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  1. I grew up in a house where no one was a good cook, my mom fancied herself a fan of Julia Child but she was not. My breakfast options as a kid; Bran cereal(the kind that looks like rabbit food), an occasional Bisquick pancake and… eggs. Mom’s scrambled egg recipe(4 eggs) 1 stick Imperial Margarine Heat margarine to near boil Add Eggs swirl them around for 10 seconds or until yolk is broken Cook Until Eggs Bounce, Brown crunchy parts add flavor! Salt Generously! Do the eggs resemble a ski hill? Serve and Enjoy! No butter can not be substituted pepper
  2. I’ve tried, I really have because it makes everything more cost effective but I think any one meal four times in a week is the limit
  3. I agree he runs like a rb! He’s a freakish athlete for sure, but that’s what so many skill position players are. Great on Shanahan finding ways to utilize different and unique skill sets, always exciting when a coach plays to his team’s strengths
  4. He had 300 yards rushing this year… you think players such as Tyrek Hill, Kupp, Antonio Brown, Hopkins, Julio or past greats like Randy Moss or Steve Smith couldn’t have similar if not greater production in that role? Durability always becomes the factor in the end for runners, look no further than SF’s running back room
  5. I agree it can go both ways, I think most Packer fans know The Wisconsin Badgers regularly turn the #50 recruiting class into a top 20 team, it was more a disclaimer that there are countless variables in play when looking at a school’s draft success
  6. I would say there’s a case that can be made that Kevin Sumlin looks the other way at character flaws when recruiting talent. Johnny Manziel comes to mind. Still a lot of universities have a fairly high bust rates. The other head coach Keke had was Jimbo Fisher who recruited and coached JaMarcus Russell and Jamies Winston among others that had less than stellar moments that made headlines. Still don’t know what happened with Keke though
  7. Think Jacobs has to be considered, there were only 10 or so impact players drafted after him. Is he a home run, no, definitely a single, maybe a double. Everything is worse when you remember theRaiders had 7 1st round picks over those 4 years! Trading away Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. as for who was ultimately in charge I think it was Gruden.
  8. The run call was absolutely stupid 💯. Best case scenario it barely helps you, worst case… it ends the game
  9. But why would Green Bay want Carr? A stop gap QB at over $20million a year?
  10. That game hurt, I know the Rams were the top seed but damn it still stung it also the game when I realized Mike Sherman did not have it as a head coach…
  11. If a team wants to hire someone, they won’t wait, not when there are 7 other teams circling in the water after a coach too
  12. Lol. If it was my company I probably wouldn’t be on this forum, I would of hopefully be spending this week following the playoffs from the owner’s box wondering who my team was playing next week. (Coincidentally, company founder does in fact own a team)
  13. Absolutely! I have product sitting in a Texas port that I can’t even get trucked out of the port… been 3 months and My company does $140 billion in sales… if anyone had muscle to make things happen, we would, I can’t even imagine what small companies are dealing with getting product.
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