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  1. It's a deep slot WR draft, there are very few guys I like who can play outside, and Bateman is one of those.
  2. That may very well happen, but the Bengals immediate need for 2021 is at RG, they aren't forced to take a T prospect. If their top G or C prospect (many NFL C's start out their rookie year at G before kicking inside in year 2) is still there, that is just as viable an option. Plus, the Bengals need either a WR1, or a WR4. Tee Higgins might turn into a 1, but what depth if he is your 2, with Tyler Boyd going to be in the slot regardless most of the time.
  3. Sermon was in the 4th, I took Joe Tryon in the third
  4. That thing went deeper into that tree deeper than a single axe stroke would. You miss, that thing is taking your head clean off if you want to go with real physics as opposed to vibranium mcu physics.
  5. The Good? Holy crap, Tevin Jenkins still there at 38. The Bad? Milton Williams goes at 61, PFN moved him up to their 63rd overall rated player. 5. Ja'Marr Chase WR LSU 38. Teven Jenkins OT Oklahoma State 69. Joe Tryon EDGE Washington 111. Trey
  6. Made me think for a second, i've been posting on FF for 17 ******* years. Holy ****!
  7. I thought it'd be an action packed, Flag Smasher/Walker hunting episode, and it ended up being very much different and somehow better than what I was expecting. The opening sequence was about what I expected half the episode to be, but they pulled that off well. I really liked how they got to the nitty gritty of what it means to be Captain America and why people see it differently, and Sam's take on it towards the end brought it all together. Very well done. The cameo is yet another masterstroke for the MCU in terms of casting and will absolutely be involved going forward. About t
  8. I did the accept every trade down thing with the Jaguars and ended up with 5 1st rd picks, 11 2nd rd picks, and 14 3rd rd picks in 2022, haha.
  9. I don't think it's a problem per se, we just go IOL and RT becomes a Day 1-2 need next year still, unless we retain Reiff. We need the talent infusion inside just as badly as we need RT.
  10. Yeah, I think Leatherwood is likely higher on their board, but we could be wrong. Right idea though, so I won't quibble on the exact guy because every year it seems there is a different order than we expect, especially once you get past the first 2-3 guys at a position.
  11. Good pick and reasoning for the Bengals. Everything rumor wise coming out of Cincy is pointing to Chase being the pick. I'll be fine if it was Sewell, but I think you nailed it.
  12. In this scenario we'd have 2 1st's, 5 2nd's, and 7 3rd's for 2022, haha, and maybe a comp 3rd, 15 top 100 picks!
  13. All that needs said. It is an abomination against God and Man.
  14. I'm good with either Sewell or Chase at 5 for the Bengals, but all signs are pointing to it being Chase.
  15. I won't be shocked if both push an hour, maybe over for the finale.
  16. Don't get me wrong, I would be thrilled with Sewell/Marshall, but at this point it really sounds like it is going to be Chase with OL at 38, for which this would be the worst scenario imaginable with EIGHT OT going in rd 1. If they did go Chase at 5, then i'd guess they'd trade down here and grab an IOL then. The Bengals almost never take TE's under 250 and Tremble is just over 240, unless they plan to use him as more of an H Back/FB than at TE. Not sure if they could pass on Basham at 69, and they are also very high on Milton Williams.
  17. I tend to agree about Darnold, and if he stinks this year, then odds are you might be in a better position to take QB in 2022.
  18. You only keep throwing darts if you are convinced the guy you have isn't it, because the moment you take that 2nd one, it's a big signal that you've given up on the one you have.
  19. That's the big thing with Browning. There are plays at OSU where he would make an insane play and then the next play he'd be in proper position and fill the wrong gap as the RB ran by him. I almost think he'd be better off bulking up and being an edge rusher.
  20. All this year really proved to me is that he isn't a boundary CB. Play him at S and/or in the slot and you are going to get an athletic playmaker who can cover and rush the passer some as well.
  21. The mirror drill is very useful for gauging reaction and lateral quickness and burst, but so much of line play is about how that is done through contact that even those have an asterisk next to it.
  22. The same insane athleticism that produced 0 sacks this year, and all of 7 in his 3 years at Penn State again far inferior competition on the whole than he will face in the NFL. That risk is a whole lot easier to swallow with a 2nd or 3rd rd pick than with 1st rd expectations. 1st rd edge players you want to be 10+ sack guys a year.
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