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  1. Watching the Harley Quinn show that's on HBO Max, it's fairly average so far. Favorite characters have probably been King Shark and Bane.
  2. I'm far more excited for a Shang Chi movie. Hard fail Sony, hard fail.
  3. The more other companies try to replicate what the MCU has done, the more impressive it is what Marvel actually pulled off.
  4. Listening to the Locked On Bengals podcast, apparently, Paul Alexander measured Carman's arms at 33.25", the medical combine measured Carman's arms as 33.25" and the second Clemson pro day they measured Carman's arms as 33.25". Only at Clemson's first pro day did Carman's arms get measured as 32.5" D'Ante Smith is supposedly already up to 305 as well after being as low as 283, then was 294 at the Senior Bowl. He apparently had issues keeping weight on during Covid protocols, which is a better problem than guys ballooning up in weight when they can't work out like they want.
  5. Bengals Ja'Marr Chase - 1 Jackson Carman - 79 Joseph Ossai - 58 Cam Sample - 96 Tyler Shelvin - 99 D'Ante Smith - 70 Evan McPherson - 2 Trey Hill - 63 Chris Evans - 25 Wyatt Hubert - 56
  6. LVIII won't have quite the same ring to it. Or LXXXIV
  7. I was good with either side of the Chase vs Sewell debate, so it didn't particularly hurt for me. Don't get me wrong, I think Sewell is a great prospect and I would have been both fine AND dandy to get him at 5, but i'm not convinced he is this generational prospect like some want to say. And apparently D'Ante Smith is normally around the 310 range but had trouble keep weight on around Covid protocols. I heard in podcasts that in the past he was up to almost 330 before he took his diet seriously and now is getting back up with proper training and diet. He was as low as 283, then was 294
  8. I loved what the Pats did on defense in this draft, and as long as Stevenson isn't expected to be a bell cow (which is rarely the case in NE) then I think he fits in well for a rotation of backs. Barmore and Perkins are really going to bolster the front 7.
  9. One of the best series finales in TV history..... until they did season 9.
  10. It actually comes together nicely at the end, but yeah, it's a head turner when you're in the middle.
  11. I mean, she's a genetically modified super clone (probably), they can have her look 30 at age 60 if they want. They have rapid aging for the clone soldiers, easy enough to say they changed something to make her age slowly. They can slide her into any show they want.
  12. I'm saying it now, Omega is going to show up in a different future series as an adult.
  13. That might work, but that also has them getting the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th QB still unless someone like Jacksonville or Cincinnati has the 1st pick and wants to pass on QB. I'll be surprised if either of those pick 1st though.
  14. The Lions problem now is going to be, that unless their defense is complete dog crap worst in the league, they are going to be too good to get an early QB, so they might have to ride with Goff for a while or hope they win the post first round QB lottery.
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