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  1. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Finley has not looked good through rookie camp and mini camp. He might get beat out by an UDFA who has looked significantly better. Probably not because he was a 4th rd pick, he'll get more chances. Either way, Ryan Finley wouldn't stop the Bengals from taking a QB if they are picking #1 overall. It won't matter anyway because the Bengals will win 3 of their last 4 games to finish 6-10 or 5-11 and lose out on a chance of getting elite talent. It's what they do.
  2. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Being a Cincinnati sports fan
  3. What movie are you watching?

    Batman Returns has a loooooot of cheese in it, but the original 1989 still holds up for me. Jack's take on the Joker is a very different kind of take than Ledger's, but I think the performances are close.
  4. They made a tree and raccoon into beloved characters after 1 movie, I think they could find a way to make it work.
  5. Could definitely pull it off with the wide array of characters that have been in both over the years. That said, the GotG are pretty much depicted as good guys on screen.
  6. X-Men have a few villains that I think could carry a 7-10 year movie arc spanning the entire MCU. We'll have to exclude Apocalypse and Phoenix since Fox has recently butchered those stories. Mr Sinister Onlaught The Phalanx The Sentinels As well as smaller but still good villains who could be smaller focus and more X-Men centric but still span multiple movies The Hellfire Club Magneto and his Acolytes (and Avalon) Brotherhood of Mutants Juggernaut
  7. They are filming scenes in Budapest right now, saw a picture of ScarJo on a motorcycle on Twitter yesterday from the set. They dropped hints across a few movies about Budapest so you have to think Hawkeye is in the movie in some capacity as well.
  8. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Lodolo Begins

    Nick Lodolo started his pro career last night with a scoreless inning with 2 K's. Gave up a single but then that guy was caught stealing. His innings will be limited after a full season at TCU, i'd expect about 40 IP the rest of the season for him after around 100 IP in the college season.
  9. What movie are you watching?

    My kids hadn't seen Batman Begins so we watched that as a family last night. It really drives home how much better the Nolan trilogy was than what we are getting from WB/DC movies today. The best of the current DCEU (Mos/WW/Aquaman) don't even touch Batman Begins in terms of quality, storytelling, direction, and pacing. They are all gung ho to watch The Dark Knight now, which we'll get to sometime in the next few days.
  10. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Extra footage?
  11. I answered this a long time ago with a single line answer, but i'll go a little deeper now. Why Gladiator is my favorite movie. The Story It's a damn good story. Starting off with an epic battle scene which fits into the movie and introduces you to the characters and sets the pieces for all the plot development that happens later. After 15 minutes you've had spectacle, a good 8 character arcs set up, the back story fleshed out, motivations shown, and paths set. Even more impressive is that none of this feels rushed. Immediately after this setup it immediately moves into the first of 3 major shifts in the story as the hero is betrayed but fights his way out of it only for it to still end in tragedy for him. From here begins a slow path back from the brink to find purpose and eventually find a path for his revenge, but this path itself is wildly entertaining while continuing to flesh out the main character as well as introduce 3 more important supporting characters who each have their own particular interesting back stories which are quickly established. By the time we finally get the main character back to Rome, everything is clicking and the rest of the movie starts tying all the loose ends together and the groundwork laid by hints, settings, and subtle lines earlier in the movie. End it all with a pitch perfect bittersweet ending and by the conclusion it's been an experience. The Dialogue This movie is eminently quotable. "Are you not entertained?!?", "My name is Maximus, Decimus Meridius...." speech, "Brothes...what we do in life, echos in eternity", "At my signal, unleash hell", "I knew a man once who said 'Death smiles as us all. All a man can do is smile back", "Smile for me now brother", and so many more. Not even going to try to retype all the great back and forth dialogue between characters that isn't as quotable. Just a tight script from start to finish. The Technical Aspects I love the cinematography in this movie. You also have a director in Ridley Scott at the top of his game. I watched a featurette once on how they did the CGI for the coliseum and a lot of the work they did there really came off well. The editing and sound mixing are also top notch if you are in to that type of thing, and how the score blends into the story seamlessly and build the tension. Just fantastic. The Score To me, this score by Hans Zimmer is hands down the best score of all time. I can listed to the soundtrack for this all the way through (each track leads into the next like the whole is one piece of music) multiple times a day and never get bored of it. There are subtle themes and brash horns to accentuate the action and great cues that tie into the technical aspects listed above. It may not have the highlights and memorable themes of a John Williams score, but from start to finish this is as flawless of a score as I have ever heard. The Acting Here we have Russell Crowe, one of the best actors of his generation, at the height of his prowess delivering both the brutal physical acting necessary for the role while also pulling off the subtly needed from a more nuanced than expected character in Maximus. Joaquin Phoenix is just phenomenal as Commodus and just delights in making your skin crawl in his role while also showing the fear and anxiety in the character that drives his motivations. Oliver Reed's last role in his legendary career and you can argue that it's also one of his best as well, he gives Proximo a depth you'd never expect with the limited screen time he has. A+ supporting work as well from Connie Nielsen, Djimon Honsou, Richard Harris, and Tommy Flanigan. A great ensemble cast that make it all work when it could have fallen apart with a bad performance in the wrong spot. It's an easy A+ movie for me. I've probably seen it more than 50 times.
  12. My wife is pretty hyped for season 3 of Jessica Jones. We still haven't watched Punisher season 2 or Daredevil season 3 though, are those required before JJS3? Didn't they make a second season of Iron Fist? If so, haven't seen that either.