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  1. None of the above? I'll vote The Office between these two, but could never get into either. The "It was Dwight" was one of the best cold opens I've ever seen though.
  2. I agree, but I still think Casino Royale is the best Craig Bond movie.
  3. I loved doing these back in the day. There were a few Madden '05 franchises I got through all 30 years it allowed.
  4. No way of knowing what will happen, but should the Bengals add a legit OT in free agency, I think they would take Chase above Sewell, but with the roster they have at this moment, Sewell makes perfect sense.
  5. Good Bengals picks I don't think the Eagles drop from 6 to 18 without picking up a 2022 1st I'd say drop that 2023 1st to the Texans from the Panthers and then, maybe I could see Carolina doing that. I'm not sure if Darnold has the trade value of a 2nd rd pick, which is what it would take to move up from 12 to 23 I don't think the Pats would want Garrapolo back with his injury history, and especially not for a 2nd. Not sure if Lattimore goes for only a third even on the last year of his deal, I think he'll go for at least a 2nd and that any trade is likely contingent o
  6. Actually, it looks like all those properties are going to be on Hulu for now in the US, partially due to contracts and such.
  7. The adult Disney+ is going to be called either Star or Star+, i'm not sure which though. Paramount+ is the former CBS All Access, but with more stuff.\ EDIT::: Looks like it's just called Star, and it will be available February 23 for international users.
  8. I usually watch them on my Roku on the big TV though. And honestly, ads don't bother me much, especially when i'm not paying for it.
  9. Ideal first three rounds would be Montell Hearst, Nate Clinton, Brandon Lucas, although I doubt Lucas slides to the third. I don't think I would risk losing Clinton though.
  10. None of these new ones after Disney+ has even come close to making me sign up. I'm pretty much capped with Netflix, Prime (we have it anyway for shipping), Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+, and i'll occasionally watch something on Peacock, but only because I can for free with ads (which is a brilliant business model imo, get people in and then it will be easier to get them onto something and want to go ad free for $5 like Hulu got me). HBO Max nearly got my wife with Friends, but we just got the box set (got it really cheap too) and none of their current stuff really piques my interest. House of the Drag
  11. My wife watched it and I saw about half and that half was garbage. She didn't really care for it either.
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