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  1. The Bengals Offense Under Bill Lazor

    Hobson is pumping them out? What a shock
  2. Eifert to IR

    unreal how that guy just can't stay healthy. We better not give him a big contract
  3. 5 Up, 5 down - Game 5

    Vigil is playing real well so far this year. MJ did great as a DT. The run blocking is laughable at this point. Cannot rely on our RBs to get yards when they are getting hit in the backfield every play.
  4. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    very happy with the game overall. They played well. Burfict was a monster. Kroft is playing well. We could really use a receiver like Ross instead of Lafell who can actually get seperation. Lawson is going to be sooo good.
  5. Tyler Boyd facing drug charges?

    i assume this is why he was benched....what the hell Boyd
  6. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    Bengals in a squeaker 256-0....
  7. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    I expect the Bengals to lose. Buffalo is playing really good. We need to get the running game going, but this O line will likely prevent that
  8. 1st Qrt PFF Grades

    I saw something that Whit has either only given up 1 sack or 1 pressure all year. So probably pretty good for him
  9. 1st Qrt PFF Grades

    they rate vigil low because they credit him with a lot of catches because of the zone scheme they run. So laughable how low that O line is rated...yet we let the best 2 players on the line walk in FA
  10. Top 5 draft pick

    Seeing them bring in Smith so early tells me that they realize they are sucking....so it wouldn't shock me. But the fact that they refuse to do anything with Bodine is a different story.
  11. Week 4 Bengals @ Browns

    Shocker.... I will be more shocked the days Eifert actually plays
  12. Top 5 draft pick

    The only time I really ever root for the Bengals to lose, is the last game of the season if we are out of it. Especially if it means our draft pick can change a few spots.
  13. The Running Game (or lack thereof)

    They subbed Smith in at both RT and LT on sunday. He actually played pretty well. Maybe we will see more of him rather than these "talented" OTs
  14. Top 5 draft pick

    while I love your optimism, that likely gets us a pick in the mid 20s.....and we get another Ced.
  15. Top 5 draft pick

    to get in the teens, you have to win 6 games or so....you think we are getting there?