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  1. Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams Week 2 pick: Cleveland Browns Week 3 pick: Denver Broncos Week 4: Cincinnati Bengals Week 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. That is a *****. Myers is damn good too.
  3. Our defense isn't ready for the big stage, so it seems like the perfect year for the committee to let in teams like Cincinnati (assuming they go unbeaten) and Oklahoma. They'll do whatever mental gymnastics they need to ensure that Bama/Georgia aren't the 1/4 seeds so they play the other two teams in the playoff. I'm not sure if BYU could crack the playoffs even with an unbeaten season. If they beat USC it won't be much of a lift, and if Arizona State finishes the year unranked, they might not have any top 25 wins. Unfortunately if we manage to beat all of Iowa, Penn State, Michigan St
  4. 3-1 Bengals face Aaron Rodgers and the 3-1 Green Bay Packers with the Pack fresh off of beating the Steelers a week after the Bengals beat the Steelers. Funny story I heard second hand about Miamisburg hometown hero and now current Packer rookie Josh Myers. Myers is playing center or the Pack and it's training camp and he's snapping the ball to legend Aaron Rodgers. He snaps him the ball and Rodgers stops the play, stops the entire practice and holds up the football to Myers and asks Rodgers: "What's this!". Myers: "A football". Rodgers: "NO, that's sweat on my football" (poin
  5. I kind of think this is undersold when announcers/analyst are talking about Burrow. Just watch his head motion when they are showing a replay of a passing play. In 2-2.5 seconds he's on to read 4 or 5, it's unreal. There was one completion to Chase where he went through every read and then came back to Chase after Chase was covered on the initial route, and it was only like 3-4 seconds into the play.
  6. No, just that I don't think it will be a very good football game and as i'm not a fan of either particular team, it doesn't hold that much interest for me. I'd much rather watch a good football game than a Tom Brady victory lap. Brady's the goat, no argument from me, but i'm not that invested in seeing him pass a yards benchmark or stick it to Belichek.
  7. I mean, i'll watch it purely because it's Sunday night football and i'll have the time. If this was up against Panthers/Cowboys or Cards/Rams, i'd much rather watch those instead. Hell, i'm more interested in Ravens/Broncos and Steelers/Packers than Bucs/Pats. This game doesn't even crack my top 6 for the week as I'm more interested in Raiders/Chargers as well.
  8. By most hyped do you mean afterthought for most NFL fans? I assume most see TB winning this one in a relatively safe manner.
  9. True, and don't get me wrong, Lawrence played well. I'm certainly not worried about him long term. I wouldn't trade Burrow for Lawrence, but I think at least 20 of the 32 teams would happily trade their guy for Lawrence right now.
  10. Now that i'm past the emotional part of the game, some notes on the game, of which I actually got to see a fair bit of for a change. Logan Wilson was really good at LB. If he can stay healthy, then he is going to make a name for himself this season. It's been said before, but we are really missing that depth at edge with Ossai being hurt and I think Sample was out too, but he's more of a depth piece, at least as a rookie. Hendrickson and Hubbard are a solid starting duo, to the point to where i'm on board extending Hubbard. Carman was ok, but still looks like a rookie. On hi
  11. It also didn't hurt Lawrence that the Bengals were missing one of their top 2 CB, the other top 2 CB playing his first game in almost 2 years, and their pro bowl free safety was out.
  12. I think he just had tunnell vision on the sneak, on the replay you can see his head never comes up. Needs to be aware of his surroundings though.
  13. Can we please see that 2nd half Bengals team over a full game?
  14. Don't doubt my double reverse healing backwards jinxs
  15. Bungles gonna Bungle. ******* hell.
  16. Despite the dated SFX, I easily take the the 90's Jumanji over Welcome to the Jungle. WttJ is a worthy sequel, but it still doesn't have the magic of the original. Hard to top a Robin Williams performance when he is on his game.
  17. Carman got his first start in week 3 against a depleted Pittsburgh defensive line and did ok. He graded poorly according to PFF but outside of one run down where he was beat and his guy made the tackle none of his "losses" actually hurt the play, and the Bengals held the Steelers to 0 sacks which broke an NFL record streak of 75 straight games with a sack. Carman also had a couple splash plays in the run game where he straight up mauled so you see the promise. All in all, not bad for his first NFL start.
  18. Andor wrapped filming too, and I think Kenobi is already in editing.
  19. I enjoyed that as well, but I haven't checked out the sequel yet.
  20. I don't think it looks any worse than the Dennis Quaid movie "The Rookie". That was enjoyable and I think this will be as well.
  21. Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams Week 2 pick: Cleveland Browns Week 3 pick: Denver Broncos Week 4: Cincinnati Bengals
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