sign a ton of teir 2 and 3 guys and continue to backload them deals
  22. He hasn’t been good for 17 games and counting. His tackling is beyond pathetic and he doesn’t make plays on the ball anymore. He makes 15/season. I am done with excuses.
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