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  1. Fantastic episode. Like this premise could easily be a 2-2.5 hour feature length animated movie that could be releasable in theaters.
  2. I'm throwing caution to the wind and going full on optimistic Bengals fan (*gasps from the crowd*). I think Burrow and company come out on national TV and make a statement and go up three touchdowns in the first half.
  3. I read some stuff where they pretty much just want him out of the building and the catalyst for this trade is off the field stuff more so than him not playing to expectations.
  4. I watched that once in my teens and have never felt the urge to revisit it.
  5. Not sure how good an idea trading one of your starting corners the week you play the Bengals is, but hey, i'm sure that 3rd rd pick and reserve TE will be gangbusters.
  6. I think they can legitimately get 6 seasons out of this with the current cast. If you want to ditch most of the kids and continue on with Johnny and Daniel you can maybe squeeze a little more blood out of that stone for another season or two.
  7. I never did get to the 2nd one after I was so underwhelmed by the first Fantastic Beasts.
  8. Ja'Marr Chase will challenge Randy Moss's rookie TD catch record of 17
  9. Got way too conservative with the play calling with a lead in the 2nd half again. Unless Joe still isn't feeling right, 18 attempts in a game is ridiculous.
  10. Wasn't feeling episode 2 nearly as much.
  11. I'm not really feeling Charlie Day as Luigi, but I think Rogen is a solid choice for DK. Home run of Jack Black as Bowser though. They are clearly going away from the stereotypical heavy Italian accents for Mario and Luigi though.
  12. Rumor is that The Mandalorian will only go for four seasons. Probably the right idea if true rather than stretching it out because it is popular. After watching the first Visions short, I almost wonder if this is them testing out some ideas on where to take the universe in the future rather than rehashing the same characters over and over again.
  13. I actually loved the first one "The Duel". I'd love to see them go in the direction of the "twist" in this one. It would offer so many more shades to the conflict.
  14. **** the stealers. That is all.
  15. I'm not super familiar with Ultron from the comics, but i'm pretty sure one of his big things is that he is never really gone, the AI always tends to get squirrelled away somewhere and then he's left in that corner off to the side until they want to bring him back. Just because Vision said that was the last one, doesn't mean it has to be so.
  16. I kind of get where you are coming from, but on the flip side, he did nearly kill everyone on the planet.
  17. Bradley Cooper got robbed, he should have won an Oscar for that role. Yes, over DDL for Lincoln. Chastain should have won best actress for Zero Dark Thirty over Lawrence as well. I thought Cooper was far better in SLP than Lawrence.
  18. Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams Week 2 pick: Cleveland Browns Week 3 pick: Denver Broncos
  19. I believe it was Ultron who actually got to use his Vibranium body and somehow collected all the infinity stones. Not sure how exactly that tied into the episode at all though. I get them wanting to touch a bunch of different genres for this show, but I just didn't care for this one that much. And are they going to complete these half stories? If we never see what happens with Ultron Prime, Killmonger's Wakanda, or the Marvel Zombie Apocalypse, I'm going to be pissed.
  20. If we're going to go the young up and comer route, then Joe Brady is about the only choice that won't piss off Burrow
  21. What I like about Dirty Work is that it 100% doesn't take itself seriously. Barely meets the standards of storytelling, the entire movie is just set ups for gags and one liners and it embraces that and does it well. It's not a very good movie, but I always laugh when I watch it, which beats a lot of the comedies being released nowadays.
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