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  1. The Official Recruiting Thread

    My theory is that next year is Teague's year with one of Chambers or Crowley providing depth (that'll be an interesting spring battle) and when recruiting 2021 backs they are going after a 5 star talent with the thought that they can come in like JK and be the man right away, or at least have a legitimate shot at the opportunity to earn that (since I doubt anything is just given at a place like Ohio State)
  2. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    I loved the latest episode personally. Basically could've dropped in Clint Eastwood circa 1969 in there and not missed a beat. The rouge with the heart of gold meeting unexpected allies and dangers along his path which we don't know where it leads. I will agree that they need to reign things back in and drive the plot a little more though. The first two episodes built up the plot great, but the three since have worked mostly just to flesh out Mando and extended universe moreso than what his journey entails.
  3. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    If I want to see Jason Mamoa kick *** in the woods, i'll just watch Frontier on Netflix, which has been on my to do list for a while, but likely isn't happening anytime soon.
  4. Wonder Woman 1984

    Pine was great in the first one, but they shouldn't have cheapened the character's sacrifice by bringing him back for this one, even if it is just an illusion or hallucination. That they felt he was needed makes me worried about the strength of the rest of the story.
  5. Bengals Rebuild - Madden 20 Franchise

    A SS winning the Heisman? Madden sim logic strikes again!
  6. GDT: Week 14 Bengals @ Browns

    I'd be decked out in Giants gear tonight if I owned any. Either way rooting hard for the Giants to officially end Philly's dumpster fire of a season this year. Philly 2019 = Cincy 2016.
  7. GDT: Week 14 Bengals @ Browns

    Honestly, unless you can point to several examples of gross incompetence, i'd say you should at least give a coach 3 years.
  8. Draft Talk 2020

    I think Burrow's arm strength is comparable to Dalton's now, which is better than it was when Dalton was coming out of college. Arm strength is something that can be increased some upon entering the NFL, as long as you have at least a solid baseline of arm strength to start with, which I think Burrow has.
  9. GDT: Week 14 Bengals @ Browns

    I think it would be silly to can Taylor after 1 year in which he was handed an aging roster that had several key injuries.
  10. No Time to Die - April 2020

    Craig's tenure as Bond has been a roller coaster. He can't seem to be in just a "solid" Bond movie. Casino Royale and Skyfall are both top 3 Bond movies for me. Only one I put up there with them is Goldfinger. But then QoS and Spectre are almost boring for large parts of the movie. I hope he can go out on a high note (assuming this is his last) and then in a few years we can get a good 12-13 year run from Richard Madden.
  11. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Haven't seen any of Rebels, but I might now that it's all on Disney+. I saw about 30% of the Clone Wars show because my kids went through that a couple years back.
  12. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Hey, i'm just over here excited to see what is next in the travels of Mando and Baby Yoda. The end of Episode 1 of this series has been the best Star Wars moment for me since the end part of Return of the Jedi.
  13. Bengals Rebuild - Madden 20 Franchise

    At a 98 OVR, is Tripp one of the best (highest rated) players in the entire league at this point?
  14. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Welcome Moose!

    My top 10 Reds prospects: Nick Lodolo, LHP Hunter Greene, RHP Tyler Stephenson, C Jose Garcia, SS Jonathan India, 3B Stuart Fairchild, OF Tony Santillan, RHP Mike Siani, CF TJ Friedl, OF Tyler Callihan, 2B
  15. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Welcome Moose!

    Reds supposedly offering Zack Wheeler $100+ million over 5 years. Scary injury history 2015-mid 2017, but the last two seasons he's thrown 182 and 195 IP. Could be the type of guy who could really thrive pitching under Derek Johnson and could potentially make the Reds a scary rotation. Turns 30 at the end of May so a 5 year deal only takes him through his age 33-34 season. Phillies are the other big bidder and have deeper pockets, but i'd still be happy if the Reds won out and took the risk. They are going for it, and doing it in a way to where they aren't bleeding the farm dry.