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  1. Pretty sure I saw on Twitter that PFF had Sample as our highest rated player in the game.
  2. Tom Cruise is one of the biggest action stars of all time. You really don't need to worry about height.
  3. Just watched the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale and not quite sure what to think yet. They are laying it on pretty thick. I'll probably watch episode 2, but i'm not sold yet.
  4. Oof, that's a bad beat. That's a tough injury for an athlete to overcome.
  5. For just a second I didn't realize that was Homelander fantasizing.
  6. Well, we do have maybe the best offensive line in the country and a horse of a RB in Master Teague. Not sure I would exactly call that a level playing field for other teams.
  7. Burrow was running for his life, that he got 3 TD with no picks is amazing with the constant pressure he was facing. He's the real deal. Call AJ Green rusty if you want, but how do your hands get rusty? Saw at least 3 balls bounce off his hands. Use that $18 million and sign the top OL in free agency next year. Take the Ross money and get another mid to upper tier OL free agent. Then draft edge rusher round one and a speed WR in round 2 to replace Ross and take a flyer on another speed receiver sometime on day 3. Our WR group is slow outside of Ross. Jessie Bates needs to not try ankle tackles every time, he must have had 5 missed tackles on Chubb and Hunt. Losing Tupou and Wren really hurt the DT depth and having Geno out is compounding that issue at DT, and then Daniels was out. Reader is good, but he can't do it all inside.
  8. I would have voted Godfather over all 4, but for this round i'll go with Empire and Die Hard.
  9. Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse
  10. Just finished up all four seasons of The Last Kingdom, which is one of the best series Netflix has produced so far. Peaky Blinders hit better highs, but I think The Last Kingdom is aging better as they get into later seasons.
  11. Week 1: Kansas City Cheifs Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals
  12. It is written. Manning to Luck to Lawrence. The luckiest franchise in NFL history.
  13. Yeah, I've never been keen on being on the bleeding edge for consoles. It's not like I have time to play much anyway, it's my kids that do almost all the gaming now, and most of their games aren't the resource hogs that need the new hardware anyway. Enjoy whatever this generations red ring of death is.
  14. I think my twins bought their One S for like $199 18 months ago. I think you got fleeced by 'Rona price gouging.
  15. I guarantee they will go back to the High Republic and younger Yoda at some point. I generally agree they shouldn't go back, but what going back does allow you to do is have the recorded history be a biased version of what really happened, and in some cases what was recorded be an outright lie. The further you go back, the more leeway you have to change things as long as there is something shown to record what we thought to be true somehow.
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