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  1. Seeing fanboys squeal on Facebook is always hilarious. "WHERE'S SULLY's MUSTAAAAAAAAAACCCCHHHHEEEE!!!!!!!"
  2. This is the kind of game the Bengals have to win to start changing the narrative about the franchise.
  3. He's also only just over a third of the way into the season. Hold this pace the next 5-6 games and then i'll take it a little more seriously. All it takes is 1 or 2 down games and these projections go poof. If he goes out and rushes 23 times for 65 yards next week with a fumble and the numbers change a lot. It's still way too early in the season to throw around GOAT season talk.
  4. I think both teams should wear orange color rush jerseys and let madness ensue!
  5. Then you get into the shenanigans of he'd break it in that 17th game, he'd still be short of the record after 16 games. Although in the 17 game season he would break it by about 100 yards on the current pace. I'm largely playing devil's advocate here, not trying to say what he's doing isn't great. On pace for 504 touches, that HAS to be a record. Looked it up and while it would be the record, not by as much as I thought, the current records is 492 touches by James Wilder in 1984. Larry Johnson's 2006 is 2nd with 457. NFL Touches Single-Season Leaders | Pro-Football-Reference.
  6. If Houston, the Jets, and the Colts all win I think the game is over, lol. Week 6 tiebreakers!
  7. You can think the award stale, but if you are actually awarding the most valuable player in the league then it will almost undeniably always be a quarterback, by far the most impactful position in the NFL. If you want a most outstanding player award to award someone like Henry who separates from their peers more so than any QB, then I could get behind that. Arguably, he might even lose that to Trevon Diggs though if he somehow kept up this insane interception rate. I'd also be looking more at scrimmage yards than just rushing yards if we were looking at a MOP award as well.
  8. National Treasure on steroids starring Tom Holland?
  9. I'm not saying he isn't great. He is, keeping up that level of production over that many reps is fairly amazing, but other than holding up under the workload, its not anything we haven't seen before. I even say he is a legit MVP candidate this year, i'm just not wowed beyond measure like social media seems to be just looking at raw yards and TD's.
  10. His quality is quantity. He's 13th in the league in yards per rush.
  11. Granted it's in one more game, but he's on pace to break the carries record by 43. On pace for 459 carries over a 17 game season, the 16 game carries record is 416 by Larry Johnson for KC in 2006. Eddie George carried it 403 times back in 2000. Even in a 16 game schedule he'd be on pace for 432 carries, breaking the record by 16.
  12. Everything with vaguely middle age themed warfare and/or magic is going to be billed as the next GoT, at least until one of these hits. Really hits.
  13. Thank you, I keep seeing all this goat talk and how amazing it is on social media, and don't get me wrong, Henry is a really good back, but the only thing that really stands out about him is his durability SO FAR. If he flames out from the workload in the next couple of years, then he's just another good back in NFL history. He's averaging 4.8 ypc this season. That's very good, but it's also 12th amongst RB in the league and 13th overall (Lamar Jackson #1 overall at 6.1 ypc). Huzzah to his durability and consistent production over that many carries, that IS remarkable, but I tend to think
  14. Oddly enough, RPatt is 35 now, and Bale was 30-31 when filming Batman Begins.
  15. Watched Chappelle's latest special, The Closer. Not his best of the six Netflix specials, but it was good. I enjoyed it.
  16. Not sure how it's really deniable at this point. Everything seems to be clicking for them so far.
  17. I'm getting cute taking a 2-4 team, so odds are this is the week I lose.
  18. Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams Week 2 pick: Cleveland Browns Week 3 pick: Denver Broncos Week 4: Cincinnati Bengals Week 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 6: Indianapolis Colts Week 7: New England Patriots
  19. 6 months between Eternals and DS2? Ugh. Hopefully we get some Disney+ shows over that interval. I'm not quite sure what is next after Hawkeye.
  20. Wow, it's like they took everything that made Peacemaker work in TSS, and just **** it all away. The Peacemaker show looks aaaaaaaaaaawwwwful.
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