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  1. Moretti's Prediction: - Beigel will become a reliable player, I estimate 6 sacks this year. - Herb Waters makes the team and is the surprise corner back of the group. - Equ St Brown proves to be the best reciever outside of Davante and Cobb. ***** My biggest hope**** Philbin commits to the run game. Honestly thought our defense played well last year but the offense kept getting three and outs and the defense was on the field 70 percent of the game. I predict a lot more shotgun run plays up the middle and a more clock oriented gameplan.
  2. Supplemental Draft

    I have been a fan of House in the past and still think he is a average starter when healthy, he just hasn’t been healthy. I thought he was most valuable as a leader for the young guys though. It is nice having a guy in the locker room that wants to be a Packer and has been a good example of how to carry yourself on and off the field.
  3. Supplemental Draft

    1. King 2. Tramon 3.Alexander 4. J. Jackson So you are right, they would be battling for the 5th corner spot. Imagine if this kid hit and so did King. Two 6'3 corners would be crazy.
  4. Supplemental Draft

    Depending on his agility scores, i'd give a third. I don't think anyone is talking about a 1st rounder. If the guy can win the 5th spot or beat out house why not?
  5. Supplemental Draft

  6. Supplemental Draft

    Just watched some quick tape of him and i'm impressed. With guys his size though it will all come down to his agility and quickness drills at his pro day to determine where he is drafted I think. If he has Kevin King type numbers I think your right about the 2nd round possibility.
  7. Supplemental Draft

    Has anyone watched him play? What round do you predict him going in?
  8. Supplemental Draft

    Double up the Alexanders's? Adonis Alexander of Virginia Tech is entering the Supplemental Draft. 6'3 205lb Alexander, 21, received what one scout described as a "big grade" from one of the scouting services NFL teams use and could've come out in the 2018 NFL Draft in April. But Alexander says he elected to return to school in part because he promised his parents he'd finish his degree. That was before his GPA sunk again, leaving him to file an appeal that was denied about a month ago, he said. He intends to hold a pro-day workout at the school in a few weeks, according to his agent, Andy Ross of SSG Football (a Virginia Tech alum), and take visits thereafter.
  9. That was my point though, Rip doesn't offer any threat other than blocking on offense. Lewis could fill that role and is more capable of catching a pass. Just a heads up, I really hate giving a handoff to a fullback.
  10. Anyone think Ripkowski could be in trouble with the signing of Lewis? Lewis could be used as a lead blocker and I thin we will be seeing a lot less full back sets with Philbin back.
  11. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    Love our double tight end look now!
  12. Wasn’t ESB suppose to be a 2nd round pick but slid to interviews. He has all the talent to start right away.
  13. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    I like the Jones/Montgomery combo much more.
  14. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I would MUCH rather spend the Dez money on a veteran pass rusher preferably Ayers.
  15. Camp Battles

    Hopefully Robert Ayers lol