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  1. Stupid question: I keep seeing runs that go out of bounds but the clock keeps running? Isnt it supposed to stop?
  2. If Rogers is gone 99.999999% chance Big Dawg retires.
  3. Your right about the Walter football. I don’t have the time to scout all the people so I enjoy reading up on them and then basing it off that. I understand that’s putting a lot of faith into one source but it is enjoyable
  4. I 100% want Rogers as the QB next year but I just realistically don’t see that happening.
  5. I'll have to keep an eye on him. I like Garett Wilson from OSU but he is pretty thin.
  6. I don’t think this draft has that #1 type of receiver to go after. I like the idea of putting multiple big bodies that can collapse the pocket on the line and have a good rotation.
  7. Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone. I am a high school teacher now since leaving the military and am currently on winter break and wanted to do a Mock. 2021 - 2022 Season Super Bowl: Packers vs Colts The packers win 35 - 24 Offseason: The Pack are in cap hell and Rogers understands that key pieces of the team are going to be leaving. Rogers works with the front office to make his departure as clean and professional as possible. Rogers provides the Packers with teams he would want to be traded too which include: Broncos, Steelers, and the Saints
  8. I thought Stokes earned a starting spot last night. He is damn sticky with his coverage.
  9. Didn’t we used to play raji at NT and Picket at 5 tech?
  10. Round 1: I was really hoping for Tevin Jenkins or Barmore. I’m good with the pick though, anytime we select a premium position I’m happy. Round 2: Happy with a interior lineman. Obviously wasn’t the highest ranked by draft guys but I trust our office. Round 3: Rogers is a steal and will be an immediate contributor. Round 4: Once again, happy with O- line picks. Round 5: Slayton is my crush of the draft. He has the ability to transform our defense if he is able to maintain conditioning. I like the rest and really feel that Hill was a steal in the 7th too
  11. Crazy.... mocked in everyone’s 1st round last year.
  12. Just sign Julio Jones when he’s cut and make everyone happy
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