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  1. If he continues to play like last year an AAV of under $10 million is an absolute steal. Nick Senzel to SS!
  2. Bill Keurlic at 247 Sports crystal balled 2019 #2 pro style QB Grant Gunnell to the Buckeyes this week. In the past two years he's thrown for nearly 10,000 yards and 126 TD's. His school is around Houston and he had 507 pass attempts last year . He's the 53rd overall recruit in the country according to the composite . 6'6" 212 lbs already, he's got the size already and the frame to still add more good weight.
  3. DC Movie Universe

    New Gods? Really?
  4. 7 year, $66 million extension with a team option for an 8th year at $15 million. I'm absolutely thrilled at this extension. Even if we go through 2025, he'll still only be 33. We have him for all his prime years and aren't on the hook for multiple decline years. His improvement in plate discipline and defense at 3B last year were really good indicators that his value is going to hold up. I expect he hits higher than .260 as well. Hit .260/.367/.461 last year, I could see him posting a .280/.380/.500 line over the next few years with plus defense at 3B. Geno, along with Tucker Barnhart are my favorite Reds right now, so I'm pumped to see them both here the next 4 years at the minimum.
  5. Bond 25 - Danny Boyle to direct

    I think Boyle is a great choice. He'll bring some much needed energy to the script. Especially needed after the snoozefest that was Spectre.
  6. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    I kind of thought it was the general consensus. I agree that Redmayne was pretty good, but pretty much everyone else was bleh. My only real hope in this one is they let Depp and Law go nuts and run with their characters. I'm still in because my kids like it, but I was underwhelmed by this trailer.
  7. Hunter Greene made his first spring training start. 2 IP 0 R 0 H 1 BB 4 K 32 pitches 20 strikes Fastballl say 98-99, topped out at 101 Slider was 85-87 with good bite Curveball was solid at 78-80 The strike rate was a little lower than you'd like, but not terrible. The slider was generating a lot of buzz. That he gets that kind of velo with such a smooth delivery is amazing. He also looks like he has added muscle since this time last year. He looks imposing out on the mound.
  8. Hunter Greene made his first spring training start. Sat 98-99, Hit 101, 2 IP, 4 K, 1 BB, 0 H. Slider was generating some buzz too. Kid is still 18 until August.
  9. Eifert

    Don't crush my dreams
  10. Eifert

    I think we take the C we want in rd 1, then plug in the best OT available at 46 for the RT spot
  11. Moisturizers

    I use Cetaphil on my hands in the winter. They get crazy dry, especially since I'm diligent about washing hands quite often. With 4 kids in school my house is just on the right side of being declared an infectious disease zone by the CDC. It's scent free too, which I prefer.
  12. Which was better, The Sopranos or Breaking Bad?

    I'd lean towards Breaking Bad, albeit I tend to think both were a tad over rated. Both great, don't get me wrong.
  13. Salary Cap Space

    I'd be on board with extending Geno, Dunlap, Dennard, Kroft, and Clark Harris. Maybe 3 year extensions for Geno and Dunlap and a 5 year for Dennard. Get those done and we'd be in great shape going into next offseason.
  14. Draft watch

    2nd, the guy's film is being overshadowed by the combine, and he's still a manmountain