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  1. Fun Bye Week Game

    More of who you let down, most of us like to think we could be a GM so we all have our favorite guys.
  2. Fun Bye Week Game

    I also has CRAZY high hope for Colt Lyeria I think his name was, talk about a talented dude.
  3. Fun Bye Week Game

    We just got the wrong big safety from V tech. Should have waited and got Kam lol
  4. Fun Bye Week Game

    Forgot about him, I think I still follow him on Instagram actually.
  5. Fun Bye Week Game

    Raji was pretty elite for the SB run though.
  6. Fun Bye Week Game

    It actually came down to Eddie Lacy or Datone for me. I really thought he could have been great.
  7. Fun Bye Week Game

    Who was a player the Packers drafted in the last ten years that you were really high on he let you down? Doesn't have to be a high pick. 2013 RD1 Datone Jones: Being from Southern California, I had watched Datone quite a bit and really thought he was going to be a dominant 5 tech. At the time we had Clay, Nick, Raji and I really thought Datone would benefit from them. He just never seemed to grasp the mental part of the game and I think Dom had his change positions if I remember right.
  8. Packers Lions Post Game

    I know Davante had great stats but he seems to bobble every catch he makes.
  9. Packers Lions Post Game

    When he was challenged, he was in perfect position. Dude is super fast.
  10. Packers Lions Post Game

    Aside from the taunting penalty, Tony Brown played a hell of a game! We might really have found a diamond in the rough.
  11. Rogers simply won’t throw to the open guy. It is there but he wants the big play.
  12. Moretti's mock draft #1

    Bored at work so here we go! Re signed: Clay Matthews: 2 yrs 15 mil Muhammad Wilkerson: 1yr 5 mil HHCD: 4 yr 37 mil Bashaud Breeland: 3 years 29 million (hoping he plays as a #1 cb this year) Marcedes Lewis: 1 year 4 mil Let Go: Randall Cobb Lance Kendricks Byron Bell Davon House Ty Montgomery Jake Ryan Free Agents: Jadeveon Clowney 4years 75 million: Gute has attempted to get Mack and has shown willingness to spend in free agency. Clowney would add so much to this defense. NFL Draft: packers pick: Packers pick 19th and Saints pick is 17th ( I expect some losses coming up) RD1 17th: Jonah Williams Tackle Alabama 6-5 300 RD1 #19 Montez Sweat: OLB Miss ST 6-6 245lb RD 2 Tyrie Cleveland WR Florida 6-2 205 RD3: Daelin Hayes: 3-4lb Notre Dame RD4: Damien Harris RB Bama 5-10 215 RD5: Chris Johnson: safety N. Alabama RD6: Lil' Jordan Humphrey 6-4 225 (slides due to off field) RD 7: Mitchell Wilcox S. Florida 6-4 245
  13. New Rules

    I never understood on the endzone fade routes why the CB's are not trained to let the receiver jump to catch the ball and simply hold the receiver up and walk him out of bounds. Usually the CB has their back to the qb and the wr jumps into the body of the cb which would make it easy to just carry the wr out of bounds.
  14. Packers Roster Cuts

    What really excites me is the athletes we are getting. It seemed like we were constantly smaller or slower than other teams.