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  1. My JSN comp is TJ Houshmandadeh. JSN is probably more athletic, but I think the two play very similarly.
  2. B-b-b-b-ut Notre Dame beat USC!!! Sure, they are 4-5, but think of DA TRADITION!!!!
  3. And yet, ESPN is the channel that airs the college football playoff. They don't give two rips about the integrity of the game, ALL they care about is ratings.
  4. I mean, we already have a ready made example this season of Baker Mayfield jacking up his shoulder trying to make a tackle.
  5. I voted Uatu, but this would definitely count as interfering. But then again, he didn't have a problem fighting Ultron Prime in What If
  6. I'm not saying he should keep it 15 times a game, but experience matters. Perhaps they are pulling a ropeadope and Stroud runs for 150 yards against Alabama who keys on Henderson, but I don't think so.
  7. Legit question because I don't follow the high profile freshmen all that closely, but how often do these one and done lottery picks actually lead their team to the top (Elite Eight/Final Four) outside of the traditional powerhouse programs (Duke/Kansas/Kentucky/etc...)?
  8. Ok, so he's getting much more sympathetic 1.5 episodes in. I'm glad i'm watching in Korean with English subtitles, the acting in this is phenomenal and a large part of the nuance gets lost in dubbing.
  9. Couldn't help myself and watched the trailer. Wish I didn't. Don't get me wrong, it looks good, I just want to go in as fresh as possible without having stuff spoiled.
  10. I've long since stopped watching their farce of a show. I barely pay attention to the rankings as it is, and i'm a fan of a school on the inside.
  11. As an Ohio State fan, I don't think they should jump Oregon if Oregon wins out. Oregon will have a far worse loss, but head to head has to matter or else you are going to disenfranchise a large portion of your audience.
  12. Good call on Shields over Blount. My boy Dunbar looks good though.
  13. This matters way more than what most people think.
  14. Ehhhhhhhhhhh, the Super Bowl is where caution gets thrown to the win and you have to dive on that ball. He's never going to live that play down. Week 7, I have no problem with Cam not diving into a pile, but you have to know the stage you are on and that was the biggest of stages.
  15. The Raiders don't really have a credible deep threat so if we sit back in a soft zone and give up 25 8-12 yard completions to Waller/Renfroe/Edwards, i'm going to lose my ******* mind.
  16. There are enough games here so that there should be some solid lore to build off of (i was never a Halo guy so I don't know it, but it's storyline reputation is pretty good. It's going to come down to if the writing is there or not. If you get season 8 GoT quality of writing, then it won't be good no matter how great the SFX and visuals are.
  17. We live in an age of hyperbole, so this doesn't really move the needle for me. Kind of why I still like rotten tomatoes, just tell me GOOD/NO GOOD and don't call it the most specialist greatest awesomest bestest show ever before it ever airs. I was willing to give it a shot based on the trailer, but i'm certainly not sold yet. I might not get a chance to watch it until next Monday, busy weekend coming up.
  18. Can't rule out he's a SS or XF at CB, but the odds are not in your favor imo.
  19. Kind of sounds like a slot corner agility and issues with press coverage, but he has the size for the outside if his man/zone coverage ability is good enough. I think at worst you get a solid player out of Gaines, he'll start somewhere.
  20. Give the human the tools he needs (like a BFG) then i'll take the human.
  21. Odds are high your NFL starting QB hasn't made an in game tackle since middle school, you don't really want them laying their body out there on something they haven't really worked on since they were 12-13.
  22. It looked bad, but you really don't want your starting QB running into someone at full speed.
  23. Duke basketball: Blue Devils star Paolo Banchero, Mike Krzyzewski's grandson Michael Savarino face DWI charges (247sports.com) I get charging Savarino, but I don't know that i've ever heard of someone being charged with aiding and abetting DWI. Either way, not the best decision making by either, but young people do dumb things, such is life.
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