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  1. TheVillain112 2018 Mock v1.0...

    love it
  2. Bodine is gone!

    Signed by the Bills. Thank you Buffalo! That has to be their thank you for their playoff birth last year it is a 2 year deal. no word on money yet
  3. Draft watch

    the crazy love affair continues. Kevin Minter is visiting Buffalo as well
  4. Hokie Mock 1.0

    Any IU player is a home run, you bite your tongue
  5. Draft watch

    I honestly believe the #Bengals coaches / FO were OK with Bodine being back - but from what I understand at not nearly the length/cost he wanted/expected. And while there was interest elsewhere in the league - clearly teams made decisions & now he’s scrambling. per Jim O on twitter
  6. Draft watch

    The weird obsession with buffalo continues as bodine is visiting there. Please god sign him so we no longer have to worry
  7. Draft watch

    From what I have seen most people have Daniels ranked higher. But I don’t care. Just get me a C at 21
  8. Draft watch

    Lap says the bengals like Billy Price at 21
  9. Bengals sign Matt Barkley

    Eh. Maybe late. Driskell being hurt allows it.
  10. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    More I read up, he is very similar to minter. Tackling machine but a run stopper. Not really good in coverage. Not sure why we continue to sign the same player st LB every year. Isn’t that the definition of insanity
  11. Bengals sign Matt Barkley

    Eh. He is not very good. But they are familiar with him I guess. I’m ok with it based on who else is out there
  12. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    1 year deal. Don’t know a ton about him honestly
  13. 4 Rounds of Heaven With Trades

    Daniels at 21 and I would love it
  14. Eifert

    J is clearly on one today...what a jerk
  15. Eifert

    done in FA, doesnt mean we cant resign our own right?