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  1. I’ll be surprised if Mack doesn’t play, think he’ll be basically on a snap count but he’ll be out there rushing. i hope this is a game where signing Graham pays off and he gives the Bears’ defense fits
  2. Other Teams' Roster Cuts

    I like Brian Robinson, but The team gets no dead money making the move and saves $3.5 million on a 34 year old backup DE... makes business.
  3. Rodgers has for the bulk of his career played behind some very good offensive lines, add in that McCarthy will not play a back that is assignment sound and they negate much from a top level opposing front seven. When Rodgers line has been out matched, say against the Giants years ago, Rodgers was constantly on the run and in trouble.
  4. That Bears offense has the go against the best secondary in the league twice a year in Minnesota and a hopefully greatly improved Packers secondary as well. They definitely put their chips in offensive skill positions though; now about their offensive line....
  5. Yea, there is no margin of error for Mack being elite, he IS elite, it’s not like the Black and Silver give him super powers! The big gamble would have to be sustained health, we know he has what it takes today! Im curious as to “and a player”, I didn’t think of Chicago having any depth on offense, their deepest positions were d-line and linebacker...
  6. Other Teams' Roster Cuts

    Spriggs @ LT>>> Spriggs @ RT
  7. Other Teams' Roster Cuts

    I would imagine all the teams have their 53, maybe 54 right now and are just waiting on informing the players. Don’t think that would impact scouting/claims in any way. I feel like right now is when they’re trying to recruit players as they are informed to join the practice squad
  8. Other Teams' Roster Cuts

    You forgot the $5.5 in dead money over the next 2 years.... his contract was fully guaranteed
  9. Well damn! That isn’t the news I wanted to wake up to. Good move by the Bears, you get an impact all pro when you can, don’t seen much downside for them. If Trubisky is a hit for them, he will be able to make them contenders for the next 3-4 years. If he isn’t, then they still have to find their guy anyways. Green Bay needs to be able to generate pass rush to play in this division. In a way the trade helps the Packers this season. I feel good with Bakhtiari and Bulaga at tackle, Lewis able to block in line, and the interior to hold together. Who shouldn’t feel as comfortable is Kirk Cousins, that is an offensive line that can be assaulted and if the Bears steal one or both of their games against the Vikings that could be the difference in playoff seeds.
  10. Another for points allowed. Bend a lot of outstanding bend but don’t break defenses that gave up yardage only to tighten up when the field got short
  11. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Reincarnation of Kordell Stewart!
  12. This topic has more replies than 6 teams entire boards...
  13. I won’t argue against him being one of if not the best safety in the league but I read “Extend me or trade me” as, “I want more money now”. I just don’t see a guy who should be and probably will be the highest paid safety in the league as cost effective ?
  14. Isn’t Thomas 30 and upset about the $10ish million he is making this year?
  15. I give HaHa a big pass because of the last years of Capers. He’s in the same boat as Hyde and Hayward, especially Hayward who were players I didn’t want to see leave but knew Capers couldn’t utilize their skill set. With no pass rush and poor corner play there is just too much on the FS’s plate to thrive. HaHa is definitely above average talent wise, put him in a position where he can use instincts and can jump routes and his value will go back up to Pro Bowl level. When the rush can’t get to thsee qb and the corners can’t stick to their receivers HaHa is left trying to contain a passing game that has enough time to get all over the field and has 2-3 open options to go to, how as a safety can you defend that? At that point you are playing reactionary football not instinctive.