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  1. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    If I'm the Indians, I trade Mejia before McKenzie, easy call. Mejia has an arm, the rest of the defense is more suspect than some here think. I think McKenzie has ToR potential.
  2. Taylor Trammell wins Futures Game MVP with a HR and a triple off the top of the wall. The HR went 438 feet.
  3. Fortnite

    Saw the new map at lunch when my kids were playing. I'm digging Paradise Palms and the update to Dusty Divot.
  4. Fortnite

    2 of my 3 kids who play hit tier 100 on the last day. The third hit tier 96 I caved and spent the $5 on the starter pack of vBucks to buy the last 4 tiers so he could get Omega too. Didn't tell him I was doing it, just did it last night and equipped it so he'll wake up this morning and see he has Omega when he plays. I assume he played pretty early as they are pretty excited for the new battle pass. They likely won't get season 6 or 7 as they won't have nearly as much time to play once school is back in session.
  5. All-Star Rosters Announced

    A 1.000+ OPS will help that cause. Casual fans love easy to digest stat lines.
  6. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    Tyler needs his alliance too step up and win some comps so he can blend into the group again. Level 6 is controlling the game solely because of Tyler. After Swaggy is gone, he'll be the biggest target in the house.

    Dodgers reported kicking the tires on Scooter Gennett after finding the price of a Machado rental too steep. Supposedly the O's wanted a deal that started with Keibert Ruiz.
  8. What movie are you watching v1

    Rewatched Captain America: The First Avenger. It holds up pretty well, maybe tinted a bit brighter with hindsight of what they have done with the character. Casting Chris Evans as Cap was just an absolute home run, and the supporting cast for this one is just excellent (Weaving, Tucci, Jones (Tommy Lee and Toby), Stan, Atwell, and Cooper are all excellent in their roles). A couple misfire scenes, but all in all it really flows well and is a good watch.
  9. I'm willing to hold any judgment until I see how Ep 9 finishes the story. I've enjoyed both movies so far. TFA moreso, probably because I'm a sucker for nostalgia. I think Rey's story arc was significantly better in 7 than 8, and I think Ren's story arc was significantly better in 8 than 7. I think they are wasting the potential Oscar Isaac could be bringing to his role with poor writing. Finn's story took a nose dive in 8, but I really enjoyed what they did with Luke.
  10. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    For the Reds I wouldn't consider it selling low if it brought Thor in return. For the Mets, I could see that as a reason they say no. I don't think I'd offer anything more though given Sydergaard's injury history.
  11. All-Star Rosters Announced

    Votto got in because they got tired of a guy pushing for an MVP after his traditional monster 2nd half not being an all star. Wasn't an all star in 2015, 2016, or 2017 and finished 3rd, 7th, and 2nd in MVP voting each of those years. Not saying it's right (it isn't), but that's why I think they did it.
  12. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Who has an ankle injury? Senzel had a finger ligament issue (which ended up not needing surgery, but he's likely done until the AFL), the rest of the guys are healthy.
  13. I hope Keri Russell is cast as one of the bad guys. She shines in those type of roles.
  14. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Our best CF is a RP

    Doug Gray at Redsminorleagues.com has updated his Reds top 25 post draft. Worth a look. Unlikely anyone outside the Reds organization knows the Reds system better. http://redsminorleagues.com/2018/07/09/2018-cincinnati-reds-top-25-prospect-list-update/
  15. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Who says no? Reds get: RHP Noah Syndergaard Mets get: 3B/2B Nick Senzel, C Tyler Stephenson, SS Jeter Downs, RHP Keury Mella