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  1. Time travel to any time period

    Lots of times I'd like to go back to, with the HUGE caveat being that I'd go back rich and upper class. If anyone thinks it sucks to be poor now, it REEEEAAALLLLY sucked to be poor before the 20th century. Renaissance Italy Rome after the Coliseum was built while they were still on top Napoleonic Wars Victorian England Medieval England USA Post War of 1812 I'm sure I could think of more if I took the time
  2. Time travel to any time period

    I can verify this. Was ages 9-19 in the 1990's. It was awesome.
  3. Most iconic football picture iyo?

    First thing that popped into my head
  4. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    Of course he won't, he wears yellow pants.
  5. Your dream career

    Sports GM. Either baseball or football, I'd love either. Fine with it just being a dream though, that job is a lot of time away from your family.
  6. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Staff Ace Deck McGuire

    Geno is about 10-15 lbs heavier now than he was when he was at SS. I don't think that move back works. If he can move back, fill in Scooter at 3B for a month or so until we bring Senzel up, and in the meantime use one of Peraza/Herrera/Blandino at 2B. Once Senzel is up, either move Scooter to 2B, or put him back in a super utility role. I think the Reds plan is to have Peraza at SS, move Geno to 2B, and have Scooter start at 3B until Senzel is ready and then move Scooter to the super utility role.
  7. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Tweets/Videos Get Embedded

    Eh, I thought John Manuel wasn't nearly as good as the previous couple of managing editors at BA. If BA is smart, they'll give JJ Cooper the reigns. Either him or Ben Badler.
  8. Your dream house

    Mine would be not so much a house, but a complex On the outskirts of a good sized suburb of a moderately sized city 5+ acres 6 Bedrooms 4 full baths Full finished basement 2 large storage sheds At least 2 stories Covered porch that goes around the entire house Balcony outside the master bedroom Indoor movie theater Indoor swimming pool indoor basketball court Outdoor swimming pool with waterslide Outdoor basketball court w/lights Baseball field w/lights Large open grass field for various sporting needs 4 car garage with attached workshop 2 person maintenance staff M-F 8-5 Personal chef for breakfast-lunch-dinner M-F Now I just need to go win that $181 million lottery.
  9. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    Burfict form tackles Le'Veon Bell with a perfect hit of shoulder pads to chest and is thrown out of the game for targeting and then suspended the rest of the season. Mike Mitchell spears Dalton in the face after launching head first and leaving the ground and returns the resulting fumble for a touchdown with no flag. Bengals 20 Stealers 24
  10. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    I think USC/Notre Dame is the better game of the two. Penn State wins by 2+ touchdowns.
  11. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12

    JT needs to stay aggressive downfield. Give Victor a chance at some jump balls. If they pack the box and JT hesitates to throw it downfield, then the offense will look just like Oklahoma.
  12. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    According to the rule, it was the right call. According to any sense of fair competitive spirit, it was complete BS. I think the NFL needs to change the rule, that if a ball is fumbled out of the end zone, the team that fumbled retains possession where forward progress with the ball was stopped before the fumble happened. Treat it just like if a ball is fumbled and it goes out of bounds on the sideline. Make he defense recover a fumble to get the ball. Don't let teams advance the ball on a fumble and make it a personal foul for a player to purposefully kick the ball out of the end zone to avoid a fumble being recovered.

    Favorite Team: Cincinnati Bengals Week 1: Atlanta Falcons Week 2: Oakland Raiders Week 3: New England Patriots Week 4: Seattle Seahawks Week 5: Philadelphia Eagles Week 6: Houston Texans Week 7: Tennessee Titans
  14. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Me and the wife watch all the Chicago shows (Justice got cancelled, Fire had a nice joke about not so many Lawyers at Molly's anymore when talking about the clientele). Was glad to see Antonio brought back into the fold after Justice. PD has come out real good so far this year. I thought the one with Bunk as the slimy alderman was the best of the new season so far.