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  1. I'd say seasons 3-4 of Rebels and Season 7 (episodes 1-4 and 9-12) of Clone Wars are some of the best star wars content post original trilogy.
  2. I think it's more likely that every team wins at least 3 games than one team wins 0 games.
  3. Count me in the camp that if a player falls off because of injury, it is still a bust. Maybe not all the players fault, but still a bust nonetheless.
  4. The year I won, I picked heavy favorites almost every week. The past few years I tried to get cute and take wins I thought crappy teams would get and I went out early. I'll be screwed in a tie breaker, but not too often does this go through an entire season.
  5. Bengals Ups Ja'Marr Chase - After a much maligned preseason highlighted by drop issues, Chase came out and played like a WR1 with a 100+ yards and a TD in his NFL regular season debut. And this was with Burrow only throwing 27 attempts in nearly 70 minutes of game time. Jonah Williams - The Jonah is the healthiest he has been so far in his NFL career, and it showed as he graded very well in both the run and pass game and played like you want your franchise left tackle to play. Joe Mixon - Mixon had a lot of broken tackles, averaged a good ypc, and kept the gro
  6. I went in the complete opposite direction, I went to Niagara Falls in February, lol. It was awesome however, got to go behind the frozen falls, absolutely nothing was busy, and everything was beautiful in the area covered in snow.
  7. And Tee didn't want to pay the costs of buying out his old stock if he changed this year whereas if he changes it next year he doesn't have to if what I heard is correct.
  8. We desperately need a rd 1 CB talent, and unless Waynes comes back and has a helluva season, then just cut your losses and spend that money elsewhere.
  9. I'll be at a youth lacrosse open net for the first half, but hopefully should be home in time to catch most of the second half.
  10. I never really gave a rip about any of the Avengers when I read comics as a kid, I was way more into the X-Men stuff and Spiderman. In particular I didn't really care for Cap or Thor, and those were my favorite characters in the Infinity Saga. I'll start to lose interest when they start telling stories I don't like with characters I can't relate to at all, but in the meantime, they've earned a bit of the benefit of the doubt where i'll be checking out whatever they put out.
  11. One of the most naturally funny people of his generation. RIP.
  12. Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams Week 2 pick: Cleveland Browns
  13. One of those plays where it wouldn't have been over ruled no matter which way they called it on the field. Watching Viking fans melt down on social media was fun though.
  14. Three weeks after Eternals hits theaters, I wonder if there will be any tie in or that's just how it happened to land.
  15. Trade Price for BJ Hill and Hill has 2 sacks in his first game
  16. Yeah, i'm totally on board. Looks like they are finally going more humorous with Hawkeye after his mostly serious run through the Infinity saga.
  17. I understand their wanting to not put everything on Burrow first game back from the injury, but the conservative play calling almost cost them the game. When they let it loose, like the 1st half 2 minute drill, that's when you'll find your big plays. Good to see Chase come out strong after all the preseason noise.
  18. Probably won't see this in theaters but i'm intrigued enough that I might watch it on HBO Max
  19. I'm fine with presenting Wen Wu as shades of gray, but they did almost nothing to set up the big monster other than the scene where he "hears his wife" and the wood carving scene at Ta Lo. That was it. No strange incident earlier in the movie forshadowing, no glimpse of the evil hidden trying to escape, etc... Wen Wu was done pretty well, but he wasn't the big bad at the end.
  20. I think my biggest problem with the movie was them building Wen Wu as the villain throughout and then at the end "Oh hey, here is an evil soul sucking monster that will destroy the universe and our great protector just happens to be sleeping at the bottom of the lake that Shang Chi just got punched into by happenstance"
  21. We got through 3 episodes last night and it got a little better. I think they jammed a ton of stuff into the pilot to get the story set up and then used episode 2 to stablize a bit, and if they can settle into some better storytelling like we got in episode 3, then I see the potential. As for Outer Banks, at this point I want season 3 to kick off with the brutal murder of all the pogues.
  22. LOL, almost like this is a game based on actual skills and not just Madden like attribute ratings.
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