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  1. Marvin Lewis done

    He is done after this year. 2 names rumored are Guenther and Darrin Simmons. God help us
  2. If the Bengals left Cincy...

    it's tough because i root for them and have never lived in or really too close to Cincy. But it would make it difficult for me to really root for them as much. I dont have another team I would root for though because no chance it will be the colts
  3. Duck's Mock Draft 2.0

    love it. Dont see the Bengals taking a G that high, but love it
  4. The new 2018 head coach is...

    Honestly not sure, but it needs to be someone that isn't here currently. I would love to see Matt Petricia get the role, but not sure he would be interested. I saw this scenario and it was interesting: Hire josh McDaniels as HC Hire Lane Kiffen as OC
  5. Duck's Mock Draft 1.0

    If the Bengals pass on O line for a DT ill be pissed
  6. Bengals/Bears?

    I am fine keeping Duke. But clean house on the coaching staff. If Paul Alexander stays employed I might find a new team
  7. Bengals/Bears?

    I wouldnt. It isnt good in any way. Spend more time in your barn
  8. Bengals/Bears?

    Yeah, I will be livid if we do an internal hire.
  9. Bengals/Bears?

    They clearly dont care any more. We are missing some key players, but the offense is awful.
  10. John Ross to IR

    god help us. Saw a tweet today that Ross has been hiding his shoulder injury from the team all year.
  11. John Ross to IR

    hopefully not. We need to clean house. New voices and fresh faces
  12. MNF- Bengals/Steelers

    Marvin Lewis being let go and some new leadership is the best way for any change to happen. Also guys like Ben retiring
  13. George Iloka Suspension Reduced to Fine

    lack of a taunt maybe?
  14. John Ross to IR

    What an absolute waste
  15. 2 Round Mock Draft - Volume 2 *TRADES*

    not sure what the bengals get in the trade, but leave them at 12 and give them best O lineman