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  1. Haha you are probably absolutely right. Gute has been a wildcard with his positional drafting but these tend to be the more desired position groups. I’m starting to lean to a O lineman but a lot will depend on King and Lindsey.
  2. Packers will roll through the NFC and face Mahomes and the Chiefs. I think the Packers will be able to establish the run and control the clock against the Chiefs. We win a nail biter 28-24. Resign: LT David Bakhtari Jamaal Williams: Kevin King: 1 Year 8.5 mil I think King will take a 1 year deal in order to hit the market when the salary cap is increased. Not Resigned: Corey Linsley: The O-Line hasnt seemed to miss a beat with him out.
  3. Defense played great. Would like to see more running but that’s very picky. honestly would just fair catch every punt and do not DO NOT run out any kick offs.
  4. If Waddle is available I think that would be a great pick!
  5. If I were to post the exact draft we just had with Love and Dillon you would have cussed me out as well. I enjoy the mocks for different perspectives and gives me the ability to research different players.
  6. Lol bro calm down and go on tinder and take out some of that anger. With how you judge talent I’m sure youll Do well on there.... if not try Grindr
  7. I honestly don’t think King is that good. So instead of paying him we can give Vernon a shot as well as our 3rd round pick. Adding fuller to the offense will be a nightmare for defenses.
  8. Thanks! I can see Fuller taking a 1 year deal to strike it rich the following year.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I am against paying good money for a running back but that’s just me. I like the idea of having a strong swing tackle in case of injury that can also take a year and learn from the vets. Keep Rogers protected is essential so I’m fine dumping draft capital at the OL.
  10. It’d be nice to showcase Boyle and hopefully create a market for him to be traded.
  11. I know I shared with you all that I recently got out of the military. I am a teacher now and just recently welcomed twins to our family. It has been awesome being able to watch football every Sunday now and just now starting my first Christmas Break. What is a better way to start than a mock! Welcome back all! We are looking good and am going to predict that we run the table and win the Super Bowl! I think the Chiefs will get knocked off by someone ( my bet is the Titans) and we end up beating the Colts in the Super Bowl. Resign: LT Da
  12. I’m thinking we go a 3/4 Defensive End, Corner, or O-Line.
  13. I was happy with Tavon Austin, Rodgers was hitting him in stride and he was getting upfield. He could have a big impact down the stretch.
  14. Thanks for the mock as I thoroughly enjoy reading them and getting a feel of the prospects. Anyone that says it’s crazy would have completely crapped on you for taking Love and Dillon in a mock last year. in Kevin Kings Instagram he constantly tags 100 million which he will never get obviously but I think he will chase the money.
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