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  1. I thought Stokes earned a starting spot last night. He is damn sticky with his coverage.
  2. I cannot stand the commentary
  3. Didn’t we used to play raji at NT and Picket at 5 tech?
  4. Round 1: I was really hoping for Tevin Jenkins or Barmore. I’m good with the pick though, anytime we select a premium position I’m happy. Round 2: Happy with a interior lineman. Obviously wasn’t the highest ranked by draft guys but I trust our office. Round 3: Rogers is a steal and will be an immediate contributor. Round 4: Once again, happy with O- line picks. Round 5: Slayton is my crush of the draft. He has the ability to transform our defense if he is able to maintain conditioning. I like the rest and really feel that Hill was a steal in the 7th too
  5. Crazy.... mocked in everyone’s 1st round last year.
  6. Just sign Julio Jones when he’s cut and make everyone happy
  7. Trade him! Taking Love last year we all new this was going to happen. If the best we can get is SF #3 and a little extra then take Oregon's left tackle and lets protect Love.
  8. As for cox, I had his as BPA. Can never have enough linebackers that can cover and are fast.
  9. First round, 29th overall Second round, 62nd overall Third round, 92nd overall Fourth round, 135th overallFourth round, 142nd overall (compensatory pick)Fifth round, 173rd overall Fifth round, 178th overall (compensatory pick)Sixth round, 214th overallSixth round, 220th overall (compensatory pick)Seventh round, 256th overall NFL Draft First round, 29th overall Sam Cosmi, OT, Texas Height: 6-6. Weight: 314. Projected 40 Time: 5.1. Projected Round (2021): 1-2. View Ranking History 4/3/21: Team sources who saw Cosmi to open the 2020 season said
  10. I have not watched any of Dylan Moses but what happened to him? Last year we were all hoping for him in the 1st and now I see him projected for 4th-6th?
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