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  1. Draft Talk 2020

    He's just saying that everyone on staff and in the front office would have been fired already if given your druthers. Good luck trying to find competent replacements with that kind of reputation after one year.
  2. I enjoyed the Defenders. It is probably helping that you aren't running into the negative fanboy reaction when it first aired.
  3. Star Wars Universe Thread

    Or it's easier to push back 6 months instead of 1 or 2 because of all said peoples short term commitments that were lined up after the series. I'll be surprised if principal photography on this is more than 6 weeks or so.
  4. Draft Talk 2020

    When he finally played last year, Glenn was our best olineman. Not the worst thing in the world if he is back, as long as he is ready to go and not a malcontent. I think that well is probably poisoned though.
  5. Fan Speak Mock Drafts (Pg 1 - 1/21)

    It'll be interesting to see how these mock draft boards change post senior bowl. I know Davon Hamilton should probably be moving up, along with a few other guys who had good weeks. I thought Hamilton was a mid round pick all along though, he has shown good steady improvement over his last 3 years at Ohio State.
  6. Draft Talk 2020

    The senior bowl is always bad about this too. I've probably heard about a dozen guys "moving themselves into rd 1 with a good senior bowl week" already. Maybe 2-3 actually change their stock that much. Geno Atkins was a monster senior bowl week and we still got him in round 4. Turns out that hype was absolutely real, haha, but I don't think the hype moves boards as much as draft twitter seems to think.
  7. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    I'm stocking up on Molotov cocktails just in case they don't take Burrow.
  8. Draft Talk 2020

    They may have missed on Sample, but people seem to be ok with how they "reached" for Tyler Boyd and Jessie Bates. Sometimes you miss. Thinking that every pick after that is going to miss too is just hyperbolic pessimism. They whiffed on Ced and Fisher too, it doesn't mean Jonah is doomed and we should avoid drafting oline now.
  9. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    OKC would seriously rally behind a NFL team
  10. What concerts did you just go/are you going to?

    I've seen Aerosmith 4-5 times, always a great show. Best one was down at Riverbend in Cincinnati, where they had a second stage at the edge of the grass where they came out and played 4 songs, and for those 4 songs I was front row. Metallica puts on a helluva show too. Just tons of energy in the crowd.
  11. What concerts did you just go/are you going to?

    I saw Korn back in the day on the Summer Sanitarium Tour when it was at Kentucky Speedway that had Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, Powerman 5000 and a few others. Korn was one of the worst live acts I have every seen, although that was something like 20 years ago. Probably didn't help their stage show that it was still light outside when they played. I probably still have this shirt somewhere.
  12. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Castellanos?

    He doesn't even turn 28 until March. Ideally sign him to a 3-4 year deal and have him for his prime. Castellanos is a 30 HR guy in GABP.
  13. Draft Talk 2020

    Whoever we take at 33, there is a good chance it will be a guy that people are saying "he won't be there" right now. Most likely I think it will be an OT or a WR. There will also be some surprise 1st rd picks, there always is, guys everyone has slated for day 2 or even day 3 sometimes.
  14. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Castellanos?

    A lot of Twitter buzz today about the Reds talking with Castellanos. Seems to be between the Reds and Rangers. Nick Senzel, CF Shogo Akiyama, RF Eugenio Suarez, 3B Mike Moustakas, 2B Nick Castellanos, LF Joey Votto, 1B Freddy Galvis, SS Tucker Barnhart, C BN: Jesse Winker, LF/1B BN: Phil Ervin, OF BN: Josh VanMeter, Util BN: Travis Jankowski, OF BN: Curt Casali, C Or the dream lineup: Shogo Akiyama, CF Francisco Lindor/Corey Seager, SS Eugenio Suarez, 3B Mike Moustakas, 2B Nick Castellanos, RF Joey Votto, 1B Jesse Winker/Phil Ervin platoon, LF Tucker Barnhart, C
  15. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    It all depends on what it takes to get him. 1st rd pick? Yeah, I'm not buying that for Pittman, but if you see him on the board in the 4th or 5th, I wouldn't let school affiliation get in the way of my scouting report if I thought he had a chance to be a good NFL WR.