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  1. I likely won't watch much, but I'll at least check out a few to see how Obi is adjusting. I'm a Cincinnati sports fan, i'm more than used to rooting for crappy teams.
  2. I guess i'm a Knick's fan now with my fellow UD alumnus Obi Toppin on the team. This might be the first NBA regular season games I will actively seek out to watch in like a decade. Are there any Knicks fan on this site?
  3. I'm more excited for WandaVision than I am any MCU movie coming out in the next 16 months.
  4. I haven't watched these in a while, so i'm curious how I'll rank them now without quite as much recency bias. Also, once we start getting the legit series involved (Wandavision, Loki, FaTWS), i'm going to slot those right along with these. I'm super pumped for Wandavision. It will essentially be like it's own trilogy of material each series. Captain America: The Winter Solider Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Endgame Marvel's The Avengers Captain America: Civil War Thor: Ragnarok Iron Man Dr Strange Guardians of the Galaxy Captain America: The First Avenger Ant-Man Spider-Man: Homecoming Thor Spider-Man: Far From Home Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 Ant-Man and the Wasp Iron Man 2 Avengers: Age of Ultron Black Panther Captain Marvel Iron Man 3 The Incredible Hulk Thor: The Dark World Black Panther is one that seems to diminish with every re-watch for me and Jordan's performance feels more and more cartoonish when I see it again. The Spider-Mans I've been up and down on, but right in the middle feels about right for both. Everything 16 and above are all a lot of fun for me from start to finish, and even 17-20 have a lot of good qualities. The bottom 3 are the only ones with long stretches where i'm checked out.
  5. If we offer more money than anyone else, then I bet he comes here. Thuney has rings, he has prestige, now he's going to get paid.
  6. 1) Penei. If he's there, we have to take him unless we stumble *** backwards into 1 again, then you trade for the haul, but ideally, you stay top 3, pick up the haul, and still get Penei. 2) Almost has to be an edge rusher. Don't reach, but unless there is clearly better value elsewhere, then this has to be it. 3) I wouldn't say no to another olineman if that is where the value is, but you can be looking at a speed WR, a CB, a TE (cut Uzomah for cap savings), a DT for playable depth, maybe even moving on from Geno, lots of legit options here. 4) This will be right around pick 100, so go BPA here as you can maybe still get someone you have a 2nd round grade on 5) Around here is where I target a long term back up QB with big tools who is raw. Let him see how Burrow processes the mental side of the game and hone his game along with him and see if you can hit on a lottery ticket. 6) For God's sake, get a new kicker, and you should have your pick of the litter at the top of round 6 7) Make this a special teams pick, whether it be at WR, LB, TE, maybe a true FB?
  7. That non-fumble call was especially bad. The ball was literally turned 90 degrees sideways before his arm went forward. I'm pretty sure it was his wrist that moved it forward and not his hand at all.
  8. Lol, no one is comparing Carl Weathers to Denzel. I'll gladly agree he's not the greatest actor, but he fits this roll and this show well.
  9. LOL, the Jets are taking Lawrence if they are number 1.
  10. Get Dwayne Johnson and build him up as the main star, have him promote the hell out of it, and then butcher him 45 minutes in. It'd be a great swerve.
  11. Need a stud olineman, and a stud edge rusher. And we need to pull a Geno and get one of those with a rd 3 or 4 pick.
  12. I made a top 1000 on this site several years ago, top 200 and you're still in movies I loved. Honestly, top 500 were all very good or better.
  13. Missed this, but both polls went the way I would have voted
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