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  1. Storyline wise, The Bad Batch is really starting to get interesting. Very curious to see where they go from here. One minor annoyance about the show in general, they have them using the "stun" blasters way too much. When they are pinned down by vastly superior numbers, that kind of tactic could get them killed. For a supposedly elite force, you'd think they would realize that.
  2. Either Women's soccer isn't all that engaging, or Rapinoe is straight up point shaving. Saw the last 5-8 minutes of team USA's game just now and USA had like 4-5 good chances to press for a shot and she: Botched a corner kick that went past the goal entirely and out of bounds Passed behind an open team mate streaking towards the goal, this pass was uncontested Was trying to center the ball to attack and kicked it literally directly to the defender in front of her Got the ball stolen from her out on the wing AFTER juking the defender and getting past her Game ended
  3. Oh, I can totally see Disney being ruthless about it (This is the way), but legally she won't have a leg to stand on for breach of contract.
  4. If I was on that jury, she'd have a very tough time proving her case, because Disney is not at fault for the pandemic, nor would it be considered reasonable to delay much more than they did. They waited over a year to release it because of the pandemic, hard to see how that was acting in bad faith.
  5. MCU Wednesdays Star Wars Fridays The need to get some other properties going to hit Monday's, Tuesday's, and Thursday's.
  6. I'm trying to get at how this isn't to do with mental toughness.
  7. And every athlete she competes against in her events are jumping on pillows?
  8. How is this less true for any of the other athletes competing?
  9. Not sure why people trying to cash in on nostalgia immediately try to **** on the thing people loved in the first place. It has the opposite of the intended effect at that point, and it seems to be happening a lot in recent years. Should have called it Masters of the Universe then, that at least is ambiguous and was the original title back in the day.
  10. Can someone give me a spoiler for He-Man? I'm pretty sure I can guess based on reaction, but i'll never watch it so i'd like to hear it outright.
  11. That's an underrated movie imo. Everyone sees the names attached with Hanks, Speilberg, and a massive supporting cast, but it's really a quiet kind of movie with a heavily character driven plot and is about connection to your past/present/future. I think it moreso wasn't what people expected and it threw them off. I need to watch it again, it's been a while.
  12. That is where the dissonance comes in for me. If you're going to talk ****, you best be ready to back it up. Obviously I want her to be ok, but having that mental toughness is also part of competition. I'm not mad or anything, but it's noteworthy and a legitimate topic of discussion in my opinion.
  13. There is something very satisfying about watching the swimming events, especially the distance swimming events. Maybe just because it's impressive as hell swimming that fast for that long.
  14. Krumrie is likely the next defensive player
  15. SGA turned 23 a couple weeks ago, just saying. 2021-22 will be his age 23 season going forward. Odds are that if someone there is good enough for Detroit to trade back to 6 for SGA + 6, then the Thunder might be better off just taking that guy.
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